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Letter from America by Alistair Cooke


Über 900 Folgen des legendären wöchentlichen 15-Minuten-Programms, zum 90 Jahr-Jubiläum von der BBC öffentlich zugänglich gemacht: linkext. Link. Der Nachlass von Alistair Cooke befindet sich in der Boston University/Howard Gotlieb Archival Research Center linkext. Link

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06.01.1995 lfa_19950106.mp3 Clinton and 'Me too' Democrats; Newt Gingrich becomes speaker of the US House of Representatives. American apathy towards foreign policy and Clinton's shift towards the centre are explored by Alistair Cooke. 14:00
13.01.1995 lfa_19950113.mp3 A Nation of hair stylists; The nature of reviewing the past and predicting the future, and musings on how abstract votes will affect the nomination of Democratic presidential candidate. 15:00
20.01.1995 lfa_19950120.mp3 Montgomery bus boycott; During the week of Martin Luther King's birthday holiday, Cooke remembers his 1956 visit to meet with people from both sides of the Montgomery bus boycott prompted by Rosa Parks. 14:00
27.01.1995 lfa_19950127.mp3 Dependency on red tape; With the jury selection for the OJ Simpson trial taking longer than expected, Alistair Cooke explores American dependency on red tape and the 'death' of common sense. 14:00
03.02.1995 lfa_19950203.mp3 George Abbott remembered; George Abbott (1887-1995), the Broadway producer and director, is remembered, from his humble beginnings as a messenger through to becoming one of America's greatest playwrights. 15:00
10.02.1995 lfa_19950210.mp3 Baseball strike 1994-5; The events leading up to the 1994-95 baseball strike in America and the role that Congress could play in bringing the national pastime back from the brink. 14:00
17.02.1995 lfa_19950217.mp3 William Fulbright (1905-1995); Senator William Fulbright (1905-1995) is remembered by Alistair Cooke, including his work as a tenacious young politian and as an ambassador for American students studying abroad. 14:00
24.02.1995 lfa_19950224.mp3 The secrets of a long life; What is the secret of longevity? Alistair Cooke investigates the factors that have been attributed to elongated lifespans and profiles the world's oldest woman Jeanne Calment. 14:00
03.03.1995 lfa_19950303.mp3 The American deficit; The beginnings of the American deficit and how the gap between the national income and outgoings has been allowed to widen are explored by Alistair Cooke. 14:00
10.03.1995 lfa_19950310.mp3 Ringers; The role of 'ringers' to gain unfair advantage in both sport and business, as the baseball strike continues. 14:00
17.03.1995 lfa_19950317.mp3 Gingrich and Roosevelt; With a Republican majority in both houses of the Senate for the first time in 40 years, Cooke explores the parallels drawn between Newt Gingrich and President Roosevelt. 14:00
24.03.1995 lfa_19950324.mp3 Rudolph Giuilani's New York; School dinners, gangsters, snow ploughs and the other problems faced by the Mayor of New York City, Rudolph Giuliani, are explored by Alistair Cooke. 14:00
31.03.1995 lfa_19950331.mp3 The OJ phenomenon; Why Americans are obsessed with the OJ Simpson trial, the viewing habits of a sequestered jury member, and the real winner of the Oscars, are discussed by Alistair Cooke. 14:00
07.04.1995 lfa_19950407.mp3 The Christian right in politics; The role that the extreme Christian right play in American politics, and whether any religious group has the power to bring a politian down are explored by Alistair Cooke. 15:00
14.04.1995 lfa_19950414.mp3 Remembering FDR; The passing of Franklin D Roosevelt (1882 -1945) and FDR's legacy 50 years after his death, the evolution of the breaking news story, and the only third-term in office. 14:00
21.04.1995 lfa_19950421.mp3 US taxation in 1995; Are taxes one of only two inevitabilities in life? Alistair Cooke explores how have they have been reduced and simplified in modern-day America. 14:00
28.04.1995 lfa_19950428.mp3 Oklahoma City bombing; The impact of home-grown terrorism, and the conflicts that arise when discussing the First Amendment, in the wake of the Oklahoma City bombing on 19th April 1995. 14:00
05.05.1995 lfa_19950505.mp3 VE Day, fifty years on; The American press reports on the end of the war in Europe, and the comparatively minor celebrations in the US, as remembered by Alistair Cooke, fifty years after VE Day. 14:00
12.05.1995 lfa_19950512.mp3 Equality in New York, Clinton in Russia; The development of equality in New York City, and President Clinton's mission to dissuade President Yeltsin from sending nuclear aid to Iran, as discussed by Alistair Cooke. 15:00
19.05.1995 lfa_19950519.mp3 Rockefeller and Britannica; With the Encyclopaedia Britannica and the Rockefeller Centre both experiencing financial difficulties, Alistair Cooke looks at the problems faced by both institutions. 14:00
26.05.1995 lfa_19950526.mp3 The White House; Great American inventions, Jackie Kennedy's overhaul of the official rooms of the White House, and the closure of Pennsylvania Avenue to the public in 1995. 14:00
02.06.1995 lfa_19950602.mp3 Objectives in modern conflict, President Clinton's speech on the relationship between the American armed forces and NATO, and the public perception of the lack of a clear objective in a modern conflict. 14:00
09.06.1995 lfa_19950609.mp3 Bob Dole and the fall of Rome; The work of historian Edward Gibbon, the parallels between modern-day America and the fall of Rome, and Bob Dole's credentials as a presidential candidate. 14:00
16.06.1995 lfa_19950616.mp3 American farmers; The evolution of medicine bottles, the problems affecting American farmers, and why private restaurants are a symbol of change in Cuba. 14:00
23.06.1995 lfa_19950623.mp3 The first UN Conference; How Field Marshall Jan Smutt and Lord Halifax were led astray by wild flowers at the first United Nations Conference in 1945 in San Francisco. 15:00
30.06.1995 lfa_19950630.mp3 St Patrick's parade ban; The ruling allowing a group of Boston war veterans to ban homosexuals and bisexuals from the St Patricks Day parade, and the division it has caused in America. 14:00
07.07.1995 lfa_19950707.mp3 Porgy and Bess; The politics of the Gershwin opera Porgy and Bess, the effectiveness of affirmative action and the current trend of conservatism in America are explored by Alistair Cooke. 14:00
14.07.1995 lfa_19950714.mp3 Clinton and Tiberius; United Nations intervention in Bosnia, the failure of Bill Clinton to act on the crisis, and the inspiration the president may draw from Roman Emperor Tiberius. 14:00
21.07.1995 lfa_19950721.mp3 Smith-Corona typewriters; The Smith-Corona Company application for bankruptcy, the demise of the manual typewriter, and the response of the American public to the conflict in Bosnia. 14:00
28.07.1995 lfa_19950728.mp3 George Romney, Mitt’s father; A discussion on the difficulty of predicting the results of the 1996 election, and a recollection of the mistake that dashed the presidential hopes of Governor George Romney. 13:00
04.08.1995 lfa_19950804.mp3 The American relationship with tobacco; As the American relationship with tobacco changes, should President Franklin D Roosevelt's memorial statue still include his omnipresent cigarette? 14:00
11.08.1995 lfa_19950811.mp3 The atomic bomb; A recollection of the events leading up to the use of the atomic bomb to end the Second World War, and an examination of the thirty year controversy that followed. 15:00
18.08.1995 lfa_19950818.mp3 The American aqueduct scandal; The concept of local identity and blurring of state lines, the delivery of water to 19th century farmers and environmental policy are examined by Alistair Cooke. 14:00
25.08.1995 lfa_19950825.mp3 Political vacations; As President Clinton takes his summer holiday, Alistair Cooke explores the way in which presidential vacations have become less about relaxation and more about public relations. 14:00
01.09.1995 lfa_19950901.mp3 Third parties; Senator Bill Bradley's decision to not run for re-election to the Senate, the 'broken' nature of American politics and the role of a third political party. 14:00
08.09.1995 lfa_19950908.mp3 Labor Day 1995; Labor Day 1995, the continuation of the OJ Simpson murder trial, and President Clinton's promises for campaign for re-election in 1996. 15:00
15.09.1995 lfa_19950915.mp3 Senator Robert Packwood; The events which led to the resignation of Senator Robert Packwood, and what Packwood's diary tells us about the lobbying system are explored by Alistair Cooke. 14:00
22.09.1995 lfa_19950922.mp3 Online America; The dangers of an online America, the importance of considering a sentence before committing it to paper, and the possible return of the Luddites are considered by Alistair Cooke. 14:00
29.09.1995 lfa_19950929.mp3 Colin Powell and Ross Perot; An examination of the increased rate change in America and the possible entrance of Colin Powell and Ross Perot to the Presidential race, as discussed by Alistair Cooke. 14:00
06.10.1995 lfa_19951006.mp3 The OJ Simpson verdict, 1995; How do Americans feel about the OJ Simpson trial following the delivery of the verdict in October 1995? 14:00
13.10.1995 lfa_19951013.mp3 OJ Simpson and race; The race issues surrounding the OJ Simpson trial, the emergence of the black middle class and the future for a divided America, as discussed by Alistair Cooke. 14:00
20.10.1995 lfa_19951020.mp3 New York taxi drivers; How the demographics of New York taxi drivers change and how President Clinton's relationship with business may be key in the race for re-election, explored by Alistair Cooke. 14:00
27.10.1995 lfa_19951027.mp3 Arafat visits New York; The visit of Yasser Arafat to New York City to meet with the United Nations in 1995, the traffic carnage caused in the city and his plea to reconstitute the Security Council. 14:00
03.11.1995 lfa_19951103.mp3 Quebec and French relations; The formation of Quebec, the American and Canadian relationship with France and the possibility of a divided neighbour to the north, are explored by Alistair Cooke. 14:00
10.11.1995 lfa_19951110.mp3 General Colin Powell; General Colin Powell's electoral appeal, the apathy towards Republican candidates and a shift in political reporting are discussed by Alistair Cooke. 14:00
17.11.1995 lfa_19951117.mp3 1995 Shutdown of the federal government; The federal government shutdown on November 14 1995, the events leading up to this national crisis, and an exploration of the history of US debt and the proposed solutions. 14:00
24.11.1995 lfa_19951124.mp3 Bosnia and the Dayton Agreement; A possible end to the conflict in Bosnia, the role of the US in the peace treaty, and why the city of Dayton became the venue for the signing in November 1995. 14:00
01.12.1995 lfa_19951201.mp3 Church and state; The relationship between church and state, the future of a monument to the Ten Commandments and the existence of freedom of speech in the classroom are explored by Alistair Cooke. 14:00
08.12.1995 lfa_19951208.mp3 James Reston (1909-1995); The Pulitzer winning journalist James "Scottie" Reston (1909-1995) and the writer's transition from young sports commentator to respected political columnist. 15:00
15.12.1995 lfa_19951215.mp3 US troops enter Bosnia, 1995; The arrival of the first America soldiers in Bosnia in December 1995, the harsh conditions they face and the position of the constitution on the declaration of war. 14:00
22.12.1995 lfa_19951222.mp3 School prayers; The adaptability of American soldiers, the debate in Congress over the reading of prayers in schools, and what makes a good government are discussed by Alistair Cooke. 15:00
29.12.1995 lfa_19951229.mp3 Christmas 1995; A Christmas spent in Vermont, the joy of experiencing absolute silence and the progress of the federal government shutdown are discussed by Alistair Cooke. 15:00
05.01.1996 lfa_19960105.mp3 Government services and the budget bill; A halt on US Government services and the consequence of the refusal to pass a continuing resolution on the Budget Balancing Bill, as discussed by Alistair Cooke. 14:00
12.01.1996 lfa_19960112.mp3 The snow of 1996, 1947 and 1888; The New York blizzard of 1996, the great snowfall of 1947 and the "paralysing anxiety" during the blizzard of 1888, as chronicled by Alistair Cooke. 14:00
19.01.1996 lfa_19960119.mp3 Hilary Clinton, Eleanor Roosevelt and Abigail Smith; The controversy surrounding Hilary Clinton's involvement in the presidency and the actions of Mrs Roosevelt and Mrs Adams, are the subject of a comparison by Alistair Cooke. 14:00
26.01.1996 lfa_19960126.mp3 Clinton's State Of The Union address; President Clinton's State of the Union Address and the origins and purposes of the grand jury system. 14:00
02.02.1996 lfa_19960202.mp3 The 1996 New Hampshire primary; The importance of the New Hampshire primary election in the race to become president is the subject of a discussion by Alistair Cooke. 14:00
09.02.1996 lfa_19960209.mp3 Great American frauds; Phineas T Barnum, Hershel Geguzin and Ruldolph Walter Wanderone, three notable fraudsters, are all profiled by Alistair Cooke. 14:00
16.02.1996 lfa_19960216.mp3 The US tax system; The varied nature of democratic governments, the legal and political powers of state government and the arcane operation of the US tax system are considered by Alistair Cooke. 14:00
23.02.1996 lfa_19960223.mp3 Pat Buchanan and divisions with the Republican Party; Presidential candidate Pat Buchanan, divisions within the Republican Party and the greatest anxiety of "middle America" are discussed by Alistair Cooke. 14:00
08.03.1996 lfa_19960308.mp3 Churchill's Soviet warning and the Chinese threat; Fifty years after Churchill's speech warning of Soviet ambitions in Europe, Alistair Cooke considers the new threat posed by communist China. 14:00
15.03.1996 lfa_19960315.mp3 Lockerbie and anti-terror laws; The Lockerbie bombing, the unpredictable threat of terrorism and the difficulty of making anti-terror laws compatible with constitutional rights, as discussed by Alistair Cooke. 15:00
22.03.1996 lfa_19960322.mp3 The first Letter from America 1946; On the 50th anniversary of his Letter from America broadcasts Alistair Cooke re-presents the first talk, describing his return from an austere Britain to a bountiful New York. 14:00
29.03.1996 lfa_19960329.mp3 Perot, Buchanan and Dole; Ross Perot and Pat Buchanan's challenge to Bob Dole in the race for the Republican presidential nomination and how a thief in the night may yet undo Bill Clinton. 14:00
05.04.1996 lfa_19960405.mp3 Euthanasia and the terminally ill; Euthanasia, and the right to die for the terminally ill, the case of Karen Ann Quinlan, and Dr Jack Kevorkian, the Michigan doctor who has helped 27 dying people. 14:00
12.04.1996 lfa_19960412.mp3 The Montana Freemen; The rise of Montana's armed insurgents, their historical inheritance and their opposition in the FBI, as chronicled by Alistair Cooke. 14:00
19.04.1996 lfa_19960419.mp3 The South Florida University bomb; The University of South Florida's reaction to a bomb threat leads Alistair Cooke to consider the emergence and nature of America's new anti-terrorism laws. 14:00
26.04.1996 lfa_19960426.mp3 Erma Bombeck; The life and work of columnist Erma Bombeck, "America's only woman humourist", and writer of "At Wit's End", is remembered by Alistair Cooke. 14:00
03.05.1996 lfa_19960503.mp3 Kennedy's rocking chair; The sale of President Kennedy's rocking chair, JFK's ailments and the discreetness of the press, as discussed by Alistair Cooke. 15:00
10.05.1996 lfa_19960510.mp3 Diplomacy and the Star Wars defence program; The diplomacies of Wilson and Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan's Star Wars defence programme, and the American response to international elections, as detailed by Alistair Cooke. 15:00
17.05.1996 lfa_19960517.mp3 The debate over assisted suicide; The preparations for the upcoming presidential elections, and the resurgence of the legal and moral debate over assisted suicide in the US, as considered by Alistair Cooke. 14:00
24.05.1996 lfa_19960524.mp3 Single issue groups; The unique power of single issue groups in American presidential elections and President Clinton's stance on gay marriage are discussed by Alistair Cooke. 14:00
31.05.1996 lfa_19960531.mp3 Memorial Day, 1996; Memorial Day, now indistinguishable from Veteran's Day, leads Cooke to consider on how recognition of military service has changed and, how Bill Clinton joined the US army. 15:00
07.06.1996 lfa_19960607.mp3 Timothy Leary (1920 -1996); The death of Timothy Leary, the impact of LSD in the 1960s, and the need for each generation to rebel against the one before, as chronicled by Alistair Cooke. 14:00
14.06.1996 lfa_19960614.mp3 Bob Dole to run for president; With Bob Dole resigning from the Senate, Alistair Cooke examines the legislator's time as Senate leader and explores the uncertain future of the Republican Party. 14:00
21.06.1996 lfa_19960621.mp3 Max Factor Jr and make-up (1904 - 1996); The death of Max Factor Jnr. and the origin of the word "make-up" are the subjects considered by Alistair Cooke. 14:00
05.07.1996 lfa_19960705.mp3 1996 Russian presidential elections; Boris Yeltsin's victory in the Russian presidential elections, the relative novelty of universal suffrage in the West and the need for democracy, as discussed by Alistair Cooke 14:00
12.07.1996 lfa_19960712.mp3 Melvin Belli (1907-1996); A reflection on the life and legal crusade of the flamboyant US celebrity lawyer Melvin Belli, self-proclaimed defender of the 'little helpless guy'. 15:00
19.07.1996 lfa_19960719.mp3 The Helms-Burton Bill; The Helms-Burton bill, which penalises foreign companies doing business with Cuba, Senator Jessie Helms and tobacco , and the importance of Southern states to President Clinton. 14:00
26.07.1996 lfa_19960726.mp3 The TWA Flight 800 crash; The TWA Flight 800 crash and the media coverage of the accident, the casino life of the financial markets and Bob Dole's reluctance to embrace the 1990s. 14:00
02.08.1996 lfa_19960802.mp3 The welfare and healthcare reform debate; The presidential race, US welfare and healthcare reform and the prurience and pressure surrounding the TWA flight 800 crash investigation. 14:00
09.08.1996 lfa_19960809.mp3 Atlanta Olympics 1996; The commercialisation and crass television coverage of the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, and the effect that an influx of money has on sport. 15:00
16.08.1996 lfa_19960816.mp3 The 1996 Republican convention; The history of the party nomination conventions, the switch to the primary election as the method of choosing a presidential candidate, and Bill Clinton's lead in the polls. 14:00
23.08.1996 lfa_19960823.mp3 The return of Ross Perot and US social concerns; The return of Ross Perot as a presidential candidate, the prohibition of third-trimester abortions, the proliferation of guns and the education of children about global warming. 14:00
30.08.1996 lfa_19960830.mp3 Chicago and the Democratic convention; The Democratic Party convention returning to Chicago, the history of the city and the 'circus within a plague' of the last, disastrous conference of 1968. 14:00
06.09.1996 lfa_19960906.mp3 Cruise missle strike in Iraq; The US cruise missile strike in Iraq, the claims that the first Gulf War was left unfinished and the complexities of the first conflict, as discussed by Alistair Cooke. 14:00
13.09.1996 lfa_19960913.mp3 The Defense Of Marriage Act 1996; The Defense of Marriage Act and the implications it has to same sex marriage, and news from Bob Dole's floundering presidential campaign. 14:00
20.09.1996 lfa_19960920.mp3 OJ Simpson's civil trial; As O J Simpson's civil trial begins Alistair Cooke considers what can be gained from a civil suit and examines the differences in the way the new trial is being run. 15:00
27.09.1996 lfa_19960927.mp3 Boris Yeltin's heart surgery; Boris Yeltsin's heart-bypass surgery and the cultures of secrecy that have surrounded the heath and governance of gravely ill leaders. 15:00
04.10.1996 lfa_19961004.mp3 The 1996 presidential debates; The first presidential debate between President Clinton and Mr Dole, and the unique election advantage gifted to incumbent presidents, the presidential halo. 14:00
11.10.1996 lfa_19961011.mp3 Vice-presidential responsibilites; Vice-presidential responsibilities, the careers of Bob Dole, Dan Quayle and Jack Kemp, and the false predictions of Lord Kelvin, Albert Einstein and Arthur C Clarke. 15:00
18.10.1996 lfa_19961018.mp3 The science of electoral predictions; The science of electoral prediction and the possible pitfalls of keeping one ear to the ground following the Dole and Clinton debates. 14:00
25.10.1996 lfa_19961025.mp3 Forest fires, tornadoes and earthquakes; A season of disaster, forest fires, tornadoes, earthquakes and leads to a recollection of a vast storm in 1938 which descended on the Northern Atlantic coast. 14:00
01.11.1996 lfa_19961101.mp3 Halloween, 1996; The history Halloween, the origin of the vampire myth and the roaring business performed by pumpkin farmers during the month of October. 14:00
08.11.1996 lfa_19961108.mp3 The 1996 presidential election; The results of the presidential elections and how technology is turning busy television studios into silent cathedrals, as discussed by Alistair Cooke. 15:00
15.11.1996 lfa_19961115.mp3 US intervention in Rwanda; US intervention in the Rwandan refugee crisis and the history of President Clinton's press conferences. 14:00
22.11.1996 lfa_19961122.mp3 Sexual harassment in the armed forces; After public revelations of cases of sexual violence in the US Army and Navy Alistair Cooke examines the scandal of the sexual harassment of women in America's armed forces 14:00
29.11.1996 lfa_19961129.mp3 Thanksgiving in California; From California, Alistair Cooke examines the un-politicised institution of Thanksgiving and the changing face of US politics. 14:00
06.12.1996 lfa_19961206.mp3 Permissive California; Cults of California, tolerance in San Francisco, and the permissive parenting backlash are discussed by Alistair Cooke in this week's Letter From America. 14:00
13.12.1996 lfa_19961213.mp3 Gulf War Syndrome; Madeleine Albright becomes the first Secretary of State in America, and investigations reveal a possible chemical cause of Gulf War Syndrome. 14:00
20.12.1996 lfa_19961220.mp3 UN Leader Mr Boutros Boutros-Ghali; A tribute to Mr Boutros Boutros-Ghali, former leader of the UN General Assembly, whose peacekeeping skills were put to the test during the Rwandan Genocide. 14:00
27.12.1996 lfa_19961227.mp3 A history of Father Christmas; Santa Claus or Father Christmas? The origin of the Patron saint of Christmas is explored. Plus, the surprising popularity of a Tickle Me Elmo toy has caused prices to skyrocket. 14:00
03.01.1997 lfa_19970103.mp3 The Boston Massacre; How an engraving by Paul Revere exaggerated the 1770 riot at Boston's Customs House into the Boston Massacre. Plus, the unsolved mystery of why flight TWA 800 crashed in 1996. 15:00
10.01.1997 lfa_19970110.mp3 The Speaker of the House; The various roles of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, and the future of Newt Gingrich following his guilty plea to the charge of misinforming the subcommittee in 1997. 14:00
17.01.1997 lfa_19970117.mp3 Presidential Inauguration; Presidential inaugurations - from George Washington's 1789 pomp and parade, to Andrew Jackson's drunken brawl, to finally Bill Clinton's home-grown vegetable dinner. 14:00
24.01.1997 lfa_19970124.mp3 A history of Washington DC; The history of Washington D.C as the capital city of the United States, and the effect of the reign of Mayor Rudolph Giuliani on the crime rate in New York City in 1997. 15:00
31.01.1997 lfa_19970131.mp3 Pope John Paul II (1920 – 2005); The instillation of Pope John Paul II in 1978 caused a flutter amongst the Polish immigrants in Long Island who worship at Our Lady of Ostrobrama. 14:00
07.02.1997 lfa_19970207.mp3 OJ Simpson guilty; Why the jury found OJ Simpson guilty on his second trial. The black-and-white pattern which lies behind the second trial verdict, described as a 'reasonable response to the facts'. 14:00
14.02.1997 lfa_19970214.mp3 OJ Simpson's damages; Is the $33.5m damages a fair sum for guilty OJ Simpson to pay, or simply the price of revenge masquerading as justice? 15:00
21.02.1997 lfa_19970221.mp3 American Airlines pilots' strike; President Clinton forgets about upsetting organised labour and chooses instead to keep American business flying by forcing a stop to the airline pilots strike. 15:00
28.02.1997 lfa_19970228.mp3 Astronaut John Glenn; John Glenn, the first American astronaut to orbit Earth, retires after a lifetime in the public eye. 15:00
07.03.1997 lfa_19970307.mp3 Protecting the freedom of speech; The House of Representatives vote in favour of the Ten Commandments. The legal contest between the American Civil Liberties Union's and Judge Moore over the freedom of speech. 15:00
14.03.1997 lfa_19970314.mp3 Clinton's campaign money scandal ; President Clinton and Vice President Al Gore have been caught soliciting money from inside the White House for use in the presidential campaign. How will the scandal unfold? 15:00
21.03.1997 lfa_19970321.mp3 Internet pornography; How does the US restrict children accessing pornography on the internet – without tripping over the Constitution? Does the 1st amendment cover the internet? 14:00
28.03.1997 lfa_19970328.mp3 Alan Greenspan; A profile of Alan Greenspan, economist and former Chairman of the Federal Reserve. The most powerful man in the world who no one is ever likely to recognise in public. 14:00
04.04.1997 lfa_19970404.mp3 Al Gore's Chinese aeroplane deal; Vice President Al Gore oversees the Boeing 777 jetliners deal with China. Plus, should presidential candidates get free television publicity? 15:00
11.04.1997 lfa_19970411.mp3 The Augusta National Golf Club; How the Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia became the home of golf in America. Alistair Cooke explores the history of his beloved golf course. 15:00
18.04.1997 lfa_19970418.mp3 Jackie Robinson (1919 – 1972); A tribute to Jackie Robinson (1919 – 1972) the first black Major League baseball player who ended racial segregation when he debuted with the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947. 15:00
25.04.1997 lfa_19970425.mp3 Nicotine addiction; How television has become a valuable historical archive, and how film can be replayed to haunt those taped, not least the tobacco industry bosses who lied about nicotine addiction. 15:00
02.05.1997 lfa_19970502.mp3 Tiger Woods' ethnicity; Tiger Woods, the golfing wonder whose ethnicity proves hard to pigeonhole – and, as fellow golf champion Fuzzy Zoeller discovers, can't be joked about. 15:00
09.05.1997 lfa_19970509.mp3 Franklin D Roosevelt monument; The unveiling of a Franklin D Roosevelt monument in Washington DC reminds Alistair Cooke of the problems that arise when erecting statues of notable figures. 15:00
16.05.1997 lfa_19970516.mp3 Sir Lionel Sackville-West (1827 - 1908); The 1997 UK general election, viewed from across the Atlantic, and the story of Sir Lionel Sackville-West, the man whose fatuity lost the Democrats the 1888 presidency. 15:00
23.05.1997 lfa_19970523.mp3 Spending the nation's money; Alistair Cooke reflects on the differences between the American and British methods of presenting and debating a budget. 15:00
30.05.1997 lfa_19970530.mp3 The Kelly Flinn case; The cases of Kelly Flinn and Paula Jones, two women at the heart of sex scandals that could change US military law, or even the Constitution. 15:00
06.06.1997 lfa_19970606.mp3 William Clayton (1880-1966); A look at the life and work of William Clayton, the official who assessed the state of post-war Europe, and returned to the US to play a major role in drafting the Marshall Plan. 14:00
13.06.1997 lfa_19970613.mp3 Health scares; The healthy nature of the economy during the Clinton presidency, the need for a scare story in the news media, and the threat of salmonella, cholesterol and alcoholism. 14:00
20.06.1997 lfa_19970620.mp3 Watergate - 25 years on; A look back at the break-in at the Watergate office complex in 1972, the details of the FBI investigation in to the incident and the eventual resignation of Richard Nixon in 1974. 15:00
27.06.1997 lfa_19970627.mp3 Roswell UFO incident; The reported sightings of a UFO in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947, a review of the military explanations after the incident, and the refusal of some to believe the official accounts. 15:00
04.07.1997 lfa_19970704.mp3 The sovereignty of Hong Kong.; The US take on the handover of Hong Kong to the Chinese in July 1997, the ceremony accompanying the transfer of power, and the Chinese hopes for a peaceful return of Taiwan. 14:00
11.07.1997 lfa_19970711.mp3 The Clinton re-election campaign; Senator Fred Thompson, the mystery of the millions illegally contributed to Clinton's re-election campaign, and the loss of sporting good manners. 14:00
18.07.1997 lfa_19970718.mp3 James Stewart; A recollection of the life and work of American actor James Stewart (1908-1997). 14:00
25.07.1997 lfa_19970725.mp3 The end of civilisation; The closure of the remaining Woolworth department stores in the US signals the loss of a retail institution for the older generation. 15:00
01.08.1997 lfa_19970801.mp3 Clinton: Prosperity and popularity; How the public perception of Bill Clinton as a prosperous president is keeping him at the top of the popularity polls. 14:00
08.08.1997 lfa_19970808.mp3 Integration in San Francisco schools; A discussion on the success of Asian immigrants, and a grand jury condemns the failure of integration in San Francisco schools. 15:00
15.08.1997 lfa_19970815.mp3 Bottled water; The curious rise in the demand for bottled water, and the speculation all down to status symbol mania taking over plain common sense. 14:00
22.08.1997 lfa_19970822.mp3 The 1997 United Parcel Service strike; The United Parcel Service (UPS) employees strike reminds Alistair Cooke of previous union demonstrations of power, including the disastrous 1981 Air Traffic Controllers strike. 14:00
05.09.1997 lfa_19970905.mp3 Princess Diana of Wales (1961-1997); The impact of the death of Princess Diana of Wales in the US, and the moral regulation required for freedom of speech and a free press. 15:00
12.09.1997 lfa_19970912.mp3 Megan's Law; Megan's Law, the Miranda law and others named after people, and Elisha Dov Hack's protest about moral standards in Yale university dormitories. 14:00
19.09.1997 lfa_19970919.mp3 Rudolph Valentino; In the aftermath of the death of Princess Diana, remembering Rudolph Valentino, the first superstar creation lost in the dazzle of the spotlight. 15:00
26.09.1997 lfa_19970926.mp3 American stereotypes on film; An examination of the stereotypes of American life as portrayed in Hollywood movies, and seen by a global audience. 14:00
03.10.1997 lfa_19971003.mp3 Dr George Gallup (1901 - 1984); So you think you know how most people feel? Meet Dr George Gallup, the man who transformed our views on what really constitutes public opinion. 14:00
10.10.1997 lfa_19971010.mp3 Clinton's veto; How President Clinton's veto will stop local politicians stuffing themselves with pork barrel amendments; and how it's now OK to eat up all of your egg. 15:00
17.10.1997 lfa_19971017.mp3 El Niño; What exactly is El Niño, and why is this phenomenon named the 'Christ Child' causing trouble for more than just the Queen's visit to California? 15:00
24.10.1997 lfa_19971024.mp3 The Kennedy Missile Tapes of 1962; The taping discussions in the White House, what the Kennedy tapes reveal about the discovery of missile bases in Cuba, and how the president reacted to the crisis of 1962. 15:00
31.10.1997 lfa_19971031.mp3 The Wall Street crash; Highs and lows of the stock market – and a reminder the events leading up to the 1929 Wall Street crash 15:00
07.11.1997 lfa_19971107.mp3 President Jiang in America; Chinese President Jiang's 1997 visit to America to meet President Clinton, the dangers of a strong Chinese economy, and Saddam Hussein's threat to shoot down planes over Iraq. 14:00
14.11.1997 lfa_19971114.mp3 Judge Zobel and the Louise Woodward verdict; The verdict in the Louise Woodward trial, the ability of Judge Zobel to reduce the severity of the conviction, and the difference between state and federal law in the US. 14:00
21.11.1997 lfa_19971121.mp3 Sir Isaiah Berlin; The continuing search for Saddam's deadly toxic secrets and the loss of a friend, the brilliant, witty and wise Sir Isaiah Berlin 15:00
28.11.1997 lfa_19971128.mp3 US national Holidays; National holidays in America, dangerous cholesterol levels at Thanksgiving, and how Alistair Cooke convinced the state of Idaho to celebrate the birthday of George Washington. 15:00
05.12.1997 lfa_19971205.mp3 American tourists; Tony Blair's vision of a nodern Britain, alistair Cooke's suggestions for a tour of the US, and Roosevelt's post-war plea for Americans to holiday in the Caribbean. 15:00
12.12.1997 lfa_19971212.mp3 Financial crisis in Asia; How the whole world catches a cold from one financial sneeze in Asia – the danger of epidemics in a global economy 15:00
26.12.1997 lfa_19971226.mp3 A New York Christmas story; The story of Zebby Adams, the real Santa Claus, and how his joyride got him into trouble – and his Christmas spirit got him out of it 15:00
02.01.1998 lfa_19980102.mp3 Helping the homeless; Increased awareness of homelessness and poverty and the failure of ideologies to address the variety of the homeless population are considered by Alistair Cooke. 15:00
09.01.1998 lfa_19980109.mp3 Failing to predict the future; Considering failures by expert meteorologists, economists and Kremlinologists to predict the future, why do mere newspaper columnists ever attempt it? 15:00
16.01.1998 lfa_19980116.mp3 New York society; Class mobility and social change in New York are illustrated by Alistair Cooke with the stories of the Astors, the Metropolitan Opera House, JP Morgan and Mrs Stuyvesant Fish. 15:00
23.01.1998 lfa_19980123.mp3 Cuba after the fall of the USSR; Considering Cuba's remarkable economic survival after the loss of Soviet support, the history of US-Cuban relations, and a visit to the island by Pope John Paul II. 15:00
30.01.1998 lfa_19980130.mp3 The Monica Lewinsky scandal emerges; Tapes emerge alledging that Monica Lewinsky was asked to lie on oath about an affair with the President and Clinton delivers a dazzling state of the Union address. 14:00
06.02.1998 lfa_19980206.mp3 Clinton's contadictory polls; The contradiction of Clinton's high approval rating and belief that he's lying, shifting taboos on reporting private life and the culture of social arbitration through law courts. 14:00
13.02.1998 lfa_19980213.mp3 The problems of military action in Iraq; The UN refuses to take united action against Saddam Hussein and Alistair Cooke considers America's movement towards and the potential problems of military action in Iraq. 15:00
20.02.1998 lfa_19980220.mp3 Investigating President Clinton; The investigative process which has led to the Clinton - Lewinsky allegations, the role of special prosecutor Starr, the grand jury and examining President Clinton's response. 14:00
27.02.1998 lfa_19980227.mp3 Jerome Murray, inventor (1912-1998); Jerome Murray inventor of myriad conveniences, from the high speed dentist's drill to covered aeroplane boarding ramps, and the UN weapons inspection agreement with Saddam Hussein. 14:00
06.03.1998 lfa_19980306.mp3 Bill Gates and the Senate Judiciary Committee; Bill Gates comes before the Senate Judiciary Committee accused of creating an internet browser monopoly and Alistair Cooke considers previous appearances from Rockefeller to Nixon. 14:00
13.03.1998 lfa_19980313.mp3 US power and responsibility abroad; Kosovo, Iraq, Haiti and Nicaragua: US rhetoric and responsibility for life and liberty abroad is compared to past problems of power and responsibility for the British Empire. 14:00
20.03.1998 lfa_19980320.mp3 St Patrick's Day controversies; The controversies behind New York's St Patrick's Day Parade, US misconceptions about the status of Northern Ireland and American Irish historical memory of the famine of 1845/6. 15:00
27.03.1998 lfa_19980327.mp3 Constitutional rights; The complexities and historical shifts of the interpretation of constitutional rights, freedom of speech and how to fly the American flag. 14:00
03.04.1998 lfa_19980403.mp3 Clinton sexual assault case thrown out; Judge Wright throws out Paula Jones' civil prosecution of President Clinton for an alleged sexual assault in 1991. How will it affect the investigation of the Whitewater land deal? 14:00
10.04.1998 lfa_19980410.mp3 Consequences of the Disability Act; The consequences Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, the influence of the civil courts on pro-golf and a 9 year old girl's debunking of Therapeutic Touch. 14:00
17.04.1998 lfa_19980417.mp3 US financial regulation; The uncertain future of the investment bubble, US financial regulation, the lack of open reporting of financial figures in Asian countries and the effects of El Niño on weather. 15:00
24.04.1998 lfa_19980424.mp3 US anti-smoking legislation; A history of US anti-smoking legislation, teenage smoking, the attempts of pro-tobacco lobbyists to cut a favourable deal and a draft bill which could cost them $516 billion. 14:00
01.05.1998 lfa_19980501.mp3 California's progressive social legislation; The homogenisation of US life and media, California's lead in social legislation and two new Californian propositions on English for immigrants and labour union spending. 14:00
08.05.1998 lfa_19980508.mp3 Medicine, inventions and the quick-fix; The desire for a 'quick-fix', the false dawns of the daily medical miracle, the instant imitation of new inventions and excitement over a 'so-called' impotence pill. 14:00
15.05.1998 lfa_19980515.mp3 India's first nuclear tests; India's 1998 nuclear tests take the US government by surprise and Alistair Cooke considers the vast changes in the daily burdens of the presidency since the 1920s. 15:00
22.05.1998 lfa_19980522.mp3 The Microsoft monopoly actions; Bill Gates' Microsoft faces a barrage of legal actions claiming that the Explorer web browser is a monopoly and Alistair Cooke considers the history of US anti-monopoly law. 14:00
29.05.1998 lfa_19980529.mp3 Immigrants to America and assimilation; What happens if immigrants to America don't want to become Americans? Alistair Cooke considers assimilation, patriotism, Memorial Day and proposition 227. 15:00
05.06.1998 lfa_19980605.mp3 Barry Goldwater (1909-1998); Remembering Barry Goldwater, Alistair Cooke considers a most memorable defeated presidential candidate - the cowboy from Phoenix, Arizona who changed the Republican Party forever. 14:00
12.06.1998 lfa_19980612.mp3 El Niño making Congress restless; Considering religious freedom, anti-Catholic feeling, same-sex marriage, El Niño and renaming schools named after slave owners as Congress tidies around the edges of major issues. 14:00
19.06.1998 lfa_19980619.mp3 Japan's economy, Louise Woodward and homosexuality; US intervention in Japan's economy, Louise Woodward returns to the UK after her life sentence is reduced and Republican Trent Lott calls homosexuality a sin on national TV. 14:00
26.06.1998 lfa_19980626.mp3 Clinton in China, June 1998; President Clinton visits China and Alistair Cooke considers US - China relations, their economic balance, disagreement over Taiwan and the changes since Nixon's visit in 1972. 15:00
03.07.1998 lfa_19980703.mp3 Bad behaviour in tennis and chivalry in golf; The rise and fall of tennis brats from the riot of McEnroe v Nastase, NYC 1979 to McEnroe's forfiet at the 1990 Australian Open and golf as the last refuge of chivalry in sport. 14:00
10.07.1998 lfa_19980710.mp3 Roy Rogers and cinema cowboys; On the death of Roy Rogers (1911 -1998), the singing cowboy, Cooke considers the great film cowboys, Bruce Wayne, William S. Hart, Gary Cooper and the stuntman Yakima Canutt. 15:00
17.07.1998 lfa_19980717.mp3 Texas heatwave and investigating Clinton; The emergency caused by the 1998 Texas heatwave and should Clinton's Secret Service men be asked to testify in the Starr investigation into an alleged affair with Monica Lewinsky? 14:00
24.07.1998 lfa_19980724.mp3 Clinton's high aproval rating and Monica Lewinsky; Examining allegations that President Clinton persuaded Monica Lewinsky to give false testimony, Clinton's high approval rating and has Alan Greenspan noticed the heat wave? 13:00
31.07.1998 lfa_19980731.mp3 The evolution of the grand jury; President Clinton is subpoenaed to appear before Mr Starr's grand jury, the English origins of the US grand jury system and the flaws that led to it being abandoned in Britain. 15:00
07.08.1998 lfa_19980807.mp3 Proposition 227, immigration and English; Proposition 227, to teach immigrant's children purely in English, passes in California and Alistair Cooke considers the infamous English of Polish Hollywood producer Sam Goldwyn. 14:00
14.08.1998 lfa_19980814.mp3 The threat of Y2K; Senator Robert Bennett prepares the US to face millennial computer failure and Alistair Cooke considers the origin and potentially disastrous consequences of the Y2K glitch. 14:00
21.08.1998 lfa_19980821.mp3 The President will address the nation; President Clinton makes a televised confession of his affair with Monica Lewinsky: Alistair Cooke considers its inadequacy and the betrayal of those who trusted and supported him. 14:00
28.08.1998 lfa_19980828.mp3 US cruise missile strikes; A subdued Clinton family holiday turns to political action as America launches cruise missile attacks on Sudan and Afghanistan and Clinton makes a revitalised public appearance. 14:00
04.09.1998 lfa_19980904.mp3 Son of Black Monday; The financial crash of August 1998, its causes and effects are compared with Alistair Cooke's memories of the first Black Monday in 1987 and the Black Thursday of 1929. 14:00
11.09.1998 lfa_19980911.mp3 Impeachment for Clinton?; The Lewinsky report is published, the House of Representatives begins to consider evidence and impeachment and President Clinton asks for forgiveness. 15:00
18.09.1998 lfa_19980918.mp3 George Wallace; The life of George Wallace, reformed racial segregationist and Governor of Alabama is remembered and Alistair Cooke considers his anger and the humble truth of his repentance. 14:00
25.09.1998 lfa_19980925.mp3 George Gershwin (1898-1937); Composer George Gershwin's life and music is remembered for the centenary of his birth and a consideration of the history and post-Soviet boom in Russian immigration to New York. 15:00
02.10.1998 lfa_19981002.mp3 The President's economic problems; The Asian economic crisis expands into Brazil and Alistair Cooke considers that though there's little a President can do about economic problems, they will always get the blame. 14:00
09.10.1998 lfa_19981009.mp3 Presidential infidelities impeachment ; Misconceptions over the frequency of Presidential infidelities, recalling a time when the press never discussed a statesman's private life, and the impeachment process explained. 14:00
16.10.1998 lfa_19981016.mp3 Separated by Language; Remembering New York writer Jerome Weidman, Pulitzer prize winner and America's first 'street-smart novelist', Alistair Cooke considers the peculiarities of American English. 14:00
23.10.1998 lfa_19981023.mp3 John Glenn returns to Space; As John Glenn, the first American to orbit the Earth prepares to return to space at the age of 77, Cooke remembers the extraordinary TV broadcast and Glenn's instant fame. 14:00
30.10.1998 lfa_19981030.mp3 Congressional midterms 1998; The Republican use of the Lewinsky scandal against Clinton during Congressional elections seems to backfire. Considering the parallel of Grover Cleveland's illegitimate child. 15:00
06.11.1998 lfa_19981106.mp3 Democrat victory 1998 midterms; Clinton's Democrats gain seats in the 1998 midterm election, a first for a US ruling party since Roosevelt and 1934, California goes Democrat and Clinton regains his confidence. 14:00
13.11.1998 lfa_19981113.mp3 Hurricane Mitch devastates Honduras and Nicaragua; The aid effort begins after hurricane Mitch wreaks devastation in Honduras and Nicaragua and Alistair Cooke considers how relatively trivial news can distract from great disasters. 13:00
20.11.1998 lfa_19981120.mp3 Some memorable letters from America; Aaron Burgett's Alcatraz escape, a stolen premature baby and the decline of the summer bachelor; Alistair Cooke recalls his most popular and memorable talks of the last 52 years. 15:00
27.11.1998 lfa_19981127.mp3 Saddam's nuclear arsenal; How can America deal with Saddam Hussein's suspected nuclear and biological weapons in Iraq and does a resurgence in US financial markets conceal an unstable future? 15:00
04.12.1998 lfa_19981204.mp3 Thanksgiving 1998; From New York to Sarajevo, Alistair Cooke considers the history and traditions of Thanksgiving celebrations, recent opposition and Churchill's first meeting with a turkey dinner. 14:00
11.12.1998 lfa_19981211.mp3 Clinton impeachment hearing; The House Judiciary Committee meets to decide on adoption of impeachment proceedings against Clinton Alistair Cooke considers this tortuous process and its likely outcome. 15:00
18.12.1998 lfa_19981218.mp3 Operation Desert Fox begins; The Operation Desert Fox bombing campaign begins in Iraq after the UN is refused access to weapons sites and Congress ponders whether Clinton should face an impeachment trial. 14:00
25.12.1998 lfa_19981225.mp3 Decline in US personal savings; American personal saving rates drop below zero and Alistair Cooke considers the economists who see this as good news, those who see it as bad and a culture that encourages credit. 15:00
01.01.1999 lfa_19990101.mp3 America, 1998; Alistair Cooke reflects on some of the more memorable moments of 1998. 14:00
08.01.1999 lfa_19990108.mp3 Illuminating Events with Unpredictable Results; In the light of the impeachment trial of President Clinton, Alistair Cooke remembers the only other presidential impeachment that occurred 130 years ago. 15:00
15.01.1999 lfa_19990115.mp3 The US Senate trial of Bill Clinton, 1999; Alistair Cooke reports on the US Senate trial of President Bill Clinton, and reflects on some of the most interesting trials that he covered as a reporter. 14:00
22.01.1999 lfa_19990122.mp3 Striving for a More Perfect Union; Alistair Cooke reflects on Clinton's State of the Union address and asks why the only national holiday named after a human being is Rev. Martin Luther King Day. 15:00
29.01.1999 lfa_19990129.mp3 The Moral Pillar and the Moral Contortionist; Alistair Cooke reflects on the ethical dilemmas that arise when the Pope visits the United States of America. 14:00
05.02.1999 lfa_19990205.mp3 Dot Dot Dash Dash, Over and Out; To commemorate the last wireless telegraph, Alistair Cooke reflects on the creation of Morse code and its most famous uses. 15:00
12.02.1999 lfa_19990212.mp3 It ain't Over, Till it's Over; Alistair Cooke celebrates Americans who've coined famous lines and concludes that "it aint over, till it's over" for President Bill Clinton's impeachment trial. 15:00
19.02.1999 lfa_19990219.mp3 Our Long Holiday from History is Over; Alistair Cooke reflects on the political fallout of President Clinton’s impeachment trial and a pilots' strike. 15:00
26.02.1999 lfa_19990222.mp3 The Pursuit of Self-Determination; Alistair Cooke reflects on the influence of President Woodrow Wilson on redrawing the map of Europe after the First World War. 14:00
05.03.1999 lfa_19990305.mp3 Played for a Sucker; In the light of revelations about the CIA in Iraq, Alistair Cooke ponders the age old question; who watches the watchmen? 14:00
12.03.1999 lfa_19990312.mp3 A Natural Gentleman; In a tribute to the placid, talented, baseball player Joe DiMaggio, Alistair Cooke reflects on the character of a gentleman. 14:00
19.03.1999 lfa_19990319.mp3 Wholesale Flouting of the Law; Alistair Cooke considers how US Presidents keep flouting the War Powers Resolution, San Francisco's immigrant population and the use of bulk carriers in shipping. 15:00
26.03.1999 lfa_19990326.mp3 Doves, Hawks, Owls and the People; Alistair Cooke considers the squawked warnings from two sides of the economic market plunge and the power held by Mr Alan Greenspan, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board. 14:00
02.04.1999 lfa_19990402.mp3 In the Hot Seat; In the light of NATO Airstrike against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Alistair Cooke reflects on the tactics of war from World War Two, to Vietnam, to the Gulf War. 15:00
09.04.1999 lfa_19990409.mp3 The Art and Curse of Television; Alistair Cooke considers the power television has in reflecting the real images of war and peace since the abolition of front-line censorship. 15:00
16.04.1999 lfa_19990416.mp3 Whatever It Takes; Alistair Cooke considers why the only senator running for office who will acknowledge the NATO war is Senator John McCain. 15:00
23.04.1999 lfa_19990423.mp3 What's Your Exit Strategy?; On the 50th anniversary of NATO, Alistair Cooke considers the power it wealds, President Clinton's tactics and the use of exit strategies. 14:00
30.04.1999 lfa_19990430.mp3 No Schadenfreude on Nato's Birthday; Alistair Cooke recalls his memories of 1949 when NATO was first created and considers the roles of the founding fathers. 14:00
07.05.1999 lfa_19990507.mp3 Columbine High School shootings, 1999; The shootings by schoolboys in Columbine High School, Colorado and the long running fight between gun controllers and the National Rifle Association. 15:00
14.05.1999 lfa_19990514.mp3 Two Attitudes about China; After the bombing of a Chinese Embassy in Afghanistan, Alistair Cooke reflects on the subsequent souring of the American-Chinese relations. 14:00
21.05.1999 lfa_19990521.mp3 A Course in Manners; Alistair Cooke reflects on Germaine Greer and the feminist movement, and the new US course to teach taxi drivers and other civil servants good manners. 14:00
28.05.1999 lfa_19990528.mp3 Witticisms and Crazy One-Liners; Alistair Cooke tries to forget the worrying events like the Balkan wars in the news by remembering some witticism and anecdotes. 15:00
04.06.1999 lfa_19990604.mp3 Laws Doomed from the Start; Alistair Cooke explores how one man’s use of an electric golf buggy altered the meaning of a US disability law and remembers the UK’s struggle with daylight saving. 15:00
11.06.1999 lfa_19990611.mp3 Testing Times in the Advancement of Science; With the US in uproar about genetically modified crops, Alistair Cooke remembers other scientific discoveries which caused controversy in their creation. 14:00
18.06.1999 lfa_19990618.mp3 Freedom in America; Alistair Cooke ponders on spontaneous protests and reveals what led up to Rosa Parks changing American history. 15:00
25.06.1999 lfa_19990625.mp3 Playing for Time; Alistair Cooke reflects on why it takes so long for the judges in the Supreme Court to reach a verdict. 14:00
02.07.1999 lfa_19990702.mp3 The First Golden Paratrooper; Alistair Cooke reflects on the golden parachute of retirement and Gloria Minoprio's first stand for women's liberty in the golf world. 15:00
09.07.1999 lfa_19990709.mp3 Air Conditioning and Changes in Society; Alistair Cooke concedes to his hot weather house arrest by reflecting on the creation of air conditioning. 14:00
16.07.1999 lfa_19990716.mp3 The Brewing of Racial Storms; Alistair Cooke reflects on the long held belief of sports journalist Henry Longhurst that many forms of sporting contests do more harm to international relations than good. 15:00
23.07.1999 lfa_19990723.mp3 Tyrants and Curses Live On; Alistair Cooke reflects on the hysterical press coverage of John F. Kennedy Junior's plane crash, and is heartened by a NATO led environmental survey in Yugoslavia. 14:00
30.07.1999 lfa_19990730.mp3 Loneliness, Male Companionship and the Hunt; Alistair Cooke discusses his admiration for Ernest Hemingway and provides his own comical parody of his writing style. 14:00
06.08.1999 lfa_19990806.mp3 Going to Pot or to Pluto; Alistair Cooke reflects on preaching to the youth of today and is staggered by two little words – "British Citizen". 13:00
13.08.1999 lfa_19990813.mp3 No Word from Mount Olympus; Whilst Congress tries to pass a huge tax cut before the summer recess, Alistair Cooke wonders how they could possibly predict the state of the economy in 2010. 15:00
20.08.1999 lfa_19990820.mp3 Close, but No Cigar; Alistair Cooke discusses the medical and social aspects of cigar smoking which is becoming fashionable again in the USA. 15:00
27.08.1999 lfa_19990827.mp3 Grave Concerns; Alistair Cooke reviews speculation on why the Russians and Chinese have chosen to hold "a friendly summit" and reflects on the non-confession of Governor Bush over cocaine use. 14:00
03.09.1999 lfa_19990903.mp3 Re-Writing History; Alistair Cooke critiques a thesis which believes America’s new National Policy is following in the footsteps of the British policies that foreshadowed World War Two. 15:00
10.09.1999 lfa_19990910.mp3 No Exempt Categories; Alistair Cooke reflects on his visit to a New York hospital, being exempt from jury service and Mayor Rudy Guiliani's recent stint as a juror. 15:00
17.09.1999 lfa_19990917.mp3 Barkers at Pleasure Beach Side Shows; Alistair Cooke examines the over-sensationalism within the British Press towards a parasitic virus affecting New York and examines the damage of hurricane Floyd. 15:00
24.09.1999 lfa_19990924.mp3 The Ordeal of Hurricane Floyd; Alistair Cooke reflects on the affects of Hurricane Floyd - the massive untold story of the rain it dumped on inland towns and how it lifted the rivers. 14:00
01.10.1999 lfa_19991001.mp3 The Arrival of the Golf Hooligan; Alistair Cooke considers the etiquette of sport and reflects on the sad, infamous day that his beloved golf became a victim of audience hooliganism. 14:00
08.10.1999 lfa_19991008.mp3 Greed, Liquor, Jingoism and Bad Taste; Alistair Cooke considers why the vices of greed, liquor, jingoism and bad taste should suddenly intrude on the spectator stands at sports events. 14:00
15.10.1999 lfa_19991015.mp3 A Plea to the Senate; Alistair Cooke reflects on the European pleas to the US Senate to ratify the Test Ban Treaty, and compares it with the Senate's condemnation of 1919 Treaty of Versailles. 14:00
22.10.1999 lfa_19991022.mp3 Wishful Thinking Overload; Alistair Cooke compares the Boston Massacre with the rejection of a nuclear treaty, and explains how a good treaty can still be defeated by a few short-sighted people. 15:00
29.10.1999 lfa_19991029.mp3 That Fateful Night in Macbeth; Under imminent attack from the All Hallows’ Eve celebrations, Alistair Cooke discusses the origins of Halloween, vampire legends, and the vulnerability of children "trick or treating". 13:00
05.11.1999 lfa_19991105.mp3 At the Centre of Things; Upon visiting San Francisco, Alistair Cooke reflects on the ego-centric lives of city dwellers and the great assumptions that they make on a daily basis. 15:00
12.11.1999 lfa_19991112.mp3 Democracy in Action; To commemorate 10 years since the fall of the Berlin wall, Alistair Cooke explains why America paid so much attention to the city and the promise it held for democracy. 14:00
19.11.1999 lfa_19991119.mp3 Fortress America and Beloved Symbols of Britain; Whilst President Clinton's visit to Oslo fizzed with pomp and glory, Alistair Cooke discusses how it managed to overshadow the real reason for going; a memorial service in honour of Yitzhak Rabin. Plus, he evaluates Tony Blair's banishment of hereditary peers in the House of Lords. 15:00
26.11.1999 lfa_19991126.mp3 The Most American of All American Festivals; Whilst turkeys roast and yams bake, Alistair Cooke reflects on the traditions, history and recipes of the traditional American Thanksgiving. 14:00
03.12.1999 lfa_19991203.mp3 The Last Demo Circus of the Year; Alistair Cooke discusses the protests against the World Trade Organisation convention in Seattle and argues that globalisation can no more be abolished than can the internet. 15:00
10.12.1999 lfa_19991210.mp3 Renewed Concern Over Secondhand Smoke; Passive smoking fears make Alistair Cooke evaluate the cleanliness of the air around us. Plus, he adds a postscript to his evaluation of the protest against the World Trade Organisation in Seattle. 15:00
17.12.1999 lfa_19991217.mp3 Old Sentiment and New Honesty; A vintage edition of Letter from America, first broadcast in December 1967. Alistair Cooke muses on parking tickets for senators and tells a Christmas story. 14:00
24.12.1999 lfa_19991224.mp3 Park Avenue's colourful Christmas; Whilst looking on the tasteful fairy lights of Park Avenue's festival decorations, Alistair Cooke reflects on how, not so long ago, Christmas had a reputation of debauchery. 15:00
31.12.1999 lfa_19991231.mp3 On Y2K Alert; Alistair Cooke discusses the precautions being taken by the US government to minimise the potential damage to the banking and administration services from the millennium bug. 14:00

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