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    Mitschnitt FIBS – Falkland Islands Broadcasting Service  
fibs_mitschnitt_1.mp3 01.04.1982 Patrick Watts 12(16?) hour live broadcast 20:00 53:50
fibs_mitschnitt_2.mp3 02.04.1982 Ausschnitte (Letzte ca. 05:00 Denkmalsenthüllung zum 20. Jahrestag und Signation FIBS, Mitschnitt 50:49
    Falklands – 25 Years After  
dangerous_interface.mp3 02.04.2007 Dangerous Interference: Gerry Northam tells the story of the British political and intelligence failure in advance of the Argentine invasion 28:00
white_house.mp3 04.04.2007 War at the White House: Peter Snow examines the political, diplomatic and military role played by the United States in the Falklands War. 28:00
falklands_play.mp3 EA 10.03.2006 The Falklands Play: Ian Curtei’s play, originally pulled by the BBC, telling the inside story of how the Thatcher government went to war to reclaim the Falklands. The play was meant to be filmed in 1986 but the BBC pulled the plug shortly beforehand saying it had been deferred because of the imminent General Election. Writer Ian Curteis told BBC News Online that he felt the play was dropped because he "presented Margaret Thatcher and her policy on the Falklands in a favourable light". As well as a media frenzy there were questions in parliament about why the play was dropped. Some changes have been to the original script due to time constraints. (falkland_plays.doc) 60:30
fortress.mp3 07.04.2007 Building the Fortress: Peter Snow presents the intimate audio diaries of Major General Sir David Thorne, Commander on the Falkland Islands immediately after the war. His observations offer an unguarded insight into the tensions at the time between the British Government, the military and the Falkland Islanders. They also reveal the personal pressures on a family man 8,000 miles from home and under intense scrutiny from the world'.s press. 28:20
wound.mp3 10.04.2007 Argentinian historian Federico Lorenz, who was just 11 years old in 1982, finally journ- eys to the islands that still have such a hold on the imagination of his nation. 30:00
    BBC Programme  
galahad.mp3 NN Remember the Galahad: BBC 2 (TV) “Timewatch”. On 8th June, 1982, “RFA Galahad” was attacked, bombed and sunk by a plane of the Argentine Air Force.  
margolis.mp3 NN Laurie Margolis and Amateur Radio: On the day Argentina invaded the Falklands the BBC’s Laurie Margolis G3UML used his amateur radio skills to get the story. 03:10
counted_out.mp3 01.05.1982 “I counted them all out”: The BBC’s Brian Hanrahan witnessed British jets leaving to begin raids over Argentine positions near the Falklands capital, Stanley. 03:08
warning.mp3 April 2007 Falklands Warning Discovered: A note written by Governor Rex Hunt ordering Argentine invaders to turn back was found 25 years on. 05:07
patrick_watts.mp3 April 2007 The last five minutes of FIBS: Patrick_Watts’ last five minutes on air before he had to yield to the Argentines occupying the studio 04:48
remember.mp3 05.04.2007 Falklands War Remembered: Two very different perspectives on the Falklands war 25 years after it claimed nearly a thousand lives (Nic Meyers, Herman Morisson) 02:32
belgrano.mp3 07.04.2007 “Belgrano” sinking: Bob Simpson, BBC Buenos Aires, visits an exhibition there. The “General Belgrano”'s Argentine captain Hector Bonzo says its sinking in the Falklands War was not a war crime. Ambassador Eduardo Airaldo and students on the mood today 02:33
veterans.mp3 April 2007 Veterans gather: Veterans of the Falklands War gathered in Portsmouth for an exhibition opened on the 25th anniversary of the conflict. Moderator: Rachel Lynch. Karen Hulme, wife of the commander of “HMS Sheffield” remembers. Admiral Sandy Woodward remembers 01:15
bbc_tv_198204902.mp3 02.04.1982 Buenos Aires, April 1982: BBC’s Christopher Wain reporting from Buenos Aires, 25 years ago 03:08
thatcher.mp3 17.10.1993 O-Ton Margaret Thatcher: David Frost talking to Margaret Thatcher. – The need for strong nation states with reference to the Falklands and the European Community 01:55
memories.mp3 12.04.2007 Memories: Nachfahren und Überlebende erinnern sich: Binnie McLean und Alan Beadsmore 02:55
hanrahan.mp3 Juni 1982 Aus der Kampfzone: BBC’s Brian Hanrahan, caught between the lines while reporting from the Falklands 02:04
  Februar - Juni 1982 Berichte und O-Töne der Stationsübernahme, der BBC-Sendungen “Calling the Falklands” via Ascension Island , britische und argentinische Propagandastationen etc. Index: siehe Intermedia/KW-Panorama xx:xx

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