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The Nixon Interviews were a series of interviews of former U.S. President Richard Nixon conducted by British journalist David Frost, and produced by John Birt. They were recorded and broadcast on television in four programs in 1977. After his resignation in 1974, Nixon spent more than two years away from public life. In 1977, he granted Frost an exclusive series of interviews. Frost had agreed to pay Nixon for the interviews. The American news networks were not interested, regarding them as checkbook journalism and Frost was forced to fund the project himself while seeking other investors, who eventually bought air time and syndicated the four programs. Frost recruited James Reston, Jr. and ABC News producer Bob Zelnick to evaluate the Watergate minutiae prior to the interview. Their research allowed Frost to take control of the interview at a key moment, when he revealed details of a previously unknown conversation between Nixon and Charles Colson. Nixon's resulting admissions would support the widespread conclusion that he had obstructed justice. - The 12 interviews began on March 23, 1977, with three interviews per week over four weeks. They were taped for two hours a day, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, for a total of 28 hours and 45 minutes. The interviews were broadcast in the US and some other countries in 1977in four parts, with a fifth part containing material edited from the earlier parts broadcast months later. The premiere episode drew 45 million viewers, the largest television audience for a political interview in history — a record that still stands today. (Zit.n. secure linkext. Link )

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