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Letter from America by Alistair Cooke


Über 900 Folgen des legendären wöchentlichen 15-Minuten-Programms, zum 90 Jahr-Jubiläum von der BBC öffentlich zugänglich gemacht: linkext. Link. Der Nachlass von Alistair Cooke befindet sich in der Boston University/Howard Gotlieb Archival Research Center linkext. Link

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Datum Datei Inhalt Dauer
12.01.1947 lfa_19470112.mp3 A fragment from 1947; A fragment preserved from Cooke's talk, reflecting on the importance of democratic capitalism and a free economy to Americans. 04:29
12.12.1949   My first Indian; Alistair Cooke recounts his first proper encounter with a native American in Spring 1947, near Santa Fe. (Thought to be a 1970s re-recording)  
19.01.1951 lfa_19510119.mp3 Television in America, 1951; How a new daily diet of television in America is changing people's lives, as reported by Alistair Cooke. 13:54
05.11.1953 lfa_19531105.mp3 William Kapell (1922-1953); A tribute to American Pianist William Kappell, the best pianist of his generation, and what music means to Americans 13:01
08.09.1957 lfa_19570908.mp3 500th letter; Alistair Cooke remembers Lindsay Wellington, the BBC head who came up with the idea of weekly letters to help people in the UK understand American life in 1946. 16:00
21.01.1962 lfa_19620121.mp3 Big brains; How New York construction was brought to a halt by the Electrician's Union strike, and why the computer or 'the big brain' will soon change how people work. 14:00
24.11.1963 lfa_19631124.mp3 Assassination of J F Kennedy, 1963; The assassination of John F Kennedy, the first president of the television age, and the style, grace and fun he brought to the White House. 15:00
17.01.1965 lfa_19650117.mp3 President Johnson's inauguration, 1965; President Lyndon B Johnson's inauguration for his own full first term, and some earlier notable inaugurations, including Washington and Jefferson's. 14:00
30.05.1965 lfa_19650530.mp3 Clay vs Liston Fight; How the debacle of the Cassius Clay–Sonny Liston boxing prize fight tarnished one of the elements of American culture - sportsmanship 14:00
22.08.1965 lfa_19650822.mp3 The LA Watts riots, 1965; The Watts riots in Los Angeles - were they an uprising by black Americans angry at their treatment or simply criminally motivated looting and violence? 14:00
21.08.1966 lfa_19660821.mp3 Honeymoon with President Johnson, 1966; Democracy demonstrated - how the President of the United States had to make way for Mr Meyer Sugarman's wedding night. 15:00
24.12.1967 lfm_19671224.mp3 Christmas 1967; Senator Jacob Javits' parking fine, Mayor Lindsay and the water commissioner, and a President Truman Christmas story. 14:00
24.03.1968 lfa_19680324.mp3 1000th letter - American reactions to Vietnam, 1968; The national mood begins to change over the Vietnam war - how America began to move from early indifference to the recognition of a nightmare. 15:00
09.06.1968 lfa_19680609.mp3 Bobby Kennedy's assassination, 1968; An eyewitness account of the assassination of Bobby Kennedy on June 5, 1968 in Los Angeles, and the collective-guilt aftermath for America. 14:00
30.11.1969 lfa_19691130.mp3 The My Lai massacre revealed, 1969; The American reaction to hearing of the horror of the Son My massacre (My Lai) in Vietnam, and parallels with Hiroshima and the Allied devastation of Dresden. 15:00
08.08.1970 lfa_19700808.mp3 The atom bomb warning of 1939; How Roosevelt was warned of Germany's nuclear threat by two Hungarian refugees from Long Island in 1939, thanks to a boy who liked fishing. 15:00
14.11.1970 lfa_19701114.mp3 Veteran's Day 1970; Dishonouring the dead: the sad scenes at New York's Hunter College, when acts of Veteran's Day remembrance turned into political stances, and forgot the victims of war. 15:00
10.07.1971 lfa_19710710.mp3 Louis Armstrong; A tribute to trumpeter Louis Armstrong (1901-1971), his life and music, and how attitudes to jazz have changed since Cooke's teenage years in Blackpool. 15:00
18.08.1971 lfa_19710818.mp3 Art Buchwald; The wit and wisdom of Art Buchwald, political satirist and columnist for the Washington Post and a modern day Jonathan Swift. 14:00
30.10.1971 lfa_19711030.mp3 Taiwan and China; Taiwan is out, and China in – why the change of seats in the UN General Assembly is much more than musical chairs. 15:00
05.02.1972 lfa_19720205.mp3 American reactions to Bloody Sunday, 1972; American reaction to claims of British brutality in Northern Ireland, and an early glimpse into the Kennedy clan. 14:00
11.11.1972 lfa_19721111.mp3 Richard Nixon re-elected President, 1972; Nixon's landslide victory, how close he came to winning in 1960, and why middle class Americans have been moving to the right as they have fled the city centres for the suburbs. 14:00
30.12.1972 lfa_19721230.mp3 President Truman (1884–1972); President Truman's life, his Missouri farm childhood, his war service, and how his political skills and achievements may have been overlooked by his critics. 14:00
27.01.1973 lfa_19730127.mp3 Roe v Wade; Where next for Vietnam, as 18 years of savage fighting comes to an end? And the Supreme Court rules on abortion for all in Roe v Wade. 14:00
05.05.1973 lfa_19730505.mp3 Watergate hearings 1973; Can the Watergate hearings restore the faith of the people in a system of government that has taken so many beatings? 15:00
12.05.1973 lfa_19730512.mp3 Watergate reporting; Trial by the press: is the tidal wave of Watergate reporting drowning the 'not guilty' pleas of all the president's men? 14:00
19.05.1973 lfa_19730519.mp3 Sam Ervin and Watergate; Watergate - Nixon's admirers in the Kremlin, and how the tenacious lawyer Senator Sam Ervin of North Carolina challenged Nixon. 14:00
26.05.1973 lfa_19730526.mp3 Watergate: Nixon's changing stories, 1973; A question of clarity. A week of presidential explanation, in the guise of polysyllabic obfuscation, over the Watergate scandal. 14:00
25.08.1973 lfa_19730825.mp3 Nixon's Watergate speech, 1973; The speech that President Nixon had hoped would sink the Watergate scandal once and for all fails to hit its target, according to polling. 14:00
19.10.1973 lfa_19731019.mp3 The inauguration of Gerald Ford as Vice President, 1973; A lack of procedure for the events following the resignation of Vice President Spiro Agnew, and the promotion of Gerald Ford from House Minority Leader to Vice President. 14:00
26.10.1973 lfa_19731026.mp3 Watergate investigators and Nixon; Speculation, suspicion and compromise. Demands, resignations and black clouds over President Nixon's refusal to assist the Watergate investigators. 15:00
09.11.1973 lfa_19731109.mp3 Should Nixon resign?; Why the American policy in the state of Israel is failing to keep the home fires burning; and why an embattled President Nixon has more to fear from friends than foes. 15:00
10.05.1974 lfa_19740510.mp3 Corruption; Avoiding corruption in politics, the temptations of advertising money, which can turn great actors into salesmen, and Earth Day's unexpected trash problems. 14:00
31.05.1974 lfa_19740531.mp3 Duke Ellington; Duke Ellington - remembering not just a great jazz musician, but an elegant, articulate man of unassailable natural dignity. 15:00
07.06.1974 lfa_19740607.mp3 San Francisco: Detroit of the Pacific?; The skyscrapers that shattered the myth of San Francisco as a special city; and why it's important to understand the Stockholm syndrome in the Patty Hearst kidnap case. 14:00
09.08.1974 lfa_19740809.mp3 Nixon's resignation, 1974; Downfall of a president – how Nixon fatally underestimated the power of the people versus the presidential powers he has just been forced to give up. 14:00
23.08.1974 lfa_19740824.mp3 Gerald Ford, the new man in the White House, 1974; Campaign biographies, and some new revelations about President Gerald Ford's past come to light, including the fact he was christened Leslie King Junior. 14:00
18.10.1974 lfa_19741018.mp3 Boston busing crisis, 1974; How Judge W Arthur Garrity Jr's enforced busing policy, attempting to desegregate schooling, came up against its greatest challenge in South Boston. 14:00
29.11.1974 lfa_19741129.mp3 TV news coverage, 1974; America's relentless TV news coverage and why we should learn from history that ignorant bliss does not pay off. 14:00
27.12.1974 lfa_19741227.mp3 Changing United Nations; How the Third World has taken over the United Nations show – and how Alistair Cooke helped introduce the people's game of golf to Mother Russia. 14:00
16.05.1975 lfa_19750516.mp3 Cambodia gunboat diplomacy; Why did President Ford launch an attack on Cambodia? Arriving late to a news story allows you to ask the simple question. 14:00
18.07.1975 lfa_19750718.mp3 US/USSR handshakes, 1975; American and Soviet astronauts Thomas Stafford and Alexei Leonov's symbolic handshake, and Alexander Solzhenitsyn's untimely intervention about the realities of the USSR. 14:00
12.09.1975 lfa_19750912.mp3 Assassination attempt on Ford; President Ford is saved from assassination attempt in Sacramento, and the perils of taped broadcasting, when it comes to commenting on up-to-the-minute news. 14:00
23.01.1976 lfa_19760123.mp3 American political parties; How the Democrats and the Republicans all came from a federalist starting point – and how they're both trying to hang on to the overcrowded middle ground. 14:00
13.02.1976 lfa_19760213.mp3 Gossip; The history of the word 'gossip', and what's being said about the disgraced ex-President Nixon accepting an invitation to go to China. 14:00
19.03.1976 lfa_19760319.mp3 The special relationship; Reassessing the 'special relationship' between the UK and US, in the light of British Prime Minister Harold Wilson's sudden resignation. 14:00
12.11.1976 lfa_19761112.mp3 Jimmy Carter elected president, 1976; How Americans feel about Jimmy Carter - the story revealed by the polling. 14:00
23.12.1977 lfa_19771223.mp3 Groucho Marx and Bing Crosby; Two great talents who died in 1977 - remembering Groucho Marx and Bing Crosby. 14:00
10.02.1978 lfa_19780210.mp3 Dr Strangelove and the Soviet spy satellite; As a Soviet spy satellite fuelled by nuclear power plunges to earth above Canada, has military technology acquiring a momentum independent of human control? 14:00
10.03.1978 lfa_19780310.mp3 From Mexico; Why Letter from America can never be up to date anywhere in the world, and why US reports on Mexico are limited to jails and drugs. 14:00
28.04.1978 lfa_19780428.mp3 Protest and historical change; Capitalism, communism and historical change, the slant that hindsight gives history - Eldridge Cleaver, and protest over the years by college students. 14:00
06.04.1979 lfa_19790406.mp3 Three Mile Island Accident; Everyone has an opinion on nuclear energy now. The political fallout of the Three Mile Island nuclear accident on March 28, 1979, and how it might impact on future energy policy 14:00
22.06.1979 lfa_19790622.mp3 The murder of Bill Stewart in Nicaragua, 1979; Seeing Bill Stewart, a news reporter, shot dead in Nicaragua in front of TV cameras, brings home the horror to Americans. 09:00
21.09.1979 lfa_19790921.mp3 Jean Seberg and the FBI, 1979; The detestable confession that confirms that the actress Jean Seberg's life was destroyed by J Edgar Hoover's 'dirty tricks' branch of the FBI. 15:00
05.10.1979 lfa_19791005.mp3 Pope John Paul II's visit; The national rejoicing during Pope John Paul II's visit to the US, the biography of the Pope, and Catholicism in America. 14:00
19.10.1979 lfa_19791019.mp3 New York Times mistake; Mistaking a neutron for a neutrino, the New York Times has to apologise for its reporting of the Nobel Prize; and marking the death of Uncle Tom, actor Clarence Muse. 15:00

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