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You Can't do Business with Hitler


otr_hitlerzoomThe series of radio shows, written and produced by the Office of War Information (OWI), and dstributed by the Radio Section of the Office for Emergency Management in Washington, was transcribed four times a month. Elwood Hoffman wrote the scripts, and Frank Telford directed the production. This series is one of the many thousands of government propaganda plays that were broadcast to help the war effort during World War II. - The series is based on the experiences of Douglas Miller, who was for 15 years commercial attaché to the American Embassy in Berlin. Douglas Miller reveals the NAZI technique of plundering and looting conquered lands.

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Datei Titel Dauer
business_01 Heads They Win - Tails We Lose 14:57
business_02 Broken Promises 14:53
business_03 No American Goods Wanted 14:25
business_04 Two for Me One for You 15:03
business_05 Mass Murder 14:37
business_06 Spoils of Europe 15:12
business_07 1000 Year Reich 14:32
business_08 Living Dead 14:43
business_09 Anti-Christ 14:48
business_10 Pagan Gods 14:45
business_11 Swastikas over the Equator 15:00
business_12 Money Talks with a German Accent 14:32
business You can’t do business with Hitler US-Hörspielpropaganda im 2. Weltkrieg. DLF Feature. Sendedatum unbekannt 44:28

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