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Letter from America by Alistair Cooke


Über 900 Folgen des legendären wöchentlichen 15-Minuten-Programms, zum 90 Jahr-Jubiläum von der BBC öffentlich zugänglich gemacht: linkext. Link. Der Nachlass von Alistair Cooke befindet sich in der Boston University/Howard Gotlieb Archival Research Center linkext. Link

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05.01.1990 lfa_19900105.mp3 The capture of General Noriega, 1990; With General Noriega of Panama captured by US forces, Alistair Cooke chronicles the American dealings with Noriega and the relationship between the two countries. 14:00
12.01.1990 lfa_19900112.mp3 A brand new decade – 1990; The administration of Ronald Reagan and the upheaval of the American tax and welfare systems during the 1980s, as discussed by Alistair Cooke. 15.00
19.01.1990 lfa_19900119.mp3 Changes to the American Family; A summary of how the American family has changed in the past 30 years and an explanation of why the prevalence of the microwave is a great indicator of the transformation. 14:00
26.01.1990 lfa_19900126.mp3 Foreign aid budget; The invasion of Panama, the opinion of the American public of their tax dollars being spent abroad, and the reasons behind the shrinking of the foreign aid budget. 15:00
02.02.1990 lfa_19900202.mp3 McEnroe and Gorbachev; The politeness of American crowds, the dismissal of John McEnroe from the Australian Open, and Gorbachev's plan to make a profit from peace, as discussed by Alistair Cooke. 15:00
09.02.1990 lfa_19900209.mp3 US Foreign policy and defence spending; An examination of the recent surge in American public interest in foreign affairs, a cut to defence spending, and the threat posed by Mikhail Gorbachev. 14:00
16.02.1990 lfa_19900216.mp3 Kansas City; Why Kansas City is no longer a unique microcosm of America, and ways in which Americans are changing their diet in an attempt to prolong their lives. 15:00
23.02.1990 lfa_19900223.mp3 Presidential speechwriters; Peggy Noonan's revelations on writing speeches for Reagan and Bush, and how a great speech can shape the public persona of a politician. 14:00
02.03.1990 lfa_19900302.mp3 Nicaraguan election 1990; With Daniel Ortega voted out of power in Nicaragua, Alistair Cooke details the turbulent relationship between Nicaragua and the United States. 14:00
09.03.1990 lfa_19900309.mp3 The final flight of the SR-71 Blackbird; The final flight of the SR-71 Blackbird spy plane, the Russian capture of an American pilot in 1960 and the cuts in the American public spending budgets. 14:00
16.03.1990 lfa_19900316.mp3 Apocolyptic cults; A proclamation by the head of a fringe religious group that the World is going to end on St George's Day leads Alistair Cooke to investigate the realm of apocalyptic cults. 14:00
23.03.1990 lfa_19900323.mp3 Pearl Harbour and church attendance; The Japanese peace envoys visiting the White House during the Pearl Harbour attacks, the use of Biblical language by modern-day Americans and the fall in church attendance. 15:00
30.03.1990 lfa_19900330.mp3 President Bush's broccoli; Presidential press conferences, the lobbyist system, George Bush's dislike of broccoli, and the power of food as a political tool. 15:00
06.04.1990 lfa_19900406.mp3 Harry Bridges; Alistair Cooke details the life and career of the labor leader, Harry Bridges, who initiated a general strike in San Francisco in 1934. 14:00
13.04.1990 lfa_19900413.mp3 Diverse peoples under one language; Roosevelt's mission to unify a diverse people under the English language, and America's many Christians sects, as explored by Alistair Cooke. 15:00
20.04.1990 lfa_19900420.mp3 Earth Day, 1990; With Earth Day approaching, Alistair Cooke discusses acid rain, the Clean Air act, and a selection of books that have shifted our opinions about the environment. 15:00
27.04.1990 lfa_19900427.mp3 The End of the Eighties - Great or Greedy?; Alistair Cooke muses on the end of the Reagan era and a collective shift away from the greed of the 'me' decade. 15:00
04.05.1990 lfa_19900504.mp3 Robert Mapplethorpe in Cincinnati; The controversy surrounding an exhibition by Robert Mapplethorpe, the conservative nature of Cincinnati, and the work of Judge Wolsey to bring Joyce's Ulysses to the US. 14:00
18.05.1990 lfa_19900518.mp3 Greta Garbo and Jim Henson; The death of Greta Garbo, the way in which television is prolonging the life of movies, and a eulogy for puppeteer Jim Henson, as discussed by Alistair Cooke. 14:00
25.05.1990 lfa_19900525.mp3 Memorial Day, 1990; In the week of Memorial Day, Alistair Cooke looks at the effect that an upcoming holiday has on Congress and examines the legislation affecting the arms and tobacco industries. 14:00
01.06.1990 lfa_19900601.mp3 Richard Paul Pavlik; The spontaneous walkabouts of Mr Gorbachev, and an aborted attempt on the life of President Kennedy by Richard Paul Pavlik in Palm Beach, Florida in December 1960. 14:00
08.06.1990 lfa_19900608.mp3 Diane Feinstein; Following the emergence of Diane Feinstein as Democratic nomination for the Governor of California, Alistair Cooke profiles the politician, and details Proposition 111. 14:00
15.06.1990 lfa_19900615.mp3 An Indepedent Quebec; Charles de Gaulle's 1967 speech calling for an independent Quebec, healthcare and gun control in Canada, and the American view of their neighbour to the north. 14:00
29.06.1990 lfa_19900629.mp3 Nelson Mandela In America; Nelson Mandela's 1990 visit to the United States, the ANC's reluctance to renounce violence, and the conflict between pro and anti-abortionists, as discussed by Alistair Cooke. 14:00
06.07.1990 lfa_19900706.mp3 Independence Day 1990; A French insight in to Independence Day, the British stereotype of American pastimes, and a travel guide for tourists visiting New York State, as discussed by Alistair Cooke. 15:00
13.07.1990 lfa_19900713.mp3 The 1990 World Cup; With the World Cup drawing to a close, Alistair Cooke looks forward to 1994 when the USA will hold the tournament and examines the American interest in soccer. 15:00
20.07.1990 lfa_19900720.mp3 The Cambodian guerilla coalition; President Bush withdraws the US diplomatic recognition of the Cambodian guerrilla coalition due to the human rights record of the regime. 15:00
27.07.1990 lfa_19900727.mp3 William J Brennan and David Souter; The resignation of Justice William J Brennan and the appointment of David Souter, and the process of appointing a new judge to the Supreme Court, as discussed by Alistair Cooke. 15:00
03.08.1990 lfa_19900803.mp3 NYC's new immigrants; Today's immigrants to New York and why they don't speak English, and the invitation to black players to join the Augusta National golf club in 1990. 15:00
17.08.1990 lfa_19900817.mp3 Shipbuilding In California; The economic growth in California since 1967, the work of Henry Kaiser to bring a military shipbuilding industry to the state, and the closure of Yosemite National Park. 14:00
31.08.1990 lfa_19900831.mp3 The Path To Kuwait, 1990; President Bush's meeting with leaders from around the World to discuss Saddam Hussein's move in to Kuwait and the path towards American intervention. 15:00
07.09.1990 lfa_19900907.mp3 James Baker and Russians in Iraq; Secretary James Baker's questioning by the Senate foreign relations committee on Iraq; the presence of Russian military advisors working with Saddam Hussein on advanced weapons. 15:00
14.09.1990 lfa_19900914.mp3 Chernobyl and the Star Wars defence program; The lessons learned from Chernobyl, the hesitation in Congress over the Star Wars defence program, and the motivations of American doctors conducting clinical trials abroad. 15:00
21.09.1990 lfa_19900921.mp3 New York - a melting pot?; The cultural makeup of New York, ‘The Melting Pot’ and plays of Israel Zangwill, and the separation of Irish, Jewish, black, Italian and Puerto Rican communities in NYC. 15:00
28.09.1990 lfa_19900928.mp3 A unanimous United Nations; The Soviet foreign minister denounces the action of Saddam Hussein to the United Nations, and the first, and last, unanimous vote reached by the Council in June, 1950. 14:00
05.10.1990 lfa_19901005.mp3 The 14th amendment; The role of women in the armed forces, the life and work of Lady Astor, the fourteenth amendment and equal access to locker rooms. 15:00
12.10.1990 lfa_19901012.mp3 End of the fiscal year, 1990; The Columbus Day parade, the closure of National parks and museums due to the end of the fiscal year and the start of a new budget, and the appointment of Justice David Souter. 14:00
19.10.1990 lfa_19901019.mp3 President Bush and the 1990 national budget; President Bush and the Senate struggling to agree on a national budget, the workings of the federal system, and the 1990 Congressional elections, as detailed by Alistair Cooke. 15:00
26.10.1990 lfa_19901026.mp3 Intervention in the Gulf and no new taxes; President Bush's difficulty in finalising proposals for the national budget, and garnering support for the American presence in the Gulf. 15:00
02.11.1990 lfa_19901102.mp3 The CIA and Kuwaiti conspiracy; A press conference by the Iraqi Ambassador in Washington and American scepticism surrounding the allegations of a CIA and Kuwaiti conspiracy, as detailed by Alistair Cooke. 15:00
09.11.1990 lfa_19901109.mp3 1990 mid-term elections; In the week after the 1990 mid-term elections, Alistair Cooke compares the predictions and the results of the vote, and discusses the failure of the Democrats to find a leader. 15:00
16.11.1990 lfa_19901116.mp3 150,000 more troops to Iraq; President Bush sends more troops in to the Gulf, the public confusion around the reasons for intervention, and the effect on Bush's approval ratings. 15:00
23.11.1990 lfa_19901123.mp3 Margaret Thatcher and travelling during Thanksgiving; The American perception of Margaret Thatcher and the effect of the recession on air travel during Thanksgiving, as discussed by Alistair Cooke. 14:00
07.12.1990 lfa_19901207.mp3 Pearl Harbour, Dick Cheney and Saddam Hussein; The attack on Pearl Harbour, Congress and President Bush's conflict over the power to take the country to war, and Dick Cheney's objections to sanctions against Saddam Hussein. 15:00
14.12.1990 lfa_19901214.mp3 Black Americans in the armed forces; The disproportionate amount of African Americans serving in the US military, and the Harris poll revealing a gender split in the opposition towards military intervention. 15:00
21.12.1990 lfa_19901221.mp3 Gender-specific terminology and Michael Milken; The Mayor of Los Angeles' attempt to eliminate gender-specific terminology, Betty Friedan’s 'The Feminine Mystique' and the conclusion of the trial of Michael Milken. 15:00
28.12.1990 lfa_19901228.mp3 Vermont, snowboarders, and Nancy Cruzan; From his holiday retreat in Vermont, Alistair Cooke muses on the benefits of getting away from it all, ponders the plight of the snowboarder and discusses the right to die. 14:00
04.01.1991 lfa_19910104.mp3 Legal guns vs murder rates; Does legal firearm ownership increase the number of murders in America? Alistair Cooke reflects on what is causing the high volume of murders in New York City. 15:00
11.01.1991 lfa_19910111.mp3 Pan Am declares bankruptcy; Examining the iconic airline Pan Am's rise and fall, whilst considering how the US constitution has enforced tax payment and may protect a woman's right to strip. 15:00
18.01.1991 lfa_19910118.mp3 The Gulf War begins, January 1991; Aerial bombs dropping on Kuwait signal the start of the Gulf war. Reports of Operation Desert Storm reveal how the age of the instant satellite communication affects broadcasting. 15:00
25.01.1991 lfa_19910125.mp3 Saddam Hussein or the Bogie Man; Whilst Saddam Hussein's Scud missiles attack Israel, Alistair Cooke considers how the 24/7 spontaneous news coverage is being viewed by both the allies and the Iraqis. 14:00
01.02.1991 lfa_19910201.mp3 Gulf War censorship; Should news from the Gulf War be censored? Alistair Cooke explores how public support for the war changes with each news report. 15:00
08.02.1991 lfa_19910208.mp3 Airport terrorist attack fears; Fears of terrorist attacks have reduced the number of people flying. Alistair Cooke considers if the Gulf War has exacerbated the situation and whether extra security is needed. 14:00
15.02.1991 lfa_19910215.mp3 Indecent behaviour during war; In times of war how much care-free behaviour should we indulge in? Alistair Cooke ponders on what classifies as indecent behaviour. 14:00
22.02.1991 lfa_19910222.mp3 Drought and domestic partnerships; Water conservation in Los Angeles, the first couples register their domestic partnerships in San Francisco, and Churchill's refusal of the term "impaired combatant personel". 15:00
01.03.1991 lfa_19910301.mp3 Kuwait on the map; Kuwait, Riyadh and Baghdad are now known all over America. Alistair Cooke reflects on how war has added new locations to the public conscience. 14:00
08.03.1991 lfa_19910308.mp3 End of the Gulf War; The Gulf War (1990-91) is over and President Bush Snr basks in its glory, but Cooke reflects on the fickle nature of opinion polls and whether public approval will be sustainable. 15:00
15.03.1991 lfa_19910315.mp3 John Maynard Keynes; J M Keynes' economic cure for President Roosevelt was to borrow and spend, but with pressing social problems and limited funds, how will Congress split their 1992 budget? 14:00
22.03.1991 lfa_19910322.mp3 Ambassador Glaspie's interventions; April Glaspie, American Ambassador to Iraq, is called to explain her pre-war conversations with Saddam Hussein. Could her words have aided the start of the 1990/1 Persian Gulf War? 14:00
29.03.1991 lfa_19910329.mp3 Gorbachev's Yeltsin rally ban; Gorbachev's banning of a Yeltsin rally in Moscow worries Alistair Cooke before he reflects on a rift between President Bush and General Schwarzkopf. 15:00
05.04.1991 lfa_19910405.mp3 CNN post-war malaise; How CNN's constant Gulf War coverage has led to a post war malaise amongst some of the viewing public. 15:00
12.04.1991 lfa_19910412.mp3 President Bush defends Gulf War; President George H W Bush has to defend his Gulf War actions against Saddam Hussein as the American public debate whether troops should have been sent to Saudi Arabia. 14:00
19.04.1991 lfa_19910419.mp3 Gorbachev’s Japanese investment trip; Gorbachev's visit to Japan to encourage investment is stalled by Soviet ownership of the Kuril Islands. Plus, a 1958 meeting between Soviet leader Mr. Khrushchev and Richard Nixon. 14:00
26.04.1991 lfa_19910426.mp3 Nancy Reagan's biography; An unauthorised biography of ex-pesident's wife, Mrs Reagan makes Alistair Cooke question how gossip becomes news, whilst President Bush struggles to defend his Gulf War. 14:00
03.05.1991 lfa_19910503.mp3 May Day protest in Moscow; A May Day parade in Moscow gives Alistair Cooke a curious topic to discuss with UN Soviet Ambassador Andrei Gromyko before considering cummunists in America. 14:00
10.05.1991 lfa_19910510.mp3 President Bush’s heart surgery; President Bush's heart surgery causes a wave of media panic and scrutiny to fall on Vice-President Dan Quayle. 15:00
17.05.1991 lfa_19910517.mp3 Passive smoking and cholesterol control; Public smoking restrictions get Alistair Cooke investigating how the Food and Drug Administration are protecting the public health and he turns his eye on cholesterol. 15:00
31.05.1991 lfa_19910531.mp3 Tompkins Square Park Riot (1988); The social injustice which sparked riots in Tompkins Square Park in 1988, and how the social acceptibilty of homelessness has changed over the years. 15:00
07.06.1991 lfa_19910607.mp3 Freedom of Information; The American Department of Defence's publication of Iraqi casualties from the Gulf War leads Alistair Cooke to explore the uses and abuses of the Freedom of Information Act. 15:00
14.06.1991 lfa_19910614.mp3 Michael Weiss the zip code wizard; Michael Weiss' research into zip codes can determine the books you read, the car you drive and how you like your eggs in the morning. Alistair Cooke finds out how. 14:00
21.06.1991 lfa_19910621.mp3 Boris Yeltsin's White House visit; Yeltsin's visit contrasts to one he made in '89 when the US favoured Gorbachev. A bizarre encounter with Senator William Cohen of Maine, and an end to the trials of Oliver North. 14:00
28.06.1991 lfa_19910628.mp3 Nude dancing in Indiana; Nude dancing in the state of Indiana causes the American Supreme Court to question the violation of the 1st Amendment, and the obscenity of publicly exhibiting genitalia. 14:00
05.07.1991 lfa_19910705.mp3 Gavrilo Princip kills Duke Franz Ferdinand; How Serbian Gavrilo Princip, the murderer of Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand of Austro-Hungary, destroyed the empire and instigated the First World War in one shot. 14:00
12.07.1991 lfa_19910712.mp3 Stress related illness; American 'know how' and the rise of stress related illnesses in both America and Britain are discussed by Alistair Cooke. 14:00
19.07.1991 lfa_19910719.mp3 Gorbachev and the G7 summit; How commentators around the world now view Mr Gorbachev, and his attendence of the 17th G7 summit held in London. 15:00
26.07.1991 lfa_19910726.mp3 Bank of Credit and Commerce International scandal; The Bank of Credit and Commerce International scandal is heightened when Mr Major dares Mr Kinnock to use the word "liar" in the House of Commons. 14:00
02.08.1991 lfa_19910802.mp3 President George W H Bush’s re-election; Is President George H W Bush unbeatable in the next election? Alistair Cooke considers his Desert Storm glory verses chronic social problems at home. 15:00
09.08.1991 lfa_19910809.mp3 Mayor David Dinkins asks NYC public; Mayor of New York City, David Dinkins, opens his doors to the public to hear their solutions to social problems such as drugs, homelessness and crime. 15:00
16.08.1991 lfa_19910816.mp3 UN economic sanctions; Could the United Nations' economic sanctions have crippled Saddam Hussein? Plus, how personal boycotts enable consumers to become socially responsible. 15:00
23.08.1991 lfa_19910823.mp3 The August Coup, 1991; Gennady Yanayev and the Gang of Eight grab for power in the 1991 August coup against Gorbachev. Cooke explores how the popularity of Boris Yeltsin inevitably caused their downfall. 14:00
30.08.1991 lfa_19910830.mp3 Gorbachev's nuclear arsenal; After the Soviet coup to overpower Gorbachev, America is now wondering who is in charge of the nuclear arsenal. 15:00
06.09.1991 lfa_19910906.mp3 President Bush and Winston Churchill; President George H W Bush's ratings for re-election are boosted by the Gorbachev coup. Cooke compares his invulnerability with that of Winston Churchill. 14:00
13.09.1991 lfa_19910913.mp3 Congressional hearings; An orgy of tv trials awaiting the American public and the surrogate trials that go under the name of Congressional Committee hearings are discussed. 15:00
20.09.1991 lfa_19910920.mp3 Colonel Oliver North's trial; The trial of former Marine Colonel, Oliver North, over the sale of arms to Iran which resulted in the 1986 Iran-Contra scandal, shows how key witness immunity can devastate cases. 15:00
30.09.1991 lfa_19910930.mp3 Relations between Israel and the US; A look at the strained relations between Israel and the US, the plight of refugees in the Middle East, and the global misconception about the state of US finances. 15:00
04.10.1991 lfa_19911004.mp3 America’s children, families and education; President Bush's attempts to reform US education, the impossibility of defining an average American family, and sexuality among schoolchildren. 15:00
11.10.1991 lfa_19911011.mp3 Sexual harassment and Judge Clarence Thomas; Examining Anita Hill's sexual harassment allegations against President Bush's new choice for the Supreme Court, Judge Clarence Thomas, and defining sexual harassment in US law. 14:00
18.10.1991 lfa_19911018.mp3 Anita Hill vs Judge Clarence Thomas; Examining Anita Hill's sexual harassment allegations against President Bush's new choice for the Supreme Court, Judge Clarence Thomas, and the verdict the trial reached. 14:00
25.10.1991 lfa_19911025.mp3 1991 Cambodian peace treaty; The 1991 Cambodian peace treaty is signed in Paris. Alistair Cooke compares the rehabilitation of dictator Pol Pot to Cuba's Fidel Castro and Iraq's Saddam Hussein. 14:00
01.11.1991 lfa_19911101.mp3 Tobacco brands at the 1991 World Baseball Series; Why the Federal Trade Commission decided to ban the sight of tobacco brand names on TV after the 1991 World Baseball Series between the Minnesota Twins and the Atlanta Braves. 14:00
08.11.1991 lfa_19911108.mp3 Robert Maxwell and Fred MacMurray; Memories of British publisher Robert Maxwell (1923-1991) and Double Indemnity actor Fred MacMurray (1908-1991). 14:00
15.11.1991 lfa_19911115.mp3 The lucky George Bush; The unfailing luck of George H W Bush, and the failure of the Democrats to capitalise on the president's poor performance on the economy and hesitance towards domestic issues. 14:00
22.11.1991 lfa_19911122.mp3 David Duke; A profile of David Duke, the former Grand Wizard of the Knights of the Klu Klux Klan running for the governorship of Louisiana as a Republican in 1991. 14:00
29.11.1991 lfa_19911129.mp3 George H W's popularity in 1991; A fall in the confidence of President Bush's handling of the economy, the suspension of Congress in 1991, and the diaries of James Agate. 14:00
06.12.1991 lfa_19911206.mp3 Biden and Kinnock; Senator Joe Biden's echoing of a speech by Neil Kinnock, the effect on his presidential campaign in 1987, and the danger of a politician speaking out of turn in the digital age. 14:00
13.12.1991 lfa_19911213.mp3 Robert Maxwell and libel law; Would US libel law have prevented Robert Maxwell from blocking examination of his business dealings? Alistair Cooke compares the differences between US and English libel law. 15:00
20.12.1991 lfa_19911220.mp3 America’s recession and Russian nuclear security; Alan Greenspan confirms a US recession despite the Bush administration's refusal to recognise it, attention turns to domestic policy and fear of nuclear weapons on the loose. 15:00
27.12.1991 lfa_19911227.mp3 Shared concerns in Britain and America; Considering extended awareness of American issues in Britain, how similar the economic and social concerns of the two countries have become and thoughts on Alzheimer's disease. 15:00
03.01.1992 lfa_19920103.mp3 American public schools; American public schools and their limitations, and how one educator from Alabama, Kevin Welch, is at war with developmental psychologists, discussed by Alistair Cooke. 14:00
10.01.1992 lfa_19920110.mp3 Japanese trade; American and Japanese relations over the years, a history of Japanese trade, and how General MacArthur shaped modern Japan. 15:00
17.01.1992 lfa_19920117.mp3 Operation Desert Storm; The successes and failures of Operation Desert Storm a year on , along with the story of political activist Angela Davis. 14:00
24.01.1992 lfa_19920124.mp3 Governor Bill Clinton; Governor Bill Clinton, the front runner for the Democratic presidential nomination, and the scrutinizing of his personal undertakings. 15:00
31.01.1992 lfa_19920131.mp3 US defence spending; The proposed cuts to the United States defence budget, and the wide spectrum of reactions from both Republicans and Democrats, discussed by Alistair Cooke. 14:00
07.02.1992 lfa_19920207.mp3 Events of 1991; Following a recent opinion poll on the significance of the major events of 1991, Alistair Cooke looks back on the previous year and examines the top American choices on the list. 15:00
14.02.1992 lfa_19920214.mp3 New Hampshire primaries 1992; Alistair Cooke assesses the candidates for the upcoming New Hampshire primary elections, including Democrats Clinton and Tsongas, and Republicans Bush and Buchanan. 14:00
21.02.1992 lfa_19920221.mp3 Japanese Americans 1942; Executive Order 9066, Franklin D Roosevelt's presidential order that authorised the removal of all Japanese living in California in February 1942, remembered. 14:00
28.02.1992 lfa_19920228.mp3 Judge Clarence Thomas; The allegations made against Judge Clarence Thomas, and the fate of the journalists who brought the story to the public consciousness. 15:00
06.03.1992 lfa_19920306.mp3 Pat Buchanan; Following the New Hampshire primary, Alistair Cooke profiles Republican candidate Pat Buchanan, and asks whether a vote for Buchanan is really a vote against George Bush. 14:00
13.03.1992 lfa_19920313.mp3 What Richard Nixon did next; The presidential tenure of Richard Nixon and his diplomatic activities after leaving office 14:00
20.03.1992 lfa_19920320.mp3 The bank of the House of Representatives; The US Presidential campaign, and the ethics of the closure of the bank of the House of Representatives. 14:00
27.03.1992 lfa_19920327.mp3 The French and immigration; The differing attitudes of French and American politicians towards immigration and the expectations of a brand new US citizen, examined by Alistair Cooke. 15:00
03.04.1992 lfa_19920403.mp3 The Army of North Virginia; Why Senator Warren Rudman quit, the importance of 9th July to the Army of Northern Virginia, and the story of Sir Lionel Sackville-West, Ambassador to America in 1888. 14:00
10.04.1992 lfa_19920410.mp3 Perils of the welfare state; The potential perils of a large welfare state and how one presidential candidate, Ross Perot, is proposing to reduce government spending, discussed by Alistair Cooke. 14:00
17.04.1992 lfa_19920417.mp3 Tax fraud; Following the income tax declaration deadline of April 15th, Alistair Cooke examines the case of Leona Helmsley, a wealthy New York hotelier accused of tax fraud. 14:00
24.04.1992 lfa_19920424.mp3 Columbus and Asimov; The mixed emotions felt by the Americans and Spanish towards Christopher Columbus, and the work of science fiction writer Isaac Asimov. 14:00
01.05.1992 lfa_19920501.mp3 Riots in Los Angeles, 1992; Following the conclusion of trial of the police officers accused of beating Rodney King, Cooke details the violent disturbances in Los Angeles happening in the wake of the verdict. 15:00
08.05.1992 lfa_19920508.mp3 Cities and social problems; The Secretary Of Housing And Urban Development, Jack Kemp's work, and the social problems faced by the large cities of the United States. 15:00
15.05.1992 lfa_19920515.mp3 Space shuttle Endeavour; The latest mission of the space shuttle Endeavour, and what President Bush will have to do to improve his approval rating following the Gulf War, are discussed by Alistair Cooke. 14:00
22.05.1992 lfa_19920522.mp3 The end of the LA riots; With the riots in Los Angeles over, Alistair Cooke describes the conclusions drawn by Vice-President Quayle following the violence, and questions the priorities of the White House. 14:00
29.05.1992 lfa_19920529.mp3 Ross Perot runs for American presidency ; Businessman Ross Perot runs for American presidency. Alistair Cooke analyses the man who founded Electronic Data Systems and owned General Motors. 14:00
05.06.1992 lfa_19920605.mp3 The problems with the two party system, 1992; The rise of Ross Perot, the American dissatisfaction with the two party system and how President Bush planned to win back the White House. 15:00
12.06.1992 lfa_19920612.mp3 Military downsizing and Rio; How the military downsizing will impact on employment, and the opposition to President Bush's proposals at the recent Earth Summit in Rio 1992. 15:00
19.06.1992 lfa_19920619.mp3 United Nations' first reporters; A recollection of the first gathering of the UN, the celebrity journalists who covered the meeting; Joan Stitt McMenamin, the outgoing headmistress of Nightingale-Bamford School. 15:00
26.06.1992 lfa_19920626.mp3 Extradition and freedom of speech; The law surrounding extradition and the relationship between freedom of speech and racism, following two prominent Supreme Court rulings. 15:00
03.07.1992 lfa_19920703.mp3 Olympic sportsmanship; The idea of sportsmanship and the battle against the steroids which can help fulfil athletic ambitions in the approach to the Barcelona Olympic Games . 14:00
10.07.1992 lfa_19920710.mp3 Canada and other democracies; The role of Canada within the UN peacekeeping force, the need to compare foreign democracies, and the insular nature of the US debate on abortion. 15:00
17.07.1992 lfa_19920717.mp3 A history of party conventions; Three dramatic party conventions from the past, and how the system of choosing a presidential candidate has evolved. 14:00
24.07.1992 lfa_19920724.mp3 Ross Perot withraws; Ross Perot withdraws from the 1992 presidential race, the mystery surrounding his exit, and one tiny, fatal slip during Perot's speech to the NAACP. 14:00
31.07.1992 lfa_19920731.mp3 Clark Clifford; A look at the political career of the presidential advisor and former US Defense Secretary, Clark Clifford, following Clark's recent indictment in connection with the BCCI scandal. 15:00
14.08.1992 lfa_19920814.mp3 Conventions and opinion polls; The effect that party conventions have on opinion polls, and the contenders for the Republican nomination are reviewed by Alistair Cooke. 15:00
28.08.1992 lfa_19920828.mp3 Hurricanes 1992; Remembering his time aboard a ship travelling in extreme weather conditions from England to New York, Alistair Cooke anticipates the beginning of the 1992 hurricane season. 15:00
04.09.1992 lfa_19920904.mp3 Moving to Mexico; The closure of the Smith-Corona factory in Syracuse, New York, the financial troubles of US manufacturers and strategies for survival in an age of free trade. 14:00
11.09.1992 lfa_19920911.mp3 Burma and Quentin Burdick; The political situation in Burma, a proclamation by Reverend Pat Robertson, and Senator Quentin Burdick of North Dakota. 14:00
18.09.1992 lfa_19920918.mp3 Black Wednesday 1992; The UK withdraws from the European Exchange Rate Mechanism after Black Wednesday, and the way in which the US allocates powers and responsibilities to individual states. 14:00
25.09.1992 lfa_19920925.mp3 Historical events of the 20th Century; Some notable entries from a dictionary of 20th Century history leave Alistair Cooke wondering if the upcoming election will feature in a future edition. 14:00
02.10.1992 lfa_19921002.mp3 Touring authors; The modern author as touring book salesman, the autobiography of Gulf War General H Norman Schwarzkopf and a potential scandal for President Bush. 14:00
09.10.1992 lfa_19921009.mp3 Electoral debates past and present; The history of electoral debates from Lincoln to Clinton and the power of public perception in the run up to the 1992 US presidential election. 14:00
16.10.1992 lfa_19921016.mp3 Columbus: hero or villain?; The legacy of Christopher Columbus is examined by Alistair Cooke. Should he be regarded as a hero or an enslaving villain? 14:00
23.10.1992 lfa_19921023.mp3 The business of sport; The business of sport, and an embarrassing incident involving the Canadian flag are discussed by Alistair Cooke. 14:00
30.10.1992 lfa_19921030.mp3 Election predictions and certainties; The 1992 Presidential election, the dangers of predicting the outcome of the vote and a look to history for examples of election certainty. 15:00
06.11.1992 lfa_19921106.mp3 Bill Clinton's clothes; The tendency of journalists flock to Washington to hear the result of an election and the rejection of the blue blazer for jeans by President-elect, Bill Clinton. 14:00
13.11.1992 lfa_19921113.mp3 Predicting elections; Complex methods for predicting presidential election results, and the effect Ross Perot had on the outcome, are discussed by Alistair Cooke. 14:00
20.11.1992 lfa_19921120.mp3 The executive branch; Why a change of president does not necessarily mean a shift in power, and why it takes so long to move in, and out, of the White House. 15:00
27.11.1992 lfa_19921127.mp3 Millicent Fenwick; Following the death of Millicent Fenwick in September, Alistair Cooke profiles the late Congresswoman and details the female additions to the Senate in 1992. 15:00
04.12.1992 lfa_19921204.mp3 Clinton's economy; A month on from the presidential election, Alistair Cooke anticipates the effect that a new president, and a boost in public confidence, will have on the economy. 14:00
11.12.1992 lfa_19921211.mp3 Casablanca 50th anniversary, 1992; Casablanca's impact and the effect the film had on cinema audiences of 1942 are remembered by Alistair Cooke on its 50th anniversary. 15:00
18.12.1992 lfa_19921218.mp3 The English language and immigration; The realities of unlimited immigration, andthe movement that proposes to make English the official language of the United States. 15:00
24.12.1992 lfa_19921224.mp3 An economic summit; President-Elect Bill Clinton, calls for a gathering of experts to help guide his economic policy, and what he may do to reduce the national deficit. 14:00
01.01.1993 lfa_19930101.mp3 John Cage, Wilbur Mills and Oliver Franks; A look back at the lives of the notable figures to die in 1992, including composer John Cage, politician Wilbur Mills and British Ambassador Oliver Franks.  
08.01.1993 lfa_19930108.mp3 Bill Clinton's first cabinet and multiculturalism; The diverse cabinet selected by President-elect Bill Clinton, and the problems posed to hospitals by the large range of languages spoken by their patients.  
15.01.1993 lfa_19930115.mp3 UN weapons inspectors in Iraq; The search for Saddam Hussein's nuclear weapons by the United Nations, President Clinton's promise to concentrate on domestic affairs, and potential for war in the Far East.  
22.01.1993 lfa_19930122.mp3 President Clinton's inauguration; A costly inauguration for President Clinton, and the traditions of the ceremony as followed by Presidents Jefferson, Carter and Reagan.  
29.01.1993 lfa_19930129.mp3 President Clinton's first week in office; Clinton's first week in office is marred by abandoned campaign promises, a bruising encounter with the military and a failed attempt to make Mrs Baird Attorney General.  
05.02.1993 lfa_19930205.mp3 Reforming the military; The limits of presidential power and two presidential attempts to reform the US military: Truman's racial desegregation and Clinton's attempt to allow homosexuals to openly enlist.  
12.02.1993 lfa_19930212.mp3 Government waste and White House job cuts; President Clinton's proposal to cut government waste, George Bush's dislike of broccoli, and a reduction in the number of staff in the White House, as discussed by Alistair Cooke.  
19.02.1993 lfa_19930219.mp3 Zoe Baird and American childcare; What the blocking of proposed Attorney General, Zoe Baird, reveals about US childcare, why Americans employ illegal immigrants and the fashion for government by phone-in.  
26.02.1993 lfa_19930226.mp3 James Baker and Clinton's deficit; Outgoing cabinet member James Baker, President Clinton's failure to deliver on his campaign promise of a tax cut for the middle class, and the true cost of healthcare.  
05.03.1993 lfa_19930305.mp3 World Trade Centre basement explosion; An explosion in the basement of the World Trade Centre, the resultant shock and speculation and the remarkable calm of people temporarily trapped inside the building.  
12.03.1993 lfa_19930312.mp3 David Koresh and Reverend Jim Jones; An FBI raid on David Koresh's religious camp in Mount Carmel reminds Alistair Cooke of the cult leader Reverend Jim Jones of the Peoples Temple, and their mass suicide in 1978.  
19.03.1993 lfa_19930319.mp3 The Irish in New York City; An attempt by the Ancient Order of Hibernians to ban the Irish Lesbian and Gay Organisation from New York's St. Patrick's Day parade is examined by Alistair Cooke.  
26.03.1993 lfa_19930326.mp3 Ambassador Raymond G H Seitz; Raymond G H Seitz becomes the first career diplomat to be appointed as United States Ambassador to the Court of St. James's.  
02.04.1993 lfa_19930402.mp3 Bill Clinton's Presidential Honeymoon; Expensive Britain, Bill Clinton's Presidential Honeymoon and Screen Violence are examined by Alistair Cooke.  
05.04.1993 lfa_19930405.mp3 The history of US-Russia summits; Yeltsin and Clinton meet in Vancouver and Alistair Cooke considers the eventful history of US-Russia summits and what purpose they serve after the Cold War.  
16.04.1993 lfa_19930416.mp3 Prisoner rehabilitation; Alistair Cooke remembers reporting on the 100th Anniversary of the California gold rush and contemplates the pros and cons of prisoner rehabilitation.  
23.04.1993 lfa_19930423.mp3 Rodney King trial; Examination of Rodney King's second trial for civil rights violations after being beaten by police. His first trial acquitted the officers and caused the 1992 LA race riots.  
30.04.1993 lfa_19930430.mp3 Economic recession and military spending cuts; The possibility of the US sliding back into economic depression and the ramifications of Clinton's military spending cuts in California.  
07.05.1993 lfa_19930507.mp3 President Clinton's first 100 days in office; The successes and failures of President Clinton's first 100 days in office and how the Roosevelt presidency set the benchmark for judging a new President's progress.  
14.05.1993 lfa_19930514.mp3 Racial tensions in New York; The history of racial tensions in New York, the gap between policy ideals and their reality and the chaos caused by the presidential visits to the city.  
21.05.1993 lfa_19930521.mp3 The closing of the San Francisco Presidio; Alistair Cooke reflects on the closing of the San Francisco Presidio, a historic military base that has been a garrison for over 200 years.  
28.05.1993 lfa_19930528.mp3 Hair Force One; Clinton's falling approval rating, accusations of cronyism, the importance of the trivial in presidential politics and what happens when a boy from Arkansas gets a $200 haircut.  
04.06.1993 lfa_19930604.mp3 Gary Graham and the death penalty; Texas death row inmate Gary Graham, the vagaries of constitutional interpretation, state law and the legal complexities of the death penalty.  
11.06.1993 lfa_19930611.mp3 The future of advertising; A dystopian future for advertising and the people planning to put messages on animals, the wind and the edge of space.  
18.06.1993 lfa_19930618.mp3 President Clinton's alcohol and tobacco taxes; The ramifications of President Clinton's attempt to introduce 'sin taxes' on alcohol and tobacco.  
25.06.1993 lfa_19930625.mp3 The Haitian refugees enter America; The US government allows the Haitian refugees held at Guantanamo Bay to enter the US and considering the chequered history of immigration into New York.  
02.07.1993 lfa_19930702.mp3 US foreign policy in Bosnia; Tennis player Goran Ivaniševic's demand to be recognised as Croatian, the escalating failure of US foreign policy in Bosnia and a puzzling missile attack on Baghdad.  
09.07.1993 lfa_19930709.mp3 The Tokyo G8 summit and unemployment; The activities of the 1992 G8 summit in Tokyo and the ways in which governments through history have dealt with the problem of unemployment.  
16.07.1993 lfa_19930716.mp3 Choosing a US ambassador to London; President Clinton's planned replacement of Raymond Sites with Admiral William Crowe as ambassador to London and the sometimes dubious history of US diplomatic appointments.  
23.07.1993 lfa_19930723.mp3 Mississippi relief package; How will President Clinton pay for his Mississippi flood relief package in a time of austerity? How Reganism and Thatcherism are still powerful forces in policy making.  
30.07.1993 lfa_19930730.mp3 General Matthew Ridgeway; The death of General Matthew Ridgeway, his rise to prominence during US intervention in Korea, his stance on nuclear weapons and the nature of 'good war'.  
06.08.1993 lfa_19930806.mp3 America's exceptional weather; Examining an unseasonably hot San Francisco summer and why America's weather, drowning Missouri and parching Georgia, is in the wrong place and refusing to budge.  
13.08.1993 lfa_19930813.mp3 Obsenity and public art funding; Controversy over public art funding in the US, the struggles of the National Endowment for the Arts and the history of attempts to protect the public from obscenity.  
20.08.1993 lfa_19930820.mp3 Presidential recreation; The meaning attached to the time presidents spend on vacation, recreation and playing sport in light of the Clinton family's holiday in Martha's Vineyard.  
27.08.1993 lfa_19930827.mp3 The Korean war and political holidays; The real reason the Russians never vetoed US military action in Korea and the media's interest in political holidays are examined, as Alistair Cooke answers listeners' letters.  
03.09.1993 lfa_19930903.mp3 Labor Day and school closures; The history of Labor Day and why hundreds of thousands of pupils in Chicago and New York won't go back to school after their summer holiday.  
10.09.1993 lfa_19930910.mp3 US immigrants and identity; The replacement of American unity with old world identities in immigrant communities old and new and the decision to re-route New York's jets for the sake of a tennis match.  
17.09.1993 lfa_19930917.mp3 Deaths of tourists in Florida; Florida stops all tourism advertising after the deaths of 9 foreign visitors in 1992, Alistair Cooke considers the scale of the threat and the amplifying effect of television.  
24.09.1993 lfa_19930924.mp3 Feminism in American 1993; The Miss America Pageant, the progress of feminism in the US, 25 years of Betty Friedan's The Feminine Mystique and the problem of sexual harassment.  
01.10.1993 lfa_19931001.mp3 The health reform bill; The progress of a major health reform bill, the extensive involvement of Hilary Clinton and ex-ambassador George F Kennan's opinions on US foreign policy in Russia and Somalia.  
08.10.1993 lfa_19931008.mp3 Clinton's foreign policy issues; Alistair Cooke examines some of the foreign policy issues that the Clinton administration has found itself involved in, less than a year into his presidency.  
15.10.1993 lfa_19931015.mp3 Aphasia and studying the human brain; A study examining the effect of Mozart on intelligence and how people affected by aphasia offer revelations about the way in which the brain deals with words.  
22.10.1993 lfa_19931022.mp3 The social effect of TV violence; The Senate Committee considering the social effect of television violence, the history of concerns about the influence of immorality in the media and its ramifications today.  
29.10.1993 lfa_19931029.mp3 America's problem with gun ownership; The problem of US gun ownership, why the constitution doesn't actually guarantee a right to bear arms and the increased likelihood of a 'Brady Bill' for gun control.  
05.11.1993 lfa_19931105.mp3 Balancing domestic and foreign policy; President Clinton's struggle to balance the demands of foreign and domestic policy, war in Bosnia and Somalia, free trade and healthcare in an complex post-Soviet world.  
12.11.1993 lfa_19931112.mp3 The 'Brady Bill' and the New England fall; A blazing New England fall offers relief from the violence and disaster of the television news and Congress passes the 'Brady Bill' for gun control.  
19.11.1993 lfa_19931119.mp3 Personality in politics; Examining the surprising result of a debate between the 'boring' Al Gore and 'sassy' Ross Perot and how the reputations of politicians are formed by their public personas.  
26.11.993 lfa_19931126.mp3 Thirtieth anniversary of Kennedy assassination, 1993; Searching for a fair evaluation of John F Kennedy's life, 30 years after his assasination and how the significance of anniversaries is transformed by historical revisions.  
03.12.1993 lfa_19931203.mp3 The first World AIDS Day; The first World AIDS Day, reaction to the disease from sufferers and the public and an interruption to an unusually heartfelt speech by President Clinton.  
10.12.1993 lfa_19931210.mp3 The Long Island train shootings and gun control; A random multiple murder on a Long Island train, America's problem with guns, the future for gun control and the failure of the 'Brady Bill'.  
17.12.1993 lfa_19931217.mp3 The GATT agreement and peace talks in Northern Ireland; The GATT Trade Agreement, the prospect of peace in Northern Ireland, electoral defeat for Russian authoritarian Vladimir Zhirinovsky and nuclear weapons in North Korea.  
24.12.1993 lfa_19931224.mp3 The constitution and religious festivals in America; The difficulty of celebrating a religious festival in America without behaving unconstitutionally, A Christmas Carol, Washington style and the Park Lane Christmas trees.  
30.12.1993 lfa_19931230.mp3 Christmas, and Alistair Cooke meets a computer; A 1940s style flight to Vermont brings Alistair Cooke to his family and a computer which has swallowed several libraries, a few archives and already knows all about him.  
07.01.1994 lfa_19940107.mp3 New Year's Resolutions; Alistair Cooke looks at the changing fashions in New Year's resolutions, and the success of Alcoholics Anonymous. 14:00
14.01.1994 lfa_19940114.mp3 Tip O'Neill; The life and career of 'essential Boston Irish Catholic Democrat' and Speaker of the House of Representatives, Thomas Phillip "Tip" O'Neill (1912- 1994). 14:00
21.01.1994 lfa_19940121.mp3 Freezing weather and earthquakes in 1994; The exceptionally cold weather scouring America, the earthquake in southern California and the conclusion of the Iran-Contra affair investigation are discussed by Alistair Cooke. 14:00
28.01.1994 lfa_19940128.mp3 The Bobbitt case ; Lorena Bobbitt's acquittal for cutting off her husband's penis causes Alistair Cooke to reflect on legal definitions of insanity in the state of Virginia. 15:00
04.02.1994 lfa_19940204.mp3 How ice cream changed America; Reuben Mattus, the inventor of Haagen-Dazs ice-cream, reminds Alistair Cooke of other immigrants who have shaped America. 15:00
11.02.1994 lfa_19940211.mp3 Clinton’s draft dodge; Bill Clinton's draft dodging during the Vietnam War is remembered by Alistair Cooke upon hearing that America's trade embargo on Vietnam is soon to be lifted. 14:00
19.02.1994 lfa_19940219.mp3 History of chocolate; The history of chocolate and how new research is re-defining it as an unlikely health food is considered by Alistair Cooke, on his travels to California. 14:00
25.02.1994 lfa_19940225.mp3 Military intervention in Bosnia; President Clinton's concerns over US military intervention, a newfound resolve over the war in Bosnia and a bogeyman in the shape of a Russian bear are discussed by Alistair Cooke. 14:00
04.03.1994 lfa_19940304.mp3 Nixon, 'and the rest you know'...; How the wistful sign off "and the rest you know" at the end of Alistair Cooke's letter on how congressional moves to impeach Richard Nixon came about. 14:00
11.03.1994 lfa_19940311.mp3 The survival of immigrants in America; A 1930's tourist guide describing Boston's demographic make-up makes Alistair Cooke reflect on how immigrants survive and prosper in America. 15:00
18.03.1994 lfa_19940318.mp3 The tobacco industry, and Tonya Harding; The uncertain future of America's tobacco industry and the growing problem of plea bargains after the trial of figure skater Tonya Harding are discussed by Alistair Cooke. 14:00
25.03.1994 lfa_19940325.mp3 Admiral William J Crowe; Admiral William J Crowe, the newly appointed American Ambassador to the United Kingdom, is profiled by Alistair Cooke. 14:00
01.04.1994 lfa_19940401.mp3 Whitewater; The Whitewater investigation, the reaction to Hilary Clinton's controversial financial dealings and the workings of the commodities market are explained by Alistair Cooke. 14:00
08.04.1994 lfa_19940408.mp3 Justice Blackman retires; The retirement of Justice Blackman from the Supreme Court of Justice reminds Alistair Cooke of the good, the bad and the senile aspects of law making. 14:00
15.04.1994 lfa_19940415.mp3 Clinton’s global reputation; The manipulative power of magazines, President Clinton's reputation abroad and the public demand for representation are explored by Alistair Cooke in the wake of Whitewater. 14:00
22.04.1994 lfa_19940422.mp3 Michael Fay in Singapore; Following the detention of 18 year old Michael Fay, an American citizen in Singapore, Alistair Cooke looks at what Fay's treatment can tell us about Singapore. 14:00
29.04.1994 lfa_19940429.mp3 Richard Nixon: his great work; In his assessment of Richard Nixon, Alistair Cooke details the life of the only president to resign from office, including his work in China and the Watergate scandal. 15:00
06.05.1994 lfa_19940506.mp3 President Clinton's first 15 months; President Clinton's first 15 months in office and the challenges he faces both at home, and abroad including, the looming crisis in Haiti are reflected on by Alistair Cooke. 15:00
13.05.1994 lfa_19940513.mp3 American education; The American education system is examined by Alistair Cooke, who considers the rise of progressive schools and asks whether an increase in home schooling is a viable proposition. 14:00
20.05.1994 lfa_19940520.mp3 Health bill and Brown v Board Board of Education; Clinton's controversial health bill, and the impact of the famous Brown v Board of Education case 1954, 40 years ago, including its unintended consequences. 14:00
27.05.1994 lfa_19940527.mp3 Pearl White; Silent movie actress Pearl White (1889-1938), the case against Dan Rostenkowski and the latest allegations levelled against President Clinton are discussed by Alistair Cooke. 14:00
03.06.1994 lfa_19940603.mp3 50th anniversary of D Day, 1994; The Polish contribution to the Normandy landings are examined by Cooke following the 50th D Day commemorations, including why recent allied operations have been less successful. 14:00
10.06.1994 lfa_19940610.mp3 Clinton and the military; President Clinton's relationship with the military is explored by Alistair Cooke, who considers whether his lack of active service places him in a compromised position. 14:00
17.06.1994 lfa_19940617.mp3 Clinton and Gonzales; The leadership of Clinton and Felipe Gonzalez of Spain is compared by Cooke, who explores how the public expectations of elected officials have changed. 14:00
24.06.1994 lfa_19940624.mp3 American sport; The state of sport in America is assessed by Alistair Cooke as the 1994 World Cup commences. And he commemorates the final allied troops leaving Berlin. 14:00
01.07.1994 lfa_19940701.mp3 OJ Simpson trial; Unceasing rumours surrounding the OJ Simpson trial make Alistair Cooke reflect on the American desire to know the verdict before hearing the facts. 14:00
08.07.1994 lfa_19940708.mp3 OJ Simpson media coverage; How the OJ Simpson trial is being reported on either side of the Atlantic, and some parallels with the abdication of Edward VIII are discussed by Alistair Cooke. 14:00
15.07.1994 lfa_19940715.mp3 Haiti; Clinton's desire for a stronger relationship with Germany, the history of Haiti and the latest developments in the OJ Simpson case are mulled over by Alistair Cooke. 14:00
22.07.1994 lfa_19940722.mp3 Shoemaker-Levy 9 and Arthur C Clarke; The Comet Shoemaker–Levy 9 collision with Jupiter leads Alistair Cooke to discuss the thinning of the ozone layer and the work of Arthur C Clarke. 14:00
29.07.1994 lfa_19940729.mp3 Nuclear non-proliferation; Kathleen Bailey, a straight talking organiser shakes up a world conference at Livermore, with the renewal of the 1968 Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty high on political agendas. 14:00
05.08.1994 lfa_19940805.mp3 Preserving the peace in Serbia; America's historic obligation to preserving the peace and protecting the innocent in Greater Serbia, discussed by Alistair Cooke. 15:00
12.08.1994 lfa_19940812.mp3 Community policing, protest and riots; The FBI's powers, the need for "community policing", and the history of protest at UC Berkley are discussed by Alistair Cooke following a riot in Harlem Heights. 14:00
19.08.1994 lfa_19940819.mp3 Johnny Madison Williams; Bank robber Johnny Madison Williams Junior's story, leads Cooke to explore the concept of the crook as a national hero, and anticipate the fallout from the OJ Simpson trial. 14:00
26.08.1994 lfa_19940826.mp3 USA, Cuba, and Guantanamo Bay; The US role in the Cuban War of Independence and how America is housing Cuban refugees in the Guantanamo Bay facility are considered by Alistair Cooke. 14:00
02.09.1994 lfa_19940902.mp3 Allied troops leave Berlin in 1994; The Allied troop withdrawals from Berlin prompt Alistair Cooke to remember the division of Germany following the Second World War. 14:00
09.09.1994 lfa_19940909.mp3 Employment in America; Employment in America, and attempts to define the modern working population are discussed by Cooke, following the cancellation of the Labor Day parade in New York. 15:00
16.09.1994 lfa_19940916.mp3 American political underdogs; How President Clinton's position will be affected by the upcoming congressional elections leads Cooke to recall the underdogs and upsets from the history of American politics. 14:00
23.09.1994 lfa_19940923.mp3 American troops in Haiti; As American troops enter Haiti, Alistair Cooke chronicles President Clinton's motivations for intervening in the conflict and explains Jimmy Carter's role in the negotiations. 14:00
30.09.1994 lfa_19940930.mp3 North Korean nuclear development; North Korea's persistent nuclear development puts the UN in a tough situation; Cooke wonders whether Jimmy Carters diplomatic discussions or the UN Forces are the best deterrent. 14:00
14.10.1994 lfa_19941014.mp3 Diane Feinstein's forestry bill; Senator Diane Feinstein's heroic effort to pass a bill in Congress for the protection of 6 million acres of Californian desert highlights the drama of congressional voting. 14:00
21.10.1994 lfa_19941021.mp3 Jean-Bertrand Aristide; A new American ally is assessed by Alistair Cooke, following the donation of four billion dollars to North Korea to curb the production of nuclear arms. 14:00
28.10.1994 lfa_19941028.mp3 The Kennedy Family; Senator Edward Kennedy and Mitt Romney's televised debate before the 1994 Congressional elections provides an opportunity to discuss the history of the Kennedy family. 14:00
04.11.1994 lfa_19941104.mp3 Halloween 1994; The history of Halloween, how a rise in street crime has affected the celebration and the objections of the Christian right, are discussed by Alistair Cooke. 14:00
11.11.1994 lfa_19941111.mp3 Clinton's medical reforms; The Republican landslide Senate victory leads Alistair Cooke to critique Clinton's medical reform and recalls presidents who have triumphed in the face of adversity. 14:00
18.11.1994 lfa_19941118.mp3 Clinton on welfare and free trade; President Clinton's failure to deliver on welfare reform, the future of the North American Free Trade Agreement and the need for speculation in journalism. 14:00
25.11.1994 lfa_19941125.mp3 Newt Gingrich and the constitution; Newt Gingrich is installed as Speaker of the House of Representatives, Alistair Cooke examines his suggested amendments to the constitution, and the life of new legislation. 14:00
02.12.1994 lfa_19941202.mp3 Bosnia and the power of NATO; The erosion of San Franciscan water pipes, the continuing conflict in Bosnia and the American feeling that NATO is becoming a redundant entity are discussed by Alistair Cooke. 14:00
09.12.1994 lfa_19941209.mp3 Cable TV and local news; The rise of cable television and the difficulty it creates when trying to find a truly local news story, discussed by Alistair Cooke in San Francisco. 14:00
16.12.1994 lfa_19941216.mp3 OJ Simpson and the legal process, 1994; A mass shooting on a Long Island commuter train, the OJ Simpson trial and the litigation involved in becoming a US citizen lead Cooke to discuss the legal process in America. 14:00
23.12.1994 lfa_19941223.mp3 Carter's diplomacy and White House security; Jimmy Carter's diplomatic efforts, the security problems faced by the White House and the size of Lyndon Johnson's handkerchief are mused over by Alistaire Cooke. 14:00
30.12.1994 lfa_19941230.mp3 Barry Goldwater, and Reagan's speech; Former Senator Barry Goldwater, the speech that won Ronald Reagan the Governorship of California and the state of the Republican Party in 1994 are assessed by Alistair Cooke. 14:00

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