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A Prairie Home Companion's News from Lake Wobegon


nflw_2011zoom"It's been a quiet week here in Lake Wobegon..." so leitet Keillor seinen Monolog ein in dem er über Wetter, Befindlichkeiten und das Alltagsleben der Bewohner der fiktiven Kleinstadt Lake Wobegon berichtet. Keillors Stimme und Diktion erreichen bis zu 3,5 Millionen Hörer weltweit.“I don’t think the stories are nostalgic. I don’t see them that way. I think they’re just little pictures and life there is far from ideal." (Zitat Garrison Keillor im Interview mit Patt Morrison, komplettes Audio im ap_2012_01-06 archiviert). Endet allwöchentlich mit den Worten "Where all the women are strong, all the men are good-looking and all the children are above average" Dar Archivbestand zu diesem Public radio rock star (Zitat Patt Morrison) umfasst Zeitungsartikel, Audios, Videos siehe vp_2009, DVDs und 1 Buch (siehe Bilder).
On Air seit 1974 (lediglich mit einer Pause von 1987-1988).

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08.01 Pastor Liz tends to Mr Carny's final moments. 16:59
15.01 The slick roads in Lake Wobegon makes for some sudden introductions. 13:08
22.01 Danger and cold weather brings out humor in Lake Wobegon. 08:18
29.01 School teacher Margie stays home under her quilts in a form of hybernation to escape the winter. 14:07
05.02 Our skin and politeness is becoming thin and crackling as the winter goes on. 13:31
12.02 We need snow this time of the year, everyone gets cranky during the month of February. 13:10
19.02 The snow is melting and people are able to walk around town again. 12:47
26.02 It is snowing again, despite people's objections. 13:05
05.03 It has been a quiet week in Lake Wobegon. In anticipation of spring... we expect spring in April, but are always disappointed. 13:17
12.03 The snow has melted a great deal except for stubborn show that hangs out deep in the woods. 22:05
19.03 We were hit by an enormous snowstorm on Thursday. 11:36
26.03 It is spring; we had a little snow, 6 inches, but we are not going to clear it as the shovels have been put away. 11:01
02.04 We are happy it is warmer; it is beautiful to see green grass again. 13:34
09.04 It's been warm out there, and sunny. It's been up in the 60s -- not all week, of course. 12:20
16.04 The crocuses are up and the tulips are up, and then we got a little bit of snow overnight but nobody said a word about it. 16:29
23.04 It was warm. The week started out warm and then we got some snow here on Tuesday and we just ignored it, of course -- as you would ignore an embarrassing relative. 13:11
30.04 It's been chilly this last week and we got a little snow on Tuesday, snow after Easter--and Easter was late this year. 08:29
07.05 It's been warm out there. We've seen the first butterflies. The first wood ticks have shown up. The daffodils are up. The crocuses are even starting to fade right now. 12:00
14.05 Spring, spring. Spring came in -- came in on Monday, came in with that gorgeous spring thunderstorm. You never get tired of these gorgeous spring thunderstorms. 10:04
21.05 It's been a cold spring. Tuesday morning here, the temperature was five above zero, which was the lowest low from that day in history and the high temperature was 13, which was the lowest high in history. 20:09
28.05 It's been gorgeous, beautiful weather. The lilacs are in bloom now -- that clean, sweet smell of lilacs in the air, the smell of fresh-cut alfalfa as well. 13:04
04.06 It's been gorgeous, just like it is here today -- temperatures in the 70s and blue skies, the smell of lilacs in the air. It's just perfect, perfect days that two months ago we would have spent a king's ransom to go elsewhere to find. 12:03
11.06 The gardens are starting to come in now. The first little radishes are coming in. The first asparagus has been cut already -- a great delicacy. 17:54
18.06 Perfect weather -- absolutely beautiful, perfect weather out there. The sort of weather that makes some of us with dark imaginations feel uneasy, as if something is just about to happen on a day so perfect as this. 15:05
25.06 It's been a little wet out there. We got plenty of rain here this last week and it was cool, if that's the sort of weather that you like. It was the summer solstice on Tuesday -- Tuesday around noon. 13:08
02.07 It's been hot and humid out there. Some people are sitting around limp in the face of their air conditioners with their arms wrapped around them and a lot of people are not so troubled by 105-degree heat. 12:51
09.07 It's been cool up there, been a little bit rainy—but not nearly rainy enough—and so the lake level is still very, very low, which means there's an enormous expanse of beach there. 15:04
16.07 It's been beautiful out there this last week. You know, here we are: the end of March, the beginning of April and suddenly it was getting warmer and warmer and the ice was off the lake and the redwing blackbirds were everywhere and the crocus was poking up and still there were people in Lake Wobegon who were saying, "Just you wait, we're gonna get more snow." 14:49
23.07 It was so hot, a real change of life for people in Lake Wobegon. It is too hot to work -- it just is. And how do you stop doing what you have been practicing to do all of your life? 07:59
30.07 Clint Bunsen sneezed so hard he threw his back out and he had to miss work for the rest of the week. At the Sidetrack Tap Wally, behind the bar, sneezed with such force that he blew a cigar the whole length of the bar. 10:25
06.08 The tundra swans came in this week -- hundreds of them. Beautiful white birds came sailing in and landed on the lake. They spend the winter in North Carolina -- most of them -- and they're on their way up to their breeding grounds, which is in the Canadian arctic. 15:20
13.08 We got a little snow out there this last week -- six inches, but we don't care. We're not shoveling. The shovel's been put away. The snowplow is parked in the garage; Bud is not going to bring it out. That snow, it's just going to have to melt on its own. 11:04
20.08 We've had snow out there. We had about a foot and a half of snow here this last week, which just sort of killed some people who are just tired of winter. But it snowed anyway, despite their objections. 13:07
27.08 It's gotten very cold there this last week. The temperature's been highs in the 20s. Cold, bitterly cold weather. It's the kind of weather we're used to. The Northern Lights have been so beautiful--these tongues of green, tips of orange at night. 09:56
03.09 Fall is in the air. The last of the gardens being brought in--bumper crops of tomatoes. Irene Bunsen had the great satisfaction this week of walking out of her back gate, out of her garden, and across the alley, and down the way, and into the back gate of her brother-in-law Clarence Bunsen. 17:13
10.09 For a while I grew up the son of a Swedish sharecropper in North Dakota and I got on a toboggan in January and there was a prevailing wind out of the northwest which blew me down to Minneapolis and it just seemed like too much effort to go back. And they didn't seem as if they would miss me anyway so I stayed here. 21:08
17.09 It's the beginning of fall. It's been cool -- good sleeping weather when people crawl into bed at night. It's warm under the extra blanket if you're sleeping with somebody else and you tuck yourself into your little envelope on these cool fall nights. 14:28
24.09 It's the week of the fall equinox, when we turn towards the darkness -- and we have this week. It's been chilly, it's been cloudy, and the sun -- less of it. The sun going down, people eating dinner by lamplight again and all sorts of odd things happening when the darkness comes on us. 09:33
01.10 It's been cloudy. It's been chilly out there. The sun has come out now and then. And then on Thursday this powerful wind came up -- it was very dramatic. Some people lost phone service and weren't even aware of it at the time and leaves blew off some of the trees completely. 12:32
08.10 It's been warm out there this week -- been up in the 80s, unusual for October. The trees are at their peak and everybody should've been happy. Of course, the old complainers who sit and nurse their coffee in the Chatterbox Cafe found a way to complain about it after all. 12:55
15.10 This was the week that the chill moved in and the big full moon up there Tuesday night. And then on Wednesday a big rain came pouring down and the wind blew and so a lot of the leaves came down. That red maple tree out in the front yard of the Lutheran Parsonage just almost was stripped of leaves. 15:01
22.10 The world has taken a turn towards the cold. The sun comes out but it's not warm anymore -- we've taken the big turn towards fall. People are wearing hats in Lake Wobegon. People are turning on their furnaces. 13:41
29.10 It's been chilly here this last week--it's been very chilly. We got some rain and a little bit of snow. People were putting in bulbs for next spring when the first flakes of snow fell. Just a little tiny sliver of moon up in the sky so it's going to be very, very dark for Halloween on Monday night. 15:29
05.11 It's been gray, it's been chilly, it's been cold, and we had our first real frost out there -- frosty sidewalks early in the morning. Lyle Janske discovered that the other day. He came out to take his garbage out and he walked across the deck out behind his house, and suddenly without his anticipating it, his feet were up above his head. 09:48
12.11 "This was the week that the weather turned. The big ship swung off to the North." Plus, Lake Wobegon prepares for winter, reflections on Veterans Day, and newly widowed Becky Beckman keeps a final promise to her husband Bradley by taking his place on an annual deer-hunting trip. 15:25
19.11 "Oh, we knew it was going to snow. We could see that sky—that was a snow sky. People who have lived here for more than five minutes know what that snow sky looks like." Plus, discovering hidden treasures under the floor of Lake Wobegon Lutheran Church, Pastor Liz delivers a sermon on one of her least favorite Gospels, and Lake Wobegon exiles return home for Thanksgiving. 08:05
26.11 "This Thanksgiving--a fairly uneventful Thanksgiving, a little excitement up at the Magendantz home." A fire prompts reconciliation between the Bunsens and the Magendantzes after years of animosity, Clint Bunsen accidentally restores the Moonlight Bay Supper Club's neon sign, the Tolleruds welcome their daughter home from St. Olaf College, and thoughts on Thanksgiving meals. 12:45
03.12 "It's been getting colder -- into the 20s. It's been trying to snow and we've been seeing a lot of Christmas lights." Plus, Pastor Liz reluctantly serves as a "healer" after a miraculous event at a Lake Wobegon Lutheran Church women's retreat becomes the talk of the town. 15:38
10.12 "It's been cold and that snow that is on the ground is now there to stay and we're happy about that." -- Winter comes to Lake Wobegon. Plus, thinking twice about offering hospitality after a visit from Aunt Cooter, the Bunsens forego their usual holiday arguments, and the Living Nativity returns to Our Lady of Perpetual Responsibility. 17:55
17.12 "It's been much too warm out there. It's been raining. It looks dreary -- it doesn't look like the festival of lights whatsoever." Plus, a series of misunderstandings draws a crowd to Our Lady of Perpetual Responsibility, the Tolleruds reluctantly accept a gift from a NYC relative, Lake Wobegon Lutheran Church celebrates St. Lucia Day, and the high school choir goes caroling. 10:42
24.12 "The snow is falling even now. I can imagine it -- snow falling across the lake, which is just starting to freeze here just a few days ago." The "city mice" visit the "country mice" for the holiday, and stories from four memorable Lake Wobegon Christmases. 17:11
31.12 "It's been warm out there. It's been in the 40s so we had a brown Christmas -- we had no snow." Hawaiian visitors head to Lake Wobegon for a taste of winter, the Tolleruds and the Hansens fight over a good deed after a freezer malfunction, and some advice for 2012 as the town celebrates New Year's Eve. 09:05

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