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Media Network 1996

mn_1996zoomVon Media Network, dem legendären von Jonathan Marks gestalteten Medienmagazin, liegen zahlreiche Sendungen von 7. August 1980 (DX Juke Box) bis 26. Oktober 2000 (letzte Ausgabe) als Digitalisate und Manuskripte vor. - Aus urheberrechtlichen Gründen nur für Direktvorführungen am Hörplatz im Dokumentationsarchiv. - Zahlreiche Folgen gingen verloren. Wir ersuchen dringend um Hilfe bei der Rekonstruktion. - Die von Andy Sennitt fortgeführte Version als wöchentlicher Newsletter befindet sich ab 15. März 2007 im Archiv (nicht indiziert): dok_bul_medianetwork - Media Network Videos: mn

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Media Network      
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960104 Diana Janssen was firmly established as the co-host of Media Network. Modifications to the Baygen clockwork radio in an interview with Trevor Baylis. First airing of Media Race 1996. Radio Vilnius hires a radio transmitter in Juelich, Germany. HCJB and Radio Norway announce expansion. VOA tests its new site in Sao Tome. America 1 signed a joint venture agreement to distribute public radio across Europe. 31:43 x
960111 Review of Sony ICF1000T. Updates on what the BBC was doing to restore services after a hurricane hit Antigua, home of one of the shortwave relay stations. Celebration of Arthur Cushen's 30 years of service to the media shows on Radio Netherlands. 31:43 x
960118 Central Asia Report: A news show with contributions from Andy Sennitt, Victor Goonetilleke, and Arthur Cushen reports hearing Radio Alma Ata from Kazakstan. Interview with Martin Hadlow. Media Network Car - route to visit 12 international stations. 32:03 x
960125 News update. Celebrations. Mike Bird Propagation Review fehlt x
960130 Inspiring Finnish DXpedition: expedition to Lemmenjoki, near Ivalo in Northern Finland, above the Arctic Circle. Listen to mediumwave radio. 31:45 fehlt
960201 Midem, Monaco and Radio Riviera: recorded in Cannes, France. State of the music industry in 1996. Visit Radio Riviera, a radio station targeting British expats living in the South of France. 32:00 x
960208 News update. France. Mike Bird Propagation Review fehlt x
960215 CBC Overnight: start of the CBC Overnight service in Canada. KNVB decides to launch Sport 7. Lou Josephs looks at the Telecommunications Reform Bill which removed restrictions on ownership. One company spent a billion dollars acquiring 52 radio stations. DW ceases from facilities in Malta. Radio Mediterranean leaves the airwaves, a joint Maltese-Libyan operation. Arthur Cushen reports Radio North Solomans has been reactivated. 32:17 x
960222 Andy. Radio Maria. Media Quiz 1996 results. RTL contract for 1440. Mike Bird Propagation Review fehlt x
960229 Jingles Special fehlt x
960307 Arthur. Jonathan Hill. Chris Greenway. Mike Bird Propagation Review fehlt x
960314 Victor. Hong Kong. Jonathan Hill. Chris Greenway. Mike Bird Propagation Review fehlt x
960321 Horn of Africa. Broadcasting from Sudan towards Ethiopia fehlt x
960328 Andy. News updates. Mike Bird Propagation Review fehlt x
960404 Endangered Sounds Project: Sony Corporation. Sky Radio. Television. Dutch pubcaster VPRO wants to set up an archive of endangered sounds, Kees Slager. British DX Club has published the fourteenth edition of its publication Radio Stations in the United Kingdom. The Dutch consumer association, the consumentenbond has published the results of an extensive survey into rechargeable batteries. Nethold, push to satellite TV. Radio and TV Hong Kong. 30:58 x
960411 Profile of Channel Africa: new South African external service. Lebona Mosia, first director. Interview with Neil Smuts who explained that the Meyerton shortwave centre was being prepared for jamming operations when the regime collapsed. 30:17 x
960425 Edition 749. Review of the Sony ICFSW40 and the Grundig Yacht Boy 360. Diversity in the Dutch media. Arthur Cushen has the Pacific media news and Mike Bird has the propagation outlook. 29:59 x
960502 Celebrations – 750th edition fehlt x
960509 Voice of Oromo Liberation. Andy Sennitt News. Radio Netherlands TV Plans for summer. News in brief. Review of Telefunken Radio. Promos for Media Network safari to Caribbean & S America. Mike Bird Propagation Review fehlt x
960516 Barbados. News from Asia. News in Brief: VNR off air. Mike Bird Propagation Review fehlt x
960523 Dutch News in Brief. Asian Media News. Hans Knot: Radio London CD. Antwerp meeting promo/Willis Connover Dies. Listener tips from the answerline. Promos for Media Network Morse special. Mike Bird Propagation Review fehlt x
960530 Dutch News in Brief: TV to start on June 1st. Andy Sennitt Media News Update. Foreigners in Latin America Feature. Listener tips from the answerline. Answerline. Promos for Media Network Internet. Mike Bird Propagation Review fehlt x
960606 Dutch News in Brief: TV to start on June 1st. Cushen. Promos for Media Network Internet. Phone fraud. Mike Bird Propagation Review fehlt x
960607 Ariane 5 explosion. Death of Cluster. Sunspot Cycle dip. DAB in Montreux. Asian Pacific Network. Cushen. Mike Bird Propagation Review fehlt x
960613 BBC Reorganises. Deadline set for Channel Africa. Receiver Test. Mike Bird fehlt x
960620 Nostlagia. Channel Africa: on the air? Receiver Test. Andy. Mike Bird fehlt x
960626 Gender Portrayal. Commissie Ververs. Victor Goonetilleke. Mike Bird fehlt x
960627 Barbados Special in the Caribbean: off-air recordings. Armchair radio listening, taking you to places on the dial you wouldn't normally visit. 30:47 fehlt
960704 Sony SW600 & Listener Calls: Radio Miami International - a rare catch in Asia. Voice of the Tamil Tiger being jammed by Sri Lankan authorities. DAB in Germany and the Netherlands. Launch of Radio-E, set up to demonstrate digital radio. Radio Netherlands launches a daily email newsletter. The NOS Gender monitoring unit has been closed down. Arthur Cushen recalls a record frost - and excellent mediumwave reception in Invercargill New Zealand. 30:37 x
960711 Scientific programme fehlt x
960718 Background to radio broadcasting. update on clockwork radio project fehlt x
960725 Olympics. traffic jams in Atlanta. Dutch broadcasting corporation, NOS fehlt x
960801 Digital Production Special fehlt x
960808 News from the bands. Sangean receiver. Mike Bird Propagation Review fehlt x
960815 Lou Josephs on audio. Dave Newkirk. Review of ATS-909. Tropical band survey fehlt x
960905 Broadcasting news. Bob Grove, president of Grove Enterprises in Brasstown, North Carolina. fehlt x
960912 Radio-TV Bosnia-Hercegovina, RTBiH fehlt x
960919 IBC 96. Preview Receiver Survey. Benin reportage. Victor Goonetilleke. Mike Bird fehlt x
960926 Receiver Survey. Sennitt. Mike Bird fehlt x
961003 News update. Receiver survey. Mike Bird Propagation Review fehlt x
961010 IBC 96. Preview Receiver Survey. SOHO Project. Antenna Story. Benin reportage. Victor Goonetilleke. Mike Bird fehlt x
961011 News review. Frequency changes. Receiver results. Bonaire missing. Ethnic radio. Mike Bird fehlt x
961017 Basque Underground Euskadi: Professor John Campbell, Radio Euskadi, the Voice of the Basque underground. It claimed to broadcast from the Pyrenees, but in fact came from a site in Venzuela. 29:55 x
961018 Africa Special. Project SOHO fehlt x
961024 Letters & On Target Reminder. SOHO Feature. Digital Radio. John Campbell on clandestines fehlt x
961031 Multimedia Network Predictions: Professor John Campbell, how computing might look in 2010. 30:07 x
961114 John Campbell. Stasi Spies fehlt x
961121 Receiver review: SW1. Andy's update. African special. Nigeria Back/Longwave Delta Project. Mike Bird also on Radio Australia. Preview Hong Kong fehlt x
961128 Hong Kong Special: looking ahead to how the Special Administrative Region would change when HK was handed back to the Chinese in July 1997. Talking to Dutch speaking families as well as to Chinese and English speakers in Hong Kong to find out what they think will happen. Chris Patten, Hong Kong's governor. Media 29:45 x
961205 Hong Kong 2 fehlt x
961212 Stocks and Shares Radio for Africa, private shortwave venture, most boring sign-on music. 29:54 x
961218 RCI saved. Denmark. Receiver answers. Stocks and Funds. Arthur Cushen fehlt x
961226 Boxing Day Show: answering listeners’ letters on subjects like satellite television in Australia (DW was organising a bouquet of signals) and the major changes to the commercial radio scene in New Zealand. RBI archives have been destroyed. Swiss shortwave listeners were quizzed on their listening habits. Capital Radio in South Africa is in trouble. 29:57 x

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