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Videopool - Morse Code and Early Radio Days


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    Morse Code Videos    
dk5pz.wmv 10.2009 Die Welt der Morse-Telegraphie, CW von A-Z mit Musik. A: Dieter Traxel, DK5PZ - linkext. Link YouTube 03:55
denton.wmv xx.xx.xx Jeremiah Denton junior (captured in Vietnam) blinking morse code during interrogation - linkext. Link (denton.doc) YouTube 00:40
code41.wmv 1941 Morse Code Class 1941 Scenes of classroom and graduation Norton Hts., Conn. A: Graham MacNamee - (From a Universal Newsreel) linkext. Link YouTube 01:15
code_us_1.wmv xx.xx.xx Army Morse Code Part 1 - US Army ARC Identifier 36813 / United States Army Local Identifier 111-TF-3697 (via Public linkext. Link YouTube 09:50
code_us_2.wmv xx.xx.xx Army Morse Code Part 2 - US Army ARC Identifier 36813 / United States Army Local Identifier 111-TF-3697 (via Public linkext. Link YouTube 10:00
code_us.wmv xx.xx.xx Army Morse Code (Parts 1+2) - US Army ARC Identifier 36813 / United States Army Local Identifier 111-TF-3697 (via Public linkext. Link YouTube 20:00
wwody.wmv 1956 Don Woody (US Rockabilly-Sänger) Morse Code (Lyrics: Paul Simmons) - “I tried talkin', to get through to you / I tried callin', to get my message through / I tried every way that I know / And my heart is beatin' morse-code / My smoke signals went up over town / I sent pigeons, but you shot 'em down /I tried every way to communicate / Won't you listen to my heart, before it's too late // Well I love you, is what I try to say / I try it different each and every day / Oh won't you listen to what my heart is beatin' /I love you, I love you, it keeps repeatin' / I advertised on the radio / I tried to reach you through a TV-show / I even put signs upon the road / And my heart is beatin' morse-code.” - linkext. Link YouTube 02:25
rko_1.wmv 1944 Titelinsert RKO SW Radio Picture mit Morse Code Ident - linkext. Link YouTube 00:31
rko_2.wmv 1956 Titelinsert RKO Farbe/Cinemascope ohne Morse-Ident - linkext. Link YouTube 11:00
beeth_cw.wmv xx.xx.xx Beethoven’s 5th Symphony in Morse Code ( - linkext. Link YouTube 02:30
cwrecord.wmv 1942/43 US Army CW Practice Records (provided by AF2Z).- Excerpts from some old 78-rpm code practice records, made by the "Special Service Division, S.O.S., War Department". Manufactured by "Allied Record Mfg Co." The video starts with the Code Aptitude Test; then part of the first lesson; finally, 16-wpm lesson (MP3 recordings of the entire set (42 recordings) at linkext. Link - linkext. Link YouTube 17:20
morse_china.wmv 1944 Morse Code in China (Edited by VR2HAM) From: The Eternal Wave (The classic chinese war movies) - linkext. Link YouTube 05:08
hamband.wmv xx.xx.xx The Ham Band Video. Andrew (G3WZZ/OZ1XJ/OZ5E) and his wife Lissa and a group of Nashville session musicicians (Excerpt from Video)- YouTube 03:30
dl0vw.mpg 19.01.11 Wird noch gemorst und wenn ja wo kann man es erlernen? Alle Fragen rund ums Morsen beantwortet Christian Hilmmer, DL0V1. Mod: Hans-Joachim Wolfram (dl0vw.doc) MDR 04:01
    Early Broadcasting    
ontheair.wmv 1937 On the Air. How Radio works. This movie shows the basic principles of radio. (CBS Chevrolet Motor Div.) - linkext. Link YouTube 06:30
bctv_40.wmv 1940 Radio and TV - View of the radio industry as it existed in 1940, showing potential occupations at every level. Introduces the new industry of television, emphasizing its need for specially skilled workers. (Vocational Guidance Inc / Your Life Work’s Series) A: Arthur P. Twogood YouTube 10:30
herrold.wmv 04.94 Excerpt from PBS (KTEH) producer Mike Adams, "Broadcasting's Forgotten Father: The Charles Herrold Story.- The first radio station went on the air in 1909 in San Jose CA. One hundred years later that station is KCBS in San Francisco. (Script: linkext. Link (Script: - linkext. Link YouTube 06:50

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