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unr001 1948-xx-xx Between The Dark And The Daylight 29:03
unr002 1948-xx-xx Year Of Decision Part 1 30:36
unr003 1948-xx-xx Year Of Decision Part 2 28:27
unr004 1949-xx-xx Could Be 59:34
unr005 1950-xx-xx All Your Strength 29:56
unr006 1950-xx-xx Document A777 59:30
unr007 1950-xx-xx Paris To Istanbul Express 15:17
unr008 1950-xx-xx Preamble To U N Charter Read By Laurence Olivier 02:35
unr009 1950-xx-xx Shooting Gallery 28:45
unr010 1950-xx-xx The Doctor And Magdalena 28:56
unr011 1950-xx-xx Under One Flag Part 1 21:47
unr012 1950-xx-xx Under One Flag Part 2 22:47
unr013 1951-xx-xx Its A Small World 14:33
unr014 1951-xx-xx Windows On The World 59:50
unr015 1952-xx-xx Eye Witness 52 28:49
unr016 1952-xx-xx Jungle In Retreat Part 1 30:13
unr017 1952-xx-xx Jungle In Retreat Part 2 29:55
unr018 1953-xx-xx Fear Itself 60:12
unr019 1953-xx-xx Letter From Father 14:26
unr020 1953-xx-xx Peace On Earth 30:47
unr021 1953-xx-xx The Grand Alliance 28:31
unr022 1953-xx-xx The Korea Story Part 1 29:20
unr023 1953-xx-xx The Korea Story Part 2 28:23
unr024 1954-xx-xx Could Be 59:34
unr025 1954-xx-xx Freedom Of The Skies 30:21
unr026 1954-xx-xx My Most Unforgettable Child 23:59
unr027 1954-xx-xx No Trumpets 14:24
unr028 1954-xx-xx The Day It Happened 28:59
unr029 1954-xx-xx The Disinherited 25:25
unr030 1954-xx-xx The Long Walk 30:38
unr031 1954-xx-xx We Saw Tomorrow 28:41
unr032 1954-xx-xx Winston Churchill 80th Birthday Speeches 57:08
unr033 1955-xx-xx A Great Day 29:12
unr034 1955-xx-xx A Stirring Of The Giant 28:23
unr035 1955-xx-xx Ambassador At Large 28:41
unr036 1955-xx-xx Humanitys Children 29:25
unr037 1955-xx-xx Leila 14:24
unr038 1955-xx-xx The Birthday Party 28:43
unr039 1955-xx-xx The Man Who Wasnt There 12:57
unr040 1955-xx-xx The Story Of Nicholas Mitetich 29:38
unr041 1955-xx-xx Ticket 1955 14:45
unr042 1955-xx-xx What Follows The End 14:35
unr043 1955-xx-xx You And Article 71 29:18
unr044 1955-xx-xx Your Seat At The Table 14:31
unr045 1956-xx-xx A Friendly Warning 28:24
unr046 1956-xx-xx Charter In The Saucer 31:23
unr047 1956-xx-xx Current Account 28:16
unr048 1956-xx-xx Marlon Brando The Well Of Happiness 04:44
unr049 1956-xx-xx The Great Dilemma 28:46
unr050 1956-xx-xx The Hand And The Sun 23:45
unr051 1956-xx-xx The Murderess 05:09
unr052 1956-xx-xx The New Frontier 28:36
unr053 1956-xx-xx Three Buildings By A River 14:31
unr054 1957-xx-xx A Halloween Story The Trial Of Sergeant Bill 14:10
unr055 1957-xx-xx Beyond Reasonable Doubt 50:59
unr056 1957-xx-xx Disarmament On Trial 28:36
unr057 1957-xx-xx Evidence Of A Verdict 27:58
unr058 1957-xx-xx Geometry Of Hunger 14:31
unr059 1957-xx-xx I The Diplomat Part 1 29:19
unr060 1957-xx-xx I The Diplomat Part 2 28:21
unr061 1957-xx-xx No Easy Magic 14:28
unr062 1957-xx-xx The Broken Link 29:39
unr063 1957-xx-xx The Second Hundrend Million 13:59
unr064 1957-xx-xx The Sinews Of Peace 29:37
unr065 1957-xx-xx The Unicef Story 28:43
unr066 1957-xx-xx Toward The Happyland 58:00
unr067 1958-xx-xx A Statement Of Account 28:42
unr068 1958-xx-xx Beacons Of Wisdom 28:23
unr069 1958-xx-xx Lemkin Citizen Of The World 13:50
unr070 1958-xx-xx People In Houses 28:47
unr071 1958-xx-xx Portrait Of A Diplomat 28:39
unr072 1958-xx-xx Report On The Invisible 28:30
unr073 1958-xx-xx Ten Steps Forward 29:16
unr074 1958-xx-xx The Pulse Of Prosperity 29:13
unr075 1958-xx-xx The Pure And The Practical 28:38
unr076 1958-xx-xx The Pursuit Of Peace 28:28
unr077 1958-xx-xx Trade Winds Of Tomorrow 23:59
unr078 1959-xx-xx Down With Dragons 28:38
unr079 1959-xx-xx Forum 59 28:39
unr080 1959-xx-xx In Tempests Of Motion 28:18
unr081 1959-xx-xx Life Begins At Ten 14:22
unr082 1959-xx-xx New Hears For Old 28:39
unr083 1959-xx-xx Patterns For Our Lives 24:16
unr084 1959-xx-xx Predicament At Dawn 28:41
unr085 1959-xx-xx Residence Desired 28:18
unr086 1959-xx-xx Times Ambition 28:31
unr087 1959-xx-xx Tomorrow For Two 28:36
unr088 1960-xx-xx Africa The Other Revolution 28:36
unr089 1960-xx-xx Africa The Year Of Change 28:51
unr090 1960-xx-xx Southern Exposure Central America 28:32
unr091 1960-xx-xx Southern Exposure South America 29:00
unr092 1961-xx-xx A Forum Is Sixteen 14:37
unr093 1961-xx-xx Science And The U N 28:32
unr094 1961-xx-xx The Seeds Of Skill 28:38
unr095 1961-xx-xx The Year Of The Whirlwind 28:33
unr096 1962-xx-xx A Matter Of Opinion 29:00
unr097 1963-xx-xx Eighteen Hundred Keys 28:41
unr098 1963-xx-xx From Asia With Modesty Determination And Courage Part 1 28:22
unr099 1963-xx-xx From Asia With Modesty Determination And Courage Part 2 28:29
unr100 1963-xx-xx From Asia With Modesty Determination And Courage Part 3 28:14
unr101 1965-xx-xx International Cooperation Year 01 14:29
unr102 1965-xx-xx International Cooperation Year 02 14:37
unr103 1965-xx-xx International Cooperation Year 03 14:44
unr104 1965-xx-xx International Cooperation Year 04 14:42
unr105 1965-xx-xx International Cooperation Year 05 14:34
unr106 1965-xx-xx International Cooperation Year 06 14:38
unr107 1965-xx-xx International Cooperation Year 07 14:18
unr108 1965-xx-xx International Cooperation Year 08 14:18
unr109 1965-xx-xx International Cooperation Year 09 16:15
unr110 1965-xx-xx International Cooperation Year 10 25:09
unr111 1971-xx-xx A People In Bondage 14:03
unr112 1975-xx-xx For Mother And Child 14:09
unr113 1988-xx-xx Mikhail Gorbachev Press Conference 06:58
unr114 1991-xx-xx Born In The 1990s Ukraine Independence. Episode: 01 of 02 41:07
unr115 1992-xx-xx Born In The 1990s Baltics Independence 04:39

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