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Letter from America by Alistair Cooke


Über 900 Folgen des legendären wöchentlichen 15-Minuten-Programms, zum 90 Jahr-Jubiläum von der BBC öffentlich zugänglich gemacht: linkext. Link. Der Nachlass von Alistair Cooke befindet sich in der Boston University/Howard Gotlieb Archival Research Center linkext. Link

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07.01.2000 lfa_20000107.mp3 A Breathtaking Global Tour and a Resignation; Alistair Cook discusses the global televised countdown to the millennium; Russian president Boris Yeltsin's resignation, and the audacity of Mr Putin in praising the Soviet secret police. 15:00
14.01.2000 lfa_20000114.mp3 The Death of the Old Media; Alistair Cook takes in the story of Rip Van Winkle as he tries (and fails) to make sense of the multi-million dollar tie up between Time Warner and America Online. 14:00
21.01.2000 lfa_20000121.mp3 What are Animals put on Earth For?; Upon finding that "Fur is back" Alistair Cook reasons America's climate is the reason it never actually went away. 14:00
28.01.2000 lfa_20000128.mp3 A Gentleman but not a Scholar; Following North Carolina Senator Jesse Helms's scolding lecture to the United Nations, Alistair Cook reviews how his message was received. 15:00
04.02.2000 lfa_20000204.mp3 Conventional Wisdom; Reflecting on the history of how political parties choose their candidates, Alistair Cook finds that the conventions have become coronations, and hails the power of the primary. 15:00
11.02.2000 lfa_20000211.mp3 Fickle Crushes and Volatile Markets; Considering America's financial situation, Alistair Cook remembers a forgotten lesson: the folly of economic prophecy. 13:00
18.02.2000 lfa_20000218.mp3 Charles Schulz: A Great and Good Man; Alistair Cooke commemorates the life of Charles Schultz, the creator of the comic strip characters Charlie Brown, Snoopy and Woodstock. 15:00
25.02.2000 lfa_20000225.mp3 Fuelling Inflation; Alistair Cook considers how a meeting of Opec and the price of oil may ultimately affect the future of the US more than Republican primaries. 14:00
03.03.2000 lfa_20000303.mp3 Double diplomatic turmoil; America's tricky relationship with Taiwan is under the spotlight as the country enrages China by ordering $6bn of warships from the US. 14:00
10.03.2000 lfa_20000310.mp3 A Brief Joust and Tumble with Sir Galahad; Alistair Cook looks at the rise and fall of Senator John McCain - briefly a challenger to George W Bush to be the Republican party's candidate in the forthcoming election. 14:00
17.03.2000 lfa_20000317.mp3 Buying Judges and Acquiring a Patron Saint; Recalling a misleading first impression of America, Alistair Cook examines St. Patrick's Day celebrations and the influence of Irish immigrants on the Democratic Party. 14:00
24.03.2000 lfa_20000324.mp3 A National Figure of Charm and Pity; Alistair Cooke discusses the case of 6 year old Cuban Elian Gonzalez, the sole survivor of a group of would-be illegal immigrants whose boat capsized off the Florida coast. 14:00
31.03.2000 lfa_20000331.mp3 The Most Significant Event of Recent Times; Alistair Cooke considers the ramifications of the explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power station and the Pope's apology for the Catholic Church's sins against unbelievers. 14:00
07.04.2000 lfa_20000407.mp3 Never-failing, Ever-soaring, High-flying, Hi-techs; While technology stocks are puzzling financial experts, Alistair Cook wonders what alternative sources will be found to create energy. 14:00
14.04.2000 lfa_20000414.mp3 The Year of the Census; Alistair Cooke examines whether questions on the US census invade individuals' privacy and explores the uses of private information. 15:00
21.04.2000 lfa_20000421.mp3 Cycle of Boom and Bust; After the New York stock exchange plunges more than 600 points, periods of boom and bust are remembered by Alistair Cook. 14:00
28.04.2000 lfa_20000428.mp3 A Sordid Struggle; Alistair Cooke examines the legal battle to declare six year old Cuban Elian Gonzalez eligible for permanent asylum in the US and the political ramifications of the case. 15:00
05.05.2000 lfa_20000505.mp3 The Outrageous David Merrick; The life and times of a colourful character in American theatre - David Merrick - are remembered by Alistair Cooke. 14:00
12.05.2000 lfa_20000512.mp3 The China Bill and other Kickshaws; Whilst the House of Representatives vote on granting China permanent trading privileges, Alistair Cooke considers San Francisco's law against sizeism. 14:00
19.05.2000 lfa_20000519.mp3 Historic Turning Points; After a shock announcement from New York City Mayor Giuliani, Alistair Cooke considers when the taboo of writing about the private life of prominent politicians was lifted. 14:00
26.05.2000 lfa_20000526.mp3 A Giant Step for Womankind; If the mother of invention is necessity, then Alistair Cooke reflects that the father is resistance. In the light of unions disagreeing to trade with China, he reflects that all inventions meet with resistance at first...including dishwashers. 14:00
02.06.2000 lfa_20000602.mp3 Diet, Longevity and a Custard Pie; Alistair Cooke reflects on the beginning of the national obsession with cholesterol and the scientific study which proved eating too much meat is bad for you. 14:00
09.06.2000 lfa_20000609.mp3 Polishing up his Escutcheon; Alistair Cooke reflects on how President Clinton is polishing up his political legacy with his recent Chinese and Russian treaty summits. 14:00
16.06.2000 lfa_20000616.mp3 A Wonderful Work or a Rat Trap?; In light of a new vedict surrounding the visiting rights of grandparents, Alistair Cooke reflects on the pace at which the Supreme Court makes its decisions. 14:00
23.06.2000 lfa_20000623.mp3 This Great Festival of Consumerism; Alistair Cooke ponders on how long the ordinary American family has been paying attention to Father's Day and is worried by the great festival of consumerism. 14:00
30.06.2000 lfa_20000630.mp3 Pursuing a Will-o-the-wisp; On the 50th anniversary of the United Nation's Korean War Alistair Cooke remembers the conflict that was often called the "forgotten war", including how the veto clause was written into the UN charter. 14:00
07.07.2000 lfa_20000707.mp3 Where Have all the Answers Gone?; Alistair Cooke bends his alphabet into a metaphysical helix in order to gain an understanding of the human genome. 14:00
14.07.2000 lfa_20000714.mp3 Now Read On...; Alistair Cooke remembers George Gallup, the man whose scientific polling method changed the study of government and public opinion forever. 14:00
21.07.2000 lfa_20000721.mp3 Ghostly Applause for a News Blackout; Alistair Cooke evaluates the effect of the news blackouts surrounding the Israel and Palestinian peace talks and reflects on their joint history and turbulent relationship. 13:00
28.07.2000 lfa_20000728.mp3 From Party Convention to Coronation; On the eve of the political parties choosing a nominee for the presidency of the United States, Alistair Cooke remembers some previous party conventions. 13:00
04.08.2000 lfa_20000804.mp3 From Exciting Horserace to Exhibition Trot; Alistair Cooke considers the outdated presidential nominating conventions and remembers the dramatic evenings of the longest ballot in US history. 14:00
11.08.2000 lfa_20000811.mp3 Running Mates and Carpet Baggers; Alistair Cooke explains the origins of the American political phrases "carpet bagger" and "running mate" as well as the role of the vice president. 14:00
18.08.2000 lfa_20000818.mp3 Mother Nature's Wild Fires; Alistair Cooke talks about the colossal forest fires raging across the United States and explains how they've started to become an issue of political partisanship. 14:00
25.08.2000 lfa_20000825.mp3 Russia: The Victim of Democracy; Alistair Cooke considers the tragic sinking of the Russian submarine Kursk and what public reaction in Russia has revealed about the government's relationship with it's people. 14:00
01.09.2000 lfa_20000901.mp3 Father, God, Undefined; Alistair Cooke considers the American passion for trusting in God and how religion is linked to the American constitutional rights. 13:00
08.09.2000 lfa_20000908.mp3 Doing What Comes Naturally; Alistair Cooke examines the lengths athletes go to for sporting success and reflects on the history of bodily enhancement through drugs, hormones and exercise techniques. 14:00
15.09.2000 lfa_20000915.mp3 Trouble with the English Language; In the run up to the presidential election Alistair Cooke considers the affect of the poll ratings, Governor Bush's language gaffs and personality contests. 14:00
22.09.2000 lfa_20000922.mp3 Just the Facts, Ma'am; In the midst of the reporting from the Sydney Olympic Games, Alistair Cooke is surprised by an article detailing the legal status of prostitution in Australia. Whilst reviewing the article he reflects on the eternal struggle between political idealism and reality. 14:00
29.09.2000 lfa_20000929.mp3 A Vague Beast Called Big Oil; Whilst the rising price of gasoline (or petrol to the European listener) is casusing a problem across both Europe and the US, Alistair Cooke considers who, if anyone, is really to blame for this big oil situation. 14:00
06.10.2000 lfa_20001006.mp3 There He Goes Again; With a presidential election a month or so away, Alistair Cook ponders the history of the American presidential debates. 14:00
13.10.2000 lfa_20001013.mp3 The World's Tumult and the Price of a Barrel of Oil; Alistair Cook considers two conflicts - the rioting in Jerusalem and the revolution in Belgrade. 14:00
20.10.2000 lfa_20001020.mp3 A Supreme Diarist; Alistair Cooke celebrates the life and work of diarist James Agate and contemplates how he would have approached the pressing issues of the modern world. . 14:00
27.10.2000 lfa_20001027.mp3 Suffocating in an Ocean of Advertising; Alistair Cooke looks forward with pleasure to the Presidential election and an end to wall-to-wall lobbying and advertising. 14:00
03.11.2000 lfa_20001103.mp3 The Day of Judgement; Democrat or Republican? Gore or Bush? Who will be the next President? Alistair Cooke reviews the two candidates. 14:00
10.11.2000 lfa_20001110.mp3 Paralysis by Analysis; Given the closeness of the recent election, Alistair Cooke asks what sort of mandate the next President will really possess. 13:00
17.11.2000 lfa_20001117.mp3 The Florida re-count, 2000; The various legal issues underlying the failure to elect either George W Bush or Al Gore as president are explained by Alistair Cooke. 14:00
24.11.2000 lfa_20001124.mp3 The Origin of the Continental Blow Out; Alistair Cooke looks at the origins of Thanksgiving and seasonal trends in food. 14:00
01.12.2000 lfa_20001201.mp3 It's a Nine Ring Circus and You'll Never be Bored; Alistair Cooke examines the voting irregularities of 1876 and applies the lessons learned from them to the current electoral crisis in Florida. 14:00
08.12.2000 lfa_20001208.mp3 Bedazzled and Bewildered; Alistair Cooke asks whether the doubts about the result of the Florida vote are paralysing America's government. 14:00
15.12.2000 lfa_20001215.mp3 An Embarrassing Relic of Authoritarianism; Alistair Cooke contemplates the pros and cons of democracy and the role of America's Electoral College. 14:00
22.12.2000 lfa_20001222.mp3 How Wrong We've Been, from Madison to Roosevelt; Alistair Cooke explains how America was able to wait patiently for the confirmation of their new president, George Bush. 13:00
29.12.2000 lfa_20001229.mp3 America is Back to Normal; Alistair Cooke discusses the reality of wind chill, questionnaires for appointing cabinet officers and the secrets to old age. 14:00
05.01.2001 lfa_20010105.mp3 The Magic of the Internet?; Alistair Cooke contemplates whether the internet really is the miracle cure for the US economy. 14:00
12.01.2001 lfa_20010112.mp3 First and Foremost Bureaucrats; A childhood fishing trip becomes more poignant to Alistair Cooke after discovering that the North Sea is falling victim to water pollution. 15:00
19.01.2001 lfa_20010119.mp3 Grandiose Inaugurations we Have Known; Alistair Cooke compares Andrew Jackson's rowdy inauguration with that of George W Bush. 14:00
26.01.2001 lfa_20010126.mp3 A Precautionary Bit of Advice; Alistair Cooke compares the colourful characters of past US presidents, including Franklin Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan and Harry S Truman. 15:00
02.02.2001 lfa_20010202.mp3 How am I doing?; Alistair Cooke investigates the quirky work habits of past US presidents, including Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan and Calvin Coolidge. 14:00
09.02.2001 lfa_20010209.mp3 Famous and Good Intermediate Clowns; Alistair Cooke remarks on the cynicism of old motion picture comic WC Fields and considers George W Bush's push to decentralise government. 14:00
16.02.2001 lfa_20010216.mp3 From Shirtsleeves to Shirt Sleeves in Three Generations; Alistair Cooke reflects on the generations of wealthy families who prosper or loose it all. 14:00
23.02.2001 lfa_20010223.mp3 The Scandal of Pardons and White House Furniture; The controversial Clinton exit inspires Alistair Cooke to investigate past presidents' departures from the White House. 14:00
02.03.2001 lfa_20010302.mp3 A Villain of American History; Alistair Cooke is shocked by the results from a national poll asking US citizens to name the four greatest presidents in American history. 14:00
09.03.2001 lfa_20010309.mp3 The Vice Presidency and a Precaution Against Death; Alistair Cooke considers the health of the American vice-president, Dick Cheney, and wonders whether the Senate could pass President Bush's tax bill and make it law. 14:00
16.03.2001 lfa_20010316.mp3 Sounding the Alarm to Farmers; Alistair Cooke reflects on the foot and mouth epidemic affecting Britain, and the ban implemented by America on all living animals imported from Europe. 14:00
23.03.2001 lfa_20010323.mp3 Bush Leads from the Right; Alistair Cooke considers the first two months of George W. Bush in the White House. 14:00
30.03.2001 lfa_20010330.mp3 The Entire Civilised World is Shocked Beyond Civilised Expression; Alistair Cooke reflects on President George W. Bush's decision not to support the Kyoto Treaty. 14:00
06.04.2001 lfa_20010406.mp3 A Hero's Welcome: John McCain is Back!; Alistair Cooke considers Senator John McCain's campaign funding reform bill. 14:00
13.04.2001 lfa_20010413.mp3 Déjà Vu All Over Again; Alistair Cooke reflects on the crash landing of an American spy plane on a Chinese island. 15:00
20.04.2001 lfa_20010420.mp3 Trilbies are Fashionable Again!; Alistair Cooke considers the unfashionable problem of carbon dioxide emissions and the renewed amour for trilby wearing. 14:00
27.04.2001 lfa_20010427.mp3 The Media Just Love Anniversaries - However Grim ; Alistair Cooke examines the media depiction of violence and reviews the coverage of the second anniversary of the Columbine High School shooting. 14:00
04.05.2001 lfa_20010504.mp3 The Supreme Court; Alistair Cooke reflects on the Supreme Court and the way in which it makes its decisions. 14:00
11.05.2001 lfa_20010511.mp3 A Universal Shout; Alistair Cooke reflects on how the credibility of the United Nations has been eroded, and how a "universal shout" of anti-Americanism has echoed around the world. 13:00
18.05.2001 lfa_20010518.mp3 California Dreaming; Alistair Cooke considers arguments surrounding the power failure crisis in California and explores the deregulation of resources. 15:00
25.05.2001 lfa_20010525.mp3 The City that Waits ; Alistair Cooke examines how earthquakes in San Francisco are over shadowed by power problems, and reflects on President George W. Bush's reduction in foreign policy. 14:00
01.06.2001 lfa_20010601.mp3 Life's a Gamble!; Alistair Cooke reflects on the political centrism occuring in both the US and the UK. He considers the new conservatism of the Labour party in Britain, and the differences between the Democrats and Republicans in the US. 14:00
08.06.2001 lfa_20010608.mp3 Prescription for a Pessimist ; After taking a break from the news in an attempt to remain light-hearted in the face of huge world problems, Alistair Cooke reflects on his timeout, and how news reports affect a person’s psyche. 14:00
15.06.2001 lfa_20010615.mp3 Diplomacy and Public Relations; Alistair Cooke considers President Bush's political blueprints for his European policy discussions 14:00
22.06.2001 lfa_20010622.mp3 Wake Up to Summer; Alistair Cooke reflects on how people switch their political interests from the national to the local and the talents of the mocking bird. 15:00
29.06.2001 lfa_20010629.mp3 Changing Tastes: 25 Years of Social Taboos; Alistair Cooke reflects on the changing social taboos and bigotries over the past quarter of a century. 14:00
06.07.2001 lfa_20010706.mp3 Ringing the Changes!; Whilst fireworks burn brightly in the sky, Alistair Cooke reflects on the celebrations that take place every 4th of July to commemorate US independence, and the women's finals at Wimbledon. 14:00
13.07.2001 lfa_20010713.mp3 Secret Service Secrets; Alistair Cooke considers the private and public life of a President as George Bush takes his presidential vacation with a small army of domestic and overseas reporters. 13:00
20.07.2001 lfa_20010720.mp3 Stem Cell Brain Drain; Alistair Cooke debates the ethical and political difficulties surrounding human embryo stem cell research. 14:00
27.07.2001 lfa_20010727.mp3 Policies and Popularity; Whilst Presidential poll ratings stagnate, Alistair Cooke considers the affect of policies on George Bush's popularity. 14:00
03.08.2001 lfa_20010803.mp3 East meets West; Alistair Cooke explores Europe's ignorance of America's long and continuous concern with Pacifica and the Far East. 14:00
10.08.2001 lfa_20010810.mp3 Golf: It's a Very Difficult Game; An special mixed-couples golf match that paired Tiger Woods with Annika Sorenstam, and David Duval with Karrie Webb, inspires Alistair Cooke to reflect on his most beloved sport, golf. 14:00
17.08.2001 lfa_20010817.mp3 Life, Death and Medical Research; A coma patient kept on life support for 22 years makes Alistair Cooke consider the complex political and ethical issues of medical advancement. 14:00
24.08.2001 lfa_20010824.mp3 Financial Wizards and Economic Prophecy; Alistair Cooke reflects on the worldwide pandemic of economic decline. 14:00
31.08.2001 lfa_20010831.mp3 The Threat from Wobbling Warheads; Alistair Cooke reflects on President Bush's determination to build an all-embracing defence missile shield. 13:00
07.09.2001 lfa_20010907.mp3 A Conference Against Human Prejudice; Alistair Cooke likens the problems arising from the UN Convention on racism to those found on and off the professional tennis court. 14:00
14.09.2001 lfa_20010914.mp3 America's Day of Terror, 9/11; Alistair Cooke reflects on how he and the rest of the American population reacted to the World Trade Center terrorist attack on September 11th 2001. 14:00
21.09.2001 lfa_20010921.mp3 America on Standby; In the aftermath of September 11th, Alistair Cooke considers how the actions of New York City Mayor, Rudolph Giuliani, compare with the activities of President Bush and his government. 14:00
28.09.2001 lfa_20010928.mp3 The "Loss of Eden"; Alistair Cooke considers the lifespan of a letter written by Einstein to warn the President of the power unleashed by nuclear reactions, and how terrorism is used by governments. 14:00
05.10.2001 lfa_20011005.mp3 Civil Rights and Censorship; Alistair Cooke compares the uses and abuses of civil rights and censorship by UK and US governments during wartime. 14:00
12.10.2001 lfa_20011012.mp3 Blair and Bush: The special relationship; Alistair Cooke questions the use of anxiety inducing warnings from the FBI of imminent terrorist attacks, the partiality towards singing the national anthem, and Tony Blair's popularity ratings in America. 14:00
19.10.2001 lfa_20011019.mp3 In The Olden Time: Before 11 September; Alistair Cooke reflects on how the September 11th attack has changed the American psyche, and considers how letters filled with anthrax are exacerbating the problems. 14:00
26.10.2001 lfa_20011026.mp3 Living with anthrax; Whilst coping with the daily threat of possibly finding anthrax in the mail, Alistair Cooke reflects on how hope and fear are wrapped up within the 9/11 terrorist attacks. 14:00
02.11.2001 lfa_20011102.mp3 The aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks; Alistair Cooke reflects on how America is coping in the aftermath of the terrorist attack on September 11th. 15:00
09.11.2001 lfa_20011109.mp3 The Stars and Stripes; Alistair Cooke reflects on the outpouring of patriotism and the outburst of flag hanging in response to the September 11th attacks. 14:00
16.11.2001 lfa_20011116.mp3 Project Space Guard; Alistair Cooke discusses the creation of The Space Guard Project, invented to eliminate potential extraterrestrial catastrophes. 14:00
23.11.2001 lfa_20011123.mp3 French forces in Afghanistan, November 2001; The coincidences between the assassinations of Abraham Lincoln and John F Kennedy. Plus, the UN debate on war with Afghanistan. 14:00
30.11.2001 lfa_20011130.mp3 The Terrorists' Trojan Horse; Alistair Cooke reflects on the horror of home grown terrorists used by al-Qaeda and other terrorist cells. 14:00
07.12.2001 lfa_20011207.mp3 Security, Civil Rights and New Laws; Alistair Cooke considers the political and ethical dilemmas of "racial profiling" at airports since September 11th. 14:00
14.12.2001 lfa_20011214.mp3 The Golden Gate; Alistair Cooke discusses the rumour of a potential attack on the San Francisco Bridge and the warnings by scientists about global warming. 15:00
21.12.2001 lfa_20011221.mp3 The Messiah at Christmas; In the wake of 9/11, Alistair Cooke remembers introducing Bernstein to Handel's Messiah and admires the generosity of Tiger Woods. First broadcast 21 December 2001. 14:00
28.12.2001 lfa_20011228.mp3 Tears and Anthems; Alistair Cooke questions why hearing the American national anthem should be uniquely affecting since the attacks on September 11th. 14:00
04.01.2002 lfa_20020104.mp3 Ringing the Changes; Alistair Cooke considers change, the election of George W Bush, the transformation of Rudolph Giuliani after September 11 and Russian President Vladimir Putin's visit to New York. 14:00
11.01.2002 lfa_20020111.mp3 There's No Place Like Home; Alistair Cooke on how an unlikely political allegiance is transforming American education, the altered state of US law making after September 11 and Milosevic at the Hague. 14:00
18.01.2002 lfa_20020118.mp3 Living Like a Queen; Alistair Cooke wonders, upon considering the reality, why anyone would want to live like a Queen and examines the lifestyles of US presidents. 14:00
25.01.2002 lfa_20020125.mp3 Batten Down the Hatches; Alistair Cooke examines the very real impact of inaccurate weather forecasts; the fall of Enron and the new US foreign policy being enacted at Guantanamo Bay. 14:00
01.02.2002 lfa_20020201.mp3 Aftermath of War; Alistair Cooke examines the ever changing nature of war, the history of four Geneva Conventions and argues the case for a new convention for a new type of war. 14:00
08.02.2002 lfa_20020208.mp3 Pork and Dogs; Alistair Cooke explains why we should all be interested in the President's budget; the new found importance of US homeland defence and the pork barrel metaphor. 13:00
15.02.2002 lfa_20020215.mp3 The Next Step for the USA; Alistair Cooke expresses his concern about the US government's conception of an "axis of evil", their desire to invade Iraq and the possible restraining power of the UN. 14:00
22.02.2002 lfa_20020222.mp3 Giuliani Receives Knighthood; Why shouldn't Rudolph Giuliani receive a knighthood? Alistair Cooke reveals the historical objections and misconceptions of America's relationship with honours. 14:00
01.03.2002 lfa_20020301.mp3 High Noon; Alistair Cooke offers his view of the flawed ideology behind the idea of an "axis of evil" and the US's relationship with its traditional allies and its many new ones. 14:00
08.03.2002 lfa_20020308.mp3 The Day the Money Stopped; Alistair Cooke recalls his personal experience of the day in 1933 when every bank in America shut and the lessons it taught him about how economies work. 14:00
15.03.2002 lfa_20020315.mp3 Memory of a True Great; Alistair Cooke explores the difficult and exceptional life of champion American golfer, lawyer, scholar and engineer Robert Tyre Jones. 14:00
22.03.2002 lfa_20020322.mp3 The Unsung Heroes; Alistair Cooke praises unseen fighter pilots protecting New York and examines the stepping-up of internal security and the publication of a list of nuclear threats to the US. 14:00
29.03.2002 lfa_20020329.mp3 Persian Poets Need Not Apply; Alistair Cooke considers the contrasting ways in which English and American high schools teach science and the difference a scientific education makes in every field. 14:00
05.04.2002 lfa_20020405.mp3 Letter from America; Alistair Cooke considers the use of medical buzz words such as virus and Alzheimer’s. 14:00
12.04.2002 lfa_20020412.mp3 Middle East: Mind Your Language; Alistair Cooke examines the historical roots of US involvement in the conflict between Isreal and the Palestinians and why, when it comes to treaties, even the smallest words count. 14:00
19.04.2002 lfa_20020419.mp3 A Window of Relief; Alistair Cooke explains the exhausting effects of transcontinental flight and examines the split between the Democrats and Republicans over the attitude of Ariel Sharon. 14:00
26.04.2002 lfa_20020426.mp3 The Catholic Church and Child Sex Abuse; Alistair Cooke considers the scandals of child sex abuse by clergy in the Roman Catholic church and the role of bishops and cardinals in enabling abusers. 14:00
03.05.2002 lfa_20020503.mp3 New York: How are you Doing?; Alistair Cooke on the psychological damage done to New York school children by the September 11 attacks and the prevalence of al Qaeda cells in countries allied with the US. 14:00
10.05.2002 lfa_20020510.mp3 Princes of the Church Live as Princes of the World; Alistair Cooke talks about airport security on a war footing; deep vein thrombosis, and how the Roman Catholic church uses canon law to protect its clergy. 14:00
17.05.2002 lfa_20020517.mp3 Joy and Sorrow for the Libertarians; Alistair Cooke on the libertarian Cato institute, economist Milton Friedman, why China's newfound capitalism is fully sanctioned by Marx and the massive deficits of US states. 14:00
24.05.2002 lfa_20020524.mp3 Secret of Eternal Youth; Alistair Cooke on the elderly residents of Florida who think they've discovered the state's legendary fountain of youth and the alleged forewarning of the September 11 attacks. 14:00
31.05.2002 lfa_20020531.mp3 Fountains and Trade Wars; Alistair Cooke examines George Bush's visit to Europe in the midst of a trade war and reflects on why you can't have plastic surgery if you want a personality. 14:00
07.06.2002 lfa_20020607.mp3 A Ruin Running to the Horizon; Alistair Cooke reflects on the wreckage of the Twin Towers, a vast canyon in the heart of Manhattan and how the ramifications of 9/11 stretch from school children to horse racing. 14:00
14.06.2002 lfa_20020614.mp3 The Last of the Old Time Gangsters; Alistair Cooke considers the life and death of infamous American Mafia boss John Gotti. 14:00
21.06.2002 lfa_20020621.mp3 Goldfinger is Still Alive and Well; Alistair Cooke remembers Iraq's invasion of Kuwait, the second Gulf War and the brutal repression of the Kurds and considers the continuing threat posed by Saddam Hussein. 13:00
28.06.2002 lfa_20020628.mp3 American Policy has One Main Aim; A letter from a student leads Alistair Cooke to consider anti-semitism in New York, and the ramifications of President Truman's decision to help found and protect an Israeli Jewish state. 14:00
05.07.2002 lfa_20020705.mp3 The Old West; Alistair Cooke on why Deadman Flat is the closest the public can get to the G8 conference; why sweat shops are good for their workers; the Duke of Norfolk and the Fourth of July. 14:00
12.07.2002 lfa_20020712.mp3 Don't Name it, Cure it; Alistair Cooke considers his shifting habits and examines what President George W Bush is doing about fraudulent financial deals by corporations and, allegedly, Bush himself. 14:00
19.07.2002 lfa_20020719.mp3 The Avenues to Express Greed had Grown; Whilst corporate fraud and greed hit the news headlines, Alistair Cooke considers the complicated language used by Alan Greenspan to calm the stock markets. Plus, he explores the education choice in 1951 for a young black girl. 14:00
26.07.2002 lfa_20020726.mp3 Am I My Brother's Keeper?; Alistair Cooke reflects on the generosity of Andrew Carnegie, and the vice of greed within philanthropy. 14:00
02.08.2002 lfa_20020802.mp3 Dead Cat Bounce; Alistair Cooke on the US stock market; the trapped Pennsylvania miners; troops required for invasion of Iraq and Pope John Paul II's visit to Toronto. 14:00
09.08.2002 lfa_20020809.mp3 Should I Stay or Should I Go?; Whilst the warship, Monitor, is dredged out of the Atlantic Ocean, Alistair Cooke reflects that Europe’s reliance on the UN for sanctions against Saddam Hussein is an 'easy cop out'. 12:00
16.08.2002 lfa_20020816.mp3 Cool it, Man!; Alistair Cooke talks about floods in Europe; Dresden damage during WWII; air conditioning & the heatwave; forest fires; floods in Mississippi. 13:00
23.08.2002 lfa_20020823.mp3 If in Doubt, Find an Anniversary; Alistair Cooke explores the weird and wonderful anniversaries of 1902, including how the teddy bear was named, the zipper and American slang. 13:00
30.08.2002 lfa_20020830.mp3 Fireworks over Manhattan; Alistair Cooke talks about the US Open tennis championships ceremony paying tribute to heroes of 9/11 and how former NY mayor David Dinkins loved tennis. 14:00
06.09.2002 lfa_20020906.mp3 President Bush II has never been busier, 2002; Alistair Cooke reflects on President George Bush's recent holiday and considers the workload of "the most powerful man in the world" with reference to the Iraq crisis. 13:00
13.09.2002 lfa_20020913.mp3 It's Been Hard Convincing Allies that it's War; Alistair Cooke reflects on the anniversary of the September 11 attacks and considers a type of warfare so new that some European generals can't be convinced it is war at all. 14:00
20.09.2002 lfa_20020920.mp3 President Kennedy had Just had a Nasty Shock; Alistair Cooke considers the Cuban missile crisis, weapons inspections in Iraq and the scandal of Richard Nixon's membership of an all white golf club. 12:00
27.09.2002 lfa_20020927.mp3 Watch out for Isidore; Alistair Cooke ponders names - the names of hurricanes, black Christian names and biblical names, as well as phonetics and the recital alphabet. 13:00
04.10.2002 lfa_20021004.mp3 What the American People Want; Alistair Cooke examines the relationship between politicians and public opinion, as well as the life and polling discoveries of George H Gallup. 13:00
11.10.2002 lfa_20021011.mp3 Protest for Peace; Alistair Cooke considers drafting during the American Civil War, anti-war protesters, rioting and the history and nature of Al Qaeda . 14:00
18.10.2002 lfa_20021018.mp3 Heaven on the Half Shell; Alistair Cooke ponders the topics he chooses for his essays, his memories of San Francisco and the historical connection between China and California. 14:00
25.10.2002 lfa_20021025.mp3 Implement Me No Directives!; Alistair Cooke contemplates the excellence of the Old Testament as a work of literature, Churchill's use of language and the wording of UN treaties. 14:00
01.11.2002 lfa_20021101.mp3 All Politics is Local; Alistair Cooke recalls his very odd introduction to American politics; explains why Boston's top politicians have always been Irish and why all politics is really local. 14:00
08.11.2002 lfa_20021108.mp3 When the Miraculous Computer Fails; Alistair Cooke explains why 31 small and rarely mentioned American political parties can be all important in US elections and what happens when the polling computer stops working. 13:00
15.11.2002 lfa_20021115.mp3 Iraq's Midsummer Nightmare; Alistair Cooke considers the US congressional elections and the passing of the United Nations Security Council resolution of warning to Saddam Hussein. 14:00
22.11.2002 lfa_20021122.mp3 Armageddon Can Wait ; Alistair Cooke contemplates what he considers to be; 'the striking resemblance of the events of the past year or so to the chronicles of the Bible'. 14:00
29.11.2002 lfa_20021129.mp3 Patriotism, Thanksgiving - and Apple Sauce; Alistair Cooke looks back to the origins of the festival and remembers the day in 1938 when Franklin D Roosevelt declared 24 November to be "a day of general Thanksgiving". 14:00
06.12.2002 lfa_20021206.mp3 The Marshall Plan; Alistair Cooke ponders Britain's anti-American feelings and George W Bush's obsession with Saddam Hussein. 14:00
13.12.2002 lfa_20021213.mp3 Remembering a Dear Friend; Upon the death of a dear friend we are told a secret about President Kennedy that Alistair Cooke has kept for a lifetime 14:00
20.12.2002 lfa_20021220.mp3 The Daily Sweat of Politics; Alistair Cooke ponders the daily grind of politics, and the struggle of President Lyndon Johnson in getting the whole idea of Medicare turned into law and made a reality. 14:00
27.12.2002 lfa_20021227.mp3 Christmas Reflections; Alistair Cooke contemplates the meaning of Christmas as it is celebrated now, and remembers the Christmases' of three famous men. 13:00
03.01.2003 lfa_20030103.mp3 Security and Psychic Powers; Alistair Cooke considers security in Times Square on New Year's Eve, a Chinese immigrant who took a prophet to court, and the apparent lack of professional predictions for 2003. 13:00
10.01.2003 lfa_20030110.mp3 Big Brother is Watching; Alistair Cooke explores the branch of the US Homeland Security System which has the power to keep files on anybody in the country who gives off even a whiff of suspicion. 14:00
17.01.2003 lfa_20030117.mp3 Sharing the Water; Alistair Cooke considers California's drought worries and contemplates how to split resources like water equally. 14:00
24.01.2003 lfa_20030124.mp3 Getting Away From It All; Alistair Cooke ponders on how to relax when the body can no longer use physical exercise as a release. 13:00
31.01.2003 lfa_20030131.mp3 Peace For Our Time; Alistair Cooke explains how he is haunted by the similarities between the beginnings of World War Two and the current crisis in Iraq. 14:00
07.02.2003 lfa_20030207.mp3 John Glenn at the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster funeral; Alistair Cooke reflects on astronaut John Glenn's eventful earth landing in his Mercury capsule, Friendship 7. 13:00
14.02.2003 lfa_20030214.mp3 Nobody is Breathing Fire and Smoke; Alistair Cooke considers how much caution should be taken when the National Security threat level is raised to 'imminent attacks'. 14:00
21.02.2003 lfa_20030221.mp3 A Planet of Snow; Alistair Cooke considers how cold winters affect New York's economy and reflects on his experience of 26 inches of snow on Boxing Day 1947. 14:00
28.02.2003 lfa_20030228.mp3 The Secret of Life; Alistair Cooke looks back to the discovery of the chemical structure of deoxyribonucleic acid - slangily known as DNA. 14:00
07.03.2003 lfa_20030307.mp3 The Flaws of the UN?; Alistair Cooke reflects on the lives of three extraordinary men; Sir Alexander Cadogan, Philip Larkin and Mister Rogers. 14:00
14.03.2003 lfa_20030314.mp3 Avoiding the Scourge of War; Alistair Cooke considers the ineffectiveness of the UN as an enforcing power and retells the history of Washington DC. 14:00
21.03.2003 lfa_20030321.mp3 America invades Iraq; 36 hours into the war with Iraq, Alistair Cooke considers the public and political support for the war and George Bush's lack of diplomacy. 14:00
28.03.2003 lfa_20030328.mp3 The Anxiety of War; Alistair Cooke reflects of the casualties of war and losing friendships to time. 14:00
04.04.2003 lfa_20030404.mp3 Senator Moynihan: A Social Conscience; Alistair Cooke pays tribute to the brilliant and eccentric former senator, Daniel Patrick Moynihan. 14:00
11.04.2003 lfa_20030411.mp3 Saint Carlo; Alistair Cooke considers how to grow old successfully and pays tribute Dr. Carlo Urbani, the man who pioneered Doctors Without Borders. 14:00
18.04.2003 lfa_20030418.mp3 The Lessons of Potsdam; Alistair Cooke considers how people can become desensitised to the horrifying images of war, using Winston Churchill's Potsdam experience for reference. 13:00
25.04.2003 lfa_20030425.mp3 Taking it to the Brink; Unions, strikes and last minute negotiation talks blot out world catastrophes for Alistair Cooke. 14:00
02.05.2003 lfa_20030502.mp3 No More Wine and Roses; Alistair Cooke reflects on how the desert town of Las Vegas became the biggest tourist honey trap. 14:00
09.05.2003 lfa_20030509.mp3 Today's News is Tomorrow's Collectors' Item; Alistair Cooke explains how Leo Szilard, a little know Hungarian refugee, helped stop World War II. 14:00
16.05.2003 lfa_20030516.mp3 Tackling the Looters; Alistair Cooke contemplates how to prevent Iraq from descending into anarchy. 14:00
23.05.2003 lfa_20030525.mp3 The Creator of the Talent Industry; Alistair Cooke pays tribute to the life and work of "the Oracle" Mark McCormack. 14:00
30.05.2003 lfa_20030530.mp3 Don't Pollute the Enemy's Water; Alistair Cooke questions how much confidence people should have in the military, the President, and in Congress. 14:00
06.06.2003 lfa_20030606.mp3 Who Shall Police the Policemen?; Alistair Cooke asks how we can police the world in a time of modern terrorist conflict since America's founding fathers never legislated for an "undeclared" war. 14:00
13.06.2003 lfa_20030613.mp3 Dramatic Turns of History; Alistair Cooke contemplates how some political decisions change the entire course of world history by examining Saddam Hussain's decision to invade Kuwait. 14:00
20.06.2003 lfa_20030620.mp3 The Maddest and Most Criminal of Tyrants; Alistair Cooke examines tyrants who commit mass murder and compares Stalin with Hitler. 13:00
27.06.2003 lfa_20030627.mp3 Were We Misled into War?; Alistair Cooke asks whether the invasion of Iraq was based on a false premise: the existence of hidden weapons. 14:00
04.07.2003 lfa_20030704.mp3 Meeting the Stars; Alistair Cooke remembers meeting Ronald Colman and Katherine Hepburn. 14:00
11.07.2003 lfa_20030711.mp3 Americans Choose Tony Blair; Alistair Cooke reflects on why Americans seem to trust Tony Blair more than their own president, George Bush. 14:00
18.07.2003 lfa_20030718.mp3 The Power of a Phrase; Alistair Cooke examines the power of the catchphrase whether it be "uranium from Africa"; "winds of change"or "I was brainwashed". 13:00
25.07.2003 lfa_20030725.mp3 It's Dangerous for Journalists to Retire; Alistair Cooke rejects the thought of retirement but contemplates the pastime of golf in the light of recent scientific studies. 14:00
01.08.2003 lfa_20030801.mp3 The Original Fast Talker; Following the death of two centenarians, Alistair Cooke discusses Bob Hope and Lord Shawcross and how their longevity relates to the pensions crisis. 14:00
08.08.2003 lfa_20030808.mp3 Healing the Alliance Against Terrorism; Given the failure to reach consensus at the UN on how to tackle terrorism, Alistair Cooke reassesses his letter of 1998 discussing Bill Clinton's failure to get his way at the UN. 13:00
15.08.2003 lfa_20030815.mp3 Some Colourful Legends are Based in Fact; Upon receiving a letter containing a Winston Churchill legend, Alistair Cooke remembers some more myths surrounding other famous characters. 14:00
22.08.2003 lfa_20030822.mp3 It Seemed like Doomsday at the Time; Alistair Cooke contemplates the importance of electricity in the light of recent power cuts in New York and Baghdad. 14:00
29.08.2003 lfa_20030829.mp3 The Drastic Social Change in a Once Genteel Game; Alistair Cooke examines why how tennis at Wimbledon and across the globe reconciles traditional values with the modern world. 14:00
05.09.2003 lfa_20030905.mp3 A Million Iraqis Will Get the Message; Alistair Cooke contrasts the "crisis" in the tennis world with that in Iraq and bemoans the lack of sports stars who can put their troubles in perspective. 12:00
12.09.2003 lfa_20030912.mp3 In Memory of Henry Longhurst; Alistair Cooke celebrates the life of golfing correspondent and commentator Henry Longhurst. 14:00
19.09.2003 lfa_20030919.mp3 A Category Five Hurricane; Alistair Cooke tells us two stories because in times of great stress - and waiting for hurricane Isabel is stressful - people have told stories. 14:00
26.09.2003 lfa_20030926.mp3 Why it Costs so Much to Rebuild Iraq; Alistair Cooke asks why it is costing so much to rebuild Iraq and seizes the launch of a four-bladed razor to analyse the process of shaving. 14:00
03.10.2003 lfa_20031003.mp3 I am a Jelly Doughnut; Alistair Cooke examines the roles Robert Lochner and Alexander Butterfield have played in American state affairs over the past four decades, including JF Kenndy's speech "Ich bin ein Berliner". 14:00
10.10.2003 lfa_20031010.mp3 The California Election; Alistair Cooke contemplates the result of the Californian Election and Arnold Schwarzenegger's role as governor. 14:00
17.10.2003 lfa_20031017.mp3 Separated by Language; Alistair Cooke was unable to give his talk. In this repeat, from October 1998, Alistair Cooke muses on curious linguistic differences between America and England. 14:00
24.10.2003 lfa_20031024.mp3 The Pledge of Allegiance; Alistair Cooke examines the Pledge of Allegiance and its role in an increasingly secular society. 14:00
31.10.2003 lfa_20031031.mp3 Towering Glass and Steel; Forty years on Alistair Cooke examines the knock on effect of the destruction of the original Pennsylvania Station. 14:00
07.11.2003 lfa_20031107.mp3 Social Lion and Remarkable Architect; Alistair Cooke celebrates the architectural achievements of Stanford White, amongst them Madison Square Gardens. 14:00
14.11.2003 lfa_20031114.mp3 The Appetite for War; In anticipation of George Bush's visit to Europe, Alistair Cooke examines how the announcement of casualty numbers influences the public's appetite for war. 14:00
21.11.2003 lfa_20031121.mp3 Chinese Textile Tariffs; Alistair Cooke compares tariffs set on Chinese imports with similar attempts to protect America's home economy with the Smoot-Hawley Tariff during the great depression. 14:00
28.11.2003 lfa_20031128.mp3 Healthy Eating; Alistair Cooke looks back at the history of Thanksgiving in the light of modern concerns about healthy eating. 14:00
05.12.2003 lfa_20031205.mp3 Why the War Couldn't Wait; Alistair Cooke examines why it is so difficult to establish democracy in Iraq. 13:00
12.12.2003 lfa_20031212.mp3 Looking for an Anniversary; If in doubt, find an anniversary! Alistair Cooke remembers when the centenary of Queen Victoria receiving the Koh-I-Noor diamond helped him out of a tricky situation. 14:00
19.12.2003 lfa_20031219.mp3 Birth of a Christmas Fairy Tale; Alistair Cooke recalls the circumstances that led to the creation of Charles Dickens' most famous story. 13:00
26.12.2003 lfa_20031226.mp3 Pork Barrel Politics; As the United States enters an election year, Alistair Cooke describes how congressmen will be trying to secure re-appointment. 14:00
02.01.2004 lfa_20040102.mp3 The Problem with Sport; With the New Year unfolding, Alistair Cooke wonders what makes people favour athletic prowess over academic skill. 14:00
09.01.2004 lfa_20040109.mp3 Not Worth Talking About; Alistair Cooke refuses to join the throng of commentators writing themselves into exhaustion about the presidential candidates. 14:00
16.01.2004 lfa_20040116.mp3 Temperatures Drop; Alistair Cooke thinks back to a winter in Palm Beach, as Arctic weather hits the northern states. 14:00
23.01.2004 lfa_20040123.mp3 The Day of the GP is Over; Alistair Cooke remembers the days before specialisation when doctors in the USA used to make house calls. 14:00
30.01.2004 lfa_20040130.mp3 Was Saddam a Threat or Not?; Alistair Cooke discusses the resignation of the US chief weapons inspector, Dr David Kay. 14:00
06.02.2004 lfa_20040206.mp3 Encounters with Intelligence; Alistair Cooke looks at the meaning of 'intelligence' and recounts how he was mistaken for a spy during World War II. 14:00
13.02.2004 lfa_20040213.mp3 How WWI turned slimming into a fashion; Alistair Cooke recalls how slimming became fashionable during the food shortages that followed the First World War. 14:00
20.02.2004 lfa_20040220.mp3 Alistair Cooke's Last Letter; In Alistair Cooke's last letter, he considers how the war in Iraq is a key element in the run-up to the US Presidential Election. 14:00
28.11.2007   The Messiah at Christmas; In the wake of 9/11, Alistair Cooke remembers introducing Bernstein to Handel's Messiah and admires the generosity of Tiger Woods. First broadcast 21 December 2001.  
29.11.2007   Groucho Marx and Bing Crosby; Two great talents who died in 1977 - remembering Groucho Marx and Bing Crosby.  
30.11.2007   How ice cream changed America; Reuben Mattus, the inventor of Haagen-Dazs ice-cream, reminds Alistair Cooke of other immigrants who have shaped America.  
03.12.2007   Kennedy's rocking chair; The sale of President Kennedy's rocking chair, JFK's ailments and the discreetness of the press, as discussed by Alistair Cooke.  
04.12.2007   Atlanta and Augusta; A brief history of the city of Atlanta, the increase in internal flights within the United States and the beginnings of the Augusta National Golf Club.  
05.12.2007   Rudolph Valentino; In the aftermath of the death of Princess Diana, remembering Rudolph Valentino, the first superstar creation lost in the dazzle of the spotlight.  
19.11.2008   The atom bomb warning of 1939; How Roosevelt was warned of Germany's nuclear threat by two Hungarian refugees from Long Island in 1939, thanks to a boy who liked fishing.  
23.12.2012   America's problem with gun ownership; The problem of US gun ownership, and why the American constitution doesn't actually guarantee a right to bear arms, as examined by broadcaster and journalist Alistair Cooke in 1993.  

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