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tal_1999zoom"This American Life ( linkext. Link ) ist eine einstündige, wöchentlich übertragene Hörfunksendung, die vom US-amerikanischen Chicago Public Radio produziert wird und weltweit als Podcast zu hören ist. Im Mittelpunkt der von Ira Glass moderierten Sendung stehen Reportagen, die sich immer einem spezifischen Thema widmen und teilweise durch Essays oder Kurzgeschichten ergänzt werden" (Quelle: secure linkext. Link )
This American Life is a weekly public radio show broadcast on more than 500 stations to about 2.2 million listeners. It is produced in collaboration with Chicago Public Media, delivered to stations by PRX The Public Radio Exchange, and has won all of the major broadcasting awards. It is also often the most popular podcast in the country, with another 2.4 million people downloading each episode. There's a theme to each episode of This American Life, and a variety of stories on that theme. Most of the stories are journalism, with an occasional comedy routine or essay.

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© 1999 Ira Glass / Chicago Public Media

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119 1999-01-08 Lockup With the number of prisoners in the United States rising rapidly, we present stories of their lives and the lives of their families and children. 00:59:20
120 1999-01-22 Be Careful Who You Pretend to Be Three stories of people pretending to be something they're not, and what happens to them. 00:59:17
121 1999-01-29 Twentieth Century Man One thing that makes our country different from most others is this idea that you can re-create yourself as someone you'd prefer to be...sell everything off, head out west, start a new life. But what happens if you're too good at it? At throwing everything out and starting over? 00:59:00
122 1999-02-12 Valentine's Day '99 For Valentine's Day, stories of impossible love and heartbreak. 00:59:17
123 1999-02-26 High Cost of Living Stories of people who choose not to live every moment to the fullest or smell the roses, and instead choose to withdraw from life, to make themselves numb. 00:59:16
124 1999-03-19 Welcome to America Stories of people moving to this country: what they see and hear about America that those of us who were born here don't necessarily see. 00:59:18
125 1999-04-02 Apocalypse Stories of the end of the world. More people believe it's more imminent than you probably realize. 00:59:19
126 1999-04-09 Do-Gooders Stories of people trying to do good: Why they often fail and why they occasionally succeed. 00:59:19
127 1999-04-16 Pimp Anthropology This entire show is devoted to just one story. A former pimp tells how he and three childhood friends became pimps in the 1970s in Oakland, California. He explains all the elaborate "rules of the game" among pimps and prostitutes of that era. He didn't have the stomach for the violence of pimping, and failed as a pimp because of that. Tamar Brott reports. 00:59:19
128 1999-04-30 Four Corners There's a tourist monument called Four Corners, where Arizona, Colorado, Utah and New Mexico meet. In this episode, we try to tell the story of life in America through portraits of life on four different corners, in four different states across the nation. 00:59:16
129 1999-05-14 Advice A program taped before live audiences in Seattle (thanks to public radio station KUOW) and at HBO's U.S. Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen. A taxonomy of different kinds of advice—and stories that illustrate why advice is so rarely taken. 00:59:17
130 1999-05-21 Away From Home Stories of people going home to places they've never been before. 00:59:19
131 1999-06-04 The Kids Are Alright Stories in which young people take matters into their own hands: Students who become political activists, students who pull pranks, violent students. Broadcast for the tenth anniversary of the crackdown at Tiananmen Square. 00:59:16
132 1999-06-18 Father's Day '99 For Father's Day, stories about fathers going out of their way to protect their kids, and kids going out of their way to protect their fathers. 00:59:06
133 1999-06-25 Sales Consider for a moment all the art forms that began in America: jazz, the blues, musical theater, rock n' roll, phonograph recordings, television, motion pictures, video games. But the art form in which America leads the world—more than any other—is the art of selling. In this show: case examples to prove the point. 00:59:17
134 1999-07-09 We Didn't Stories about what happens when we don't do something. It turns out that not falling in love, not doing our jobs, not spending time with our families is every bit as vivid and complicated an experience as doing something. 00:59:18
135 1999-07-23 Allure of Crime We think of crime as a kind of monolithic, menacing presence. But there are many kinds of crimes and many kinds of criminals. Through our crimes, we express who we are. Today we hear of three different criminals and three different kinds of crimes. 00:59:03
136 1999-08-06 You Are Here Three stories, three people, and three sets of maps. Stories of people trying to figure out where they are in the world in the most literal and least literal ways possible. We explore what it's like to be lost—how we all struggle in that moment not to give ourselves over to fear but try to enjoy it. 00:59:17
137 1999-08-20 The Book That Changed Your Life Stories of people who believe a book changed their life. It's a romantic notion, and one reason we believe it is because we want to believe our lives can be changed by something so simple as an idea — or a set of ideas contained in a book. 00:59:20
138 1999-08-27 The Real Thing Stories of people drawn to some idea, some picture, some "thing" that they just want to be. How some people imitate this "thing" innocently, some less innocently, and how easy it is to slip from one to the other. 00:59:18
139 1999-09-03 Ghosts of Elections Past Stories of political idealists, stories designed to provide some small sense of hope about American politics. Most of these were first broadcast during the 1996 Presidential race. 00:59:19
140 1999-09-24 Family Business Stories of family businesses, and what happens when the tension of family dynamics collides with the pressure of capitalist market forces. 00:59:16
141 1999-10-01 Invisible Worlds Stories of people who are trying to make invisible worlds visible, and what happens when you make them visible. 00:59:23
142 1999-10-15 Barbara We hear the story of one African-American single mother. Barbara Clinkscales recorded her family's life over the course of seven months for This American Life. Her life defies—or makes irrelevant—most of our typical notions of inner-city, black single mothers. 00:59:19
143 1999-10-22 Sentencing We've all heard occasional news stories about how some of the drug laws enacted in the last 15 years may have gone too far. First time offenders get locked up for decades. Judges—even Republican appointees—say that mandatory minimum sentences prevent them from making fair rulings. But have sentences really gone too far? 00:59:17
144 1999-11-05 Where Words Fail One reason we tell stories is to explain things to ourselves that cannot, in the end, always be explained. When someone we're close to dies, we struggle for a way to get our minds around the fact of their absence. And often—the stories we invent aren't quite up to the job. In this week's show, people struggle to invent words adequate to cope with death. 00:59:20
145 1999-11-26 Poultry Slam 1999 For Thanksgiving, the time of year when poultry consumption is highest, it's our annual program about turkeys, chickens, fowl of all types, and their mysterious hold over our imaginations. This show includes favorite stories from previous Poultry Shows, and some new stories. 00:59:18
146 1999-12-10 Urban Nature Stories of nature creeping into man-made environments. Of nature sneaking in places where its very presence is a rebuke to the notion that we as a species have things under control. 00:59:19
147 1999-12-17 A Teenager's Guide to God Oh faithless and perverse generation? How long shall I be with you? How long shall I bear with you?—Matthew 17. 00:59:18
148 1999-12-24 The Angels Wanna Wear My Red Suit A special Christmas edition of our show, with stories about Santa Claus—the many many different versions of Santa Claus. It was in America, in New York, that people started believing in the modern idea of Santa—a guy who comes down the chimney with a sack of goodies. But America has invented a few other Santas as well. 00:59:18

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