Nachruf auf Radio St. Helena

Nach 45 Jahren kam das Ende (Beitrag in Bearbeitung)

Nachruf auf Radio St. Helenazoom/The Sentinel, St. Helena/ 25 December 2012
45 Years of broadcasting ends on Christmas night
By Darrin Henry, SHBC
(Picture: Tony Leo at the controls for Radio St Helena's final transmission)

On Christmas Day, 2012, Radio St Helena at Pounceys carried out its final full day of broadcasting. Shortly after midnight former station manager Tony Leo closed the final programme and current station manager Ralph Peters then turned off the transmitters, bringing to an end 45 years of broadcasting in the medium wave for Radio St Helena.
In the final two days of Radio St Helena being on air there were many messages of thanks and well wishes from people who have listened and presented programmes over the years, both local and from abroad.

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