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International DX Program from Adventist World Radio, AWR, researched and written in Indianapolis by Dr. Adrian M. Peterson, and produced in the studios of WRMI Shortwave in Miami. Hosted by Jeff White. Link: linkext. Link

Archivnummern: AP/m_mm1/awr_2020_(Sendedatum)

Datei/Datum Inhalt Dauer
0105 The Voice of America, Delano, California: Gone but not Forgotten – 3 & Ancient DX Report 1920 28:55
0112 The Radio Scene on a Volcanic Island in the South Pacific: the Recent Tragedy on New Zealand's White Island 28:55
0119 The Early Wireless Scene on the Pacific Island, Bougainville 28:55
0126 The Shortwave Scene in South American Uruguay 28:55
0202 Jungle Radio on Bougainville Island 28:55
0209 Minicoy Island, Thomas Witherspoon, Philippine DX 28:55
0216 Uruguay on Shortwave, Paul Ladd of World Christian Broadcasting, Canadian DX report 28:55
0224 Australian Radio Station 9AC on Bougainville Island 28:55
0301 The Grand Wireless Station at Monte Grande 28:55
0308 The Happiest Place on Earth: Vanuatu in the South Pacific Back on Shortwave (Pt. I) 28:55
0315 The Radio Scene at the Sinking of the Graf Spee 28:55
0322 The Happiest Place on Earth: Vanuatu in the South Pacific Back on Shortwave (Pt. II) 28:55
0329 The Early Shortwave Scene in South American Paraguay 28:55
0405 The First Wireless/Radio Station in Greenland 28:55
0412 American Radio Station on Vanuatu Island in the South Pacific 28:55
0419 Paraguay on Mediumwave 28:55
0426 Another Chapter in the Radio Scene on the Islands of Vanuatu & Ancient DX Report 1921 28:55
0503 The Greenland Story: The Good Ship Morrissey and its Arctic Voyages 28:55
0510 Radio Vila: The First Shortwave Era in the South Pacific Islands of Vanuatu 28:55
0517 Paraguay on Shortwave - Part 3: After the War 28:55
0524 Vois Blong Yumi/Vanuatu on Shortwave 28:55
0531 The Radio Scene and the Overloaded Telephone Exchange 28:55
0607 The Land of the White Tiger: The Radio Scene in the Indian State of West Bengal 28:55
0614 The Mediumwave and FM Radio Scene in South Pacific Vanuatu 28:55
0621 Another look at the Shortwave Scene in Paraguay, South America 28:55
0628 The Radio Story: Quarantined on a Lonely Island - Socotra, the Island of Strange Trees & The Radio Story: Quarantined on a Lonely Island - Gough, the Island of Super Mice 28:55
0705 Two or Three Clandestine Radio Stations in Vanuatu 28:55
0712 Unusual Shortwave Stations in Paraguay, Tribute to Australian DXer Rex Gillett, Last day of HFCC A20 Conference in Malaysia, Philippine DX Report 28:55
0719 The story of the Japanese Sea Monster; Tribute to Allan Loudell, a shortwave legend in the United States; Bangladesh DX report; Reception Report from New Brunswick 28:55
0726 Who owns these disputed islands in the tropical Pacific? A quick trip to Cambodia: the radio and TV scene there. Australian DX Report with Bob Padula 28:55
0802 The Early Wireless Scene in the New American State of Columbia? RAE Argentina to the World with Test Transmissions from Antarctica. Rudy Espinal of Radio Clarin gives Keynote Speech in Minneapolis in 1979. Japan DX Report from Yukiko Tsuji 28:55
0809 American radio station in Australia protected as a heritage site. Rudy Espinal keynote speech at 1979 ANARC Convention in Minneapolis, part 2. Philippine DX report from Henry Umadhay 28:55
0819 The most important American radio station in the South Pacific during World War 2, Part 3 of keynote speech by Rudy Espinal of Radio Clarin in Santo Domingo 28:55
0823 The City of Indianapolis celebrates its 200th anniversary. The Indianapolis 500 mile race on shortwave. WHRI shortwave may be coming to an end. Australian DX Report from Bob Padula 28:55
0830 Argentine anniversary: Their first radio broadcast. Indian DX Report from Prithwiraj Purkayastha. Australian DX News from Bob Padula 28:55
0906 The largest and most important American World War 2 radio station in Australia: What happened afterwards; and interesting sequel. DX news from the Worldwide DX Club of Germany. Japan DX report from Yukiko Tsuji 28:55
0913 A very special program: A replay of the original AWR DX program Radio Monitors International, Part 1 28:55
0920 Hutt River Radio from the Australian micro-nation. Philippines DX Report from Henry Umadhay. Voice of Vietnam's 75th anniversary. Bangladesh DX Report from Salahuddin Dolar 28:55
0927 A replay of the original AWR DX program Radio Monitors International from October 1980 - part 2 28:55
1004 100 Years of Radio Broadcasting in Argentina: The Malvinas War. Special eQSL from RAE Argentina to the World. Sunspot Cycle 25 has begun! Japan DX Report from Yukiko Tsuji 28:55
1011 The early shortwave scene in Nepal, part 1. Philippine DX report from Henry Umadhay. Australian shortwave callsign VLT. VOA via Radio Libertad in Colombia. New DRM transmitter in Brazil. Listener report from China 28:55

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