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04.01 0104 Privacy: Our Privacy Delusions 2) The NCTC: Obama's "Pre-Crime Squad"? 3) "If You’ve Got Nothing to Hide, You’ve Got Nothing to Fear" 4) Data Collection Trade-Offs 5) National Security Letters and Gag Orders 6) License Plate Readers and Your Privacy 7) The Art of Self-Surveillance 51:59
11.01 0111 1) Privacy and Gund Control 2) Newspaper Publishes a Map Showing Where Gun Owners Live 3) Protests for Press Freedom in China 4) Censorship in the Largest Democracy in the World 5) Al Jazeera and the Qatari Government's Editorial Influence 6) Corrections 7) The "Up Series" at 56 52:48
18.01 0118 1) Violent Video Games and Violence 2) In Harm’s Way 3) One Big Lie 4) The Strangest Hoax in Modern Sports History 5) The CIA's Double Standard on Secrecy 6) Aaron Swartz 7) Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and The Public Imagination 51:29
25.01 0125 1) Tweet That Your Boss is an A**hole, and Get Away With It 2) Facebook's New Social Search 3) Blurring the Line Between Advertising and Content 4) "Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood and the Prison of Belief" 5) Barely Any U.S. Culture will Enter the Public Domain this Year 6) The Autism Channel 52:45
01.02 0201 1) The New York Times Gets Hacked 2) The FBI's "Hatching and Financing" of Terrorist Plots 3) The Copyright Alert System and Six Strikes 4) They Might Be Pirates: Who Is Really Sharing Digital Media 5) Jonathan Coulton's Cover of a Cover Gets Covered 6) A Conversation With the Man Who Tweets Revolutions 51:58
08.02 0208 1) The Week in Drones 2) The Struggle to Reclaim the Word Jihad 3) The End of Muzak 4) Machinima 5) Viral Video's 'Patient Zero' 52:14
15.02 0215 1) Assessing the True Threat of Cyberwar 2) Anatomy of a Mistake 3) Checking in on Fact Checking 4) The Washington Post's "TruthTeller" 5) Factual Questions Raised about "In Cold Blood" 6) Lawrence Weschler on the Fiction of Non-Fiction 52:33
22.02 0222 1) The Problem With Saying Everyone Is The Problem 2) Why the Press Can't Play Referee, and Why they Should 3) How to Accidentally Start a Rumor About a U.S. Senator 4) Inside the Vatican 5) ME 338-R 6) I Get This Call Every Day 7) Predicting Oscar Winners 8) The Man With A Movie Camera 52:35
01.03 0301 1) Frustration in the White House Press Corps 2) New Petition 3) DNA Samples and Privacy 4) States Consider So-Called 'Ag-Gag' Bills 5) A Conversation With "The Daily Show's" Aasif Mandvi 51:59
08.03 0308 1) The Current State of Ownership 2) Meet the New Boss, Worse Than the Old Boss 3) Happy Birthday 4) Fan Fiction and the Law 5) 3D Printing 6) Don't Screw It Up 7) Plagiarism: Maybe It's Not So Bad 52:14
15.03 0315 1) Bradley Manning and 'Aiding the Enemy' 2) Covering the Manning Trial 3) Bradley Manning: An Alternate History 4) A Warning to Whistleblowers 5) Whither the Leakers? 6) Iraq's New Journalism 7) Catching Up With Iraq's New Journalists 52:47
22.03 0322 1) Rape Culture and the Steubenville Trial 2) The Identity of Minors 3) The State of the News Media 4) Behind a Big Supreme Court Case 5) Infamous Internet Troll "Weev" Goes to Jail 6) Cracking Chinese Skype's Surveillance Code 7) Microsoft and the Global Network Initiative 8) How Personal Finance Led Us Astray 52:37
29.03 0329 1) Do Supreme Court Rulings Reflect the Culture, or Change it? 2) The Legacy of a Filibuster 3) Is the Obama Administration Waging A 'War on Leakers'? 4) Remembering Anthony Lewis 5) A Conversation with Basketball Great Walt "Clyde" Frazier 51:59
05.04 0405 1) The Annual North Korean Missile Crisis 2) Saying Goodbye to "Illegal Immigrants" 3) The State of The Media in Egypt 4) Somalia's Child Journalists 5) The Bitcoin Bubble 6) Pioneers of the "Soft Sell" 7) A Modern Version of the "Soft Sell" 52:39
12.04 0412 1) Why We Might be Telling the Wrong Stories in the Gun Debate 2) Reporting Global Health Epidemics In A Wired World 3) Can A Small Search Engine Take On Google? 4) Meet Grindr: A Gaydar in Every Pocket 5) Joel Simkhai, Grindr-in-Chief 6) A Casual, Anonymous Interview 52:52
19.04 0419 1) Brooke on the Bombing Coverage 2) Twitter Coverage Through The Night 3) What Do You Broadcast When There's Nothing to Say? 4) Listener Reaction To the Boston Bombing Coverage 5) How Runner’s World Covered the Marathon 6) Politicking During Tragedy 7) Going Undercover In An Industrial Slaughterhouse 8) Cover-Ups 53:08
26.04 0426 1) Framing the Boston Bombing 2) Inspire, Al Qaeda's Magazine, and the Tsarnaev Brothers 3) The Future of Surveillance 4) Letters 5) The Kill Team 6) Covering the Veteran Beat 7) The Duffel Blog 8) Hey Everybody, Let's Fix Twitter 53:26
03.05 0503 1) How to Be Gay in the NBA 2) The Journalist Behind Jackie Robinson 3) New Limitations to Freedom of Information Act Requests 4) Challenging A Monopoly on Genetic Information 5) Brooke Talks To Cyndi Lauper 53:22
10.05 0510 1) The Media Supernova 2) The Future of Streaming Video 3) Ads vs. Ad-Blockers 4) AdBlock Plus: The Internet's Ad Gatekeeper? 5) The State of Streaming Music 6) One Way To Make Money: Ask People For It 7) How Will Journalism Keep The Lights On? 52:42
17.05 0517 1) The Totally Legal Subpoena 2) A Source for Sources 3) Meet Strongbox 4) With IRS Scandal, Conservative Bloggers Feel Vindicated 5) Bloomberg Terminals, Spying, and Business Models 6) A New Incentive for Cord Cutters 7) The Future History of the Newspaper Industry 8) A Journalistic Civil War Odyssey 52:52
24.05 0524 1) The Three-Headed Scandal Monster 2) Why The Tornado News Didn't Derail Scandal Coverage This Week 3) Catholic Whistleblowers 4) The Mayor of Toronto Would Prefer Not to Discuss Whether He Smokes Crack 5) Qapla! 51:57
31.05 0531 1) Is There A Right Way To Report On Terror? 2) 'The Deciders' 3) A Writer and His Troll 4) How to Create an Engaging Comments Section 5) Tone Check 6) George Plimpton: Writer, Quarterback, Pitcher, Boxer, Triangle Player, Trapeze Artist 7) Nashville Bob 52:27
07.06 0607 1) The State of Our Surveillance State 2) Turkish Journalists Caught Between the Government and The Protesters 3) Turkey's Deep State: A Conspiracy That's Actually True 4) Who Paid for a Pittsburgh Political Attack Ad? 5) Iran's Pre-Election Media 6) Outsmarting the Iranian Filternet 7) My Stolen Face 52:51
14.06 0614 1) Is Snowden a Hero, Traitor, or Something Else 2) Snowden's Life Online 3) The Ever Changing Story of the PRISM Program 4) Our Privacy Delusions 5) The Fox News Mole 6) Thanks For Everything, Bing 53:37
21.06 0621 1) How Do We Have a National Conversation? 2) We Aren't Watching You – Yet 3) Who's Watching Whom? 4) Offshore Leaks 5) Fracking Feud 6) Terrorists vs. Bathtubs 53:19
28.06 0628 1) The Messages Behind the Gay Marriage Battle 2) An Evolution Of Messaging Against Gay Marriage 3) The Classification Game 4) Help Solve a Mystery 5) America's Most Wanted Gangster 52:28
05.07 0705 A special hour of stories about reporting on medical science: 1) Battling Bad Science 2) Beall's List 3) Retraction Watch Revisited 4) Piltdown at 100: A Look Back on Science's Biggest Hoax 5) Seth Mnookin on The Panic Virus 6) The Autism Channel 51:59
12.07 0712 1) A Dark, Complex Story 2) A Coup by any other name 3) Cable News and Trayvon Martin 4) A TMZ Approach to Local TV News 5) I want my slow TV! 6) The Tech Lobby Comes of Age 7) Royal Baby Media Frenzy 53:10
19.07 0719 1) After the Verdict 2) A Dangerous "View" 3) American Propaganda Allowed Stateside 4) How Threatening Was Domestic Propaganda? 5) Voice of America 6) An Ethical Framework for Sponsored Content 7) Axis Sally 53:09
26.07 0726 1) Dirty Laundering 2) Opting in to View Porn in the UK 3) France Strikes "Three Strikes" 4) The End of the Line 5) "Downloaded" 6) Steal My Book, Please 7) The FBI's Anti-Piracy Warning 51:59
02.08 0802 1) A Busy Week In the Security State 2) A Historic Case for Prosecuting Journalists Who Report Leaks 3) Telegram Surveillance 4) From Russia with Love (And Heroin) 5) Detroit As Metaphor 6) The World of Unpaid Internships 7) On the Media's Unpaid Interns 51:59
09.08 0809 1) Like a Funeral 2) In the Empire Business 3) The Great Newspaper Strike of 1962-1963 4) Creation of the Media 5) The Forgotten Network 6) Difficult Men 53:03
16.08 0816 1) A Role Model for Security Savvy Journos 2) The Annoying Technology Journalists Should Be Using 3) NPR's Ombudsman Deconstructs an NPR Report 4) ESPN's Big Bet 5) Inside Al Jazeera America 6) Patchy 7) The Stories They Carried 8) Reporting on Foot From Around the World 52:00
23.08 0823 1) Why Global Stories Matter 2) The Risks for Journalists in Mexico 3) Reporting in Juarez 4) Violence against journalists in veracruz 5) Reporting via Placemat 6) Rehabilitating Juarez’s International Image 7) Mexico's Image Problem 52:11
30.08 0830 1) The Media Supernova 2) The Future of Streaming Videos 3) Ads Vs. Ad-Blocker 4) AdBlock Plus: The Internet's Ad Gatekeeper? 5) The State of Streaming Music 6) One Way To Make Money: Ask People For It 7) How Will Journalism Keep The Lights On? 52:06
06.09 0906 1) Iraq Coverage VS. Syria Coverage 2) Satirists and Syria 3) This Town 4) Book Country 5) The Retro Report 6) The Collaboration 52:54
13.09 0913 1) The Ever Changing Syria Story 2) The Freelancer's War 3) Warrantless Device Searches at US Borders 4) Enemies Within 5) The Strange Case of Barrett Brown 6) Huffington Post Disables Anonymous Comments 7) Jimmy Kimmel's Viral Video Gag 8) Their Eyes Were Watching Cats 59:48
17.09 tldr#1 Something is Going to Happen in 7 Days: Welcome to the inaugural episode of the TLDR podcast! Thanks for listening, and please check out the TLDR blog at In this episode - a YouTube channel dedicated to pronouncing words suddenly starts issuing ominous warnings, and a reporter tries to get to the bottom of it. 08:07
20.09 0920 1) The Breaking News Consumer's Handbook 2) My Detainment Story or: How I learned to Stop Feeling Safe in My Own Country and Hate Border Agents* 3) Tracking Your Steps 4) Technology Making Us "Smarter Than You Think" 53:15
26.09 tldr#1,5 The Bonkers Conclusion of Pronunciation Book: Consider this a mini-episode. The final update to episode 1 of TLDR. We all found out on Monday that Pronunciation Book (along with the Twitter account horse_ebooks) were part of a collaborative stunt between Jacob Bakkila and Thomas Bender to promote their art project Alternate Reality Game, Bear Stearns Bravo. The Daily Dot's Gaby Dunn, who we spoke to for our original story, figured out that Bakkila was the guy behind Pronunciation Book months ago. In order to convince her not to publish her story, Bakkila manipulated Dunn with a very elaborate series of lies. Weirdly, many of the people in her life were in on those lies, in varying capacities. We did a follow-up interview with Gaby about living her own personal version of the Truman Show, and you should listen because it is bonkers. 07:29
27.09 0927 1) Battling Messages on Obamacare 2) Which committee is responsible for providing oversight at our borders? 3) The Road to Nowhere (Near the Border) 4) Fake Online Reviews By Real Fans 5) India's Attempt to ID Every Indian 52:34
27.09 tldr#2 Stereotyped: Christopher Hermelin has a project called "The Roving Typist," where he writes stories for people in the park on his typewriter. One day last summer, he found his photo posted to Reddit, and suddenly his image was the butt of jokes all over the internet. We talked to him about what it feels like to become a meme. 07:28
03.10 tldr#3 JOKES.TXT: Daniel Drucker's father died earlier this year. Daniel was excavating stuff on his Dad's computer when he found a file called JOKES.TXT. It was filled with thirty one punchlines to jokes, but not the jokes themselves. So he turned to the internet for help. 06:24
04.10 1004 1) False Equivalency Around the Government Shutdown 2) Compromise in a Polarized Political World 3) Global Media Reaction to the Shutdown 4) Paid Partisans 5) Legislating Speech On the Internet in California and the Rest of the Country 6) Watching Each Other Watch 7) India's Right to Information 54:23
11.10 1011 1) The Obama administration and the Press 2) The Declassification Engine 3) "The Fifth Estate" 4) The Manhattan Project 5) About Face 6) Talk to Me, Siri 53:43
18.10 1018 1) We Didn't Really Dodge a Bullet 2) TV Coverage of the Shutdown (and Moose Mating Calls) 3) Healthcare dot UGH 4) Glenn Greenwald's Departure From the Guardian 5) Genetic Testing Anxiety 6) Lost, Then Found 7) The Results Are In 52:42
22.10 tldr#4 The Unicorn: Millions of Americans don't use the internet at all. Some don't have access because of poverty, geography, or age. But some just never logged on. This week, Alex goes on a quest to find a unicorn -- someone who lives a life just like his, but entirely without internet. 08:21
25.10 1025 1) Security Breach at Experian 2) How Do We Secure Personal Data? 3) Reporting Around DHS Opacity 4) A New Tool to Help Shed Light on DHS 5) Managing the Media After Tragedy 6) Re-evaluating a Convenient Narrative 7) Wrong Again 8) Yeah Baby, Yeah Baby, Yeah Baby 53:15
31.10 tldr#5 Goodbye, Secret, Invisible Internet: Up until this fall, there was a secret internet. You probably heard about one part of it, the Silk Road, but that was just one secret website among many. This week, we talk to Gawker's Adrian Chen about the rest of the dark part of the internet, and how it's been damaged by the Silk Road arrests. 07:21
01.11 1101 1) Actually, You Can't "Keep It" 2) Not All Plots, Not All Thwarted 3) Confiscating a Journalist's Documents 4) Hack Challenge 5) The Spanish Prisoner 6) Why Nigerian Email Scams Work 7) Don't Panic 53:59
06.11 tldr#6 Ghost Town: Before the Internet as we know it today, there were text-based bulletin board systems all over the country that people could dial into. One of those systems, M-net, happened to live in Alex's backyard, and it was his internet home base for the better part of a decade. Alex went back this week and found out that it's actually still running. 08:39
08.11 1108 1) Stories for a Price 2) Where There’s Smoke There’s Ceasefire 3) The Man, The Media, The Murdoch Empire 4) The Ever Changing NFL Bullying Story 5) Bullying Does Not Cause Suicide 6) India’s Reporting on Rape 51:58
15.11 1115 1) Correcting the Record 2) Hypothetical Candidates 3) Guns as Free Speech? 4) The Untold Story of Guns 5) JFK and Self-Absorbed Baby Boomers 6) We Knew JFK 50:47
15.11 tldr#7 It's Rating Men: Lulu is an app that lets women rate guys they've slept with. Was he willing to commit? Was he gassy? The ratings are anonymous, and men can't see their profiles. When Lulu launched earlier this year, people didn't like it, but it also seemed more like a thought experiment than a real social network women would use. Nine months later, the company says that one in four female college students is using it. This week, we talk about Lulu with Maureen O'Connor, who blogs for New York Magazine's The Cut. 07:03
22.11 1122 1) Reporting on the Price of Thanksgiving Dinner 2) Negotiating Access and Accuracy in China 3) A Flood of FOIAs 4) Chilling Effects 5) The Digital Bible 6) Going Viral, Antebellum Style 7) JFK and TV 8) The Journalist and the Murderer 51:27
22.11 tldr TLDR - What Does TLDR Mean? Hello! We are taking a week off the podcast to work on some special things that you will like a lot. This episode is a Best Of. Yes, we know that it takes some pretty unmitigated gall to run a clip show two months after launching a podcast. It also includes an answer to one of our show's enduring mysteries - just what the hell TLDR stands for. 31:42
29.11 1129 1) The NFL and Player Concussion 2) Game Time 3) Stats Man 4) Lenny Dykstra's Downfall 5) The Journalist Behind Jackie Robinson 6) A Conversation with Basketball Great Walt "Clyde" Frazier 50:54
06.12 tldr#8 The Pace Picante Salsa Robot Has Gone Haywire: This has been a crazy season for internet hoaxes. This week, we investigated one we actually deeply enjoyed being fooled by -- about a social media bot for Pace Picante Salsa going insane and inadvertently revealing an entire world of corporate conspiracy. We talk to the comedian behind the hoax, Randy Liedtke, who has his own very funny podcast called the Bone Zone. 14:02
06.12 1206 1) Covering the Anniversary of the Newtown Shooting 2) Alan Rusbridger defends The Guardian 3) Fighting for Information from DHS 4) Listeners Trying to Shed Light on DHS 5) 23 & Me & The FDA 6) Revenge Porn's Latest Frontier 7) Why One Mom's Investigation Might Actually Stop Revenge Porn 50:13
12.12 tldr#9 The Second Life of Marion Stokes: Marion Stokes was a hoarder. When she died last year, her family had to figure out what to do with 9 separate residences and 3 storage locations full of stuff - everything from tens of thousands of books to decades-old Apple computers. This is the story of how they found a home for the strangest artifact in her collection — 140,000 videocassettes filled with 35 years of round-the-clock cable TV news. 09:33
13.12 1213 1) The People's Pope 2) The Photographer Behind "Selfie-Gate" 3) Frustration in the White House Press Corps 4) Meet The New Pot Editor 5) High Times for 'High Times' 6) The Unicorn 50:36
20.12 1220 1) Journey to the Center of the NSA 2) A Surprise Ruling 3) The NSA Gets a Report Card 4) Data Brokers, Congress, and You 5) A Case of the Hyperlocal Cooties 6) The Talk of the Town 7) The Real Story of the Welfare Queen 51:59
27.12 1227 1) The Current State of Ownership 2) Meet the New Boss, Worse Than the Old Boss 3) Happy Birthday 4) Fan Fiction and the Law 5) 3D Printing 6) Don't Screw It Up 7) Plagiarism: Maybe It's Not So Bad (Wiederholung vom 08.03) 51:24

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