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International DX Program from Adventist World Radio, AWR, researched and written in Indianapolis by Dr. Adrian M. Peterson, and produced in the studios of WRMI Shortwave in Miami. Hosted by Jeff White. Link: linkext. Link

Archivnummern: AP/m_mm1/awr_2013-2014_(Sendedatum)

Datei/Datum Inhalt Dauer
1006 Focus on Africa: The Story of the Torn QSL Card 28:55
1013 Tribute to Shortwave WYFR-5: The Parade of New Callsigns 28:55
1020 100 Years of Wireless and Radio in Bulgaria - 9: Shortwave QSL Cards 28:55
1027 75th Anniversary: Voice of Turkey on Shortwave 28:55
1103 Tribute to Shortwave WYFR-6: The Early Years at Hatherly Beach & Ancient DX Report 1905 28:55
1110 100 Years Wireless & Radio in Bulgaria - 10: The International Clandestine Scene 28:55
1117 72nd Anniversary: International Encounter-1, Fire on the High Seas 28:54
1124 Tribute to the Old WRMI 28:55
1201 Welcome to the new WRMI: 88 Years of Radio History 28:55
1208 75th Anniversary: The Early Shortwave Scene in Albania & 72nd Anniversary: International Encounter on the High Seas-2, HSK "Kormoran" & HMAS "Sydney"--Radio Repercussions in Australia 28:55
1215 Shower Radio on Shortwave: The Northern Territory Shortwave Service in Australia 28:55
1222 Polynesian Christmas, DX News from California, Australian DX Report 28:53
1229 Focus on Africa: The BBC Central Africa Relay Station, BBC Francistown & Water Radio: Ancient & Modern 28:55
0105 Focus on Asia: Early Wireless Experiments in India & The Amazing Story of Three Early Wireless Stations in China 28:55
0112 72nd Anniversary: International Encounter on the High Seas-3: The Radio Scene & Ancient DX Report: 1906 28:55
0119 Tribute to Shortwave WYFR-7: The Wartime Years and Beyond 28:55
0126 Freedom at Midnight: The Pakistan Radio Story 28:55
0202 The Early Shortwave Stations by Jerome Berg 28:55
0216 Focus on Asia Philippines-6: Navy Wireless Station at Cavite 28:55
0223 Tribute to Family Radio Shortwave-8: The Final Years with Walter Lemmon 28:55
0302 Focus on Asia Philippines-7: Tunnel Radio on Corregidor 28:55
0309 Radio Broadcasting in Albania & Canadian Radio Panorama: The Intervening Years 28:55
0316 BBC Indian Ocean Relay Stations: Five in a Row!, Focus on Asia: On the Air Shortwave from India's First Capital City - The Calcutta Story & What is a Kilohertz? 28:55
0323 BBC Indian Ocean Relay Station Seychelles: The End of an Era & The World's Most Inaccurate Scientific Measurement 28:55
0330 Focus on Asia: On the Air Shortwave from India's First Capital City 2--The Calcutta Story & The Origins of Early Shortwave Broadcasting 28:55
0406 Titanic Anniversary: Wireless to the Rescue--Shipping Disasters Before the Titanic & Tribute to Dr. Robert Bowman, FEBC 28:55
0413 Titanic Anniversary: Wireless Signals from the Titanic & Match Box Radio 28:56
0420 Tribute to Shortwave WYFR-9: On the Air with WNYW, Radio New York Worldwide & Unusual QSL Cards: Metal, Wood and Plastic 28:55
0427 Focus on Asia - Philippine Radio History-8: The Japanese Era 28:55
0504 BBC Central Mediterranean Relay Station Malta 28:55
0511 Tribute to Shortwave WYFR: International Relay Services & Surprising Information: Radio Broadcasting in the Islands of Antarctica 28:55
0518 Focus on Asia: On the Air Shortwave from India's First Capital City, Calcutta-3 & The Story of Radio Broadcasting from Non-Existent Radio Stations 28:55
0525 The Voice of the Eastern Caribbean on Shortwave: The Barbados Story 28:55
0601 Historic Note: The Voice of America on the Air in Australia! Part 1: American Radio Stations in Australia & World's Oldest Sound Recording 28:55
0608 Amelia Earhart Flies Again: Radio Broadcasting from Remote Howland Island 28:55
0615 Historic Note: The Voice of America on the Air in Australia! – 2 28:55
0622 Tribute to Shortwave WYFR - 11: The Mystery of the Missing Callsign WRUR 28:55
0629 Longwave Radio Broadcasting Stations on High Power 28:55
0706 Historic Note VOA Australia-3: Projected VOA Relay Stations in Australia 28:55
0713 Focus on Asia: The Calcutta Story-4--American Radio Stations in Calcutta & The World’s Most Valuable Postage Stamp and Postage Stamp Radio 28:55
0720 Tribute to Shortwave WYFR-WRMI-12: A multitude of QSL Cards & Ancient DX Report 1907 28:55
0727 The Story of Radio Broadcasting in Pakistan: On the Air in Peshawar 28:55
0803 A Blast From the Past: Mediumwave Broadcasting Stations on High Power 28:55
0810 A Visit to All India Radio Headquarters, New Delhi: Mr. T. R. Rajeesh 28:55
0817 Phantom Radio Stations in Canada & Ancient DX Report 1908 28:55
0824 From the Needles to Colombo: The Radio Story on the Isle of Wight 28:55
0831 A Visit to All India Radio: Khampur on Shortwave 28:55
0907 Another Blast from the Past: American Mediumwave Radio on High Power 28:55
0914 Travel the World with the Great White Fleet 28:55
0928 A Blast from the Past: The Biggest Aspidistra in the World 28:55
1005 The Story of Radio Broadcasting in Ceylon: The Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation Turns Commercial 28:55
1012 North of the Stone Wall: The Radio Scene in Scotland 28:55
1019 KDKA Memorial: Historic 95th Anniversary Ceremony in Pennsylvania 28:53
1026 100th Anniversary Panama Canal: The Radio Story - Part 1 28:54
1102 North of the Stone Wall: The Radio Scene in Scotland - 2 28:55
1109 100th Anniversary Panama Canal: The Radio Story - Part 2 & The Calcutta Radio Story: QSL Cards & Letters - 5 28:53
1116 Tribute to Shortwave WYFR-13: A Historic Era Comes to an End 28:55
1130 General Douglas MacArthur Returns to the Philippines: The Radio Story 28:55
1207 The Story of the Good Ship Radio Scotland & Ancient DX Report: 1909 28:55
1214 Christmas Island Adventure - 1: The Early Years 28:55
1221 Christmas Island Adventure - 2: The Radio Broadcasting Scene 28:55
1228 Focus on Asia: The Philippine Radio Story-8: Press Wireless Returns to the Air 28:56

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