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0105 05.01 Indian voices from the First World War The British Library holds several recordings of soldiers from South Asia who fought for the British during the First World War. One of them, Punjabi soldier Mall Singh, was taken prisoner by the Germans in 1915, and they used the latest technology to record his voice. Ishleen Kaur of BBC Hindi tells the story behind the recording. 07:55
0112 12.01 Reporting from the red carpet The Golden Globes and Oscars are synonymous with fashion and glamour. But for those who cover the ceremonies, they also mean long hours in high heels or tuxedos in a tiny space, trying to get good quotes and pictures from superstars. Beatriz Diez from BBC Mundo and Bahman Kalbasi from BBC Persian share secrets, tricks and anecdotes from the red carpet. 12:23
0119 19.01 The Pope in Chile Two Popes, two Chiles: through the eyes of a reporter who witnessed both papal visits. 09:38
0126 26.01 Hugh Masekela: Music and Friendship Legendary South African jazz trumpeter Hugh Masekela has died at the age of 78. One person who knew him well was Focus on Africa's Audrey Brown, who's also South African. 10:35
0202 02.02 Cape Town's Water Challenge Could you live on 50 litres of water a day? That's the challenge facing millions of people in Cape Town, on the brink of becoming the first major city to run out of water. BBC Africa contributor Mohammed Allie tells us how normal life has changed in his home town. 07:41
0209 09.02 Mapping Afghanistan BBC Afghan recently published the results of an ambitious project to assess the Taliban's influence across the country. Helmand Province in the south is the most affected area, and also home territory for BBC Afghan reporter Auliya Atrafi. 08:12
0216 16.02 Love at the BBC World Service In the week dedicated to love around the world, we hear what it's like to see each other on the Fifth Floor as well as at home. Kathy Harcombe from BBC Africa and Salim Kikeke of the Swahili service met and fell in love at the BBC. As did World Service Social Affairs correspondent Valeria Perasso and Alejandro Millan of BBC Mundo. 09:55
0223 23.02 New Names, Old Rivalries Renaming the block outside the Russian Embassy in Washington DC, and the streets outside the United Arab Emirates and US embassies in Turkey. Political point scoring with names, with Natalka Pisnia of BBC Russian and Aylin Yazan of BBC Turkish. 09:49
0302 02.03 Defiant Voices From Eastern Ghouta Eastern Ghouta has suffered intense bombardment as Syrian government forces attempt to oust rebel groups. But behind the name is a place with its own history and aspirations, and home to a defiant group of women blogging even as the shelling intensified. Lina Shaikhouni has been following their posts for BBC Monitoring. 09:46
0309 09.03 Poison and Spies in Sleepy Salisbury BBC Russian has been at the heart of this week's reporting on the mysterious poisoning of a former Russian spy in Salisbury. Olga Ivshina tells us that a complex investigation in a quiet English city is just as difficult in its own way as frontline reporting from eastern Ukraine. 08:01
0316 16.03 A Rohingya Love Story Since last August, around 700,000 Rohingyas have fled their homes and sought refuge in Bangladesh. Many now live in the huge Kutupalong camp, where Rocky Shahnewaj, a photojournalist with BBC Bangla came across a surprising love story. 08:15
0323 23.03 Road Rage, Rumour and Riots: Sri Lanka This month violence erupted in the Sri Lankan city of Kandy. It started after a group of Muslim youths beat a Sinhala man following a minor traffic incident, but his death sparked days of rioting, the destruction of hundreds of Muslim properties, and at least two deaths. Azzam Ameen of BBC Sinhala sheds light on the role of social media, rumours and fake stories in raising inter-community tension. 10:27
0330 30.03 Handball and Politics on BBC Serbian BBC Serbian went live this week with a big challenge: reporting Serbian stories and issues without always getting drawn back into the 1990s Balkans conflict. Then there's the unresolved issue of Kosovo, which declared itself independent of Serbia ten years ago, a move Serbia rejects. So maybe a story about a women's handball competition in Belgrade would be a safe one to launch with. BBC Serbian editor Alexandra Niksic hoped so. 08:55
0406 06.04 Inside the Lula Story Brazil's former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, who's facing a lengthy prison term for corruption, stirs high passions both in those who support him and those who don't. The BBC's Fernando Duarte gives us insights into a charismatic leader he reported on for many years. 09:16
0413 13.04 Unravelling My Father's Mystery Life 40 years ago Manoshi Barua inherited a notebook with an old newspaper clipping inside. It was in Chinese, and showed a photo of her father as a young Indian doctor working in China. So what did it say? When chance brought Manoshi together on the fifth floor with BBC China's Yuwen Wu, she had the opportunity to crack the mystery. 11:50
0420 20.04 Goodbye Castro! After six decades Cuba is no longer ruled by a Castro. Fidel Castro, succeeded by his brother Raul, influenced some of the world's most powerful nations. We hear from Jinxi Cao of BBC Chinese, Audrey Brown of BBC Africa and Irena Taranyuk of BBC Ukrainian. 11:14
0427 27.04 Afghanistan's Saur Revolution: 40th Anniversary Forty years ago the Afghan Communist party overthrew President Mohammad Daoud. Abdullah Shadan from BBC Afghan Service was a journalist at the state broadcaster at the time, and watched events unfold. 10:02
0504 04.05 Behind the Scenes at BBC Lagos The programme is in Lagos this week, meeting journalists from the BBC's Pidgin, Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa services. 13:39
0511 11.05 Indonesia's Child Soldiers In 1999 Christians and Muslims on the Indonesian island of Ambon turned on each other. Thousands were killed, but one aspect of the conflict never reported before is the involvement of child soldiers. As part of the Crossing Divides season BBC Indonesia's Endang Nurdin went to the island to meet Ronald and Iskander, former child combatants from opposing sides, now working together for peace. 10:52
0518 18.05 Pakistan's Persecuted Hazaras BBC Urdu's Musa Yawari recently reported from his hometown Quetta, in the Pakistani province of Balochistan. Musa is from the Hazara community, an ethnic group who follow Shia Islam and have been targeted by militants. Musa's report focused on the taxi drivers braving bullets to take passengers from one Hazara district to another, but he remembers happier times as well. 10:18
0525 25.05 A Tale of Two Flowers in Afghanistan It's a bumper year for two lucrative flower crops in Afghanistan. Rose-growers are harvesting flowers for rose oil whilst at the same time, opium production has reached a record high. BBC Afghan's Auliya Atrafi tells the stories behind the flowers. 09:02
0601 01.06 Throwing Off The Veil in Iran When Iranian activist Masih Alinejad posted a picture of herself driving without a hijab, she had no idea what she was starting. Five years later, thousands of women have joined her movement against the mandatory hijab, and they have become a force for the Iranian government to reckon with. The BBC's Nassim Hatam has been following the story. 09:13
0608 08.06 Angry and Divided: Nicaragua in Crisis In Nicaragua, mass protests sparked by pension cuts have escalated into unprecedented social unrest. More than 130 people have been killed, and protesters are calling for President Daniel Ortega to stand down. The conflict has divided the country and set friends and families against each other. Arturo Wallace is from Nicaragua and has been covering the story for BBC Mundo. 08:19
0615 15.06 Sticks of power BBC Afaan Oromo is sticking up... for an ancient tradition in rural communities which is enjoying a revival among young urban Ethiopians. The "siinque" is a stick that offers protection to Oromo women. Yadeta Berhanu and Firaafoli Dhugasa tell us more. 08:51
0622 22.06 Afghanistan: A Moment of Peace Afghans had a rare taste of peace during the Eid ceasefire between the government and the Taliban. At the same time, a peace march from Helmand reached Kabul. Karim Haidari from BBC Kabul met the marchers, and female reporter Malaika Ahmadzai interviewed a member of the Taliban. 10:00
0629 29.06 Ethiopia and Eritrea: What Chance for Peace? This week an Eritrean government delegation arrived in Ethiopia, an event unimaginable even a month ago. The two countries clashed in a border war in 1998, and despite a ceasefire the standoff has continued over the border town of Badme. But with a new Prime Minister in Ethiopia it seems peace may finally be possible. BBC Tigrinya journalists Tesfalem Araia from Eritrea, and Berihu Lilay from the Tigray region of Ethiopia, discuss developments. 10:44
0706 06.07 Nigeria: Herders and Farmers in Crisis Many parts of Nigeria have seen increasingly violent clashes between farmers and Fulani herdsmen. Who are the Fulani, and what really lies behind the violence? Questions for Halima Umar from BBC Hausa and BBC Yoruba's Ahmed Ambali. 10:17
0713 13.07 Thailand cave rescue During the rescue operation to save the 12 Thai schoolboys and their football coach, a huge community sprang up outside the Tham Luang cave - rescue workers, volunteers and of course the world's media. Watchiranont Thongep of BBC Thai spoke to some of them. 06:28
0720 20.07 Pakistan’s Election Hotseat It's election time in Pakistan, and BBC Urdu has been finding out what voters think. Hassan Zaidi has been following the social media chatter; and Hussain Askari has been criss-crossing the country in the company of 3 women bikers, 3 life-sized cardboard cut-outs of prominent politicians, and a big yellow chair. 10:44
0727 27.07 Voices Across a Divide President Trump’s zero tolerance immigration policy has polarised opinion in the US. BBC Mundo reporter Patricia Sulbaran followed the story of 11 year old Honduran Brayan, separated from his father. Brazilian Hugo Bachega visited a small town in Ohio which recently saw raids on undocumented Mexicans working there, a move residents support. 10:40
0803 03.08 Poet, Painter, Lover: Kahlil Gibran A new musical called Broken Wings is on in London this week, based the life of Lebanese-born writer Kahlil Gibran. BBC Arabic's Nahed Najjar is a fan, and explains why Gibran remains so popular across the Arabic-speaking world nearly 90 years after his death. 10:02
0810 10.08 Under Fire in South Ossetia Ten years ago, conflict broke out between Georgia and Russia over the break-away region of South Ossetia, with the first shells falling on the capital Tskhinvali on 7th August. Watching events unfold from the Georgian capital Tbilisi was Temur Kighuradze, now a journalist with BBC Russian, but then an ambitious young newspaper journalist. 15:17
0817 17.08 Sinking Jakarta Experts predict that large parts of the Indonesian capital will be submerged by 2050 unless action is urgently taken. As a low-lying coastal city, Jakarta is vulnerable to climate change, but the biggest problem is the massive extraction of groundwater, as Mayuri Mei Lin of BBC Indonesian has been finding out. 07:37
0824 24.08 Kerala: Reporting the Floods As the Indian state of Kerala struggles to cope with the worst floods in a century, Pramila Krishnan of BBC Tamil and Salman Ravi of BBC Hindi tell us how they've reported on the disaster, and how they came uncomfortably close to the floodwaters. 13:52
0831 31.08 Lost Stories From Uzbekistan A chance encounter in a Tashkent street brought BBC Uzbek's Ibrat Safo an amazing story. A local academic took him to a museum dedicated to the Uzbek victims of Stalin's purges, and shared some of the stories he'd uncovered. 09:54
0907 07.09 The Bengali kitchen divide Bengalis are united by a love of good food, but divided over who cooks it. West Bengalis love poppy seeds and sugar, East Bengalis dried fish and chilli. BBC Bangla journalists Manoshi Barua from India's West Bengal state, and Masud Khan from Bangladesh, shed light on the Bengali kitchen divide. 10:55
0914 14.09 Pakistan's Ahmadiyya Problem Last week Pakistan’s Prime Minister, Imran Khan, appointed a renowned Pakistani economist to an advisory economics panel. But Professor Mian is also a member of the Ahmadiyya religious community, which many Muslims consider to be sacrilegious. Following protests he resigned. So why do the Ahmadiyya stir such passions in Pakistan? BBC Urdu's Khalid Karamat explains. 10:01
0921 21.09 Reclaiming Mogadishu’s Sports Stadium In 1979 Somalia opened a state of the art sports stadium to host international sporting events. But with the beginning of the civil war in the 1990s the stadium became a base for successions of fighting forces. Last month it was formally handed back to the state, so can it reclaim its former glory? BBC Somali’s Ahmed Abdinur was a sports official at the stadium during its glory days. 09:40
0928 28.09 Don’t Tell Us What to Wear Kyrgyz singer Zere Asylbek showing her bra in music video, Uzbek teachers in mini-skirts, and controversial portraits of Tajik women. Diloram Ibrahimova of BBC Uzbek and Gulnara Kasmambet of BBC Kyrgyz discuss stories from Central Asia that have started a debate about how women should behave and what they should wear. 10:55
1005 05.10 Bolsonaro: The Man Dividing Brazil Brazilians vote this weekend for a new President and currently ahead in the polls is right-wing candidate Jair Bolsonaro. To his supporters he’s the man to clean up politics and restore order, to his detractors he’s a misogynist who openly supports the former military dictatorship. Camilla Costa of BBC Brasil has been following a campaign she describes as “quite a ride”. 09:30
1012 12.10 The decline of Russian spying The two Russian spies, or tourists, connected to the Salisbury poisoning have now been unmasked using little more than open source websites. So is the golden age of Russian spycraft over? Famil Ismailov and Andrei Soshnikov of BBC Russian share insights. 10:42
1019 19.10 Makoko: Stories of Hope An upbeat view of Lagos’s notorious floating slum. Makoko is a floating slum in Lagos with a lawless reputation. BBC Pidgin’s Dan Ikpoyi has been a victim of extortion there himself, but his latest video shows a community full of life and optimism. 08:08
1026 26.10 Edible gold dust: Iran's saffron harvest Renowned for its colour, price and fragrance, 90% of the world's saffron is grown in Iran. The BBC's Golnoosh Golshani has family ties to a famous saffron-growing region and she tells us about her relationship with this precious spice. 08:17
1102 02.11 My Hanoi childhood in four pictures A new collection of black and white photographs of Hanoi taken soon after the Vietnam War has transported Ha Mi of BBC Vietnamese back to her childhood. Hanoi After The War is by John Ramsden. 09:36
1109 09.11 Abiy-mania: Ethiopia Transformed Since taking office in April, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has transformed Ethiopia. Peace has been agreed with Eritrea, the streets are largely clear of protesters, and the new cabinet is half female. Ethiopian Christine Yohannes of BBC Amharic tells us more about the man behind the changes. 09:33
1116 16.11 Honey Hunting and Bees in Your Bonnet! Hunting for wild honey is a tradition in rural Nepal and extremely dangerous. Villagers descend sheer cliff faces on rope ladders to harvest the honeycomb. This year the action was filmed by BBC India journalists Aamir Peerzada and Neha Sharma. 09:02
1123 23.11 Who Are Algeria's Harkis? Algeria's Harkis became outcasts after fighting for the French in the Algerian war of independence. Rachid Sekkai of BBC Arabic is himself Algerian and has been in Paris to meet Harkis to find out about their experiences. 08:51
1130 30.11 Black cats and green hats: superstitions around the world In Vietnam, a black cat is unlucky, other countries see them as auspicious. We asked Khue Luu of BBC Vietnamese, Vandana Dhand in Delhi, BBC Russian's Famil Ismailov, BBC Chinese's Howard Zhang, Beryl Munoko from BBC Swahili and BBC Uzbek's Ibrat Safo about superstitions in their countries. 07:22
1207 07.12 The Story of Mosul's Secret Tunnels In 2014 the so-called Islamic State blew up the Nabi Yunus mosque in Mosul, and tunneled under the remains of an ancient Assyrian palace for valuable artefacts. When IS was expelled the tunnels were sealed off, but BBC Arabic cameraman Namak Khoshnaw, and journalist and former archaeologist Eli Melki, got permission to film inside them earlier this year. What they found was amazing, although not everything went to plan. 11:34
1214 14.12 Staying Alive in Bamenda, Cameroon There have been protests in Cameroon’s two English-speaking regions, where people say they are marginalised by the French-speaking majority. There have been violent clashes between rebels and government forces, with civilians caught between. BBC Africa's Peter Tah is based in Bamenda, and has found the story on his doorstep. 08:38
1221 21.12 Can India Save the Taj Mahal? What’s happening to the Taj Mahal, India’s most famous building? The beautiful white marble is becoming darker, cracks are appearing, and the foundations are weakening. Salman Ravi of BBC Hindi has been investigating the causes of its decline. 10:07
1228 28.12 My Country in the News: 2018 Skripal, Khashoggi, and North Korea talks: Olga Ivshina of BBC Russian, Öykü Altuntaş of BBC Turkish and Hwang Su Min, editor of BBC Korean, share their experiences of covering big news stories, as well as the smaller ones that simply raised a smile. Social media and the news Social media plays an ever greater role in journalism, so how do you manage it? Hanan Razek of BBC Arabic, Bidhaan Dahir of BBC Somali, and Nathalia Passarinho of BBC Brasil share stories of inspiration and insight, as well as threats and confusion. 42:09

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