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Welcome to the Documentary Archives - Click and browse!zoomArchival Research
We provide a rich array of archival and published material which documents the history and development of amateur radio and broadcasting in a variety of disciplines. In our Archives, Databasesd and Special Collections we collect, preserve, and make available to researchers the rich and colourful heritage of the electronic media..
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  • books, periodicals, documents, manuscripts, letters and other printed or published material
  • Audio recordings
  • Video recordings, and photographic material
  • Amateur radio and Broadcast QSL collections
    Use the repositories, catalogues and indexes to find the stock of both our own archives and that of related institutions.
    You can perform searches using our finding tools, listed below; or, across our whole website, use keywords in the Search Facility (magnifying glass in the upper task line).
    If you need records that are not available on our web site, want to comment or ask for further information; and particularly if you might have archival material to add to our Collections, please contact us at mailoffice@dokufunk.org
    Almost all respositories are in our German language section, but the lists are either self-explanatory or you will find the necessary explanations there.
    Some general rules:
  • In our SpecializedCollections we collect one sample each of e.g. QSL cards and prefer those providing all details in print on the front side.
  • Items that should be replaced because they are of poor quality, or in poor conservatory condition, are indicated in parenthesis () or x
  • Items not listed are either not on file or their existence are unknown – we appreciate donations to complete the collection.
  • Dates are in DD.MM.YYYY, Times in UTC, Duration is in HH:MM
  • Audio files are .mp3, video files are .mpg, if not otherwide indicated.

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  • Audio Archives

  • Media Broadcasts Updated every week, we provide an index of the major Media Magazines currently on air. Transcriptions are availabe for NPR productions, only. We do not update links and are not resonsible for third party's contents. Format, if not otherwise indicated, is .mp3. For copyright reasons the audio files are only availabe at the Listeninjg Desks in our Archive. For special arrangements contact mailoffice@dokufunk.org
  • Former Media Broadcasts We try to retrieve as many recordings/scripts/transcriptions of Media Programmes no lomger on the air:
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  • The A - Allgemeiner Audiopool DokuFunk provides an annual collection of media-related broadcasts, reports, and live recordings of press conferences, etc.
  • The S - Signale, Signets is our sound library of broadcast station identifications - international, national, local, public and private, clandestine etc., from 1960-2005, by continent: sz_afrika/africa - sz_asien/asia - sz_europa/europe - sz_ozeanien_pazifik/oceania_pacific - sz_nordamerika/north_america - sz_südamerika/south_america - sz_zentralam_karibik/central_america_carribean - sz_historisch_1960/vintage
  • Great moments of broadcast history. More than 3.000 productions from the early 20's to the mid-50's, are filed at E - Archive in englischer Sprache and - We also file
  • A special collection of Austrian Broadcast heritage is available at Oskar Czeija - Gedächtnisfonds

  • Video Archives

  • The is an annual collection of media-related video productions
  • The is a collection of movies and TV productions with a broadcast, TV or amateur radio plot

  • Our Database Files

    Our Database FileszoomIt took and still takes many thousand working hours to compile, maintain and update our database files. We use professional documentation software offering the most sophisticated research functions for any number of keywords in any possible combination. Nickname "Uhu" e.g. will immediately lead to D4AGB - and so will "Otto+WAC ("My buddy's first name was Otto, and I remember he was amongst the first ones to get a WAC award.") - it will lead to the data file shown in our picture.

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    QSL Collection - Dokumentationsarchiv Funk

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