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mn_1991zoomVon Media Network, dem legendären von Jonathan Marks gestalteten Medienmagazin, liegen zahlreiche Sendungen von 7. August 1980 (DX Juke Box) bis 26. Oktober 2000 (letzte Ausgabe) als Digitalisate und Manuskripte vor. - Aus urheberrechtlichen Gründen nur für Direktvorführungen am Hörplatz im Dokumentationsarchiv. - Zahlreiche Folgen gingen verloren. Wir ersuchen dringend um Hilfe bei der Rekonstruktion. - Die von Andy Sennitt fortgeführte Version als wöchentlicher Newsletter befindet sich ab 15. März 2007 im Archiv (nicht indiziert): dok_bul_medianetwork - Media Network Videos: mn

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910103 Radio Moscow World Service is born: Richard Measham at BBC Monitoring. Comments from Vasily Strelnikov on his show. Voice of Free Iraq. Radio Tirana. Richard Ginbey - media news from Southern Africa, Namibia going onto shortwave. Rudy van Dalen had a question about the Lincolnshire Poacher, a numbers stations believed to be operated by the British from Cyprus. BFBS Middle East. Mike Bird has the propagation news. 31:47 x
910110 Profile of Radio Free Europe, Munich, William Marsh. Radio Vilnius, Lithuania is calling members of the public to help defend broadcasting house. Radio Riga International, Latvia has expanded its English language output. Icom ICR-1. Kim Andrew Elliott - bizarre recording of Radio Beijing New Year Staff party. Peter Herman - RFE’s audience survey’s worked. "Crusade for Freedom". 31:50 x
910117 Lithuanian Special: Russian invasion to Vilnius as recounted by Radio Vilnius 31:34 x
910124 Kuwait Crisis. Listeners were encouraged to do their own detective work and report on their results. 31:45 x
910131 Gulf update. Radio Baghdad starts Mother of Battles Radio. VOA starts a 50 kW Bahrain relay. Media is tired of covering what's turning out to be longer than expected. Radio Vilnius returns, and answers our fax. Sales of shortwave radios explodes. Australia starts a forces programme. Aurora experiment. American songs about the war. fehlt x
910207 Victor Goonetilleke. Radio Andorra returns. Hungary fehlt x
910214 French in Moscow. Radio Nicaragua signs on. Gostelradio changes. Baghdad - off the air? Bob Tomalski. Voice of Peace. Jingles. Packet radio problems fehlt x
910221 RTL4, Eric Beauchemin. Tuning suggestions from Arthur Cushen - Caribbean Beacon is trying a shortwave relay. Bob Tomalski - universal video recorder NVW-1 will handle PAL and NTSC. Paul Ballster, London has spotted two VOA Europe programmes. Talk to a listening group in Vilnius about the serious situation in Lithuania and why Russia is still relaying programmes. RCI’s funding is still up in the air. 34:26 x
910228 Free China Broadcasts: private initiatives as a result of events at Tiananmen Square in 1989. WYFR is reducing its broadcasts because of a funding challenges. Radio Austria International is resuming transmission of its SW Panorama programme. Sarath Weerakoon reports on what happened as a result of the military coup in Thailand. 31:34 x
910307 Survey of English programmes coming out of the Baltic States and the Soviet Union. Radio Vilnius is still being relayed by Russian transmitters. Radio4 International RTBF says they are going off the air. Start of Belgian international broadcasting in Zaire. Radio Centrus. 1991 Soviet Radio tour by ANARC. Wolf Harranth reports that Radio Tirana in Albania is suddenly cutting back. Satellite radio regulations. Intelsat and Tongasat. Propagation survey from Mike Bird. 32:05 x
910314 Arthur Cushen. Frequency Changes. Fax /RTTY review. Austrian Private Radio fehlt x
910321 Mystery Solved. Jule Retrot. CNN scrambles to Latin America. Australia fehlt x
910322 RNI Libya: interview which solved the mystery behind the broadcasts in 1977 from Tripoli Harbour, Libya which contained cryptic references to Radio Northsee International. 31:34 fehlt
910327 RCI - radical transformations at Canada’s external radio service 31:23 x
910404 RN Pacific Expansion: media developments in Yugoslavia, group in Canada supporting Croatian independence. Radio Libertas has been using WHRI. Radio For Peace International. Austrian SW Panorama is returning to air. ELBC is back on the air in Liberia. Radio Netherlands announces expanded services to the Pacific. Arthur Cushen is dismantling antennas at Shepparton. Lou Josephs - US ham radio operators in space. 32:08 x
910409 Long-time contributor to the programme, Richard Ginbey, had been killed in a car accident. Radio Netherlands' single sideband tests to North America, changes at Radio Finland (interview with Juhani Niinstoe), a profile of VNG - the time signal station in Australia, Paul Ballster has news about GLR in London, delivery problems with the International Listening Guide. 31:21 x
910418 Whats up in Jaffna? World of Radio from Glenn Hauser runs via WWCR. Radio Havana Cuba's Arnie Coro reported his station was doing tests with compatible single sideband. New clandestine station - Voice of Free Iraq coming out of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia is backed by the CIA. Richard Measham of BBC Monitoring has details of clandestine stations operating out of Kurdistan. Sarath Weerakoon in Sri Lanka is hearing a new service out of Radio Baghdad which seems to be aimed at Kurdistan. New FM station in Jaffna run by the Tamil Tigers. 40:40 x
910425 Peter Skala: chat with Olrich Cip, frequency manager for Radio Prague, man behind Radio Prague's Monitor Club, appearing on air as Peter Skala. 31:39 x
910502 European holiday package tour fehlt x
910503 BFBS London train profile: broadcast originate from a train. Richard Astbury, British Forces Broadcasting Service. Bert Steinkamp and Andrew Taussig explain what international broadcasters are trying to do to improve coverage of their own continent. Trevor Brook of Surrey Electronics has critical remarks about Dynamic Amplitude Modulation. 31:43 fehlt
910509 Radio Budapest Hungary Remembered: Laslo Pinta, Charlie Coutts. Dennis Herner, editor of the Radio Budapest SW Club, provided listeners in Eastern Europe with the only paper bulletin they were allowed to receive. Charlie Coutts, English language department of Radio Budapest. 31:41 x
910516 Anniversary contest: Kol Israel is planning to cut its shortwave broadcasts in half. Contest by voiceover artist Jim Cutler. Listener complaints. Victor Goonetilleke reports a successful convention for DXers in India. The Radio 5 Africa project, a joint project of several Francophone countries, appears to be building momentum. 32:04 x
910523 Dutch domestic radio and TV broadcasting organisations fehlt x
910606 Astra news. Venezuela. Cushen news. BBC finishes plans. ILG complaints fehlt x
910613 US Private SW Commercial Scan: new stations, including Radio Northern, the Voice of Oro in Papua New Guinea. Daventry transmitter site is to close in 1992. VNG Time signal services will change frequencies. Icelandic National Broadcasting Service has started a new English news broadcast via the phone! Last 10 years of commercial shortwave broadcasting in the USA. WWCR, interview with George McClintock. Clips from various stations broadcasting to Cuba. 31:46 x
910620 France to hire Hungarian TXs. Israel. Peace and Progress. Philippines. Obit to Bernard Grundel. ABC cuts fehlt x
910627 Radio Roks Russia. Jeff White investigates the return of Radio Impacto. Dave Rosenthal on what Dxers have been up to in Eastern Canada as part of the Ontario DX Association Summer Camp. 31:58 x
910704 Sony Car Radio Review: recorded at the HAM-FEST in Friedrichshafen, Southern Germany. Uwe Bräutigam of the German club ADDX about the German BC scene. Gulf War. VOA - new half hour programme in Germany. English language services of Yugoslavia. Radio Slovene. Receiver News Desk. 8 radios are being seen here in Europe for the first time. Sony ICF-SW55 and ICFSW-77, car radio XRU882. Peter Senger. Total eclipse of the sun on July 11th. Dave Rosenthal has been checking into what might happen to shortwave propagation. 32:11 x
910711 Solar eclipse. Radio 10. Arthur Cushen. News fehlt x
910718 Andy Sennitt. Booklist promo. VOA conference. MLB review. RFI fehlt x
910725 VOA, Radio Free China. Sony SW-77 review. Mike Bird fehlt x
910801 Martin Griffin. the Voice of Love fehlt x
910808 Cuts at Radio Australia. Kol Israel off fehlt x
9108xx REE 31:56 fehlt
910815 Wolf Harranth - ORF QSL archive and EWTN: listener driven show. Changes to Radio Netherlands, Pete Myers talks about Hidden Holland - Emporer's and Engineers. Elitist digital radios. Satellite news from Paul Balster. Quality Europe FM starts satellite transmissions. Sunrise Radio. Holland FM. Eclipse FM. Arthur Cushen has news from New Zealand, including Japanese from RNZI. Booklist edition 13. Eternal Word Television Network. 31:56 x
910822 Soviet Coup on the shortwave radio: Vasily Strelnikov, presenter at Radio Moscow World Service 29:59 x
910826 Criticism on the USENET worldwide computer network. Independent voices, Kunwarjit Sandhu in India fehlt x
910905 Receiver preview, Berlin Audio and Video Fair – Funkaustellung, Grundig Satellit 700 fehlt x
910912 DAB Feature from Bob Tomalski. NAB convention promo fehlt x
910919 Frequency changes. Single sideband (SSB) for shortwave broadcasters. Trevor Brook of Radio Fax. Peter Senger of DW. On-air review of the Drake R8. John Bryant, one the authors of Proceedings 91. 31:00 x
911003 AFN Documentary Update: great voice of AFN Europe Bob Harlan, voice of Paul van Dyke 30:49 x
911017 Philips - 100 years of existence. Compact digital world receiver, AE-3905 44:26 x
911024 Letter from Terry. Radio Luxembourg. Domincian Republic fehlt x
911031 Lowe HF150. Jamming in connection with conference. Antenna folder out. AM what’s happening? VOA test. Conditions. Answerline comments fehlt x
911107 WRNO Rock of New Orleans: interview with Joseph Mark Costello III, the founder of WRNO shortwave in New Orleans. Pioneer FM stereo rock-music outlet, became one of the city's most listened-to and profitable radio stations. Richard Measham talking about the wide range of Russian radio stations appearing on shortwave. Lab test of the Sony ICFSW-55. 31:37 x
911114 Changes in Czechoslovakia: BBC Czech service. Changes at Radio Prague as well as the Czech radio domestic service. Bob Horvitz. 31:41 x
911121 Century Closes & Radio Caroline: Irelands only commercial radio network Century FM has closed. Ham radio event in India. Radio Vilnius. Radio Surinam International has signed off. Radio Polonia and recent changes. 31:35 x
911128 Antenna Special & VOA Botswana: updates on Radio Caroline, Radio Moscow, Radio Luxembourg, Radio Baghdad. Radio receivers, directional antennas. Production of a pamphlet Reducing Skywave interference with Mike Villard of SRI Research in California. Victor Gooneilleke - South Asia radio report. 31:30 x
911204 AM Stereo: Tony Barrett, Julius Hermans, Dave Onley. 31:45 x
911212 Hungarian Uprisings 2: protests to changes at Radio Budapest. Passing of the editor of the RBSWC, Dennis Herner. Andy Sennitt - reactivation of LRA36, the Argentine station on their Antarctic base. Victor Goonetilleke - TWR plans to return to shortwave. Grundig 206 shortwave receiver. 31:31 x
911218 Mr C. B. Yang, domestic manager, Sangen electronics fehlt x
911226 Radio Canada International. Andrew Simon - commercials on RCI. Radio Denmark is closing its shortwave site, hiring airtime out of Norway instead. Dutch radio is going to make more radio plays. Booklist Edition 12 is out. Radio Clarin. Stations targeting Cuba. Professor John Campbell explains why listening in the Pacific is often better in Europe. AIR’s new Banglore transmitting station. Clandestine stations targeting Burma. Listener Kauto Huopio helped making a profile of Finnish Local Radio. South Korean clandestine stations broadcasting towards Pyongyang. 31:49 fehlt
911226_2 Year End Review: WWV and WWVH have had problems with their automated time announcements. Drum recorders are back on line. Victor Goonetilleke has news about Cambodia. Andy Sennitt reports on what is in the 1992 World Radio TV Handbook. James Robinson reports that several UK local radio stations are leaving mediumwave. WLS 890kHz is scrapping its FM format. New Catholic SW station WEWN in Birmingham, Alabama. Dave Rosenthal reports on an experiment in McMurdo. Vasily Strelnikov signs off at Radio Moscow World Service. 31:47 x

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