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ON4TAF, ON4YL - Baptiste, Jeanne - Belgium
„Every amateur in the Brussels region, even the ones living in the province, know the voice of ON4YL, Yokohama Luxembourg, like it used to be spelled in that time. She was once ON4TAF, at a time the three letter suffixed were uses by non-licensed amateurs. Only few foreign amateurs active in phone did not yet make contact with her station on the 40 meters band. Her operating technique and her modulation are excellent, and her station is considered to be one of the best in Belgium.
It was still the time that a local radio contact was usually followed by an eyeball QSO and a visit to the shack of the correspondent. That is why we went to visit ON4YL and had a look at her station. The house where she lives is situated on an elevation of the terrain in a commune called Forest, near Brussels. That is why she enjoys a free outlook for the antennas as well. We went immediately to the station, because she had just started a QSO with another amateur. He did not seem to have a very good receiver and repeated at each part of his transmission at least three times. By alternating her headphones from her head to mine, we could both easily follow the message. But it soon was 11 a.m., the hour when legally we had to stop all traffic. Jeanny told me that she is active every day from 1000 to 1100 h except on Sundays, and most of the time after 2300 h.
We admired the magnificent series of QSL cards and the pictures, nicely arranged against the wall, of Jeanne’s husband, Jules Baptiste. We also had a look at the station of her brother-in-law, Fernand Baptiste, ON4TA, who is a well-known 14MHz DXer. Obviously the whole family seems to enjoy ham radio. ON4TA’s station and antennas are completely separated from Jeanne’s gear.
It is worth noting that Jeanne is also a member of the C.Y.M., the club of the YLs of the Réseau Belge, the Belgian French-speaking amateur association, whose membership is continuously growing.
We thank Jeanne for the nice visit and for the description of her station which she gave, as follows:
‚My transmitter gives me entire satisfaction till now. I work exclusively on the 40 meter band and always in phone. The transmitter has three stages: CO (crystal controlled oscillator stage), RF amplifier stage, and PA. The quartz of the oscillator is on the frequency of 7,167 MHz (41,64m) and is connected to a 47 tube working with 350V anode voltage at 25mA. The second stage is an RF amplifier, tube 46 with 450V on the anode by 30mA, and the final amplifier are two tubes 210 in parallel, with an anode voltage of 750V at 50mA. They are working in class C, and the power of the stage is a separate power supply.
The modulation is a Heising type modulator and uses a 56 tube as microphone pre-amlifier. The stage is coupled via an interstage transformer to a push-pull driver stagw of two tubes 50 which attacks again via a coupling transformer a push-pull final amplifier of two tubes 50, in class AB. The power supply of the final stage delivers 500V at 100-125mA. All my equipment is mounted on metal chassis. The antenna is a Zepp antenna exactly tuned to the frequency of the crystal oscillator. For reception I use a separate antenna 15m long. My recveiver has to RF amplifiers followed by a detector stage, and a LF amplifier stage. I normally use the headphones but I can listen on a dynamic speaker as well. I am now constructing a newe tranmitter for the 20m band. For that I will use an indirectly heated pentode, followed by a triode amplifier/driver stage and a triode final amplifier.
I hope to work some interesting DX on that band in the near future.‘“
(Note: Not listed in CB 37. Brother-in-law listed under ON4TA, former ON4TAF)
(Source: Article, signed ON4EY, in: „QSO“, April 1937 – the monthly magazine of the Reseau Belgue, a French-speaking association before WWII. It was integrated, in 1947, together with the pre-war Flemish-speaking association, into the present UBA, Union of Belgian Amateurs. – Translation: Tiny Jaspers ON4CAT; 8/98)

OZ1YL - Nielsen, Nancy K. - Denmark
"License autumn 1937. Published in 'OZ' Oct 37. November 37: Allowed to use the transmitter 24h. March 39 allowed to use all frequencies"
(Source: Letter Gorm Helt-Hansen, June 97)

OZ2YL - Sauerberg, Edith - Denmark
Fiskergade 7-1, Copenhagen N. Licensed autumn 37, published in 'OZ' Sept. 37
(Source: Letter Gorm Helt-Hansen, June 9)

OZ3YL - Jürgensen, Margarete - Denmark
Offenbachsvey 29-2, Copenhagen V. Licensed summer 1938. Published in 'OZ' June 38. (Source: Letter Gorm Helt-Hansen, June 97)

OZ5YL - Svendsen, Helga - Denmark
of Skive. QSL in Coll., dated 10..04.35 ("QSO Nr. 46") - "The licensee is N.P.V.Svendsden, probably her busband or brother. Noted in 'OZ' March 35 as new license. In 'OZ' August 35 there is anote that 'OZ5VS may also use the call OZ5YL'. CB 1937: "Same as OZ5VS" (Source: Letter Gorm Helt-Jansen, June 97)

OZ7YL - Valbjoern, Dorothea C. - Denmark
Langelinmie 121, Odense. "The first Danish YL. Had her first QSO 10. June 1932, using her brother's station OZ7DV. Had her licewnse before 1934. EDR number was 325." Listed in CB 37.
(Source: Letter Gorm Helt-Hansen)

OZ9YL - Rasmussen, Gudrun M. - Denmark
Aabyvej 30, Aabyhoej. - Licensed summer 38, published in 'OZ' August 38.

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