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mn_1993zoomVon Media Network, dem legendären von Jonathan Marks gestalteten Medienmagazin, liegen zahlreiche Sendungen von 7. August 1980 (DX Juke Box) bis 26. Oktober 2000 (letzte Ausgabe) als Digitalisate und Manuskripte vor. - Aus urheberrechtlichen Gründen nur für Direktvorführungen am Hörplatz im Dokumentationsarchiv. - Zahlreiche Folgen gingen verloren. Wir ersuchen dringend um Hilfe bei der Rekonstruktion. - Die von Andy Sennitt fortgeführte Version als wöchentlicher Newsletter befindet sich ab 15. März 2007 im Archiv (nicht indiziert): dok_bul_medianetwork - Media Network Videos: mn

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930107 Radio Czechoslovakia splits, Radio Prague returns. Radio Sweden changes its output. Changes at Radio Luxembourg. Wolfgang Schultz reports from Hamburg. Radio Monique is revived on Euronet via SkySports. Euronews is launched from Lyon. Dutch public broadcasters scorn the channel. LM Radio out of Mozambique. 31:39 x
930114 Horse race, news edition with Arthur Cushen. fehlt x
930121 Financial problems facing Radio Sweden. Changes to BBC Management structure. Update by Richard Measham from BBC Monitoring on the clandestine station. Voice of Free Iraq. 31:54 x
930127   30:49 fehlt
930128 Update on the relays of Radio Netherlands programmes over transmitters in the Commonwealth of Independent States. BBC Monitoring fehlt x
930204 Costa Rica Harmonics & VOA Brazil: Rosella Strom - Italian opening. Reference to the Internets. SW in the classroom. Harmonics with Adrian Petersen of AWR. VOA Brazilian service cuts shortwave in favour of FM. Interview with Neils Linquist. Adrian talks about shortwave providing a gap filling service in Central America. CKFX low power station from Montreal. Gijs Pappot explains Russian shortwave relays and the ABR200 receiver. Moscow relays via RNW. Recordings of Radio Iraq International 31:47 x
930211 Cushen. RTTY is the future? fehlt x
930217 Sangean ATS606 fehlt x
930225 Bosnia and Yacht Boys: Smoothy Commercial Voice opening. Voice of Vietnam. FIDONET. Radio Ala, the station of the Bards has disappeared. Paul Holmes ID. Grundig Yacht Boy 222. Swiss Radio International in China. RTL oldies recording. Radio Yugoslavia - Richard Measham explains Radio of the Bosnian Serbs. Receivers for the visually handicapped. Julius Hermans on HF225E. Norman Scott reports that Dr Gene Scott is planning major expansion of his shortwave ministry. Andy Sennitt reports changes to WJCR, Voice of Vietnam, the rumour about Country Nights, a special station on RTL 1440. BBC resumes broadcasts in Albanian after a break of 26 years. Uganda changes their media law. Radio Hope in Somalia. Quality Country Music on satellite. 31:55 x
930304 Placement. Radio Korea, BBC fehlt x
930310 Rise of rebroadcasting activities and distribution challenges facing BBC World Service, Radio Finland, RFE/RL, Radio Netherlands and Radio Austria International. 13:01 fehlt
930311 Developments on mediumwave. Erik de Zwaart. Virgin Radio starts testing on the old BBC Radio 3 frequencies. Radio Fax tries to get a shortwave license again. New guide to Indian broadcasting. John Wilson of Lowe Electronics announces some changes to the proposed HF-250 shortwave communications receiver. Television. 31:51 x
930317 US Made Radio. RN Summer Frequency Changes + Jan Willem. Mediumwave developments. Radio Free Europe / USIA battle continues. Antenna comments. Answerline answers. Radio Orion leaves the air. fehlt x
930324 Items in Brief. John Campbell returns. BBC on Astra. Feature on Tahiti. Andy gives RFO frequency changes. Mike Bird fehlt x
930401 Fictitious horse race between several international broadcasters. Profile of Mozambiquan radio compiled by Eric Beauchemin. Radio Clube de Mocambique and Lourenco Marques (LM) radio. Fritz Greveling (Fritz Greyling) 31:42 fehlt
930401_man AFN Bremerhaven closes. US conflict over international broadcasting. ORF says end of AWSP. John Campbell on Yugoslavia. Football Match Holland - Germany fehlt x
930408 News and views about the broadcasting media. First steps of international radio listening fehlt x
930415 Conflict in the former Yugoslavia, propaganda machines of Serbia and Croatia, unbiased information of foreign broadcasters, like the Voice of America, the BBC, RFI and others fehlt x
930422 Local Radio faces crisis in Holland. Radio Netherlands helps local radio in Moscow. Iran's Flag of Freedom Changes name fehlt x
930429 Cushen on Cambodia. Future Radio Netherlands. North Pole people. Nozema. DW fehlt x
930506 Radio Oranje QSLs. Local radio, Keizerstad. Cushen. NAB. Andy with a round-up of things that have disappeared. Virgin 1215 fehlt x
930513 Radio Havana: Astra 1C is launched from French Guiana. The American Forces Antarctica is a rare catch. NSB Radio Tampa is still on shortwave in Japan with business information. Mystery about Radio Niege in France. Australian Forces are broadcasting to Somalia. VOA Sao Tome is testing on mediumwave. Interview with Radio Havana Cuba's DX editor and chief engineer Arnie Coro about changes coming to the Cuban international broadcaster. 31:41 x
930519 UNCTAD Cambodia: feature that examined the United Nations media in Cambodia, with the huge UNCTAD programme being set up to ensure fair elections in that country. 31:32 x
930527 Speech pathologist Linda Worrall fehlt x
930603 Relgious shortwave stations HCJB and Trans world radio establish a 24-hour satellite service to radio stations in the Spanish speaking parts of Latin America. OLON fehlt x
930610 Back on Bonaire: TWR sign-off and why. Caribbean round-up. Cushen. DW and 930 kHz SSB. Transatlantic Special fehlt x
930617 Radio Vilnius, Nick Meanwell, Lou Josphs fehlt x
930624 Book Review. Andy Sennitt. Radio Oranje Competition results. News in Brief: VOA relay starts. fehlt x
930701 Bulgaria Radio Aura: Dutch broadcasting museum in Hilversum - Omroep Museum - has reopened to the public. TV Marti has been off the air because the blimp balloon keeps blowing away. Radio Aura, an FM radio station in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria. 31:35 x
930708 Radio Netherlands is to expand its forces request program. RTL-Radio. Ham Radio fair fehlt x
930715 DC777 and Phase Track: interview with Pat Gowan, G3IOR, who has concerns about interference being caused to UoSAT by RAF Fylingdales. Reading - plans for a new Phase Track Receiver from Edward Vorster. Lou Josephs has spot on predictions about the AM Superradio from Denon. Philips DC-777. 31:19 fehlt
930715_2 Book Review. BBC Criticisms. Andy Sennitt. News in Brief fehlt x
930722 Book Review. Garrison Keillor. AWR news from Guam. Andy Sennitt. Asia with VG fehlt x
930805 RN relays BRT. Radio Centras in Morse Code. Doug Boyd, Part One. Arthur Cushen fehlt x
930812 Northern Dutch province of Friesland fehlt x
930819 Sony ICF-SW30 review. Radio Free Somalia. Vogan is up to trick again. Watkins Johnson HF-1000. Asian Media News. Sangean visit. Estonia to close. fehlt x
930826 John Campbell. Doug Boyd. Radio Vlaanderen International on satellite. News in brief. Sangean visit. Booklist/Radio! Radio! WRN starts September 15th. fehlt x
930902 Lebanon feature. Doug Boyd. Receiver news. Arthur Cushen. Software. Frequency changes. Phone calls with news. fehlt x
930916 Estonian Radio ceased their external service, Western CCIR FM-band 87,5- 108 MHz fehlt x
930923 Communications receiver Watkins Johnson HF1000 fehlt x
930930 John Campbell. Andy Sennitt. Modifications to radios. Voice of Peace archive stuff. fehlt x
931007 Moscow. DW Announcement. Middle East. Cushen/Goonetilleke. Andy. Mike Bird. Receiver news fehlt x
931014 Radio Netherlands future. DAB tests start next week. Radio St Helena day. Arthur - new schedule New Zealand. Australia starts TV. Prague plan. Horvitz. Booklist promo. VOA fires up Kuwait. fehlt x
931021 Changes DLF & RFE: The fall of the Berlin Wall and the Velvet revolution are starting to have an effect on stations serving Eastern Europe. Major changes announced to Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty with budget cuts. Services to Afghanistan were stopped. Melisse Fleming. Olrich Cip, frequency manager at Radio Prague explains the implications of the recent split of the Czechoslovak republic. Wolfgang Pleines at DW has news of changes to Deutschlandfunk. DAB tests. 31:21 x
931028 BBC MS on clandestine. MW loop antenna. Andy news. VNG. Letters. Mike Bird fehlt x
931104 VNG interview. News & views. Mediumwave developments. GLR, 675. Goonetilleke info. Caroline moves fehlt x
931111 Baltimore conference. SRI satellite developments. New Zealand. Pacific islands. Pacific news from Arthur Cushen. Glenn Walden on USA Digital. Monitor Radio recruits fehlt x
931117 Fiji and WRMI: start of WRMI from Miami, Florida, a commercial station aimed at Cuba and run by entrepreneur Jeff White. Profile of broadcasting in Fiji in the Pacific. 25:36 x
931118 Weather Satellites Hoogeveen: feature about other signals that could be heard monitored - weather satellites 30:54 fehlt
931126 Grundig Yacht Boy 500 review. Cushen. Australian shortwave closures. Zimbabwe broadcasting changes. Indian DX-meeting. AWR starts using Slovakian site. Points from the answerline. Radio Cracker. fehlt x
931202 VOA sells Belize. Cushen on Pacific. India. Contest Results fehlt x
931209 Antenna test. Renaissance in mediumwave. Old DDR-1 transmitter in Königswusterhausen, 693 kHz, in the Berlin area is being used for Radioropa, the news stations fehlt x
931216 Victor Goonetilleke. Reviews: RF Systems. Saudi Arabia broadcasting. Andy. News on the Fury. Grundig/HF-1000 fehlt x
931223 Antenna Test. Friedewald's Virus Disk. KWHR. Radio Australia/VLW. WINB fehlt x
931230 Drake SW-8 receiver. News of a handy accessory fehlt x
  Extra fehlt fehlt
93xx Revenge of the Tide - 1953 remembered: documentary looking back at the floods in the Netherlands in the winter of 1953 and what had happened since. Broadcast extracts from broadcasters that used the station's facilities to broadcast to the US. Voice of Brian Matthew. 31:54 fehlt
93_wtd01 Wartime Deception - documentary about black clandestine propaganda from the UK towards Nazi occupied Europe - Part One: interview with Harold Robin, the Foreign & Commonwealth broadcast engineer who put a number of "fake" resistance stations on the air from a transmitter site not far from Bletchley Park. 29:23 fehlt
93_wtd02 Wartime Deception Part Two - Soldatensender Calais: Harold Robin explains why Canadian soldiers dug a hole in one of the hills near Crowborough, Sussex and how the high power mediumwave transmitter sent from the US was buried underground. George Jacobs explains the mysterious Glenn Miller Jazz programmes made for German soldiers. Aspidistra, as the transmitter was called, could change frequency quite quickly and did more than broadcast fake German forces radio programmes. 29:43 fehlt
93_mom01 Marks on Mechanics Part One: Singing Clocks: all kinds of clocks that perform melodies. (Summer series on the history of recorded sound - not a Media Network show) 31:22 fehlt
93_mom02 Marks on Mechanics Part Two: Machines that Play Bells: Bells in the belltower. 31:17 fehlt
93_mom03 Marks on Mechanics Part Three: Pianola: player pianos or pianola's. Recordings of Gustav Mahler playing his own compositions in 1908. 31:37 fehlt
93_mom04 Marks on Mechanics Part Four: Gramophones and Phonographs: with collector Fred Haanebeek. 31:30 fehlt
93_mom05 Marks on Mechanics Part 5: JukeBoxes: importing and restoring jukeboxes. 31:16 fehlt

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