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mn_1995zoomVon Media Network, dem legendären von Jonathan Marks gestalteten Medienmagazin, liegen zahlreiche Sendungen von 7. August 1980 (DX Juke Box) bis 26. Oktober 2000 (letzte Ausgabe) als Digitalisate und Manuskripte vor. - Aus urheberrechtlichen Gründen nur für Direktvorführungen am Hörplatz im Dokumentationsarchiv. - Zahlreiche Folgen gingen verloren. Wir ersuchen dringend um Hilfe bei der Rekonstruktion. - Die von Andy Sennitt fortgeführte Version als wöchentlicher Newsletter befindet sich ab 15. März 2007 im Archiv (nicht indiziert): dok_bul_medianetwork - Media Network Videos: mn

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950104 News from the wires. FCC developments. Radio Netherlands expands Papiamento. Transmitter news: China. Alaska concern about shortwave station. Australia fehlt x
950105 News show without a particular theme, based on a "crowd sourced" pile of news items. Victor Goonetilleke is hearing a new station from Ethiopia Radio Fanaa. DW has announced the old Radio Berlin International transmitter site in Nauen is to be upgraded. Voice of America announces major expansion and record audiences. Pete Costello has launched a catalogue of hypertext links. All the mediumwave stations in Austria have signed off for the last time. Analogue Already on the Wane. Several stations are starting to play with the web. 31:43 x
950111 Spynumber Stations: Spies were expected to sit infront of shortwave radios to take down a message on a one-time pad. Spy numbers specialist Simon Mason. 22:19 fehlt
950112 Update show fehlt x
950119 Monitoring on jamming Vatican Radio. Cherry Ripe composer. Carl Miosga on Internet. AWR expansion in Ascuncion. Joseph Kostal on number stations/cryptographie. Big Bells contest. Eutelsat on Hot Bird 1. Preprep from last week fehlt x
950126 Satellites fehlt x
950209 VOA cutbacks. AMARC conference in Africa. Andy's report fehlt x
950216 DW review. RAI mistake. Andy's report II. Arthur Cushen. Deutsche Welle's INTERNET fehlt x
950223 WSM Nashville. DAB. New schedule announcements. SSB. RCI 50th anniversary fehlt x
950302 Portrait of Radio Denmark. Feature on Hate Media - Burundi and Rwanda: Radio Milles Collines incited genocide in Rwanda in 1994. Insights into how media could help repair the social damage. 31:41 x
950309 Bells contest results. Cushen balance. Victor. RFI – EuroDAB. News in Brief: CBC Cutbacks again, VOA Europe sold? fehlt x
950316 Benidorm & BVN: interview with Joop Heintz about the project together with Radio Benidorm and Director General Lodewijk Bouwens on the setting up of the BVN Television service. 31:43 x
950323 EuroDAB. Alcatel worldspace. Bert in Geneva. News in brief. Radio Metropolis. DAB and NOZEMA fehlt x
950330 Andy. Internet. Victor. RFI – EuroDAB. Pakistan guy reportage fehlt x
950404 Omroep Museum special on wartime broadcasting. Mike Bird's propagation fehlt x
950412 Washington DC: DAB Report. Easter Island. Arthur fehlt x
950420 Receiver Survey & Web Launch: start of Radio Netherlands presence on the World-Wide Web (21st April 1995) after three years of experimenting with MCI-Mail and participation in bulletin board systems like FIDONET. Chat with Esmail Amid-Hozour, head of Grundig North America. Visit to the BBC World Service shop in Bush House. Report on Lowe receivers designed and made in Matlock, Derbyshire. Adam Curry. 10th anniversary of NDXE, the station that had a listeners club but never built the transmitter. 32:31 x
950426 May 4th Radio Herijzend Nederland. Local broadcasting in problems. Japan via Ascension. CBC takes RN as part of overnight service. Goonetilleke on Sri Lanka situation. Lou on aftermath of Oklahoma bombing. Internet works. Australian commission. Moscow with Vasily. Mike Bird's propagation fehlt x
950504 Radio Hilversum Wartime Occupation: covers the period of German Nazi occupation, starting on May 10th 1940 when German troops crossed the Dutch border. Powerful influence that radio had and the way it was used by the Germans and Allied forces to persuade. 31:53 fehlt
950504_750 750th Edition: look back at the station that predated Radio Netherlands, Radio Herrijzend Nederland. The station became RNW in 1947, with studios in the Bothalaan in Hilversum. 31:45 x
950511 CDI feature. Arthur. Vietnam. Australian commission. Moscow with Vasily. Mike Bird's propagation fehlt x
950518 CDI feature. Arthur. Book review on Liberty. Women in Dxing. EDXC Conference in Denmark. Mike Bird's propagation fehlt x
950519 Celebration: 60 years of the Netherlands Broadcast Transmitting Company, the NOZEMA, 100 years since the first experiments by Marconi, 10 years since the official start of the new transmitter site in Flevo fehlt x
950525 Clandestine Women (Tokyo Rose, Hanoi Hannah, Liberty from Argentina). Special amateur radio station PA6RNW to celebrate the Dutch transmission company Nozema. Feature on magnetic loop antennas with inventor Willem Bos. 32:10 x
950601 Internet and SWLs in 1995: ICRC (Red Cross) reorganises in Geneva. Feature on the Internet for Shortwave Radio Listeners. Jim Cutler about his vision of what could happen next. Vasily Strelnikov explains how stations are migrating to the “new” FM band. BBC WS used to have English on an AM station in Moscow. 31:59 x
950608 29th European DX Council conference fehlt x
950610 Live from the Broadcast Museum: ham radio station from the museum. Jeff Clayborn. 30:07 fehlt
950615 Budget Cuts VOA. News from EDXC 2. Sky Radio frequencies fehlt x
950621 Lichtenstein & Isle of Man Plans: Chris Greenway of BBC Monitoring reports on RFE-RL moves from Munich to Prague. Paul Rusling has an idea for a longwave radio station from the Isle of Man (Atlantic 252). Wolf Harranth reports on plans to revive a radio station in Lichtenstein. English programmes on shortwave are being cutback again in Israel. European Digital Radio changed its name to Radio E. 32:14 x
950629 Grand Dutchy of Luxembourg: one of the first dual presentations with co-host Diana Janssen. Old recordings of RTL. 31:47 x
950706 World Radio Network. Luxembourg effect fehlt x
950713 African Media Special. Mike Bird fehlt x
950720 SES Visit. RTE. News. Mike Bird fehlt x
950727 Boundless Sound Documentaries: Radio Documentary Festival in Amsterdam “Boundless Sound”. More than 100 documentaries from all over the world. Across Europe several laboratories are working to try and squeeze more audio into a smaller space without hearing the difference. Philips DCC digital compact cassette and the Sony Minidisk system are examples of this. Programme schedules in Braille. Arthur Cushen refers to the Ontario DX Association. Chris Greenway of BBCMS looks at developments in Lithuania. 32:06 x
950803 The Radio London Train: Eerbeek, satellite station called Radio London, director Peter Jansen, world music. Review of a Grundig Yacht Boy receiver. DX news from Arthur Cushen. 31:50 x
950810 Radio Vlaanderen Internationaal - Belgian External Broadcasting: official 50th anniversary celebration with a great listener get together in Brussels and a visit to the shortwave transmitting centre in Wavre. 32:10 x
950817 Indonesian Radio Part 1: expanded rewrite and reworking of an episode of Media Wars, first broadcast in the 1980's examining the curious broadcasting situation in the Dutch East Indies from 1940 onwards. When the Japanese invaded Indonesia, the Dutch lost control of the broadcast networks. 32:02 x
950821 Great Explanations - Victor Goonetilleke: Sam Younger, Managing Director of BBC World Service, questioned whether it is desirable for public broadcasters to work with commercial operations, especially in television. Pete Myers explains the reason for ending the run of the Happy Station programme. 32:05 fehlt
950824 Indonesian Radio Part 2: This is part two of the documentary about Dutch broadcasting in Indonesia. It looks at the rather uneasy situation between the Dutch and Indonesian population in the lead-up to independence. Then follows a portrait of the complex radio situation in Indonesia in 1995. Joe Coman, head of Radio Netherlands Indonesian department. 31:38 x
950831 Funkausstellung fehlt x
950906 Press Now in Bosnia. NOZEMA. Radio Tirana. Geoff Spells. New book by Nicolas Negroponte, Being Digital. 31:59 x
950911 Turkish Police Radio and Zenith SW Radios: Andy Sennitt has some media news updates from the WRTH. Lowe HF-250 has started to appear in the UK and in The Netherlands. Kevin Whitehead is the general manager of Lowe Production in Matlock Derbyshire England. Feature on the Turkish Police Radio. Book-review “The Zenith Trans-Oceanic, the Royalty of Radios” by John H. Bryant and Harold N. Cones. 31:37 x
95_t2000 Towards 2000 - Clockwork Wireless & Victor Goonetilleke: International Broadcasting Convention IBC between September 11-14th 1995 – celebration of 5 years away from a new Millennium by looking at the technologies that would carry us forward - different codings for DAB, reality check on radio by Victor Goonetilleke, special performance about the Clockwork Radio from Trevor Baylis (wind-up radios). 01:06:38 x
950921 Radio Vlaanderen Internationaal Profile: the voice of the Flemish community in Belgium. Guests Frans Vossen (DX Editor), Jacques van der Sichel (director). Archive recordings. 21:06 fehlt
951004 Letters & Feedback. Towards 2000 conference: Baylis. Cushen's report. Mike Bird Propagation Review fehlt x
951005 US Medium Wave: A Media Network news edition edition from early October 1995 in which we were concerned with the extension of the mediumwave band in the US. Chris Greenway from BBC M looks at news out of Yugoslavia, including a swap with China Radio International. We also lift the lid on DVB and find out how Victor Goonetilleke got into shortwave listening. The photo shown is the mediumwave mast on the Flevopolder used for 747 and 1008 kHz. In those days both the signals were from the public broadcasters in the Netherlands. 31:52 fehlt
951006 Happy Station fehlt x
951012 Trondheim: NRK Sørlandet, the regional station belonging to the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation. Bernt Erfjord explains about the student station in Trondheim. 31:31 x
951019 Dutch Medium Wave Pirates and dreams of experiments with satellite DAB: feature about a guy in the North-West of the UK who had contact with hundreds of Dutch Mediumwave pirates. Hans Bakhuizen discusses satellite delivered DAB. 32:14 x
951026 Path to Persia. From Tehran: CIP - a commercially important person. Off air recordings of IRIB. 31:48 fehlt
951026_man Instore Radio. Arthur Cushen. Mike Bird Propagation Review fehlt x
951102 Letters & Feedback. Call to Bakhuizen in Geneva. Andy's report. Radio Australia cutbacks. RCI more positive. SRI goes commercial. Mike Bird Propagation Review fehlt x
951109 Instore Radio. Arthur Cushen. Mike Bird Propagation Review fehlt x
951116 South Africa special. Passport Contest Results. Mike Bird's propagation. Test Baygen receiver fehlt x
951123 Audio Audio: specialist book by Jonathan Hill, follow-up book to the popular book Radio Radio. Interview with the author. Changes at BBC Monitoring. Developments in the Spanish service of Radio Netherlands. Profile of Radio TV Hong Kong. 31:59 fehlt
951123bcw Baygen Freeplay Wireless Test. Real Audio, a way to get live audio from a radio station not through the airwaves but by using an Internet connection and a 14.4 modem, Lou Josephs has an update. BBC World Service transmitter in Hong Kong, which broadcast news of the Tiananmen Square massacre in Mandarin to China, is to be dismantled before the Chinese authorities take over the colony in 1997. Asiasat2 was succesfully launched into space. Germany’s Deutsche Welle Television is planning to start digital radio and TV transmissions. 32:16 x
951130 Quito Radio Profile 31:04 x
951207 BBC World Service Cuts. Interview with Caroline Thompson, BBC WS management. 10 languages were threatened at that time. Visit to HCJB Quito Ecuador. 30:50 x
951214 Digital SW: a reality? Test: DX Radio Shack 394. Arthur Cushen fehlt x
951221 American Forces Migrate East: BVN-TV, Dutch language satellite television for Europe. NOZEMA was planning to use lower bit rates for DAB. IBOC alternative. Voice of America is threatened with cutbacks. As AFN closes down it's operations in The Netherlands and Germany, new stations are starting in the Balkans, Bosnia, Hungary and Uzbekistan. Victor is on the line from Sri Lanka with news about how to follow cricket on shortwave. 31:27 x
951228 Rhodesia - Answering Back From Francistown: Harold Robin, Foreign Office engineer who built the wartime Aspidistra transmitter famous for its clandestine work out of Crowborough. Stories from later in his life - "Picolo" modulation system, BBC Overseas relay station in Oman, external service of UAE Radio from Dubai. British response to the declaration of independence by Ian Smith in Rhodesia. Recordings of the RBC. 32:05 x

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