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tal_2004zoom"This American Life ( linkext. Link ) ist eine einstündige, wöchentlich übertragene Hörfunksendung, die vom US-amerikanischen Chicago Public Radio produziert wird und weltweit als Podcast zu hören ist. Im Mittelpunkt der von Ira Glass moderierten Sendung stehen Reportagen, die sich immer einem spezifischen Thema widmen und teilweise durch Essays oder Kurzgeschichten ergänzt werden" (Quelle: secure linkext. Link )
This American Life is a weekly public radio show broadcast on more than 500 stations to about 2.2 million listeners. It is produced in collaboration with Chicago Public Media, delivered to stations by PRX The Public Radio Exchange, and has won all of the major broadcasting awards. It is also often the most popular podcast in the country, with another 2.4 million people downloading each episode. There's a theme to each episode of This American Life, and a variety of stories on that theme. Most of the stories are journalism, with an occasional comedy routine or essay.

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© 2004 Ira Glass / Chicago Public Media

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256 2004-01-09 Living Without Stories of people living without. Nubar Alexanian explains what fish can do for him that his own ears cannot. Sarah Vowell explains the cheerful journalism of deprivation. And other stories. 00:59:18
257 2004-01-16 What I Should've Said People return to the scene of the crime where they should have spoken clearly, plainly, review what the hell went wrong, and in a few cases, to fix it. Jonathan Goldstein tries to stop time. Charles Monroe tries to figure out how to teach a lesson to the President of the United States. 00:59:00
258 2004-01-30 Leaving the Fold A popular, progressive politician becomes...a talk show host. One you've probably heard of. A group of nuns leave the Catholic Church...only to find themselves essentially, remaining nuns. These and other stories of people leaving the situation they're used to—and striking off for something less familiar. 00:59:20
259 2004-02-20 Promised Land For millennia, people have tried to reach a spiritual promised land by fasting. Jesus did it. The Buddha did it. Monks and saints and new age gurus have done it. And now, on the radio, This American Life contributor David Rakoff tries it. He does a 20-day fast, to find out if it brings him any form of enlightenment. 00:59:19
260 2004-03-12 The Facts Don't Matter There's what happened, and there's the story that gets told about what happened. Sometimes the two things don't match up very well. This week, two case examples—ripped, as they say, from today's headlines—of the story that's told becoming the truth, even though the facts don't back it up. 01:00:35
261 2004-03-26 The Sanctity of Marriage Stories trying to understand what actually happens in marriages during this time when the definition of marriage is up in the air. Music throughout the hour by a real wedding band, a good one: The Doug Lawrence Orchestra. 00:59:16
262 2004-04-02 Miracle Cures People looking for miracle cures, some from above, others from abroad. A son tries to help his mom in a faraway place defy the laws of medical science. A daughter tries to help her dad by going to a faraway place to defy the laws of the United States of America. 00:58:59
263 2004-04-16 Desperate Measures Stories of people stuck in unfixable situations who try desperate measures. Sometimes these are inventive, sometimes they're ingenious, sometimes they even work. 0:59:03
264 2004-05-07 Special Treatment We love it when we get it, but is it ever really fair? A defense of special treatment, by people who receive it and people who give it. 00:59:18
265 2004-05-21 Fake Science Stories of people trying to drag science where it doesn't belong. 00:58:58
266 2004-06-04 I'm From the Private Sector and I'm Here to Help Today's show is devoted to just one story. Contributing editor Nancy Updike went to Iraq to try to figure out what it's like to be a private citizen working in the middle of a war zone. 00:59:16
267 2004-06-11 Propriety Perhaps there was a time when the rules of polite society were clear. No longer. This week, we bring you stories of people forced to try to figure out how to maintain their dignity—and decency—in some very unsettling situations. 00:59:14
268 2004-06-25 My Experimental Phase Three stories about people who decide to try out a new life—the kind of life their parents never wanted for them. 00:59:02
269 2004-07-16 Someone to Watch Over Me Letting someone else take care of you can change everything. Three stories of couples in which one partner is trying to take care of the other, sometimes with more resistance, sometimes with less. 00:59:01
270 2004-08-06 Family Legend How, one might wonder, could a simple hunk of cheese drive a wedge between an aging aunt and her devoted niece? Sure, every family has its share of grudges, secrets and bad behavior. 00:59:18
271 2004-08-20 Best Interests 00:59:19
272 2004-09-10 Big Tent Stories of the Republican Party, America's new majority party. Yes, they're still just barely the majority in the Senate...and in the last Presidential race...and in state legislatures around the country, where they hold just one percent more seats than Democrats nationwide. 00:59:19
273 2004-09-24 Put Your Heart In It Stories about people deciding whether to give it their all. There's one story about a person who hasn't, one story about someone who has—in a situation where success seems very unlikely—and one story about people who just can't help themselves. 00:59:20
274 2004-10-08 Enemy Camp '04 00:59:18
275 2004-10-15 Two Steps Back Ten years ago, when he was still a reporter for NPR's All Things Considered, host Ira Glass did a year-long series on a Chicago public school where things were getting better. Test scores were rising. 00:59:16
276 2004-10-29 Swing Set A journey through the minds of undecided voters. For months—through the Swift Boat ads, the convention speeches, the debates—we tracked a few of these voters to find out why they just can't make up their minds. Plus, a story of someone courting undecided voters, and another about people trying to sabotage undecided voters (and everyone else). 00:58:59
277 2004-11-05 Apology It's rare that a successful apology happens. One where you apologize to someone, not for selfish reasons, but because you're really sorry and you want them to know that, and when the person you're apologizing to really hears what you're saying. Three stories of people groping toward that moment. 00:59:19
278 2004-11-19 Spies Like Us Stories about amateur spies—regular people who spy on other regular people, and the consequences of their spying. 00:59:20
279 2004-12-10 Auto Show Stories about people who love their cars, for better or for worse. 00:59:20

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