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mn_1982zoomVon Media Network, dem legendären von Jonathan Marks gestalteten Medienmagazin, liegen zahlreiche Sendungen von 7. August 1980 (DX Juke Box) bis 26. Oktober 2000 (letzte Ausgabe) als Digitalisate und Manuskripte vor. - Aus urheberrechtlichen Gründen nur für Direktvorführungen am Hörplatz im Dokumentationsarchiv. - Zahlreiche Folgen gingen verloren. Wir ersuchen dringend um Hilfe bei der Rekonstruktion. - Die von Andy Sennitt fortgeführte Version als wöchentlicher Newsletter befindet sich ab 15. März 2007 im Archiv (nicht indiziert): dok_bul_medianetwork - Media Network Videos: mn

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82xxxx_mw1 Media Wars Propaganda Past & Present. Episode 1 - How it Started: interviews with international broadcasters who had been at the start of it all 27:21
820107   30:38
820114   30:39
820121   30:54
820204   30:12
820211 Bolivian Radio Profile: Welshman Tony Jones, Passport to World Band Radio, talks about broadcasting in several countries in Latin America. John Campbell explaining the Radio Beauvais hoax, tradition of Sunday morning pirates, the Radio Freedom broadcasts towards apartheid South Africa. 30:39
820218   30:49
820225   30:39
820311 Mozambique and Afghanistan: news about clandestine radio stations being set up to broadcast to Afghanistan, currently occupied by Soviet troops. Dennis Powell reports on concerns in the US about vastly expanded Cuban mediumwave stations and possible interference. Andy Sennitt reports about the legendary format change for WABC in New York to all talk. RTV Hong Kong on shortwave for a brief period. Richard Ginbey presents Part 2 of his illustrated feature on radio in Mozambique. 30:46
820312   31:27
820325   30:19
820401 April Fools: interview done by Kas Van Iersel about the TV ship Odelia broadcasting off the Israeli coast. Discussions about Radio Marti to Cuba. Talk with Willem Bos about Citizen's Band Radio on 27 MHz. Dennis Powell has news about clandestine broadcasting in Afghanistan. Radio Caroline is promising to return over Easter. No mediumwave frequency has been announced. Arthur Cushen reports on Australian pirates. Unique recording of a strange Spanish language radio station, Professor John Campbell. 30:49
820422   17:39
820429 Radio Freedom 29:02
8204xx_mw3 Media Wars Episode 3 - Comparing 1946,1962 and 1982: Pim Reijntjes explains some ways round the "dreary" Sunday programming that was invented in the Dutch East Indies. The programme draws the parallel with the Falklands Malvinas Conflict in 1982. There was also a Dutch equivalent to the British Forces Broadcasting Services operating from Indonesia. Pim Reijntjes explains the secret of the time signal pips. They sounded official but had little to do with time keeping. Sietze van der Werf explains the Dutch position of New Guinea. 27:02
8205xx   30:34
820506 Radio Solidarity, BFBS Falklands: news of a clandestine radio station, Radio Solidarity, broadcasting within Poland. The country is under marshall law. BFBS has started a special programme of requests to the UK Task Force heading to the Falklands. Beverley Wakeham has news on the fate of the Radio New Zealand shortwave service. Strange Spanish language radio station reported back on April 1st. 30:31
820520 Radio Atlantico del Sur - Radio South Atlantic: short-lived clandestine radio station started by the UK Ministry of Defence with programmes aimed at Argentine troops on the Falkland Islands. Broadcast from a transmitter on Ascension Island. Guerra de las Malvinas - Falklands War. Documentary feature. 01:30:33
820603   31:17
820610   30:06
820617   31:38
8206xx_mw4 Media Wars Propaganda Past & Present Episode 4: An Episode of Media Network devoted to the history of Propaganda and broadcast during the summer of 1982. This episode includes an interview with the late Gerard Mansell (former BBC External Services DG) who authored a book called Let Truth Be Told. In this programme he explains a period when the British government used clandestine broadcasting in the Suez Crisis. This was from a transmitter near Limassol in Cyprus. Eastern European clandestine stations including a white Russian broadcaster, broadcast from Munich and a clandestine voice from Romania. 25:26
820701   47:39
820708_mw5 Media Wars Propaganda Past & Present Episode 5: This programme was the last in a series of five, broadcast in the summer of 1982. The episode examined the curious media situation between the Dutch and Republican forces looked at the time of Indonesian independence in 1949 as well as clandestine broadcasts during the Angolan civil war. 25:47
820711   32:36
820729 Transatlantic special feed: ANARC meeting held in a hotel in Montreal. Interview with Bob Horwitz of ANARC. Dave Winer talks about French broadcasts to North America. 29:20
820805 Arthur Cushen. Washington DC VOA  
820812   30:53
820819   31:22
820826   36:26
820902 Firato 82: annual hi-fi and TV exhibition at the RAI Amsterdam called FIRATO 31:18
820909 Malta and More: Malta and Libya had entered into a Friendship and Cooperation Treaty, in response to repeated overtures by Gaddafi for a closer, more formal union between the two countries. German international broadcaster, Deutsche Welle, was forced to shut down its relay station on the island under the Foreign Interference Act. Mike Barraclough gives a plus for the popular Reading Meetings for SWLs. Voice of Greece and RTBF Belgium are being heard well at the moment. Tony Jones, feature about the return to shortwave of several Bolivian stations. George Otis, religious station Voice of Hope. Professor John Campbell reports that some clandestine radio stations are replying to listeners’ letters. Radio Venceremos has an address in Mexico City. Richard Ginbey has an item about Radio Biko. Strange things happening in Swaziland, following the death of their long-reigning Monarch. 30:54
820923 Botswana and Seychelles: interview with Patrick Humphreys who explains the demise of Voices magazine - an attempt to start a listening guide about the programmes on international broadcasting. Profile by Richard Ginbey of broadcasting in Botswana. Reference to the World and Rhodesia programme which the BBC broadcast from a transmitter site in Botswana. Andrew Piper, programme organiser at the BBC explained about new series they were launching. Interview with an author on new propagation theories. Victor Goonetilleke rounds out the edition with recordings he made of a coup in the Seychelles. 30:43
8210xx The Hitch-Hikers Guide to DXing Episode Six - Monitoring the Situation: final installment of the Hitch-Hikers Guide to DXing, broadcast a full year after the last episode. The references to a monitoring service not unlike one in Caversham in the early 1980's are purely coincidental. 30:25
821021   30:50
821028   30:23
821104 Ireland Basicode 30:17
821111 Clandestine Special - Radio Taiwan and China: KYOI will get its transmitter delivered to Saipan next week. Charles Brigg, FCC, explained that KNLS Alaska still has to do environmental tests in Alaska before it can begin broadcasting over to the North Pole. In Florida, a new station is preparing to go on the air. Coverage on Radio Moscow of the death of Leonid Brezhnev. There seems to be a new clandestine station in Libya. Professor John Campbell looks at trends in Italy and Ireland from unlicensed stations. War of words between China and Taiwan. 31:12
821111f First stone at Flevoland Transmitter Centre: recorded after the first stone laying ceremony on the site of the new transmitter site for Radio Netherlands on the Flevo polder. Joop Acda, later DG of Radio Nederland Wereldomroep, explains the thinking behind the new station. Jim Vastenhoud, Director of Technical Services, talks about energy saving technology to reduce the collosal power bill. 30:35
821118   30:16
821202 Angola Profile: Paul Ballister reports from London on a Polish clandestine radio station supporting the Solidarity movement which has popped up in London. Radio 4 Today's programme has been talking about pirates. Richard Ginbey, compiled a series of radio portraits using his own extensive recordings taken off air. Interview with Michiel Schaay, the Dutch author and publisher of many utility books. 37:34
821203 Problems with UK Pirate Radio Stations: UK Radio Interference service. In the 1980's the FM band in London was full of pirates. Michiel Schaay, RTTY listening. Richard Ginbey gave an interesting overview of the history of broadcasting in Angola. Maurice Tainton of the BBC Club in London explained how staff would celebrate the 50th anniversary of BBC External broadcasting, despite the demise of the BBC's World Radio Club programme. 30:21
821204 Martin Hadlow on the Solomon Islands. Review of a book called "Let Truth be Told" written by Gerard Mansell, one of the directors of BBC External Services in the early 1980's. BBC External Services was celebrating 50 years on the air. Richard Ginbey shares some recordings from Malawi made from his listening post in South Africa. 30:34
821209   30:18
821210 Broadcasting in Both Koreas: broadcasts from North & South Korea aimed at each other and to other parts of the world. Professor John Campbell, then head of the computer science department at UC London, had a regular column on the programme, following on from his articles on clandestine radio in the World Radio TV Handbook and Passport to World Band Radio. Contribution from Richard Ginbey, off-air recordings from his base outside Johannesburg. 29:54
821223 Christmas Review: summary of the major media stories from 1982. Falklands-Malvinas "conflict", clips from the FIBS, RAE Argentina and the BBC's Calling the Falklands Programme. Radio South Atlantic. Last programme in which Wim van Amstel appeared as RNW Frequency Manager on May 20th. Arthur Cushen in New Zealand. 30:03
82xxxx_mw6 Media Wars Episode 6. Who listens Anyway? Last in the series of programmes on Propaganda Past and Present. This edition contains the voice of Bernard Bumpus, who was head of audience research at the BBC External Services. Gerard Mansell, then the Managing Director of BBC World Service points out that the French external service had big plans for expansion by 1985. Nevil Gray, Deutschlandfunk, recounts a tale of how a programme he made for DLF was taken off the air and rebroadcast by East Germany, but then out of context. 26:12

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