Welcome in the Virtual Radio Art Museum

Stroll from room to room and enjoy artwork closely connected to the history of communications troughout the centuries and - quite recently - the electronic media.
There is lots of room still available on our virtuall walls. If you happen to know of a contribution to our collection your 'donation' would be most welcome.
© Courtesy remarks for all works in the Geman version

Room 1 - From the Creation to the first postal services

MoseszoomFrom the beginning of civilization the only means of communication were the spoken and the written word. Mythology and religion relate the first messages and messengers. Real messengers had to walk, ride a horse or drive a mail coach - until the industrial revolution put the coaches on two rails and sent the messages by wire telegraph.

Room 2 - The Optical Telegraph

Room 2 - The Optical TelegraphzoomIf you ever ready advenbture stories, you are familiar with the importance of smoke signals. But did you know that the ancient Romans communicated with smoke signs and optical signals? And when, many centuries therafter, Monsieur Chappe presented his Sempahore Telegraph we was probably not aware that he just imitated, in a somewhat more sophisticated way, the Roman system - even unknowingly chosing the same distance between signal towers.

Saal 3 - The new force "electricity"

Benjamin West - Electricity - Credit: ?zoomResearchers and scholars were fascinated by the phenomenon of the new force. Yet the implications and practical applications for communication purposes were not in sight.

Room 4 - Special Exhibition: The painter Samuel F.B. Morse

Morse - SelbstporträtzoomSamuel Finley Breeze Morse, the inventor of the telegraph and the Morse code, was a painter! Admire a selection of his most famous paintings in this special exhibition room.

Room 5 - From Morse to Marconi

'Spy' d.i. Leslie Ward - MarconizoomUnfortunately, thre is not much to on exhibit in this room. Hard to believe that only a few artists were inspired by the two heroes of the wired / wireless telegraphy.

Room 6 - Broadcasting

Kurt Günther - Der RadionistzoomBroadcasting - The global mass media for information, entertainment, education - and propaganda.

Room 7 - Communication Today

Jay Hall - ElectricityzoomContemporary art presents mass media in an often unusual way - or by itself using media techniquest, such as video installations.

Room 8 - Amateur Radio

Don't be surprised: The room is empty. Strange as it may sound, we never came across a work of art dealing with amateur radio or depicting a radio amateur. Well, perhaps you will find something on the virtuall walls at your next visit.

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