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    90 x 90: The Full Set (1990-2011) Celebrating 90 years of BBC radio - short features marking some memorable radio moments.  
bbc_1922 1922 Such An Extraordinary Pulpit Reverend John Mayo marvels at Mr Marconi's invention. Reverend Richard Coles gives his thought for the day on religious broadcasting. 01:36
bbc_1923 1923 Cardiff Calling Remarkable microphone technique from baritone Mostyn Thomas who remembers the first Welsh words on radio singing out from BBC Wales. 01:31
bbc_1924 1924 The Cello and The Nightingale Cellist Beatrice Harrison duets with nightingales in a Surrey garden - or does she? Sound recordist Chris Watson investigates. 01:34
bbc_1925 1925 The Pips The pips' first birthday! There's a party to crash. 01:35
bbc_1926 1926 The Riot That Never Was A broadcasting priest convinces listeners that London is under threat by murderous rioters. Ray Snoddy reports. 01:35
bbc_1927 1927 Put the Needle on the Record Christopher Stone, one of the BBC's first DJs, introduces gramophone discs with his Time for a Tune programme. 01:39
bbc_1928 1928 Faith, Hope and Clarity Sit down children: schools' producer George Dixon researches radio's classroom potential. 01:34
bbc_1929 1929 Val Gielgud - drama's new boss Val Gielgud epitomised theatricality and helped shape radio drama. 01:32
bbc_1930 1930 No News TodayOn 18 April the BBC decided there was nothing newsworthy worth reporting, so broadcast some piano music instead. 01:36
bbc_1931 1931 Ezra Pound writes an operaPoet Ezra Pound writes an opera for radio and listens to it on the BBC in an Italian kitchen. With Margaret Fisher. 01:36
bbc_1932 1932 Days of Empire Lord Reith introduces what would become the World Service, broadcasting its "voices out of the air" around the world. 01:35
bbc_1933 1933 The Song of Elisabeth Welch Soft Lights and Sweet Music from one of the first black women on the BBC. With West End actress Sharon D Clarke. 01:33
bbc_1934 1934 On an 'Opping 'Oliday An early excursion to record the 'actual' world provides the opportunity for a hop picking holiday. With Sheila Dillon. 01:35
bbc_1935 1935 Encounter with Brahms Suffragette and composer Dame Ethel Smyth remembers meeting her hero in 1877. 01:37
bbc_1936 1936 Charlie Chilton - Cockney rebel Veteran radio star Charles Chilton recalls being threatened with the sack for sounding "too cockney" on his "jazz" programme. 01:30
bbc_1937 1937 Ms Slocombe and The Sound Archive Secretary Marie Slocombe defies her bosses to become the unsung heroine of the BBC Archive. 01:37
bbc_1938 1938 Journey Through Czechoslovakia Swastikas and fairylights - a chilling reminder that journalism is the first draft of history. 01:35
bbc_1939 1939 The Classic Soil Friedrich Engels, Joan Littlewood and working class voices from Manchester and Salford. 01:35
bbc_1940 1940 Arthur Smith Gets on the Band Waggon Arthur Smith visits the Broadcasting House flat lived in by another Arthur. Arthur Askey, "Stinker" Murdoch and their goat shared a flat that has been left untouched... till now. 01:32
bbc_1941 1941 Sincerely Yours Vera Lynn presents a weekly letter in words and music, bringing the forces and their sweethearts together. 01:31
bbc_1942 1942 Crystal Radio Resistance in Guernsey When radio is finally banned in Guernsey, one man risks his life to listen. Paddy O'Connell talked to Thomas Robin. 01:36
bbc_1943 1943 The resignation of George Orwell George Orwell leaves the BBC. Tosco Fyvel, who worked for the BBC German service, tells all. 01:34
bbc_1944 1944 CS Lewis and The Evacuee Child evacuee, Jill Freud, discovers that her new landlord is also a radio hero. 01:30
bbc_1945 1945 I Call… Zelma Karch A call from homeless children who've been Nazi captives, addressed to relatives believed to be living in Great Britain 01:36
bbc_1946 1946 Hello Campers A slice of optimistic post-war life from a northern holiday camp. 01:34
bbc_1947 1947 How Does Your Garden Grow? Eric Robson revisits a question about DDT for Gardener's Question Time's first outing. 01:38
bbc_1948 1948 Mrs Dale and her Diary The famous soap remembered by Gillian Reynolds and satirised by Round The Horne. 01:30
bbc_1949 1949 Chambermaids and Figleaves Excerpts from The BBC Variety Programmes Policy Guide For Writers and Producers, read by Clive Anderson with a little help from ITMA. 01:35
bbc_1950 1950 A soap called the McFlannels Listener Pat Taylor recalls Scotland's favourite weekly home-grown family saga. 01:29
bbc_1951 1951 The Third Man on the BBC That was the shot that killed Harry Lime. Seán Street on how Orson Welles brought a dead man to British radio. 01:33
bbc_1952 1952 Friday Night is Music Night Ken Bruce reveals the secret of Friday Night is Music Night's longevity. 01:33
bbc_1953 1953 Journey into Space A massive radio sci-fi success recalled by David Jacobs and his fellow crew members, who remember how radio faced the evil threat of TV drama... 01:33
bbc_1954 1954 Nature Parliament A young Michael Rosen writes a letter about caterpillars to naturalist Peter Scott's radio show. 01:32
bbc_1955 1955 The Archers' Year Through the seasons - a year in the life of the Archers  
bbc_1956 1956 Rock Around the Radio As rock 'n' roll seizes Britain, a group of lads get ticked off by a magistrate, and a Scottish teddy girl explains how she bought the chain that decorates her drainpipes. 01:34
bbc_1957 1957 Waiting For Beckett How Samuel Beckett revolutionised writing for radio with All That Fall. 01:35
bbc_1958 1958 Educating Archie Britain's favourite radio vintage ventriloquist's show recalled by a modern day dummy called Monkey and his companion, ventriloquist Nina Conti. 01:34
bbc_1959 1959 Entertaining Mr Orton Joe Orton's controversial and blackly comedic first play is rescued from the scrap pile. 01:35
bbc_1960 1960 Shannon, Rockall, Hebrides… While others slept, former coastguard Ian Stephen was listening to the shipping forecast. What does it really mean to those out on the open sea? 01:34
bbc_1961 1961 The Eichmann Trial Radio broadcasts from the court room during the trial of Adolf Eichmann changed attitudes to the holocaust. At last the world was listening. 01:35
bbc_1962 1962 Children talking Journalist Harold Williamson was the man who talked to children. The show he created, after a winning 1961 series, became a phenomenon, and was later sampled by The Aphex Twin. 01:34
bbc_1963 1963 The Beatles talk posh Jolly joshing between the Beatles and a BBC reporter. 01:31
bbc_1964 1964 In Top Gear Listener Tris Penna recalls listening to Brian Matthew in bed with his new transistor radio. 01:32
bbc_1965 1965 Out in the Sixties A vivid example of how attitudes to sexuality have changed. 01:35
bbc_1966 1966 Aberfan Writer Gwyn Thomas' radio eulogy to the children of Aberfan. 01:34
bbc_1967 1967 Keep The Noise Down, Hendrix The day a Radio 3 producer popped her head around the studio door and asked Jimi Hendrix to keep the noise down 01:37
bbc_1968 1968 The King of Love Is Dead Nina Simone talks about the assassination of Martin Luther King and her song Why? The King of Love is Dead. 01:33
bbc_1969 1969 The View from the Petticoat Line Women in the hotseat. In hats. Gillian Reynolds grabs her handbag for this 1969 episode. 01:33
bbc_1970 1970 The Long March of Everyman Daniel Snowman begins work on a landmark history of the British People, with modern workers giving voice to workers from the past. 01:34
bbc_1971 1971 If You Think You've Got Problems Worried married woman seeks an anti-aphrodisiac and advice in radio's agony column, as recalled by Gillian Reynolds. 01:36
bbc_1972 1972 Belfast's Golden Girl Mary Peters remembers winning Gold in the Olympics, and her Belfast homecoming. 01:36
bbc_1973 1973 Let’s Get This Show on The Roadshow Tour Manager Richard Greaves relives a day in the life of the Radio 1 Roadshow. 01:34
bbc_1974 1974 Spike's tales from the Raj Spike Milligan tells the story of his Indian colonial childhood in More Plain Tales From The Raj. The story of this landmark series began in 1974 with Plain Tales From The Raj. 01:33
bbc_1975 1975 Order, Order Ken Clarke revisits the start of Parliamentary radio and the fear it would change the House. 01:36
bbc_1976 1976 Mind over matter A young Colin Blakemore's Reith Lecture: Understanding the human brain is more important than understanding the frontiers of space or the inside of an atom. 01:36
bbc_1977 1977 This is Radio Orkney Livestock prices and a dating agency for sheep. "You live it and breathe it," explains Dave Gray from Radio Orkney. A different kind of local radio, right from the start. 01:31
bbc_1978 1978 Drainpipe Radio Hear 13-year-old Jeremy Vine making his radio debut on his own home made station - broadcasting down a sewage pipe to his brother and sister. 01:30
bbc_1979 1979 Up All Night On the first night of 24 hour national broadcasting, Radio 2 DJs, Ray and Colin, consider how to fill the long and lonely hours till morning. Right. Absolutely. 01:32
bbc_1980 1980 The difficult second Series Simon Jones, who played Arthur Dent, recalls the hurried birth of the difficult second series shortly after the surprise success of the first. 01:36
bbc_1981 1981 Lady of the Rings Elizabeth Parker recalls manipulating sound in the Radiophonic Workshop, and finding the perfect sound for gold. 01:35
bbc_1982 1982 A Mole on the Radio Adrian Mole, Radio 4's surprise hit of 1982, was famously anti-Thatcher. 30 years later, Lady T's former press secretary Bernard Ingham springs to her defence. 01:33
bbc_1983 1983 It was Our Tune Grace Dent explains her teenage love of Our Tune. 01:34
bbc_1984 1984 The Assassination of Indira Gandhi Hardeep Singh Kohli remembers hearing Mark Tully breaking the news of Indira Gandhi's death. 01:36
bbc_1985 1985 Piano Movement How to 'fill' for 30 minutes, by Radio 3's Suzy Klein. 01:31
bbc_1986 1986 Post-Modern Neo Dada Mullard When Libby Purves went on holiday, producer Victor Lewis-Smith, booked her replacement on Midweek. His name was Arthur and Victor told her "It was the nearest I could get". 01:36
bbc_1987 1987 Stormy Weather The power is out in Broadcasting House. It's torchlight and typewriters for Sue MacGregor. The morning after storms devastate the South East, she remembers the emergency drill. 01:35
bbc_1988 1988 Anthony and Claire: In the Psychiatrist's chair Is there any point in digging up past misery if you can't do anything about it? Claire Rayner is moved to comment when confronted by Dr Anthony Clare. Gillian Reynolds remembers. 01:33
bbc_1989 1989 Now That's What I call Mali Andy Kershaw on an early trip to Mali. In the late 80s, the BBC put what it was learning to call World Music on Radio 1 and 4. 01:32
bbc_1990 1990 Secret Messages John Waite remembers how he used radio to send family messages to his cousin, hostage Terry Waite, when "literally nothing else in the world could reach him". 01:36
bbc_1991 1991 It's all gone Pete Tong A shout going out to Radio 1's official start to the weekend. 01:34
bbc_1992 1992 Hold Your Plums Radio Merseyside's potty cult quiz. 01:34
bbc_1993 1993 Derek Jarman's film without pictures Blue was both a film and a Radio 3 feature, a vivid image of an artist losing his sight. 01:36
bbc_1994 1994 www dot what? Radio 1 cautiously embraces the digital revolution, though presenters struggle a bit with the jargon. 01:36
bbc_1995 1995 Victory! Broadcasting's taboo word appears multiple times in Howard Barker's uncompromising play on Radio 3. Mark Lawson recalls how radio dealt with a welter of bad language. 02:03
bbc_1996 1996 Goodness Gracious Adil Ray giggles again at the hit radio comedy show. 01:36
bbc_1997 1997 A Girl Called Spoonface Actress Becky Simpson was only 11 when she played the amazing Spoonface Steinberg in a moving play that changed radio drama. 15 years later Becky remembers her radio debut. 01:35
bbc_1998 1998 Touching The Elephant A group of blind people touch an elephant and describe it... 01:39
bbc_1999 1999 "That Woman" Monica Lewinsky tells Jenni Murray about sex, politics, and why she kept that dress. 01:38
bbc_2000 2000 Millennium Bug Brian Roberts prepared BBC radio for the Millennium, and remembers waiting for "the end of the world"... Nothing happened. 01:36
bbc_2001 2001 Who is The Rabbit? Journalist Najiba Kasraee reveals how a children's radio character captivated a Taliban Commander. 01:36
bbc_2002 2002 The Launch of 1Xtra A Shropshire listener recalls hearing 1Xtra for the first time. Stand back. There's FIRE coming off the vinyl! 01:34
bbc_2003 2003 The Troubles with Colin Murray A young Colin Murray takes to the streets of Belfast, talking Westlife with Protestant and Catholic kids in this Radio 1 documentary. 01:37
bbc_2004 2004 Keeping It Peel John Peel in his own words, which were heard on BBC radio for almost 40 years. 01:34
bbc_2005 2005 Back of the Net Clare Balding applauds 5 live's Jacqui Oatley, the first female football commentator on national radio. 01:33
bbc_2006 2006 Mind the Gap Continuity announcer Chris Aldridge reveals what it takes to create the seamless sound of Radio 4. A model blowfish, apparently. 01:37
bbc_2007 2007 Captive On his release, BBC journalist and Gaza hostage Alan Johnston reveals the radio message that kept him going. 01:34
bbc_2008 2008 Adam and Joe 6 Music kings of comedy Adam and Joe wage musical war. Their battlefield? The art of the instructional song. 01:37
bbc_2009 2009 A Bird on the Battlefield Sergeant Geoffrey McMullan recalls a moment of solace while serving in Iraq. 01:33
bbc_2010 2010 To the Music of Time Heel Toe Step Together was a powerful true life story of an octogenarian dancer teaching a twenty eight year old how to waltz. 01:36
bbc_2011 2011 An Emotional Tribute To Gary Speed With the help of listeners, Robbie Savage and Darren Fletcher pay tribute to Welsh footballer and manager, Gary Speed, whose death was announced earlier in the day. 01:37
    Diverse Audios  
2lo_calling 1922 The very first words uttered on air “This is 2LO calling, the London station of the British Broadcasting Company calling. This is 2LO calling”. The first official BBC radio broadcast was the evening news transmitted by London station 2L0 from Marconi House studios on the Strand, Central London on 14 November 1922. This is the station identification that preceded the broadcast. 00:06
2lo_albarn_1 2012 2LO Calling First scheduled simultaneous broadcast since 1922, when the BBC was established. On Wednesday it is 90 years since the first ever BBC broadcast and to mark the anniversary, every BBC radio station across the UK and the globe will be coming together for the first time in the BBC's history. At 17:33 on Wednesday they will simultaneously broadcast a three minute composition by Blur front man Damon Albarn for the Radio Reunited project. With introduction (2lo_albarn_1.pdf) 04:27
2lo_albarn_2 2012 2LO Calling A: Demon Albarn (2lo_albarn_2.pdf) 02:59
albarn 2012 Damon Albarn's Radio Reunited broadcast The BBC's John Wilson went to meet Mr Albarn, who explained the audio collage that he had created: "There's Bertrand Russell in Morse code, there's a skylark and there's a scary Cold War spy station." 04:36
    2 Deutsche Beiträge zum 90-jähriges Jubiläum der BBC  
    BBC Sound Effects: 120 LP33  
publications 2012 A comprehensive bibliography of BBC related material.  
1920s-2000s.pdf 2012 Detailed factsheets for each decade  
director-generals.pdf 2012 List of the BBC Directors-General  
chairman.pdf 2012 List of the BBC Chairmen  
committees_of_enquiry.pdf 2012 List of the BBC Key Broadcast Committees  
boards_of_governors.pdf 2012 List of the Boards of Governors of the BBC  
burrows_baker.pdf 2012 90 years after its first transmission, BBC radio – from Arthur Burrows to Danny Baker. A: Andrew Everard  
90*90.pdf 2012 Ninety years of BBC radio – listening back through time. A: Caroline Crampton  
cole.pdf 2012 G D H Cole in 1927: “Whatever the BBC does is, of course, wrong.” The Beeb has always been a space for debate on culture, ethics and standards. A: Philip Maughan  

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