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ZL3AG → ZL4GR- Earland, Myrtle - New Zealand
"February 6, 1939 was the day that ZL3AG 'joined em' because, she writes, 'My boyfriend was more interested in radio than in me.' It worked. The requirements in the early thirties were that a newly licensed operator spend the first twelve months operating 80 meter cw. After that, permission was given for phone on 80, and cw on 40, and 20 meters. Additional tests were required for 20 meter phone operation. Those rigid requirements became habit, and Myrt still was a cw operator on 20, and used voice on 40, and 80, with some operation on 10 meters when the band was open. Originally licensed as ZL3AG, Myrt recveived her later call in 1939 when she and the OM moved to the second district.
When not on the air, ZL4GR was usually with her second hobby, her garden."
(Source: Louise Ramsey Moreau WB6BBO, QST November 1972)
"ZL4GR Myrtle Earland atDunedin, is again on the air and reports getting out very well. Myrtle is the XYL of ZL4AM."
(Source: CQ-YL, p 148)

ZL4GR- Earland, Myrtle - New Zealand →ZL3AG

ZS2AA - Hayes, Iris Hayes - South Africa
Licsensed 11/1937, first YL station in South Africa. First transmitter 2 1/2 watts, later 10 watts, both working off batteries and a vibropack."
(Source:CQ-YL p 151)
„Lives on a large sheep and cattle ranch called Poplar Grove near Whittlesea in South Africa. She was the first licensed operator in South Africa. Her being an amateur has started quite a fad in this respect since there is an nusually large percentage of yl operators among the South African amateurs. Since there is no source of a.c. power available, her transmitter, ending in a plate modulated 807, is powered by a vibrapack.“
(Source: Radio Yearbook 1940, incl. photo)
"Iris, ZS2AA, age 93, and Elaine, ZR2ELF, age 12, are reported to be the oldest and the youngest female hams in South Africa. Iris, who reports that she is 'still going strong, up to a point' was the keynote speaker at the 1995 South African Radio League's annual meting. Elaine has a good mentor!"
(Source: QST February 1997, incl. photo)

ZS6GH - Tuck, Diana → Green - South Africa
*1916-04-22, †1997-07-27. Licensed 1938. ⚭ ca. 1952-55 Reg ZS6J (*1911, †1993-06-26, licenced 1933). Son = Green, Irvine, ZS6BPE (*1955)
1946 CB: Miss Diana Tuck, 1 Sundale Ct., 151 Muller Street, Bellevue, Johannesburg
1951 CB: Miss Diana Tuck, 21 Flemington, 65 Pope Street, Bellevue, Johannesburg
Post-marriage - shared with ZS6J, P.O.Box 7028, Johannesburg
1946 CB: R. E. Green, 55 Main Street, Rosettenville, Johannesburg
"20, 40 CW-phone. Active in SAWRC; YL editor for SARL bulletin; bookkeeper and stamp collector. Travels throughout Europe, Canada and US"
(Source: CQ-YL p. 151 - incl. photograph)
“I am the son of Diana Green, ZS6GH, who I see you have listed as getting her licence in 1938 aged 22. - I am not aware of her exact licencing date so your data is probably right. She was born April 22, 1916. - My father was Reg Green, ZS6J, licenced 1933, age 22. - Mom went silent key July 27, 1997, and ZS6J died June 26 1993. - I got my licence on July 28, 1976, age 21. - My mom was the first Jewish radio ham in South Africa. - My mom started the SA Womens Radio Club and ran it for 30 years or so until 1990 (I think.) . - She kept in touch with Louisa Sando, Evelyn Scott, and many others, including Maxine Willis, W6UHA, and wrote for CQ magazine (Louisa's YL notes.) We, as a family, also did DX Expeditions to the 'homelands' in South Africa (H5ADX, H5ASC, V9ADX) between 1980 and 1989.
(Source: Irvine Green, ZS6BPE, E-Mail 20.09.2001)
“G3ACC Margaret has met ZS6GH, the YL who has travelled almost round the world, visiting amateurs and collecting her QSLs in person “
(Source: Short Wave Magazine, UK, May 1948)
The journal of the South African Radio League carried an article by Diana Green ZS5GH “The History of the South African Women’s Radio Club.”
The Club was founded on 2 June 1952 and at that time was the only YL Club in the Southern Hemisphere; it was affiliated to the South African Radio League. It started with 33 members and by the end of 1952 they had 71. The club was very active in the 1950’s and 1960’s with over 120 YL members and even had its own magazine “YL Beam “which regularly comprised of over 18 pages, and even had a Christmas edition of 30 pages. It was printed on a duplicator.
Diana recorded that she had spent sixteen years on Council, being President for twelve years and Secretary on four occasions, in addition to being editor of YL Beam on numerous occasions.
(Source: "Radio ZS", August 1975)
From Vancouver Sun, B.C., Canada, Saturday November 1 1947 page 55 – “A South African Sun Ray looks us over” (half page article with picture).

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