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Media Network 1985-1986

mn_1985-1986zoomVon Media Network, dem legendären von Jonathan Marks gestalteten Medienmagazin, liegen zahlreiche Sendungen von 7. August 1980 (DX Juke Box) bis 26. Oktober 2000 (letzte Ausgabe) als Digitalisate und Manuskripte vor. - Aus urheberrechtlichen Gründen nur für Direktvorführungen am Hörplatz im Dokumentationsarchiv. - Zahlreiche Folgen gingen verloren. Wir ersuchen dringend um Hilfe bei der Rekonstruktion. - Die von Andy Sennitt fortgeführte Version als wöchentlicher Newsletter befindet sich ab 15. März 2007 im Archiv (nicht indiziert): dok_bul_medianetwork - Media Network Videos: mn

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Media Network    
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850117   30:29
850131 BBC Turkish jamming, Dennis Thompson interview, Audio processing Optimod, Receiver review FRG-8800, Victor Goonetilleke on Kampuchea fehlt
850207 Radio Jackie London: PA6FLD ham radio station operating from the new Flevoland transmitter site. SW Feedback live from the transmitter site. Radio Jackie gets raided again in South West London. Bob Tomalski looks at whether they were a community station or just in it for the money. In the Netherlands, broadcast minister Elco Brinkman says that pirate radio stations will not get access to extended FM bands. Roger Tidy, London - new monitoring magazine. 30:37
850214 Flevoland tests: callsign PA6FLD. 30:51
850221 PA6FLD Radio station report. fehlt
850228   29:58
850307   29:59
850404 John Brannigan, a Scottish radio propagation specialist, BBC World Service Chief Engineer Keith Edwards 33:29
850411 Micromuf and Yaesu FRG-8800: Lou Josephs reports from Boston on how radio stations across the US have united to play the USA for Africa single, We are the World. Voice of America is expanding both its output and audience according to VOA Director designate Gene Pell. Use of a computer interfaces to control a shortwave radio. 10th West Coast computer fair. Computer critic John C. Dvorak, No Agenda Show podcast, TWIT network. 57:46
850509 Japan Special from Tokyo Expo 85 in Tsububa: "Dwellings and Surroundings - Science and Technology for Man at Home" 32:10
850509cid Cuban Clandestines and the Paint Factory: Nic Newman (Suitcase TV) - London, African Media News from Richard Ginbey, a visit to the VERON Dutch Amateur Radio station PA0AA located in the Sikkens Paint Factory, John Campbell - comments on La Voz del CID, a station targeting Cuba. 31:26
850523 Sri Lanka Special: Adrian Petersen, Deutsche Welle Trincomalee relay station 31:45
850530 Madrid EDXC 19th Conference, Cuban stations, BBC and SRI plans, Radio Swan. Pyjama theft. fehlt
850606 Japanese special. NHK Radio Japan profile. fehlt
850613 Future of the cassette: BASF chemical factory in Ludwigshafen, Germany, Chrome Dioxide cassette tape 32:15
850704 Expo85 in Tsuba, North of Tokyo and Radio Tampa: Akihabara, called Electric Town. Sony ICF2001D has just gone on sale. Domestic shortwave radio station Radio Tampa. 30:48
850718 WRUL Scituate: commercial shortwave broadcasting from the United States. On October 15, 1927, Walter Lemmon, a radio inventor, was granted the first shortwave radio license in the United States and began experimental shortwave station W1XAL in Boston, Massachusetts. In 1935, the station began transmitting non-commercial, educational, and cultural programs. Supported by charitable institutions it was a not run for profit. The broadcasts came from a transmitter site in Scituate, Massachusetts - recordings of the station from the US Library of Congress. WNYW, Radio New York World Wide. 31:05
850801 Laser 558, Caroline & Space Shuttle: off-shore radio. Nic Newman talks to the DJ's on Laser 558 including Charlie Wolf, now a political commentator living in the UK. Communications with the Space Shuttle. Tuning tips from Arthur Cushen, Victor Goonetilleke and Sarath Weerakoon. 32:01
850912 Radio Impacto, Costa Rica, targeting listeners in neighboring Nicaragua 31:54
850919 Copenhagen Safari: Radiohuset, story of DX Window, one of the world's first DX programs 31:21
850926 John Campbell on Irish pirate radio stations, Goonetilleke on Tamil eelam signal, Cameroon, SW signal in Geneva. fehlt
851017 Scheveningen Radio Reportage 31:45
851107 Special Operations Executive: Interview with the developer of secret radio transmitters used by the agents working for the Special Operations Executive during WW 2. Command centre for the European Space Agency in southern Germany. Dutch astronaut Wubbo Ockels. 30:20
851114 Laser558 Spying for the DTI: offshore station Laser 558 being escorted by a sister ship hired by the UK DTI authorities. Interview with station representative John Catlett and former owner of the ship, the Guardline Seeker. Bob Horvitz, Woodpecker Project, watching the Russian Over The Horizon Radar. VOA Europe in Munich, African Media News with Richard Ginbey, Propagation Report from Mike Bird. 31:16
860102 John Campbell reports on political clandestine radio stations in Europe. Marcel Rommerts calls to observe a "numbers station" in the middle of the 49 metre shortwave band. Taher Aftab, a listener from Pakistan, explains the shortwave scene in that country, where HF was still used for domestic broadcasts. Andy Sennitt. EDXC Conference to be held in Paris. 31:53
860109 Buster Pearson and Eddie Visser: report about Offshore Radio Stereo 531 from David Ward in Norwich. Buster Pearson has died. VOA English is now on MW. Africa Media News from Richard Ginbey (presented by Mike Bullen). Grove Enterprises - The Listeners’ Handbook. Lou Josephs on the Whole Earth Catalogue. New Irish Bulletin Board. Radio Earth is back via Radio Milano International. RX99PLL from Escom. Dutch engineer Eddie Visser. 31:54
860130 Shuttle Challenger: Satellites helped Radio Netherlands become far more topical in the 1980's. Explosion and loss of seven NASA astronauts about the Space Shuttle Challenger. Air-traffic control, use of shortwave by planes. 31:33
860306 Vintage Podcast Limburg: visit to Maastricht, ROZ, (Regional Broadcaster South). Station's head Armand Sliepen. News of a bombing at Radio Veritas in the Philippines. 30:53
860321 Report on the clandestine station Radio Free Suriname. Sale of the ship Laser 558. John Campbell - shortwave conditions are improving. Shortwave broadcasts from Hong Kong during the boat race. Bob Grove - Monitoring Time, Ten Tec 535. 30:54
860403 Asian Special, focussing mainly on South Asia 31:07
860410 News about the clandestine radio station Radio Truth which targeted Zimbabwe from a transmitter base in South Africa. Trevor Brook - trip to the radio station Laser 558. Satellite update on the broadcast satellite TVSAT. Mike Bullen - profile of changes at Radio Peking. 31:30
860424 Europa TV, Sangean ATS-803 shortwave radio - Taiwanese company's answer to the Sony ICF2001D. 31:14
860502 Chernobyl on the Radio: Radio Moscow, Radio Kiev, Pat Gowan, G3IOR a radio amateur in the UK who monitors and contacts Russian amateurs on a regular basis. Len Scott, English service of Radio Budapest t, Andy Sennitt - WRTH office in Copenhagen. 31:23
860515 Hoaxes, Satellite Dishes and More: hoaxes surrounding Chernobyl. Bob Horvitz looks at the Over the Horizon Radar proposals in the USA. 1.5 meter home satellite dish called Patronix. 31:01
860524 No, No, Nannell: report on the balloon hunt organized by the NOS Hobbyscoop programme. Interview with Hans G. Janssen, BASICODE project. Trevor Brook of Surrey Electronics reports from Spain. Radio Wapping in UK. Prof John Campbell reviews a book on illegal stations in UK. Rebel Radio by John Hind and Steve Mosco. Victor Goonetilleke reports from Asia and changes at Radio Afghanistan. 31:27
860606 AM Stereo and Paris Grundig Satellit 400 shortwave receiver. Roger Broadbent - AM stereo. Growth of English language radio in Paris - stations are carrying VOA Europe. Arthur Cushen, ABC in Australia in Tennant Creek. 31:32
860620 Surplus to Military Requirements: World War 2 receivers, Interview with two Dutch collectors 31:41
860627 NDXE: fantasy stations on short and mediumwave - NDXE 30:54
860703 Radio Astronomy: the only radio telescope facility in the Netherlands at Westerbork. Voice of Arthur Cushen and Fred Osterman of Universal Electronics in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. 31:27
860710 Roger Broadbent Departs for Australia 31:33
860716 From Aruba thru BBC Monitoring to Asia: radio sound on the Caribbean island of Aruba. World Cup in Mexico. Pete Myers – ABU, radio in South Asia. Alan du Pre - UK commercial station is broadcasting DX news. Book review - 'Assigned to Listen' 30:03
860724 ANARC Report from Montreal: Association of North American Radio Clubs 30:23
860725 Radio stamps 1918, WRTH interview with Glenn Heffernan, Plenty of Source material jingle, Neil Carleton, Box 1644, Almonte, ONT, K0A 1A0. RCI plans, Phil Goodwin VOA, Guy Ribero RFI. fehlt
860801 Woodpecker scrambler fehlt
860815 European music radio, including Radio Valentine hoax. fehlt
860829 VOA Eur 30:57
860917 Shortwave Caroline, KYOI & Filters: major solar disruption on the sun. Two US shortwave stations: KVOH and KYOI. Vincent Monsey. West German pirate station Radio Valentine. Dick Robinson, Electronic Equipment Bank in Virginia. Paul Ballister - Radio Essex. Andy Sennitt - NDXE. Radio Earth hires time from Radio Milano International. HRRI in Honduras is on the air. 29:59
860919   29:56
860924 VOA Europe Closes 31:39
860926 VOA Europe 31:37
861003   30:03
861010 Vastenhoud on SSB, review of Panasonic RFB-60L receiver. fehlt
861016 El Salvador Earthquake: amateur radio helped in the aftermath of the two earthquakes which hit El Salvador in October 1986. Bob Horvitz reports on the political clandestine stations beaming into the area, including Radio Venceremos. FMLN has declared a truce. Stereo mediumwave tests in China. Radio Iran Toilers. Escom 500. Eddy Visser - modifications for ICOM receivers. Radio West. Updated AM filter on a Philips D-2935. SRX-351 30:46
861027 Stad Radio Amsterdam, 32 million guilders fehlt
861030 Vintage Radio with Gerald Wells Part 1 30:43
861106 Worldnet, interview Charles Z Wick USIA, Z-Y resistance movements, FMLN Radio Farabundo Marti, BBC Preecho problem noted in Sri Lanka, Radio Fax, Arthur Cushen 20 years. NDF Philippines. KVOH. fehlt
861113   31:24
861120 I spy for the DTI. Ray Anderson Jumbo Records East Anglian Productions. Modems and CD ROM’s launched. MSX Computers and FIDO. fehlt
861127 Stad Radio Amsterdam 31:26
861205 John Campbell Ireland Pirates. fehlt
861211 Siskin Electronics. Excellent show. Party Hat joke Mike Bird. KYOI, Satellite TV. fehlt
861218 Soviet Jamming & Automatic Car Starter: rumors that the Soviet Union stops jamming Western broadcasters like the Voice of America. Richard Ginbey - Johannesburg, South Africa. EDXC convention 1987 in Helsinki. Kenwood R-5000 communications receiver. Andy Sennitt. John Campbell. Pete Myers - automatic car starter launched in Japan. 31:57

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