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Media Network 1989

mn_1989zoomVon Media Network, dem legendären von Jonathan Marks gestalteten Medienmagazin, liegen zahlreiche Sendungen von 7. August 1980 (DX Juke Box) bis 26. Oktober 2000 (letzte Ausgabe) als Digitalisate und Manuskripte vor. - Aus urheberrechtlichen Gründen nur für Direktvorführungen am Hörplatz im Dokumentationsarchiv. - Zahlreiche Folgen gingen verloren. Wir ersuchen dringend um Hilfe bei der Rekonstruktion. - Die von Andy Sennitt fortgeführte Version als wöchentlicher Newsletter befindet sich ab 15. März 2007 im Archiv (nicht indiziert): dok_bul_medianetwork - Media Network Videos: mn

Archivnummern: AP/m_mm2/mn_1989_(Sendedatum)
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Media Network      
Datei Inhalt Dauer Skript
890105 Rosenthal, Cushen, Religios loony, Letters follow-up, Ireland, Singapore station, Liechtenstein, Book review Wilhelm Herbst, ANARC promo, contest fehlt x
890112 David Monson in Berlin & Radio Denmark: WRTH award scheme. Jim Frimmel's computer program - record audio off air. German reviewer Rainer Lichte - Grundig Satellite 500. DX Window programme on Radio Denmark. Jorgen T Madsen explains that they will be hiring airtime on Radio Norway International. David Monson explains about his international broadcasting conference in Berlin. Dave Rosenthal explains the work of the Space Environment Services centre in Boulder, Colorado. 31:49 fehlt
890126 Quiz results fehlt x
890201 WRTH Contest results, ALL INDIA RADIO starts shortwave. AM in Ireland. BBC fehlt fehlt
890202 Border Radio: story of how a TV show in the Netherlands blocked the phone lines when it asked for viewer response. Book review - Border Radio. David Monson previews the Antwerp EDXC Convention. 31:25 x
890209 Sky channel to relay BBC World Service on audio channels. Emphasis on Benelux reduced. Paraguay changes radio regulations. Using geophysical alert warnings to predict the ionosphere. Irish government crackdown on Radio Dublin. Propagation news. African Media news from Richard Ginbey fehlt x
890216 VOA starts a "VOA Pacific" transcription service. 30 local stations taking a feed of stereo music and news. Christian Science Monitor station to start beaming to South America in March. ABC, Australia claims to be largest English language network in the world. 24 minute feature on vintage radio - tour of the Vintage Wireless Museum in Britain with a large collection of European radios. fehlt x
890223 “The Media Lab” featuring Jaime Baguena and introducing Anne Blair Gould fehlt x
890302 VOA Pacific. JM on broadcasting in France. Frequency changes. Clandestine radios in Latin America/John Campbell. Solar eclipse with Dave Rosenthal. Asian update with Victor Goonetilleke. Mike Bird fehlt x
890309 WWV feature. Anne Blair Gould presented this show. John Campbell also in the programme. Women in the Media - Interview with Margaret Gallagher, EC. Computer bulletin boards. Dave Rosenthal item on the time signal station WWV. Andy Sennit on WRTH news fehlt x
890315 Solar Explosions and Austrian Pirate: transcription show. Violent solar activity and its effects on shortwave radio reception. Wolf Harranth reports on one of the few cases of pirate radio in Austria. 15:23 fehlt
890316 Big Bang on the Sun, Satellite Experiments and Free Radio in Austria: Anne Blair Gould presented this 2nd show. The programme starts with an analysis of a major solar flare on the sun with David Rosenthal. Special programme coming from Bonaire in the Netherlands Antilles. Bruce Parsons. Experiment with a Heil receiver connected to a satellite dish. Wolf Harranth - private radio in Austria. Summer school for radio in Bregenz, Austria. Andy Sennitt has been exploring harmonic signals. VOA Pacific. 31:48 x
890323 Bonaire 20th anniversary programme. Voice of Bonaire and TWR Bonaire 32:02 x
890330 Caroline and Tower Radio recordings. Offshore Radio Special. (No recording) fehlt x
890406 Profile Atlantic 252. County Meath, Ireland. Radio Australia's new transmitter site damaged by cyclone. Satellite TV faces new challenges, dish sales in UK are disappointing. Pacific media news, Arthus Cushen. New satellite swaps start. Tallinn has English programmes for the first time. NDXE radio station declared a fraud by FCC in Washington. Propagation news from Mike Bird. (Tape ruined) fehlt x
890413 RTL Luxembourg. Problem of explaining wavelengths and frequencies to listeners. 31:28 x
890413_2 Luxembourg, India & Terrible Frequency Announcements: Call from Fiji. Radio projects that CLT is involved in. Radio service in French on shortwave towards Quebec. All India Radio tests shortwave out of Port Blair. Pete Myers reports on hopes that HDTV plans will expand. Problems of frequency announcements on shortwave. Parody from Radio Morania. Bloopers from BBC World Service. Kim Andrew Elliott, a researcher at Voice of America, had been doing research into receiver coverage. Andrew Piper explains why they add metre bands in some of the transmissions to Africa. Andy Sennitt has news about Namibia and transmissions from Radio RSA. RCI from Sackville started using 13 MHz for the first time. HD MAC and beginners feature on frequencies. 31:26 fehlt
890420 ANARC BBS fehlt x
890427 Grundig Satellit 500. Clandestine update with BBC M material. IRRS update. RCI expansion plans. Dayton preview, other receiver news. Sony Digital recorder is out. fehlt x
890504 George McLintock, manager of WWCR in Tenessee fehlt x
890511 BBC, Optimod-HF audio processors for shortwave fehlt x
890525 RCI, WCSN, VOA Chinese, WARC update with W. Van Amstel. (Tape ruined) fehlt x
890601 Andy Sennitt on TWR interval signal. RFB-65D review. Hawaii. International Radio Disaster. ANARC promo. Computer Databases (retry Australian guy). BBC changes. RCI. WNRI project. Compact Disk use. World Service Christian Science Monitor fehlt fehlt
890608 Tiananmen Square Edition Radio Beijing and reaction to government surpression June 4th 1989. ORF Arabic service starts. BBC Frequency Monitoring changes. Dennis Thompson. (Tape ruined) fehlt x
890615 China update, BBC jammed, RCI to start Chinese. Receiver Review. Rosenthal on solar flares. Finland changes. WNIR starts up. Jamming stops in Eastern Europe, the effects. fehlt x
890622 CFN Canadian Forces Network Brussum. (Tape ruined) fehlt x
890629 Spain new FM stations. Robert Bosschart. (Tape ruined) fehlt (x)
890706 European Space Agency's technical centre in Noordwijk, Ariane Flight 32 take off, on board the new Olympus direct broadcasting satellite fehlt x
890713 Pat Gowan, G3IOR – Norwich, on CFC’s causing problems to the ionosphere. John Campbell on Irish pirates, Triangle Nightime FM. Radio Danubius. Len Scott. Cushen on UAE Dubai. Mike Bird propagation. Programme in Florida, ANARC is a week later. 31:29 x
890720 ANARC Convention, Florida. SWABC news from Ginbey. (Tape ruined) fehlt x
890727 MW loops with SRI International, Menlo Park, California, Sushi BVD Antenna, Data Crime Virus 1989. (Tape ruined) fehlt x
890803 Fred Osterman, on filters in Icom ICR-70 and ICR-71. Kauto Hupio on Finnish DX and Radio Impacto, El CID, John Campbell. fehlt x
890810 ORF link-up and discussion with Wolf Harranth about private radio in Austria. Profile of TWR Bonaire. fehlt x
890817 Good example of MN regular show (Tape ruined) fehlt x
890824 BBC Monitoring, Caversham Park House. Radio Caroline. 32:02 x
890831 News orientated programme. Japan, Asian Broadcasting Institute in Yokohama fehlt x
890906 Border Radio interview, Voice of the Black Cockerel gets support from VOA. Blue Danube Radio. 1955 recordings of Blue Danube Network. (Tape ruined) fehlt x
890921 Puerto Rico, Hurricane Hugo, Lowe HF225 Receiver, Dave Rosenthal on solar predictability, Jonathan Bird is born. fehlt x
890928 Clandestines in Asia. Cable One closes. RTV Veronique fehlt x
891005 Review of Radio Runner. (Tape ruined) fehlt x
891012 Radio Vilnius, Lithuania & VOA Bethany, Ohio 32:14 x
891019 Moscow special, including Radio Magellenes. (Tape ruined) fehlt x
891026 San Francisco Earthquake: the communications side. TV-10 delayed to November 11th. C-SPAN results. John Campbell. Andy Sennitt report. Radio Denmark. Video copy system fehlt x
891102 Radio Vilnius, Future of TV, Paris conference and Norway Trondheim student radio. (Tape ruined) fehlt x
891109 Technical receiver reviews on this programme? Opinions of Kirk McElheran, Stephen Newlyn and S. Hinds. Great closing with Pete Myers fehlt x
891116 Paris Audience research. fehlt x
891123 John Campell on listening down-under, Finnish TV DXing fehlt x
891130 Victor Goonetilleke, Sri Lanka fehlt x
891207 Feature orientated programme, strange stations in between the broadcast bands fehlt x
891214 Number stations including interview with Havana Moon, reports also from Florida and Chinese deliberate jamming. fehlt x
891221 US Invades Panama: media surrounding the US intervention into Panama to capture Manuel Noriega. Airforce communications from Albrook Airforce Base in Panama. Radio Free Europe. KNLS in Anchor Point, Alaska. Dave Stuart. Radio Australia. 31:27 x
891228 Romania. Asian media round-up. Letter from Burma. Local radio changes. Mike Bird fehlt x

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