Amateurfunk in Deutschland

01 - Siehe linkLink
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03 - Körner, GdA, S 188
04 - Franklin, George, D4USA/W0AV: "Jumping the Gun", Manuskript, datiert 12.02.1991
05 - ders., E-Mail v. 17.08.1999
06 - Zitiert nach W3IRB
07 - "We developed a 10M mod for the BC610 which consisted of changing the parallel 807 drivers to a doubler and rewiring the BC610 250TH tank circuit with copper strap (instead of the lossy braid). The completed rig worked well on 10M AM and CW, but was well known for its RF splatter from the potent Class B modulator. The modulation transformer talked back like a loud speaker, and audio feedback to the mike would result if you turned the mike gain up too high!" - D4USA/W0AV, E-Mail v. 17.08.1999
08 - D4USA/W0AV, E-Mail v. 02/2002
09 - D4USA/W0AV, E-Mails v. 03/2005
10 - linkext. Link; linkext. Link

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