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mn_2000zoomVon Media Network, dem legendären von Jonathan Marks gestalteten Medienmagazin, liegen zahlreiche Sendungen von 7. August 1980 (DX Juke Box) bis 26. Oktober 2000 (letzte Ausgabe) als Digitalisate und Manuskripte vor. - Aus urheberrechtlichen Gründen nur für Direktvorführungen am Hörplatz im Dokumentationsarchiv. - Zahlreiche Folgen gingen verloren. Wir ersuchen dringend um Hilfe bei der Rekonstruktion. - Die von Andy Sennitt fortgeführte Version als wöchentlicher Newsletter befindet sich ab 15. März 2007 im Archiv (nicht indiziert): dok_bul_medianetwork - Media Network Videos: mn

Archivnummern: AP/m_mm2/mn_2000_(Sendedatum)
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Datei Inhalt Dauer Skript
000106 Into 2000 Report. Internet in Asia Feature. Mike Bird fehlt x
000113 America on Time (AOL-Time Warner). RNTC Anniversary and Suriname. Bob on DVD Mini-Discs. Victor tips. Mike Bird fehlt x
000120 Tanzania Safari: interview with Janet Anderson, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. Freeplay Clockwork Radio four years after launch. Bob Tomalski has news about a trick being played by commercial stations with RDS. 29:56 x
000127 Shanghai. Earth One. BBC Digital. DAB Question. New Zealand Report. Delta Radio. Propagation Review & Forecast fehlt x
000203 Memories. Bluetooth. New Zealand Report. Tonga. Propagation Review & Forecast fehlt x
000210 RAE Argentine International Radio Profile: Buenos Aires, UK style phone and postboxes. Portrait of the English service of RAE. 30:07 fehlt
000217 Kerbango, Internet radio. Marc Auerbach, Vice President of Marketing, about their different approach. New Worldspace receiver test. Hitachi KH-WS1, one of four radios on the market in Southern and West Africa designed to pick up the proprietary Worldspace radio system. 30:36 x
0002_web First Webcast: special 2 hr webcast to celebrate the 1000th edition of Media Network in February 2000. Greetings and links with listeners. 02:06:23 fehlt
000218 After the webcast: live webcast to see if the audience would react and could get a reliable audio feed. Several hundred reactions. This programme followed the webcast through regular shortwave and satellite channels and analysed the results. 30:07 fehlt
000224 Tonga & Propagation: propagation and desert islands. Profile of broadcasting in Tonga. Martin Allard, Project Consultant to UNESCO, writing in the newsletter of AMARC, problems facing stations in the Pacific. 30:24 x
000302 The 1000th edition of Media Network: behind the scene stories, celebrate anecdotes with the contributors, Andy Sennitt explains how he got involved with the programme, memories from the loyal audience 29:48 x
000309 Thailand Radio Profile: contribution from Richard Jackson, radio scene at the start of the new Millennium in Bangkok. 29:57 x
000316 Vintage radio copies. Shortwave transmitter sites. Masirah, Oman's largest island, BBC Eastern Relay station, BBC Masirah. 30:47 x
000330 South African Safari interview with the father of community radio, Zane Ibrahim. Historical stuff about the early days of Radio 702 from Frits Greveling. 28:08 x
000406 DAB needs a Rethink: David Aldridge, Bob Tomalski, DAB lacks a focused publicity campaign, expensive radio receivers. Review of the ICOM ICR-75 receiver, tabletop receiver for the serious listener. Bryan Clark has some interesting catches from a DXpedition. 29:54 x
000413 Radio Netherlands Training Centre: founded as a joint venture at the end of the sixties by Philips and Radio Netherlands 30:31 fehlt
000418 Solar Storm Flashback. Medium Wave Update. South Africa Broadcasting Corporation Part Two. African Station Via Merlin. Letter: Millennium Quiz. Solar weather report 29:28 x
000421 Netherlands: Development of DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting), DAB buried in Scheveningen. Steve Whitt Part 2. Hate Radio Resurfaces. Equipment Update. England: The Medium Wave. UK: Radio North Sea International. New Zealand: Short Wave Stations. The propagation review 29:24 x
000501 Trailer of the Hollywood movie “Frequency”. Prize Festival. Chataway. 2000 Competition. Media Network Millennium Contest: Radio stations of historical importance and the danger of the millennium bug 28:36 x
000508 News in brief. Media Network: Behind the scenes. Talking about mistakes, Korea, the Gulf War and so on. Johannesburg: Testing a World Space receiver. The propagation review 29:32 x
000512 Letters from listeners: VHS. Cape Town: Bush Radio. South Africa: Advertisement and financing radio stations. The solar weather report 29:22 x
000512_02 South African Radio Montage: prepared in Johannesburg. Feature on broadcasting in South Africa as it was at the start of the Millennium. 20:12 fehlt
000519 London: Media Cast, the European cable and satellite exhibition. Europe: ADSL, Astra. San Francisco: DVD and game experience. Letters from listeners: Australian community radio, snail-mails. The value of the internet, especially to countries in the third world. Weather review 29:32 x
000526 News in brief. Radio Canada International, Montreal: Challenges Convention. International broadcasting and their listeners. UNHCR: How international radio broadcasting helps solving a crisis. Oakland: Radio Fiji and radio broadcasting in the Pacific. Chicago: The future of DVD. The solar review 29:24 x
000601 Andy Sennit. FM DX. Scandinavian Weekend Radio. Telephone Auctions. Anecdotes. MiniDisc. CD Radio and Sirrius. Radio London. Propagation Review & Forecast. Lebanon: Withdrawal of Israeli troops in south Lebanon. Fiji: Internet presence of radio and TV stations. New Zealand: Radio New Zealand International moved into a crisis. Serbia: Studio B taken over by the government. News in brief. The Medium Wave Circle. Ohio: DX Audio service for the US based national radio club 29:21 x
000608 Ruanda: Hate spreading radio station. New Zealand: Militants took over the capital of the Salomon Islands. Australia: Christian Voice. Letter from a listener: Israel, Web-TV, radio listening per online stream, codices of DVD. Weather report 29:30 x
000616 News in brief: Radio Brandenburg, North and South Korea, Euro 2000. UK: DAB-portable receiver. Mexico/Amsterdam: World Space. Netherlands: Acceptance of internet 29:30 fehlt
000623 DAB. World Radio Network in the UK. Roberts Radio. Professor Doug Boyd. Worldspace radio system. Andy Sennitt. 29:34 x
000629 Safari to Santiago Chile: Relationship between Radio Netherlands and the Latin American region. Congress about future of technology. Space weather service 29:37 / 30:10 x
000706 Radio Austria International profile: Roland Machatschke, Wolf Harranth. The challenge of DAB (Digital audio broadcasting). Satellite Radio in the USA. Netherland: Infrastructure for the internet. 3com purchases Kerbango. Real and rival Microsoft and web streaming players. Listeners makes a call-in 29:38 x
000713 Monaco: Conference about Bluetooth technology. Letters from listeners: HIV-Hop in South Africa, MP3 in Munich. Copyright and property right: Napster,, Gnutella, etc. American Propaganda and the Castro-Regime, Radio Swan to Cuba. Update of the broadcasting situation in Australia. The weather review 29:30 x
000720 Computer Radio Question. Freeplay in South America. Baikonur Blast off – Cluster II. Propagation Review & Forecast. World: Media wave reception disturbed. Listeners Question: Computer controlled black box receiver. Mini-Disks and Memory-Sticks. Virginia: Letter from a listener. Santiago: Radio factories and brands. Auckland (New Zealand). ISA: Cluster Series Experience. Angola: Media Freedom 29:26 x
000727 Andy Sennit Report. DAB Letter. Baylis & Freeplay Split. Electric Shoe Company. Grundig Millenium Receiver. Malaysian Flashback. Sky. Veritas Productions. Letters from listeners. Equipment laboratory. Weather 29:31 x
000803 Longwave Isle of Man. Andy Sennit Report. Book Review: Third edition of “Worldwide Shortwave listening guide”. Voice of the People in Zimbabwe. Propagation Review & Forecast 29:40 x
000810 Canada: Letter from a listener. Dubai: A guestbook entry from a listener. Sri Lanka: Censorship law. New Zealand: Pay TV. Malaysia: Letter from a listener. California: Testing Sonic Box standalone internet radio. Australia: Short Wave. News in brief 29:30 x
000817 Post from a listener from South Africa. Talking about World Space. Radio Voice of the People VoP in Zimbabwe. News in brief. Diana Janssens’ departure. Letters from listeners. Sri Lanka: Changes in the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation SLBC schedules. Letters from listeners: CD-writers, copyright and recorded movies. The weather review 29:36 fehlt
000825 Offshore Radio Revivals: Radio Caroline. BBC Radio Humberside. Pirate radio station. Digital Audio Broadcasting DAB. Bob Tomalski. Weather. 29:28 fehlt
000901 Moscow, Ostankino TV tower: Television tower burned “like a candle in the wind”. Letter from a listener from the UK. Radio hardware purchase is moving to the internet: How save is your money? Radio reception on the Falkland Islands, East Timor and Central America. Electronic gadgets, Bob Tomalski talks about a new Onkyo hi-fi system 29:33 fehlt
000908 New York: UN-Radio back on short wave. China: Short wave radio station jammed by Chinese authorities. Netherlands: Public and private broadcasting. Germany: Mega Radio. Reception on Medium Wave. John Law is back as talk show host 29:29 fehlt
000915 Book review: African Broadcast Cultures. Radio in Transmission. Creative Lab: A new portable player with a 6GB storage. The propagation review. Diana Janssen is leaving the program, Wishes to Diana Janssen, Diana talks about her experiences, 29:33 fehlt
000921 Netherlands: Dutch DAB-Foundation: End of DAB-pilot projects. Media Network: Last edition of this broadcast October 26th, then only on the web. News in brief. IOC, Digital broadcasting, Australia and New Zealand. DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale) Test Results. Bombshell announcement 29:34 fehlt
001006 Media Network comes to an end - A blast from the past: Wartime deception Part 1: Radio broadcasting during WWII. Propagation review 29:35 fehlt
001013 Look into the archives: Part two of “Wartime Deception” 29:26 fehlt
001019 Penultimate Edition: A historical review of what made the broadcast famous: Extracts from the WRUL/WNYW with Lou Josephs and the Prague story 1945/1968 29:21 fehlt
001026 Last Media Network Show on the Radio: Media events during the invasion of the Falkland Islands (with many OTs). Asian propaganda stations. Dutch radio. Soviet media events. Clandestine radio operations. Thanks from Marks 29:38 fehlt
mn_bloopers Media Network - Bloopers. Unofficial. M: Jonathan Marks, Diana Janssen. Radio Netherlands International 05:02  

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