Martti J. Laine, OH2BH

This is Martti: More than 150 Callsigns - and creator of 12 new DXCC entities

10/2020 - by OH2BH

This is Martti: More than 150 Callsigns - and creator of 12 new DXCC entitieszoomO33A2K, 3A/OH2BH, 3C1EG, 3C0AN, 3D2AM, 4O3T, 4O3B, 4J1FS, 4S7BHG, 4U1ITU, 4U1UN, SV1GA/5B4, 5B4TI, 5R8X, 5T5BH, 6W/OH2MM, 8P9BH, 8R1K, 9H3BH, 9H9BH, 9M0S, 9M6BH, 9M8X, 9Y4VT, A5A, A52BH, A61AF, A61AJ, A61QQ, , BV/OH2BH, BV0AA, BV9P, B1A, BY1DX, BY1PK, BT1DX, BT1X, BT1WW, BT2HC, C21BH, ZD3X, C5AX, CN2B, CQ8X, CT1BCM, CT7B, CT3/OH2BC, CT3/OH2BH, CT3BH, CT3BZ, CT9AT, CT9BZ, CU2/OH2BH, CU2A, CU2X, CR1X, CR2A, CR2BH, CR2X, CR9BH, CU2KG, DX1S, DX9C, E44DX, EA8BH, EA8RCT, EA8ZS, ED8ACH, EA9AM, F0KH/FC, FJ/OH2AM, FK/OH2BH, FW8ZZ, GD6IA, GJ2A, MU2K, H44DX, , HB0AZD, HV0A, 7J7ABH, J70BH, JT1A, JW5E, JY8BH, AH3D, OH2BH/W6, NU6/OH2BH, OH2BH/KH6, AH3D/KH0, AH3C/KH5J, LG5LG, LU8XW, OD5HC, OD5IQ, OF2AM, OF9X, OH2BH, OH2BE, OH2AM, OH2EW, OH2R, OH2STAYHOME, OH5BH, OH8X, OG2B, OH50BH, OH60BH, OH70BH, OH9A, OH9/N7NG, OH0BH, OH0A, OH0B, OH0C, OH0W, OH0AM, OH0DX, OH2AM/OH0, OH0/W3UR, OJ0MR, OJ0A, OJ0B, OJ0DX, OJ0H/MM, OJ0J, OJ0X, OJ9A, OJ9X, OX8XX, P4/OH2BH, P5/OH2AM, P51BH, PW0F, R0/OH2BH, ZW5B, PS2T, S0RASD, S01DX. S9A, S9BB, SJ9WL, ST2FF/ST0, 6T1YP, SU8WRC, SU8X, SV1GA/A, T88BH, T80A, TC4X, TA4ZM, TF3IRA, TG0AA, TX0DX, VP2ARS, V26BH, V31BH, V51Z, VK9XM, VP2V/KC6KOU, VP2VB, VP8BZL/MM, VP8CBA, VP8SSI, VR2BH, VU4AN, W1R, XF4L, XU2BH, XX9X, XX9TZ, XZ1A, XZ1N, XZ1X, XZ2D, XZ2BH, YW0D, YU8/OH2R, Z37M, Z60K, Z60WW, Z60A, Z68BH, Z66X, Z81R, Z81X, ZA1A, ZA1B, ZA1BH, ZA1DX, ZA1UT, ZA1KS, ZA1WW, ZF2BH, ZS9Z/ZS1.

Lecture: Changing Times in DX Hunt

Martti LainezoomLecture, presented at Ham Radio, Friedrichshafen, 29.06.2013.

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Audio and presentation (5 parts)
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Download [8.4 MB]Part I - Azores Islands and Malaysia [PPS , 8.4 MB]
Download [7.5 MB]Part II - Success factors, Albania [PPS , 7.5 MB]
Download [10.1 MB]Part III - Missionary Elements, Africa [PPS , 10.1 MB]
Download [9.0 MB]Part IV - Myanmar, Palestine, Solomon Islands, China, North Korea [PPS , 9.0 MB]
Download [9.3 MB]Part V - Montenegro and Kosovo [PPS , 9.3 MB]

Mr. 'Where do we go next?'

Mr. 'Where do we go next?'zoomHis fans believe (and even his critics admit) that he is the greatest DXpeditioner of the last fifty years. Martti has indeed helped the DX community - like nobody else - to a number of "new ones". His trademark is the unique combination of ham-spirit, professional management and a quest for perfection. You will never hear him, and be it from the remotest place, with a weak signal. But, above all, he has introduced a new quality to DX-ing: the human and the humanitarian aspects. (Listen to his speech at Ham Radio 2013, to learn more about that philosophy.) Unlike so many other big guns you will find Martti not only from a DX spot - he is a regular contact on the bands and participates to many international contests. - Are you interested in his personal biography? Listen to an interview, exclusively given to our Documentary Archive, and browse through huis family photo album.

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OH2BH - QSLsMartti (at that time: Martin) Laine, 1961, shortly after he obtained his amateur radio licence. Here are some of the many OH2BH personal QSLs of the more than fifty years since.

Martti's score: A dozen "new ones"...

Martti's score: A dozen 'new ones'...zoomMartti was always a team player, right from the beginning, his first major DXpedition, the first activation of OJ0MR, Market Reef, 1971. Later on he was either expedition leader or at least - thanks to his vast experience - the mastermind behind the scene.

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...and some of them, where others had failed

...and some of them, where others had failedMartti's "secret" His leading position in a gliobal communications trust, his skills as an excellent networker, his diplomatic stubbornness, his experience, his passion, and - last but not least - his talent to be at the right place at the right time.

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A review of DX highlights

A review of DX highlightszoomMartti and his family live in in Espoo, Finland. Martti worked, in a high position, for NOKIA, and was stationed a.o. in Hong Kong and Beijing. Martti maintains or worked from fully-equipped amateur radio stations in Madeira, the Canary Islands and Aland Island - not to mention the many call signs from Martti's worldwide travels. We persent just a small selection.

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