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Media Network 1990

mn_1990zoomVon Media Network, dem legendären von Jonathan Marks gestalteten Medienmagazin, liegen zahlreiche Sendungen von 7. August 1980 (DX Juke Box) bis 26. Oktober 2000 (letzte Ausgabe) als Digitalisate und Manuskripte vor. - Aus urheberrechtlichen Gründen nur für Direktvorführungen am Hörplatz im Dokumentationsarchiv. - Zahlreiche Folgen gingen verloren. Wir ersuchen dringend um Hilfe bei der Rekonstruktion. - Die von Andy Sennitt fortgeführte Version als wöchentlicher Newsletter befindet sich ab 15. März 2007 im Archiv (nicht indiziert): dok_bul_medianetwork - Media Network Videos: mn

Archivnummern: AP/m_mm2/mn_1990_(Sendedatum)
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Index: Marion Heindl

Media Network      
Datei Inhalt Dauer Skript
90xx_afn AFN Europe, Frankfurt & Shape Rolled into one: consequences for Forces Radio in Germany following German reunification 29:08 fehlt
900104 Decade Review: DX Juke Box, Sony - radio receiver with keypad tuning, Soviet Union - national network of jamming stations 32:00 x
900111 Propagation conditions - where are they? TV10/Veronique, Radio 10. RDS launched. Ham Radio in Space. Promo earthquakes. Review Sony card radio. Contest fehlt x
900118 Andy (including Yerevan ID). Earthquakes. Propagation. Tanjuk, the yogolav 31:41 x
900125 Relaunch of Radio New Zealand International, Ian Johnson 44:02 x
900201 Prague. Jeff White on TV Marti. Review WRTH 1990. Arthur Cushen. Sky channel encryts Feb 6th 31:40 x
900208 Radio Freedom/ ANC/SWABC. VOA cuts. Propagation mystery. Radio Medit off air. Radio Antilles fehlt (x)
900215 RIAS, East and West Germany, Deutschlandfunk 57:12 x
900222 Movehse. ‘Stimme der DDR’ (‘Voice of the GDR’) mutating into ‘Deutschlandsender’ 01:14:59 x
900229 Move 2 32:05 fehlt
900301 Arthur. Tomalski piece. Victor news. SW Radio week fehlt x
900308 Actuel. Propagation update 32:28 x
900315 Julian Clover - Incremental Radio - What would life be without it? The Goddess of Democracy ship leaves France for the coast of China. Lithuania proclaims its regained independence. Richard Ginbey - Radio Namibia. 2MInternational launches, first private TV channel in North Africa. Thieves break into HCJB's transmitter site in Pifo and steal equipment. Venezuelan National Radio plans programmes in other languages. Radio Romania International is the new name for Radio Bucharest. Big ionospheric storms hit shortwave reception. 31:45 x
900322 Receiver review of the Sony ICFSW7600. Australian remote receiver. Morse code contest. Radio Vilnius. Horvitz resigns. Update from Miami. Iraq changes channels. fehlt x
900329 Jeff white talks to broadcasters about special programmes to middle east. VOA broadcasts to hostages. Kim Elliott. refers to Tiananmen square one year ago. VOA Europe used as a gap failure. Frans Vossen talks about ending of RTBF4. the shortwave service. Equipment Test Bench. Icom-ICR-72. 32:05 x
900405 Netherlands Antilles fehlt x
900412 Radio Australia announces a Thai relay. Radio Prague closes down for one month. Radio RSA cancels all services outside Africa. Venezuelan. Ginbey news. Australian remote radio fehlt x
900419 RDS update. Cushen 31:19 x
900426 Media tips. Dayton Hamvention 31:37 x
900503 Dayton Hamvention Special 32:03 x
900510 Numbers, signal survey 31:30 x
900514 Russian Forces Radio Station Radio Volga set up in the GDR. How synchronous detection works - Grundig Satellite 7000 receiver. 31:43 fehlt
900517 ITU in Geneva in 1984, technical parameters. 56:35 x
900524 Asia 33:37 x
900531 AM stereo: World no tobbacco commercials, Caroline 558, NAB breathing new life into AM stereo. Take a portable radio wherever you go jingles. AM stereo experiments in the UK with Bob Tomalski. CQUam 31:32 x
900607 Car Radio test with Dr Kim Andrew Elliott, looking at Philips DC-777, costs 648 US dollars. Feature on FM radio stations in Guatemala with extracts. Produced by Jeff White. La Voz de Guatemala off air. Bob Tomalski on BSB problems - lack of receivers. Programming is better and technical quality seems to be better. Introductory cost is around 359 pounds sterling. Cushen on the phone with reports. DX programme from Swaziland. KHBI to south Pacific. 31:08 x
900614 Wartime special. Looks at Lord Haw Haw, Liberty from Argentina during Falklands War, Voice of Vietnam's Hanoi Hannah. Tokyo Rose, interview with author Russell Warren Howe who has been one of several people to dig deep into the background of Iva Toguri D'Aquino, who broadcast as "Orphan Ann" during the 15-20 minute DJ segment on Radio Tokyo's The Zero Hour program. 31:35 x
900621 Holiday Special. Formentera: Where in the world from Formentera. Voice of Alpha 66 report from Jeff White. 31:36 x
900628 Promo for Receiver Shopping List. Miss Daventry – clandestine voice called Surabya Sue. Bob Tomalski feature on Airport Information Radio. Richard Ginbey with news about Congolese experimental transmissions from Brazzaville. 31:50 x
900705 Africa Number 1 turnover is 800,00 dollars a year. Radio Moscow does a deal with US communications Richard Millman Transworld Communications. Tony Barrett - Lithuania relay via Moscow. EBC Closedown in Switzerland. Peter Day explains what went wrong with this business channel. Solar Maximum review. 32:02 x
900712 VOA in Brazil. Radio Tirana. VOA Liberia. Spectrum Radio in London has a problem with interference from Radio Caroline. BBC is changing its focus, cancelling Japanese but expanding to Europe. Lou Josephs. Review of DAK Industries MR101 portable radio. VOA Nicaragua changes with Jeff White. Al Weiner writes a book on pirates. 47:07 x
900719 Changes in ownership in Soviet media. Victor Goonetilleke reports on a mysterious station calling itself Colombo International Radio. Radio Ulan Batar now on 22 metres. VOA announced that Radio Marti and Worldnet are to be merged. Albanian refugees in Italy demand loudspeakers to listen to VOA Albanian. BBC World News. Tony Barratt reports hearing HCJB from Quito on SSB. Vietnam - cable radio and TRT expands. Arthur Cushen has tuning tips including WWCR and Brazzaville. Algerian radio - Voice of Palestine. 31:34 x
900726 Satellite news. Ariane resumes after a cleaning cloth caused an explosion in a previous launch. Insat 1d updated. RTBF switch off. Wolfgang Pleines explains the consolidation plans for the 5 external broadcasters in Germany - DLF, Deutschlandsender, DW, RFE/RL and RBI. RFE starts broadcasting on Czech domestic MW transmitters. 31:42 x
900802 Number Stations Mystery 1990. Kuwait cries for help after Iraqi invasion. Radio Tara interview about Irish LW. All India Radio rocket attack. Spy Numbers feature. News including the future of Radio Berlin International. 32:03 x
900809 Iraq-Kuwait conflict: media aspects, rumours started to lead a life of their own. The show is an example of how important shortwave external broadcasting was during that era in trying to follow all aspects of a story, and of how the audience took part in sharing their observations alongside the "official" sources. 31:26 x
900816 Iraq-Kuwait follow-up, BFBS, AFRTS, Radio Japan, Radio Sweden, RCI fehlt x
900822 Firato Special. HDTV comes to Holland. S-VHS to change. Sony announces DAT recorder. Holy Mecca Radio. BBC to South America fehlt x
900830 Eurocrypt. Radio DATA. Middle East (Mogadishu, Sudan 9535). Jeff White on TV Marti. Major storm Mike. Afrispace. Space shuttle. Radio Luxemburg on French channel. New Dutch channel. NRD-535 fehlt x
900913 Answerline Hilversum 724222 fehlt x
900920 News Baghdad, Monrovia, Saddam Hussein hostage broadcasts. Wayne Brittenden reviews CNN and its rolling news format. Gonnetilleke explains the transmissions he can hear in Sri Lanka. 31:54 x
900927 Messages to Iraq, Receiver Review ICOM ICR-72 and BBC 648: review by Jeff White of what a range of international broadcasters have been doing to reach their nationals in the Middle East following the invasion of Kuwait by Iraqi forces. Frans Vossen reports on changes expected to the French language network RTBF-4. Review of ICOM-ICR72. South Shropshire communications. Andrew Taussig explains that mediumwave is no longer the only way to get a signal across. Review of gulf war coverage. Propagation news from Mike Bird. 31:43 x
901004 Inside Radio Berlin International, the Voice of the GDR, broadcast centre on Nalepastrasse on the banks of the River Spree. RBI was part of the much larger domestic operation, Stimme DDR. ELWA in Monrovia, Liberia Update from Radio St Helena's Tony Leo. 31:51 x
901011 Arthur. Geophyicsal alert. Bob Tomalski fehlt x
901018 Transatlantic Special. High Adventure Ministries. KIIS FM in Los Angeles. Eric Beauchemin helped with this report. 31:07 x
901025 Arthur Cushen talks about Tokyo Rose and the monitoring work he did during the war. He reports hearing Batavia on 18130 kHz. Victor Goonetilleke reports on Radio St Helena. 32:36 x
901101 Solar guides with Dave Rosenthal. Answerline comments with Bill Mitchell voiceover. Venezuela news with marcel rommerts. Sweden Calling DXers reduces transmission time and scraps paper bulletin. Cushen DX news from the Pacific. 55:27 x
901108 Behind the Berlin Wall November 1990: Radio Berlin International, the voice of the GDR (two programmes rolled into one) 42:16 x
901114 Merger between British Satellite broadcasting and Rupert Murdoch’s Sky TV. DDR 31:31 x
901122 Radio Prague off air 31:39 x
901129 Computer Channel Europe. Test R-1/ Phone call from Hendel. DX tips from Lou Josephs. Optimod tests. Book review. Radio Free Europe. WRNO statement fehlt x
901206 Radio Netherlands Spanish service fehlt x

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