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WBCQ Offshore Radio Special

wbcqTo commemorate the 49th anniversary of the first broadcast from Radio Caroline, WBCQ presents our Offshore Radio Special on Area 51, 5.110 MHz worldwide shortwave. Starting Sunday, March 31 at 6PM US eastern time (2200 UTC) we will present a 12 hour marathon broadcast celebrating the legacy of offshore radio, including both the first and the latest shows from our own Radio New York International

WBCQ Offshore Radio Special 2013-03-31
Archivnummern: AP/p_pa/wbcq_(Dateiname)
© Allan Weiner, WBCQ - WBCQ The Planet, 274 Britton Road, Monticello, Maine 04760, USA

Datei mp3 Datum Inhalt Dauer
wbcq_weiner 27.08.1999 Allan Weiner recalls the story of worldwide radio ships – (Quelle: WBCQ Offshore Radio Special, 31.03.2013 - wbcq_offshore_special.doc) 14:43
wbcq_caroline 28.02.1984 Radio Caroline 20:18
wbcq_mix 31.12.2013 Mix historischer Free Radio-Mitschnitte 27:38
wbcq_mmi 19.02.1984 MMI Test - Laser: John Moss-Blak 59:47
wbcq_rni 15.04.1974 Radio Northsea International: Rob Eden Contemporary Music Show 59:21
wbcq_rni_test 31.12.2013 Radio Northsea International Revival 126:41

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