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03.01 0103 1) Regret the Error 2013 2) No End In Sight 3) The Best Piece of Radio You’ll Hear In Your Life 4) “This Is a Great Time to Enter Journalism” 5) Brooke Talks To Cyndi Lauper 50:05
09.01 tldr#10 One Hundred Songs a Day: One way to make money making music online is the boring way. Write one song that does incredibly well and live off the royalties for the rest of your life. Matt Farley is a musician who’s gone a different route. He's written over 14,000 songs and he makes a tiny bit of money each time someone plays one on Spotify or iTunes. PJ visited Matt at his home recording studio to see how it all works. 12:24
10.01 0110 1) Sucked Into the Polar Vortex 2) Bogus "Blue Monday" 3) The Obamacare Horror Story 4) Creationism’s Public Relations Campaign 5) I Am A Real Person 6) FBI Rebranding? 7) G-Men 49:55
16.01 tldr#11 RIP Vile Rat: On September 11th, 2012, gunmen attacked two American compounds in Benghazi, Libya, killing four Americans. Sean Smith, one of the four killed in the attack, was an IT manager in the real world, but online, he was Vile Rat, a hugely influential diplomat in the video game Eve Online. Alex talks to Sean's friend Alex "The Mittani" Gianturco about who Sean was both in Eve and in the real world. 10:52
17.01 0117 1) Obama Threads the NSA Needle 2) Net Neutrality and You 3) Twitter + Libel = Twibel? 4) Rap Lyrics as Evidence 5) Policing Gangs Through Rap Videos 6) 100 Songs in a Day 50:39
24.01 0124 1) Do the Motivations of Leakers Matter? 2) On "Dr. V's Magical Putter" 3) Banning The Other N-Word? 4) New Frontiers in Child Porn Law 5) A Blogger's First Amendment Rights - and Responsibilities 6) Combating "Bad" Speech With More Speech 7 50:07
27.01 tldr#12 Hunting For YouTube's Saddest Comments: YouTube's infamous for having one of the worst comment sections on the internet. There's no reason to ever read them. Unless you’re writer & filmmaker Mark Slutsky. Mark spends hours scouring the comments section on YouTube, and occasionally, scattered in the dross, he finds small poignant stories for his site Sad Youtube. 08:13
31.01 0131 1) Egypt's Widening Crackdown on Dissent 2) The Belfast Project 3) The Future of Oral History Projects 4) Up in...Vapor? 5) Stephen Glass Can't Be a Lawyer 6) The 10th Anniversary of the "Wardrobe Malfunction" 7) The Inventor of Instant Replay 50:35
31.01 tldr#13 Managing a Monster: The Slender Man is the internet's monster - the subject of countless remixes, tributes, and parodies. He's so ubiquitous he feels like he's been around for ages, like folklore. But Slender Man has an owner and a point of origin. Alex talks to Eric Knudsen, the creator of Slender Man. 09:10
07.02 0207 1) "Winter Chill" for Russian Media 2) In Russia, Not Covering Sports 3) "Sound and Fury, Signifying Nothing" 4) I'm Matthew Mills 5) What's In A Name 6) Knox Found Guilty...Again 7) A Rabble-Rouser On Jeopardy 50:26
10.02 tldr#14 The Knowledge: Every year, a small group of sports fans scattered across the US play a game called "Last Man." The goal is to be the last man in America to find out who won the Super Bowl. TLDR Sports reporter Lisa Pollak followed the game this year, and found out just how hard information was to avoid in the internet age. 13:30
14.02 0214 1) Water Under the Bridgegate? 2) The Media Shrugs, Again 3) The (Not So) All-Knowing NSA 4) Taking Sense Away 5) No, US Press Freedom Is Not In Dire Decline 6) Unorthodox 7) Behind the Scandal of "Japan's Beethoven" 50:21
17.02 tldr#15 Internet Time: In 1998 Swatch tried to completely reinvent our concept of time. Swatch Internet Time (or .beat time) would have been a new way to conceive of moments. There'd be no time zones, and also, no hours, minutes, or seconds. PJ talks to Gizmodo's Eric Limer and Swatch Creative Director Carlo Giordanetti about Swatch's plan to create time's version of Esperanto. 08:05
21.02 0221 1) Protests in Ukraine 2) Capturing Egypt’s Neverending Story 3) Rewriting History 4) Cable Barons 5) Fighting Telecom Giants 6) Drone Law 7) RIP Vile Rat 50:31
23.02 tldr#16 *Win a Million Dollar Mansion From Your HOME COMPUTER*: "Sweepers" are people who spend their free time entering hundreds of online sweepstakes -- the contests most of us skip because we're sure they're all scams. It turns out, we're wrong. Some people win big. Reporter Laura Mayer takes us into the online sweepstakes universe. 09:25
28.02 0228 1) My Detainment Story Or: How I Learned to Stop Feeling Safe in My Own Country and Hate Border Agents 2) Device Searches at the Border 3) Invasive Cavity Search at the Border 4) Investigating Use of Force at the Border 5) Shedding Light on DHS 51:27
03.03 tldr#17 Hey, Guess What? I Found Truth For Us: Last fall, TLDR covered a bunch of hoaxes. Some we liked, most we didn't. On this episode, we talk to Paulo Ordoveza and Adrienne LaFrance, a couple of people who have devoted themselves to trying to debunk the innumerable falsehoods flying around the internet. 09:15
07.03 0307 1) RT Anchor Breaks The Rules 2) What Exactly Is "Russia Today"? 3) The State of Crimean Journalism 4) Calling for Back Up 5) An Unusual Alliance 6) Dare to Stream 50:24
10.03 tldr#18 The Army's Robot Recruiter: Meet Sgt. Star - a chatbot that wants to recruit you to the US Army. So how do we feel about that? Alex talks to the Army and a reporter who's covered recruitment abuses to figure out if we're better or worse off for having a Siri who can talk us into going to war. 12:10
14.03 0314 1) What Became of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370? 2) Stepping into the Light 3) FOIA's Report Card 4) Twitter Cartography 5) Pulling the Trigger Warning 6) The Re-Birth of the First Amendment 7) Copyright Law for Extraterrestrials 51:38
20.03 tldr#19 Project Flame: In 1966, a bored college freshman created Project Flame, an early computer dating system that promised to pair lonely hearts. Project Flame was an overnight sensation. The only problem was that the guy who founded didn't have a computer. Or any idea how to use one. 10:41
21.03 0321 1) Putin the Storyteller 2) Russian Media Tropes, At Home and Abroad 3) News and the Novel 4) Not-So-Private Metadata 5) Holding Algorithms Accountable 6) The Shifting State of Internet Governance 7) So Many Keys 50:18
28.03 0328 1) Courting the Young Invincibles 2) Taking Healthcare Literally 3) How Much Oil Really Spilled? 4) A Crisis of Cartographic Proportions 5) The World According to Google Maps 6) Letters 7) The History of the Quiz 8) Which Public Radio Hosts Are Our Hosts? 50:08
04.04 0404 1) Section 317 2) Fact Checking Affordable Care Act Numbers 3) Case Closed 4) Correcting False Balance 5) Should the EU Punish Propagandists? 6) Television Without Pity 7) Hunting For YouTube's Saddest Comments 50:30
07.04 tldr#20 Silence: A band called Vulfpeck has asked fans to stream an entire album of silence on Spotify while they sleep, so the band can use the royalties to tour without charging for their shows. So far, the scheme has worked. We talk to Vulfpeck's Jack Stratton about hustling as a musician on the internet. 07:31
11.04 0411 1) On Letterman, Colbert and America 2) Someone Has a Koch Addiction 3) Muzzled 4) Pistorius TV 5) 100 Days in Rwanda 6) The Camera and the Color Line 7) The Dark Side of Fair Skin 50:31
13.04 tldr#21 There Is No Such Thing As Silence: Continuing our expose into the very hush-hush world of Silence, we look at an app that promises to deliver you four minutes and thirty-three seconds of silence. PJ talks to Larry Larson, who helped design the 4'33" app. 09:17
18.04 0418 ROBOTS! A special theme hour: 1) Our Universal Robots 2) Engineering Intelligence 3) Google's Robot Brigade 4) The Army's Robot Recruiter 5) Robot Humor 6) Joking With Robots 7) TLDR #22 - What Happens When You Tell The Whole Internet Your Password 51:07
21.04 tldr#22 What Happens When You Tell The Whole Internet Your Password: Earlier this week, a commenter named Y. Woodman Brown posted his online passwords in the Washington Post comments section to show just how little his online security mattered to him. It was quickly picked up by the press as an example of online security hubris. Naturally, we had to find him. Alex talks to Y. Woodman Brown and the person who hijacked his Twitter account after the passwords were posted. 11:38
25.04 0425 1) CNN and Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 2) The Death of Net Neutrality? 3) Banning Truthiness? 4) Bad Campaign Memoirs 5) The Customer Isn't Always Right 6) E-Commerce and Free Speech 7) Dear Editor 51:23
28.04 tldr#23 A Bitcoin Story for People Who Don't Care About Bitcoin: When Wired reporter Andy Greenberg read Newsweek's cover story claiming to have found mysterious Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto, he was disappointed. Not so much that the mystery had been solved, but that the answer to the search was not all that interesting. But then, as the Newsweek started getting picked apart, he got a tip about another possible Bitcoin creator: a very ill, very brilliant cryptographer named Hal Finney. 10:21
02.05 0502 1) Battling Bad Science 2) Beall's List 3) Retraction Watch Revisited 4) Piltdown at 100: A Look Back on Science's Biggest Hoax 5) Seth Mnookin on the Panic Virus 6) The Autism Channel 51:13
05.05 tldr#24 The Million Dollar Homepage: In 2005, Alex Tew was a 21-year-old entrepreneur who wanted to make a million dollars before college. The only problem was he had literally nothing of value to sell. So he made The Million Dollar Homepage -- possibly the most ambitiously garish website ever created. 07:55
09.05 0509 OTM Goes Inside Washington: 1) Palm Monday 2) The Powers That Used To Be 3) Frustration in the White House Press Corps 4) Hollywood on the Potomac 5) Blurred Lines 6) Watchdogs in Tuxedos 51:55
10.05 tldr#25 Monsters: Kim Correa loves the online game DayZ, which lets you interact with other humans during a zombie apocalypse. DayZ's appeal is that it allows weird, spontaneous interactions between players. It also allows really terrible ones. Kim talks about her experience of being raped in a virtual world -- something she doesn't quite know what to do with. We also talk to writer Julian Dibbel, who wrote about how one online community dealt with a virtual rape back in 1993. 10:56
14.05 0514 A Conversation With Veep's Armando Iannucci: For OTM's special hour on Washington DC, Bob spoke with Armando Iannucci, the creator and executive producer of HBO's hit comedy "Veep". We liked that conversation so much, we decided to put up an extended cut here. Iannucci tells Bob about his fascination with American politics, how the show manages to capture the unglamorous details of the nation’s capital, and why everyone inside the beltway claims to know a "Jona", but no one claims to be one. 20:03
16.05 0516 1) Covering the Nigerian Schoolgirl Kidnapping 2) Firing Jill Abramson 3) Four Filthy (Russian) Words 4) The "Department of Jokes" 5) Free To Forget 6) Managing the Press After Tragedy 7) A Cinematic Release 52:50
23.05 0523 1) 9/11 Enters the Realm of Museum 2) Chinese Media's Perspective on Hacker Indictment 3) Digital Drama at the New York Times 4) The Questions You Need to Ask About Any Health Story 5) What’s a Health Journalist To Do? 52:07
26.05 tldr#26 A Gold Bottle of Champagne The Size of An Adult Human Man: Most people use social networks to present themselves as happier than they really are - it's hard to get an honest read on anyone. But writer Charlie Warzel believes there's a secret method you can use to find out how someone is actually feeling online. On TLDR this week, we try to use Charlie's method to divine the secret heart of Drake, the rapper. 08:00
30.05 0530 1) Everything You Need For a Narrative 2) #YesAllWomen 3) Reflecting on Nerd Culture 4) Managing the Media After Tragedy 5) Amazon vs. Hachette 6) One Rogue Reporter 52:10
03.06 tldr#27 How Google is Killing the Best Site On the Internet: On TLDR episode #27, we talked to Matt Haughey, the owner of Metafilter, about how his site saw a sudden traffic drop in November, 2012. He attributed the drop to a change in Google’s algorithm, something we essentially couldn’t confirm because Google refused to comment. Danny Sullivan, who also featured in our story, reports that yesterday, Google’s search-swami Matt Cutts confirmed that Metafilter was indeed hit by a change in the algorithm. 11:33
06.06 0606 1) A Year of Snowden 2) The Privilege to Stay Silent 3) “Climate Change” vs. “Global Warming” 4) Data after Death 5) Our Digital Afterlives 6) He Didn’t Jump on the Couch! 51:51
09.06 tldr#28 No Trail: In February of this year, Philip Welsh of Silver Spring, Maryland, was murdered. His murder remains unsolved, largely because he didn't use the internet, and left no digital trail. Alex talks to Philip's family and reporter Dan Morse about the case. 10:10
13.06 0613 1) A Prisoner Dilemma 2) A Cantor Narrative 3) Intelligence Community Directive 119 4) Trying to Make it News 5) Managing a Monster 6) Failing the Turing Test 7) Game Changer 51:49
19.06 tldr#29 Olivia Taters, Robot Teenager: Rob Dubbin accidentally built a teenage girl named Olivia Taters who lives on the internet. She may not always communicate in complete sentences, but she's convincing enough that teenagers actually converse with her. Also, she's very, very funny. PJ talks to Dubbin about how Olivia came into existence, and what she's been talking about lately. 10:31
20.06 0620 1) Extremist Social Media 2) ISIS on the TV Screen 3) Threats in Cyberspace 4) Your Morals Depend on Language 5) The End of Tell Me More 6) This Is NOT NPR 52:02
27.06 0627 1) Journalism In Jail 2) This Is About More Than Sects 3) Between Two Poles 4) Rethinking the Student Debt Crisis 5) Cellphone Searching, Tiny Antennas, and the High Court 6) Covering Sin and Vice in the City 7) Pulp Non-Fiction 52:05
30.06 tldr#30 The Russian Troll Army: Last month, documents surfaced that showed a company called the Internet Research Agency was paying people in Russia to go to an office and post pro-Kremlin comments all day. Alex talks to Buzzfeed's Max Seddon about why they do it, and how successful they actually are at swaying public opinion. 10:57
04.07 0704 An exploration of Hispanic media today: 1) Es La Hora: Hispanic Media in English 2) Hispanic TV's Star Newscaster 3) Meet Walter Blanco 4) Radio Ambulante 5) Did We Suck? 51:43
07.07   Wiederholung von TLDR#2  
11.07 0711 1) A New Narrative on Israel-Palestine 2) Behind the Border Crisis 3) The Super PAC to End Super PACs 4) A FOIA Too Far 5) Chasing Ghosts 6) Online Supersleuths 41:47
17.07   Wiederholung von TLDR#8  
18.07 0718 1) Reporting on the "Border Crisis" From El Salvador 2) Anti-Obamacare Ads (Really) Didn't Work 3) The End of 'Gun Report' 4) The Kiss That Saved The Sims 5) Gaymes 6) Truvada 51:51
21.07 tldr#31 Race Swap: Whether you think the internet is a great or terrible place is partly a reflection of which parts of the internet you choose to visit. It's also a reflection of who you are, and how people online react to you. Mikki Kendall is a writer who deals with an extraordinary amount of trolling and vitriol online. Mikki is a black woman in real life, and she created an experiment to see how her online life would change if she were a white man. 09:54
25.07 0725 1) Flight MH17 and the Russian Media 2) Breaking News Consumer's Handbook: Airline Edition 3) Loaded Language 4) The War of the Words 5) Gazan Media 6) The Most Popular Satire Show in Israel 7) Silliness and Moral Indignation 51:47
29.07   Wiederholung von TLDR#6  
01.08 0801 1) The Breaking News Consumer's Handbook 2) Dare to Stream 3) I Want My Slow TV! 4) The Future History of the Newspaper Industry 5) Technology Making Us "Smarter Than You Think" 51:52
04.08 tldr#32 An Imperfect Match: This week, dating site OK Cupid put up a blog post describing experiments it conducted on its users. In one experiment, the site told users who were bad matches for one another that they were actually good matches, and vice versa. Alex and PJ talk to OK Cupid President and co-founder Christian Rudder about the ubiquity of online user experimentation and his defense of potentially sending OK Cupid's users on bad dates. 14:21
08.08 0808 This Week Robots! (And Artificial Intelligence): 1) Our Universal Robots 2) Engineering Intelligence 3) Google's Robot Brigade 4) The Army's Robot Recruiter 5) Robot Humor 6) Joking With Robots 51:58
10.08 tldr#33 Unfollow A Man: A few weeks ago, writer Katie Notopoulos called on the Internet to devote one day a year to unfollowing a man on social media. Men's rights activists were enraged, cable news was intrigued, and a lot of people felt quiet relief. On the latest episode of TLDR, we talk to Katie about her mission and her manifesto. 08:52
13.08 tldr#34 The Accidental Outing of Rwanda's Most Powerful Troll: Steve Terrill is a journalist who works in Rwanda. Or at least he worked in Rwanda, until he accidentally got the office of Rwanda's president Paul Kagame to implicate itself in a long-running online harassment campaign. Alex talks to Steve about inadvertently exposing the Rwandan government's most prolific troll, and being banned from the country as a result. 13:08
15.08 0815 1) The View from "Fergustan" 2) No, Ebola is NOT Coming to the U.S. 3) Islamic State Imagery 4) Cameras in the Interrogation Room 5) Gavel to Gavel 6) Tweeting Shark Week 50:43
22.08 0822 1) The Anatomy of Six Shootings 2) Live Coverage's Impact on the Ground 3) The Media Came to Town 4) The Global View of Ferguson 5) James Foley and the #ISISmediaBlackout 6) You're Being Manipulated by Reality Television (Music) 51:11
27.08   Wiederholung von TLDR#15  
29.08   Wiederholung von OTM 09.05.2014  
03.09 tldr#35 Stolen Pictures: This week, hackers stole and published naked photos of female celebrities. Forbes reporter Kashmir Hill has covered stories like this before, but she says that this latest example has completely changed her mind about who to blame for these thefts and how to prevent them. 07:37
05.09 0905 1) Not Reporting Journalist Kidnappings 2) The Celebrity Nude Photo Hack 3) Even Blurrier Lines 4) The Internet Slowdown Could Happen 5) NPR's Newest CEO 6) Carl Kasell Tells All 52:51
09.08   Wiederholung von TLDR#23  
12.09 0912 1) The Cautionary Tale of Bell, California 2) Brooke and Bob on the Decline of Beat Reporting 3) The History of Beats 4) The State House Beat 5) Rod Blagojevich Meets His Match 6) The Labor Beat 7) The Obit Beat 8) Bruce W. Bray Jr. 51:29
15.09 tldr#36 The Mystery of Childish Gambino: Rapper Childish Gambino (A.K.A actor Donald Glover) famously claims to have received his rap pseudonym, "Childish Gambino," from an online Wu-Tang Name generator. But investigating whether this story is true or not led TLDR host Alex Goldman on an odyssey of discovery. 12:13
17.09 tldr#37 Every City Gets the Hero it Deserves: On Tuesday, the Philadelphia Police released a video of some unidentified suspects in a brutal attack on a gay couple. Within a few hours, a Philly sports fan and his online friends had identified some of the people in the video without the blizzard of false accusations that usually accompany an online investigation. Alex speaks to "Fan Since 09" about how he managed to corral a online mob into potentially solving a crime. 07:37
19.09 0919 1) Most Americans Fear ISIS 2) Empty Fears at the Southern Border 3) Staring into the Abyss 51:50
26.09 0926 1) Animating Anti-Extremism 2) Why CNN Decided Not to Air the John Cantlie Video 3) Listeners React to Airing of ISIS Videos 4) The USS Pueblo Propaganda War 5) Bad Reporting About Chris Christie 6) Sticking to the Facts about the Ebola Outbreak 7) The NSA Has An Advice Columnist 59:12
03.10 1003 1) The Splintering Image of the Secret Service 2) Riding the Rumor 3) Gary Webb and the CIA 4) Law of the Jungle 5) The Education Battle of 2014 6) Me and Dog 51:17
10.10 1010 1) A Liberian Journalist on Ebola 2) Covering an Epidemic 3) Viral Narratives 4) "Ebola: What It Is" 5) Two Journalists Debate Coverage of Israel-Palestine 6) Regretting the Error 54:02
16.10 tldr#38 Ask Leah: In the late nineties Leah Reich was working for the video game website IGN, which was the most popular website on the internet for 13 to 18 year old boys at the time. She started reading and responding to the site's mailbag, and before she knew it she had become the trusted advisor for thousands of lonely teenaged boys. This week PJ (who was one of those boys) talks to Leah about the trials and rewards of being a counselor to confused, budding nerds. 14:42
17.10 1017 1) Ferguson on the Map and in the Mind 2) "You Can Win with the Media" 3) Not In The Supreme Court's Backyard 4) The Making of CitizenFour 5) The Medium is the Message at 50 6) McLuhanisms, 50 Years Later 50:52
24.10 1024 1) Breaking News Consumer's Handbook: Infectious Disease Edition 2) Grabbing the Gavel 3) A Modest Election Finance Reform Proposal (That Might Actually Work) 4) Remembering Legendary Editor Ben Bradlee 5) Condemning #GamerGate 6) Ask Leah 51:04
31.10 1031 1) Elections After Citizens United 2) Rocky Mountain Heist 3) A Dreary Mythbuster 4) Porn Monopoly 5) The Unseen World of Content Moderation 6) The Other Ed Snowdens 49:47
07.11 1107 1) Once Upon An Election 2)Public Radio Host Matt Miller Loses An Election 3) An App to Stop Suicide 4) Algorithms Understand 5) Redefining Muslim Messaging 6) Our Anniversaries, Ourselves: 25 Years after the Berlin Wall 51:07
14.11 1114 1) Resuscitating Net Neutrality 2) Can Journalism Impact Criminal Justice? 3) The Suicide Letter 4) 'Subversives' 5) Survivor Library 6) A Trilogy About the End of the World 7) Listen To a Comet Sing 51:28
21.11 1121 1) Cosby Coverage 2) The Story Behind "The Dingo Ate My Baby" 3) The Mysterious Rehana 4) Her Name is Rehtaeh Parsons 5) A Conversation with George Takei 51:25
25.11 1125 On Ferguson: A special edition of On the Media examining the media's reaction to the grand jury decision not to indict Ferguson police Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Michael Brown. 15:39
28.11 1128 An exploration of Hispanic media today: 1) Es La Hora: Hispanic Media in English 2) Hispanic TV's Star Newscaster 3) Spanish AP Style Guide 4) Meet Walter Blanco 5) Radio Ambulante 6) Did We Suck? 51:01
05.12 1205 1) What Police Video Can and Can't Do 2) Conservatives on Ferguson 3) The Con Artists Take the Media 4) A Letter 5) Those Black Friday Numbers 6) Little Trolls 51:27
06.12 1206 Special: The UVA Story: Last month, Rolling Stone published an explosive, 9,000 word feature titled “A Rape on Campus: A Brutal Assault and Struggle for Justice at UVA.” The author, Sabrina Rubin Erdely, opened with a terrifying description of a female college freshman being raped by seven University of Virginia fraternity brothers. The story portrayed not just a brutal crime, but a woeful administration response bordering on obstruction of justice and an unreconstructed UVA rape culture. But at its core, Erdely’s article was about a single event, a ritualistic gang rape, told by a single source, the victim nicknamed Jackie. The Rolling Stone article reverberated far and wide, inciting a national conversation about rape on college campuses. But, on Friday, Rolling Stone magazine retracted the story. 21:20
12.12 1212 Special: The Torture Report 27:09
12.12 1212 OTM goes to Liberia: 1) Welcome To Liberia 2) Ebola as a Prism 3) Monrovia's Marketplace of Ideas 51:56
19.12 1219 1) Reporting the Sony Hack 2) The Distinctions Between "Black" and "African-American" 3) Your Morals Depend on Lanugage 4) Cat Fancy: Farewell, My Friend 5) Feuding Ferret Magazines 6) On Letterman, Colbert, and America 51:36
26.12 1226 OTM looks at the great decline in beat reporting: 1) The Cautionary Tale of Bell, California 2) Brooke and Bob on the Decline of Beat Reporting 3) The History of Beats 4) The State House Beat 5) Rod Blagojevich Meets His Match 6) The Labor Beat 7) The Obit Beat 8) Bruce W. Bray Jr. 50:36

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