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EA5AF (1935)zoomToday only a few countries and organisations offeer these stamps. They were most popular in the fifties and sixties. Take a look.
Anton Haddeman's, PA3DBJ, QSL stamp collection: linkext. Link
Michael McNamara's, EI2CL. QSL stamp collection: linkext. Link
Max C. de Henseler's, HB9KS, QSL stamp collection (PDF): linkext. Link

<-- Radio verfication stamps

A complete list of US radio stations 1922-1946 and Canadian and Mexican stations can be found in our membership only section

Verification StampszoomWith the end of World War I the world awakened to many new technologies, including commercial radio broadcasts, a mysterious and exciting entertainment that quickly captured everyone's imagination and interest! In the United States an advertising gimmick became a national craze, and for a brief period collecting Radio Verification Stamps rivaled postage stamp collecting!
The EKKO Company of Chicago, IL developed the advertising concept of radio verification stamps as a means of exploiting this new technology that had captured the interest and passion of America.
More about EKKO stamps in: "Antique Radio Classified" (vol. 14, #6, June 1997) by Wayne Gilbert and Charles R. Combs:
linkext. Link

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Amateur radio QSL rubber stamp

Amateur radio QSL rubber stampWhen Rolf Formis, DE100, K-Y4, introduced QSL cards in Germany, he also managed the first QSL Bureau and confirmed receipt of every QSL with a rubber stamp.

Special event rubber stamps

KW-Tagung 1953Celebrating broadcast or amateur radio special events

QSL Collection - Dokumentationsarchiv Funk


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