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2012-02-23 01 The Orlando HamCation Tour 2012   36:24
2012-02-27 02 The Orlando Interviews Intro 09:33
2012-02-27 02/01 The Orlando Interviews Rich Moseson W2VU is editor of CQ Magazine. He gets to express himself once a month in the CQ editorial, and now and then at a hamfest forum. Here, I talk to him for almost an hour about how CW is faring now that it's no longer required (and how Ham Radio is doing, too); about the CQ family of magazine's new digital option, and a little about ham radio video.  
2012-02-28 02/02 The Orlando Interviews Lou McFadin W5DID describes the ARISSat-1 satellite, using the operational model at the AMSAT booth at the HamCation. Gary feels inadequate in the presence of such accomplished hams, and he insults the astronauts. That makes Lou uncomfortable, so he goes on to talk about the future of AMSAT and ARISSat. 21:13
2012-02-28 02/03 The Orlando Interviews Yaesu is Yaesu again, having split from parent Motorola. And they're about to go digital VHF/UHF in a big way, but it won't be D-STAR. And we learn about how Yaesu radios can handle the new 60 Meter changes, in this extended interview with their Executive VP for North America, Dennis Motschenbacher K7BV  
2012-02-28 02/04 The Orlando Interviews ICOM's new D-STAR, the ID-31, is a "third generation" D-STAR product designed to solve some of the learning-curve problems hams have had with D-STAR by incorporating a database of D-STAR repeaters, making the radio more ready-to-go out of the box. Ray also responds to Yaesu's claim that D-STAR is "old technology."  
2012-02-29 02/05 The Orlando Interviews Greg Jurrins K5GJ gives Gary some Software-Defined-Radio basics, and talks about the FlexRadio line, now a mature product. They discuss the past and future of Flex, and Gary suggests a new product. 16:14
2012-02-29 02/06 The Orlando Interviews Gary interviewed Eric at the Huntsville Hamfest for Ham Nation, looking at the yet-to-be-released KX3. The radio is being sold now, and first units will be delivered soon. Eric talks about how the K-Line was named in honor of the Collins S-Line. And they discuss how to get Leo Laporte W6TWT off his duff and on the air. 24:23
2012-02-29 02/07 The Orlando Interviews WinRadio has a series of high-end Sofware-Defined receivers, covering HF+ and VHF/UHF, including P-25 digital and trunk scanning. Tariq reviews the line and advantages of SDR in shortwave and scanning. 22:35
2012-03-01 02/08 The Orlando Interviews First, sorry about the multi-colored flashing lights. John thinks that's the way to get your attention. He doesn''t need it. He's got a compelling product - a system to let you use your HF station remotely with only a Touch-Tone phone. No computer! Not even an iPad.  
2012-03-01 02/09 The Orlando Interviews The most unique product we've seen in a while, and we almost missed it, even though they towered over one of the commercial buildings. These are inflatable towers. Fast and easy to set up and take down, and they get your antennas up where they do some good. Same principle as that blow-up Santa in your neighbor's lawn, but a bit more heavy-duty.  
2012-02-27 02/10 The Orlando Interviews    
2012-02-27 02/11 The Orlando Interviews    
05.01.2014 118 SDR Architecture for VHF/UHF Brian Hoyer K7UDR thinks maybe not so much. Maybe that's because his company, NW Digital Radio, has a product that blends both. The UDRX-440 is a 25-watt 70cm "data radio" that he's designed to be able to run just about any digital protocol available now or later. Now, AX25 (high-speed, no 1200 stuff), D-STAR's DV and DD (at 56 kpbs), the coming modes of CODEC2, and then who knows? His point isn't that SDR can't do it. It can. You just can't afford it. Or as he says, the Swiss Army Knife does a lot, but it's a crummy knife. (They may disagree - I don't know, I don't have one). So you do "purpose built" and SDR when they make technical and economic sense. OK, that's a pretty drastic condensation of Brian's talk, like all these short descriptions are. You may agree or disagree, but if you're into digital at VHF/UHF, you'll want to watch. Brian did a talk at last year's DCC (HamRadioNow Episode 37), and his partner John Hays K7VE was the lead-off speaker at this year's conference (Episode 112). 52:38
05.01.2014 119 Digital Amateur Radio at the Twin Cities Erik Westgard NY9D has been leading the team of hams who provide medical communications - and more - at the Twin Cities Marathon in Minnesota. They've got the voice nets, of course, but the data gets passed around on D-STAR's 1200 MHz DD data system. They've been headed that way for several years. This won't be a very technical talk. Erik will describe what they do, and how they got where they're going. 51:32
08.01.2014 120 Open HARDWARE Open source software? Sure. Open HARDWARE? What's that about? TAPR's John Ackermann N8UR explains how the two concepts go hand in hand. 52:58
08.01.2014 121 OSLR and B.A.T.M.A.N over D-STAR John Ronan EI7IG has been experimenting with throughput using multiple nodes on a 1200 MHz D-STAR DD data system. 34:47
12.01.2014 122 High Performance PSK31 Believe it or not, PSK31 is old. As good as it is, it could be doing better - fewer errors with even weaker signals. Or so says John Gibbs NN7F in his talk at the 2013 ARRL and TAPR DCC. Don't miss the Q&A at the end. Bruce Perens K6BP will suggest that maybe it's time to just move on and give PSK31 the burial it deserves! 1:05:15
13.01.2014 123 Free DV, HT of the Future, Open Source, etc. At Dayton last spring, we talked to Bruce Perens K6BP (HamRadioNow Episode 81) about FreeDV, CODEC2 and "The HT of the Future" -- all part of a fiendish plot to introduce open-source digital voice and more to Amateur Radio on both HF and VHF/UHF. At the 2013 DCC, he continued that theme, going deeper into the technology, though this isn't a highly technical talk. And yes, he takes on Yaesu's new VHF/UHF digital system, as well as D-STAR. Enjoy the ride! See also: Mel Whitten and Dave Whiten's talk on FreeDV at the 2012 DCC (Episode 47), Chris Testa's talk on Handheld SDR (the HT of the Future, Episode 44), and David Rowe VK5DGR's talk on CODEC2 at the 2011 DCC at this long URL: 1:11:37
13.01.2014 124 HackRF - A Low Cost SDR Platform es, this is the HackRF project you've heard so much about. Developer Michael Ossmann visited the DCC (his first Ham Radio talk) to tell us what the Jawbreaker SDR transceiver is and how it came to be. 57:27
13.01.2014 125 GNURadio Module for Hermes-Metis SDR If you understand the title, you're in the right place. If not, BUT you want to know more about the guts of SDR, stick around. I'll do my best to break it down for you in the intro, then Tom McDermott N5EG will walk you through it. "It" is a way to use GNURadio to poke around in the Hermes and Metis HPSDR radios (and yes, I know saying "SDR Radio" is like saying "ATM Machine." Chalk up one more for the 2013 ARRL and 53:10
14.01.2014 126 Kickstarter FAIL, etc. If you need a break from all that DCC technology, this certainly is one. Gary rambles to the camera about the failed KICKSTARTER, what we'll do next, QST and CQ on-line problems, and some CQ video of Cyndi working DX. linkext. Link 1:06:45
20.01.2014 127 "NIPERnet" NextGen Networking Timothy Salo AB0DO has some ideas for better networking for digital Amateur Radio. If he does this well enough, he gets his PhD! 45:51
20.01.2014 128 HamWAN - 6 GHz Network for Amateur If you live in the Seattle area, you get to do something no other hams can do today. You can operate a wide-coverage, high speed (Megabits, not kilobits) digital network called HamWAN. Bart Kus AE7SJ will take you on a technical tour of the system in this talk - the last one before the Sunday "deep dive" at the 2013 DCC. It's another one of those "future of Amateur Radio things you've heard about. You should hear more! 54:21
28.01.2014 129/1 Android Programming Tutorial, Part 1 PART 1 of 3. No Code? Know Code? How about Know Computer Code! In this case, Android programming. Rob Frohne KL7NA gets you started programming a simple app to turn a rotator. This is the Sunday "Deep Dive" from the 2013 ARRL and TAPR DCC. 1:03:09
28.01.2014 129/2 Android Programming Tutorial, Part 2 PART 2 of 3. No Code? Know Code? How about Know Computer Code! In this case, Android programming. Rob Frohne KL7NA gets you started programming a simple app to turn a rotator. This is the Sunday "Deep Dive" from the 2013 ARRL and TAPR DCC. 1:01:14
28.01.2014 129/3 Android Programming Tutorial, Part 3 PART 3 of 3. No Code? Know Code? How about Know Computer Code! In this case, Android programming. Rob Frohne KL7NA gets you started programming a simple app to turn a rotator. This is the Sunday "Deep Dive" from the 2013 ARRL and TAPR DCC. 1:09:51
29.01.2014 130 Adventures of a Time Nut (Banquet Talk) Need to prove the Theory of Relativity over a holiday weekend? How about just choosing the right wristwatch from the display at Target? No problem, at least if you're Tom van Baak (rhymes with clock), Time Nut. He shows you how to do it in this very entertaining talk from the 2013 ARRL and TAPR DCC. This is the Saturday night banquet talk, and while Tom's subject is pretty technical, he keeps it understandable (plus or minus a few nanoseconds) to a general audience. linkext. Link 1:01:08
01.02.2014 131 A 60-Meter BAND? Maybe ? Today hams in the USA and most of the world have a few discrete 60-Meter channels. A more traditional band is a small part of the proposal that the FCC is preparing as the US's submission to WRC-15, the World Radio Conference coming in November, 2015. That set of "draft recommendations" is open for public comment until February 18. In this episode, ARRL's CTO Brennan Price N4QX explains where we are in this process (early), and what happens next (a lot, fast). The FCC's proposal, covering the "private sector" of communications (Radio and TV, your cell phone, ham radio, business and public-safety two-way radio, etc.), gets mashed up with what the NTIA wants for the government. That result gets mixed with other country's ideas in the Americas, and then it all goes off to Geneva to get hammered out at the WRC. The idea of a 60-Meter band isn't just ours. It was actually proposed by Cuba, which just authorized their hams a very small band. The FCC is recommending a bigger band (the negotiations ended up with 175 kHz worth, but don't expect that to survive to the end). We also talk a little about the ARRL's Symbol Rate request for rule making that just closed. That's gonna have to be a whole show sometime soon. And Gary asks Brennan about the 472 kHz ham band (the 630 Meter Band) that the ITU agreed on at the 2012 WRC (where is it?). If you're a microwaver, 60 meters is an afterthought... sorry. The Ham Radio GHz bands are also addressed in the WRC items, but we didn't get to that in this talk. (Note that this is a replacement YouTube upload. The first version never rendered high-rez. If you linked or embedded really fast, that version was deleted, so grab this one) 1:13:38
10.02.2014 132/1 My Stupid Plan for 60 Meters, Part One In Episode 131, Brennan Price led us through the steps that may end in the WRC-15 creating a ham band at 5 MHz (60 Meters). Yay. Yes, we in the US and many other countries have a little spectrum at 60 - mostly set up as individual "channels" rather than the traditional ham band we're used to. But the ITU Radio Regulations have no ham band there. There's a plan afoot for the WRC to approve a real band.So Gary got to thinking, there's something nice about those 60 meter "channels" that he likes: no interference from stations snuggling in a little too close for comfort like seems to always happen on the other bands where hams have the freedom to plunk down a signal anywhere in the band they want to. Why not expand that concept to the whole new band? Well, nobody else is going to like it. But what the heck. If he's going to impose his will on everyone, he'll have to get started. We've got until February 18 (2014) to file comments with the FCC. Gary wrote up his comments, and then decided to do a show about it. So he hooked up with Jeff AC4ZO on Skype (Jeff had a cold), and they talked about it for almost an hour, until Jeff had to go. Then Gary prattled on for yet another hour. 48:54
10.02.2014 132/2 My Stupid Plan for 60 Meters, Part Two This half of the episode has the actual plan. And a sad story about a cat. 1:03:10
22.02.2014 133 HamRadioNow at the Movies Jeff & Gary review videos from the ARRL and the new TX Factor program. 1:00:51
25.02.2014 134 ARDF (Fox Hunting) ARDF - Amateur Radio Direction Finding - is the European style on-foot version of Fox Hunting. This program, from the ARVN vault, is the 2006 USA ARDF Championship that qualified hams for the world ARDF event that year. Don't worry about "2006," this isn't all about results. It's about the people, the techniques and the equipment involved in this fascinating aspect of ham radio.41 41:29
2014-03-07 135 The WW8N Tower Case Gary Wadtke WW8N had to sue his Ohio village to put up a 60 foot tower. He won, but the village appealed, and the appeal is pending. His attorney, well-known Ham Radio antenna law expert Fred Hopengarten K1VR, takes us through the case and dispenses some free advice. More advice? Buy his book, "Antenna Zoning for the Radio Amateur." MORE advice? His retainer starts at $1500. I'd start with the video.... 1:07:16
2014-03-12 136 CQ Magazine Update ('What the heck?') CQ Magazine has been AWOL from mailboxes since the December issue. Yes, there's been trouble in Hicksville, and CQ editor Rich Moseson W2VU joins Gary in this episode to talk about what and why, and what the future holds for CQ. Oh, and the January issue is in the mail! 1:02:43
2014-03-13 137/1 Part 1 - Wake Atoll 2013 DXpedition Lou Dietrich N2TU's "slide show" of last November's DXpedition to Wake Island (Wake Atoll), presented at the 2014 Charlotte Hamfest. So no, this isn't "the video" of the DXpedition (there isn't one, and Lou didn't mention making one, so this may be it). 1:02:30
2014-03-15 137/2 Part 2: Amsterdam Is. FT5ZM DXpedition Bob Allphin is another famous DXer, and he just got back from a nearly half-million dollar "vacation" to the south Indian Ocean. Bob will be making a video, but he OK'd us making a program from his hamfest talk at the Charlotte hamfest. 1;:09:54
2014-03-21 138 MotoTRBOStar on HamRadioNow A new handheld radio will feature TWO digital modes: MOTOTRBO (DMR) and D-STAR. And it's going to be pretty darn cheap. 46:11
2014-03-23 139 Symbol Rate (or Digital Solves All Your Problems) Gary talks with Open Source evangelist Bruce Perens K6BP about the ARRL's Symbol Rate petition and request for member comment on digital band plans, and a host of other digital concerns including FreeDV and the HT of the Future (with reverb). We know that HF digital mode plans are controversial. We're planning more programs to look at other points of view. Your comments (and guest suggestions) are welcome below. Play nice.. 1:17:24
2014-04-06 140 Please Stand By Filler. Placeholder. Not a real episode. Oh, sure, Gary talks for over an hour. But does he say anything? Watch this only of you need to be distracted, maybe mildly entertained, or just have company for an hour. We're busy doing something else. 1:13:10
2014-04-09 141 The Shirt Off My Back I would NOT give you the shirt off my back, but you can BUY the shirt off my guest's web site. Tom Chapman KC9FOZ runs, and after bugging me for too long, I agreed to let him produce a line of HamRadioNow t-shirts (sweatshirts, hoodies, might be available if he sees some interest). So this program is basically a half-hour infomercial. I'm betting you're enjoy it! 39:53
2014-04-17 142 This is only a test Filler material because I've been too busy to make an episode, and you deserve SOMETHING 16:46
2014-05-07 143 Meet Joe Ham(m) Ham Nation has Joe Walsh, but WE have JOE HAM(m). Practically the Captain America of Hams! 1:06:12
2014-05-15 144/4 ARISS to the MAX - A 1992 SAREX Contact Part Four of Four (that means it's the last one). A SAREX contact from more than 20 years ago... one that FAILED! (Then it succeeded). 28:33
2014-05-15 144/3 ARISS to the MAX - PIOs and the Media Part Three of Four. The PIOs discuss how they involved the media. 57:42
2014-05-15 144/2 ARISS to the MAX - the Students, the Teacher and the Ham Part Two of Four. We talk to the students, the teacher, and the Ham. 54:50
2014-05-15 144/1 ARISS to the MAX - the CONTACT! Part One of Four - way more than the usual ARISS contact video. First, it's got HamRadioNow's legendary 3-camera video and high-quality audio. 28:52
2014-05-15 144/2 ARISS to the MAX - the Students, the Teacher and the Ham Part Two of Four. We talk to the students, the teacher, and the Ham. 54:50
2014-05-15 144/3 ARISS to the MAX - PIOs and the Media Part Three of Four. The PIOs discuss how they involved the media. 57:42
2014-05-15 144/4 ARISS to the MAX - A 1992 SAREX Contact Part Four of Four (that means it's the last one). A SAREX contact from more than 20 years ago... one that FAILED! (Then it succeeded). 28:33
2014-05-25 145 CQ Made It to Dayton! Here comes our Hamvention footage. Here Gary talks to Rich W2VU and Richard KI6SN, editors of CQ and CQ Plus, which (against all odds, or at least the odds offered by some of the hams who made comments on-line), is still in business and made it to Dayton. And a lot of banter between Gary and Cliff W4FT 42:38
2014-05-26 146 FlexRadio 6300 Intro at Dayton At $2500, FlexRadio enters a new market segment for their full-featured, direct-sampling software defined radio. We talk to their Sales guy,Greg Jurrens K5GJ at Dayton. Then Cliff and Gary kick it around a little. 33:44
2014-05-29 147 Cute toys from Elecraft & TEN-TEC at Dayton A little panadapter for the KX3 from Elecraft, and a small, open-source "RF Platform" from TEN-TEC that you DIY software for. 33:21
2014-05-30 148 Great South Bay ARC We were invited to do one of those "Guest Speaker via Skype" deals at the Great South Bay Amateur Radio Club meeting. They're a big, active club in central Long Island, New York. So Jeff and Gary fired up the skype... and pushed the RECord button to make it an episode of HamRadioNow. And here it is! 37:44
2014-06-03 149 What's a Whitebox? It's the opposite of Black Box - open source hardware and software. It just may be the "Future of Amateur Radio." Chris Testa KB2BMH and Bruce Perens K6BP talk to Gary at the TAPR booth at the 2014 Hamvention about the product they're working on - an open-source software defined radio for VHF/UHF 51:18
2014-06-06 150 Hijinks and Straight Keys Hijinks is fun. Keys are serious. Don't get them confused 35:47
2014-06-12 151 Collins Collectors & AMSAT Fox 1 from Dayton The Collins Collector's Assn is into way more than just diddling with old radios. And AMSAT has more to show you on the Fox-1 Satellite. 38:09
2014-06-14 152 Friday Night BS #1 Bull Session. Gary & Newsline's Bill Pasternack ramble on about (eventually) the new FCC Report and Order on remote VE testing, expired license recovery and DMR; ARRL's new nomenclature emphasizing Public Service over Emergency; the origin of the term SAREX and other stuff. Fans of "efficient" 1:25:51
2014-06-16 153 Hardened Power, TiltPlate from Dayton, and Inside the Show First, a hat-tip and goodbye to KB4HQA (SK), one of my mentors in podcasting. Then back to Dayton to check out Hardened Power Systems UPS-ish devices, the TiltPlate system for keeping off ladders when working on the antennas on your tilt-over tower, and some "inside" HamRadioNow stuff (at the end). 46:45
2014-06-22 154 KICKSTARTER Launch for the 2014 DCC Video Time to launch the KICKSTARTER to fund getting to Austin and shoot the 2014 ARRL and TAPR Digital Communications Conference. Embedded in this episode is the video we just uploaded to the KICKSTARTER folks. Now we wait for the project to be accepted (fairly likely, since we've done this 23:55
2014-06-23 155 Tuner on Steroids; Grounding on Auto Don Kessler KI6SZ shows us his... maybe overkill high-power, automatic, remote operated antenna tuner, coming later this year. Then John Troy KI4YUM introduces a new (coming soon) product from RemoteShack - an automatic device for disconnecting and grounding your antenna when it's not in use. 25:37
014-06-26 156 Propagation... for Field Day... If You Hurry OK, not just Field Day! Gary talks with Tomas Hood NW7US, propagation columnist for CQ and Spectrum Monitor, and general Space Weather enthusiast. Field Day? It's gonna be OK, not great, with a reliability factor not any better than that of your TV weatherman forecast three days out. The real meat in the show is how you get to that prediction, and what propagation forecasting can do in general. 1:13:47
2014-07-18 157 I'm Back (and oh, yeah, the DCC Video KICKSTARTER is LIVE!) Gary explains where he's been (a 3-week pod-fade), talks about the DCC video KICKSTARTER that's doing well despite being "untended" since it's launch, and the Amateur Radio Parity Act. 38:03
2014-07-21 158 NO on 4969 (YES on SDR) HR 4969, the Amateur Radio Parity Act, is a bill before the House of Representatives that would extend PRB-1 protection to private contracts like your Homeowner's Association rules, deed restrictions, "CC&R's," and stuff like that. Every ham supports that, right? 1:1254
2014-07-29 159 CSI-Dayton (with D-STAR and the Dongles) Three digital voice interviews from the Hamvention®. We get an update from Connect System's (that's the CSI) Jerry Wanger and the D-STAR HT he's developing. Then the Grand Old Man of D-STAR in the US - Jim McClellan N5MIJ says there's still more coming, and Robin Cutshaw AA4RC has a Raspberry Pi 45:31
2014-08-02 160 Friday Night BS #2 (on Wednesday) Two Twenty Two.... that's two hours and twenty-two minutes of three experienced, knowledgeable hams rambling on about current events. Once again it's Newsline's Bill Pasternack WA6ITF, this time joined by Ward Silver N0AX, along with Host Gary Pearce KN4AQ.. 2:21:58
2014-08-19 161 Yaesu's System (Con)Fusion Gary's QST review of the Yaesu FTM-400 and FT1DR digital mobile and HT was long. This "addendum" video is even longer. You get your money's worth. We play with the radios thru a DR-1 repeater, and then compare HTs running Yaesu's C4FM, D-STAR, P-25 and DMR (MotoTRBO). 1:37:20
2014-08-28 162 Austin or Bust Just a quick 'Hi' to you guys because I've been too busy to produce a real episode, and I'm about to hit the road to the DCC in Austin. 10:11
2014-09-03 163 The Road to Austin Runs Thru Shelby A stop at the Shelby NC Hamfest starts our trip to Austin. See Gary's APRS track on linkext. Link. 44:08
2014-09-08 164/2 FlexRadio 'Waveform' API - F Think of the Waveform API as a way do design more signals, modes, and other RF into Flex's SmartSDR. FreeDV with CODEC2 is just the beginning - the demonstration app that puts a new mode button on the 28:17
2014-09-08 164/1 FlexRadio at the DCC - OPEN Flex VP of Engineering Stephen Hicks N5AC AC announces that the API for SmartSDR software is now out of beta and open to all! 48:32
2014-09-19 165/2 On the Road (Home) Part ONE (Carolina or Bust) Gary rambles on as he gets on the road home from the DCC in Austin. Radio programming, D-STAR, APRS, Tone (CTCSS), Hams in Beaumont TX, 10 Meters, Road Trips, and un poco de español are most of the topics. 51:39
2014-09-22 165/1 On the Road (Home) Part TWO (Carolina or Bust) Day two (and that's it... sorry!) has a scan of some of the HF bands, a SouthCars check-in, a surprise County Hunters Net check-in, and on-air chats with friends Cliff W4FT and Jerry KE4TTS as I cross Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama on the southern route. I didn't shoot any on-the-road video the next day, but I did end up at the North Carolina Mountain State Fair, where a group of local clubs set up an 33:09
2014-10-09 166 TAPR and the Beach on HamRadioNow The ARRL and TAPR 2014 DCC Friday "Intro" session, wrapped in a video about setting up a temporary station at the Beach. Make that two stations. And Jeff fixes a radio. 43:10
2014-10-09 167 K6BP 'AMBE Exposed' from the 2014 DCC - HamRadioNow The leadoff talk from the 2014 DCC - Bruce Perens K6BP admits he was wrong about the AMBE vocoder used in D-STAR and most other VHF/UHF digital voice equipment. It isn't a black box. The specs are public! But they're so encumbered by patents that you can't use them... unless...except.... And, what else 57:20
2014-10-10 168 DATV Express SDR Exciter for Digital ATV at the DCC on HamRadioNow Digital ATV enthusiast Ken Konechy W6HHC updates the DATV Express, an SDR (or should it be 'SDTV') exciter that generates digital Amateur Television in a variety of modes and bandwidths. From the ARRL and TAPR DCC in Austin TX. 46:08
2014-10-21 169 DVB-T Digital Video, from the DCC on From the 2014 DCC - Mel Whitten K0PFX gives some background and shows how easy it is to get on the air with Digital Amateur Television using the European broadcast standard DVB-T. 52:10
2014-10-26 170 Off the Shelf SDR, from the 2014 DCC on HamRadioNow Scotty Cowling WA2DFI defies nature and installs a trio of SDR radios on a Windows computer "live" in one 45-minute presentation. He does everything from scratch except downloading the software (you don't want to rely on hotel wi-fi). And it almost all works! It's from the 2014 ARRL and TAPR Digital Communications Conference in Austin TX. 50:36
2014-10-29 171 Ham Radio at the State Fair on HamRadioNow Getting Ham Radio before the public... in a positive light... is important, right? Here's a group that put in a huge effort to do just that. Several radio clubs in western North Carolina cooperated to set up a serious demonstration for 10 straight days at the Mountain State Fair. Here is a typical HamRadioNow in-depth 1:05:12
2014-11-03 172 Matt Ettus USRP/RFNoC Update from the DCC on HamRadionow New stuff in the USRP, and a new product: RFNoC. Matt Ettus, founder of Ettus Research brings you up to date from the ARRL and TAPR DCC. 55:12
2014-11-03 173 NW Digital's UDRX-440, DV3000 from the DCC on HamRadioNow NW Digital's Brian Hoyer K7UDR and John Hays K7VE update the UDRX-440 UHF data radio, and the new DV3000 D-STAR module at the ARRl and TAPR 2014 DCC. 43:03
2014-11-19 174 A Pep Talk from Riley on HamRadioNow Riley talks to his old radio club from his days as a law student in Winston-Salem, NC. At the end we take a look at the club's station in the basement of the Red Cross complex. 1:09:07
2014-11-18 175 Bruce Perens' Algoram - Open DV for VHF/UHF Turns out that the open-source DV program FreeDV isn't ideal as the digital voice program for the VHF/UHF "HT of the Future." 58:33
2014-11-18 176 High Speed Networks on UHF and Microwave from HamRadioNow From the 2014 ARRL/TAPR DCC. David Bern W2LNX is on a mission: High Speed digital networks on the Ham Radio UHF and Microwave bands, covering the country. Not kilobits... Megabits. In this talk 53:05
2014-12-01 177 So You Want an EmComm Vehicle The ARES guys in the Portland OR area have been lusting over some of those cool mobile comm units. They've laid plans to build their own They asked for a pitch to help their fundraising. We raised the 1:04:03
2014-12-02 178 Radio Games - HamRadioNow An episode for Jeff & Gary fans only. You've been warned. But if you ARE a Jeff & Gary fan, you're in luck. Just look at how long this one is! 1:41:16
2014-12-04 179 A Christmas Truce, from HamRadioNow World War 1 started in 1914, 100 years ago, and continued for the next five years. Hams in the Kansas City area are remembering with Special Event station WW1USA from the National World War I Museum at Liberty Memorial. The hams have chosen several specific events to honor each year by setting up a Field 52:30
2014-12-16 180 Clarifying the Amateur Bell 202 Modem - HamRadioNow From the ARRL and TAPR 2014 DCC - Kenneth Finnegan W6KWF is earning a Masters Degree by studying APRS and Packet Radio. What a deal! He's sharing his education by presenting a piece of his thesis, digging into the software embedded in the Bell 202 Modem, an ancient piece of technology that's still in use, especially in packet radio. linkext. Link 48:09
2014-12-16 181 DSP Using GNU Radio Companion - HamRadioNow From the 2014 ARRL and TAPR DCC 1:10:59
2014-12-24 182 World's Best Hobby - Dave Bell W6AQ on HamRadioNow Until the Internet age, Dave Bell W6AQ was the most prolific producer of television programs about Amateur Radio, most of them aimed at a general audience on real, broadcast TV stations and networks. 1:48:25
2014-12-31 183 EuroHAMNET from the DCC on HamRadioNo From the 2014 ARRL & TAPR DCC. The European HAMNET is a wide area, high-speed network, mostly on Amateur Radio. 1:01:30
2014-12-31 184 SCTP for Amateur Radio, from the DCC From the 2014 ARRL & TAPR DCC: Stream Control Transmission Protocol, and its potential in Amateur Radio. 30:04
2015-01-07 185/4 System on a Chip - DCC Sunday Seminar Part 4 Part 4 of 4 28:52
2015-01-07 185/3 System on a Chip - DCC Sunday Sem Part 3of 4. 37:57
2015-01-07 185/2 System on a Chip - DCC Sunday Sem Part 2 of 4. 45:59
2015-01-07 185/1 System on a Chip - DCC Sunday Sem From the 2014 ARRL and TAPR DCC in Austin TX. Chris Testa KD2BMH is designing the Whitebox, the "HT of the Future." It will be a multi-mode, multi-band ham radio that will look and work more like a sm 58:18
2015-01-12 186 100 Years of Ham Experience, on HamRa January 11, 1965, a breathless Novice wraps his fist around the key and bangs our his first call on 40 cw, the ink still wet where he signed the license that was waiting in the mailbox when he got hom 2:01:46
2015-01-19 187 The "Accidental" Company - The Making From the 2014 ARRL and TAPR DCC - Gerald Youngblood K5SDR, Founder, President and CEO of FlexRadio Systems, gives the banquet talk at the DCC. You'll learn how... and why... he started FlexRadio. He k 1:06:01
2015-02-08 188 Ham Radio and the Internet Hams were "early adopters" of the Internet, and were instrumental in developing the pre-internet Bulletin Board system (the landline based one, in addition to the Packet Radio system). But that doesn't mean all hams are now Internet experts. In this episode, Rich Casey N5CSU (Gary's partner in 100 Years of Ham 1:55:36
2015-02-19 189 3 Years Ago in Orlando - HamRadioNow HamRadioNow launched 3 years ago at the Orlando HamCation. We're back. In this "short" episode, Gary takes a quick look around, including an Italian full-SDR QRP transceiver, and the prototype of the FreeDV "speaker-mic". 27:54
2015-02-20 190 CQ 'Comes Clean' (Click Bait on HamRadioNow) Another tough year for CQ, and editor Rich Moseson W2VU talks to Gary about it, and the current state of the magazine. 1:00:02
2015-02-25 191 RV's and Hams, from Orlando on HamRadioNow Herb and Lois Maas, W0HM and KA0VBG, live in a very small house. And it has a steering wheel. Their "permanent address" is a mailbox in South Dakota that they visit once a year. Otherwise, they're on the road, spending winters somewhere in the warm South, and summers roaming North America. They've 1:24:19
2015-03-2 192 The CW Geek on HamRadioNow Dan Romanchik KB6NU is The CW Geek. OK, he's one of many, but he's assumed the title as author of the "CW Geek's Guide to Having Fun with Morse Code." So, Dan, let's talk CW for 90 minutes! 1:26:00
2015-03-04 193 Digital Voice is Exploding (maybe) on HamRadioNow "This will be the year" for digital voice to explode in Ham Radio. That's the prediction from David Rowe VK5DGR. David created CODEC2, the first open-source, really low bit-rate voice codec for amateur radio and more. He's got several projects cooking to make digital voice work better and for more uses, on HF and VHF/UHF. 1:10:23
2015-03-20 194 HT of the Future on HamRadioNow Bruce Perens K6BP updates progress on the HT of the Future in this talk from the 2015 Orlando Hamcation. 1:18:03
2015-03-21 195 DV System Comparison on HamRadioNow The Charlotte NC Digital Radio Group is kinda nuts for the DV systems. They don't pick favorites – they put them all up. Their D-STAR system is older and more evolved (multiple sites on 144, 440 and 1200), but they've added DMR/MotoTRBO in a big way, and recently installed one of the Yaesu C4FM "Fusion" 55:46
2015-04-07 196 W1RFI, Tall Tales from the ARRL Lab on HamRadioNow ARRL Lab Manager Ed Hare W1RFI's passion is QRN - identifying it and getting rid of it. Unfortunately, it's getting worse instead of better. The main culprit? Sw... wait, this isn't the book.. watch the darn show and see. 1:02:00
2015-04-12 197 Grassroots on Antenna Parity on HamRadioNow Talkin' about House Bill 1301, the bill that would extend PRB-1 style requirements to Homeowner's Associations rules, with ARRL Roanoke Vice-Director Bill Morine N2COP and North Carolina Section Manager Karl Bowman W4CHX. Both are active in the grassroots campaign to gather support for the bill.1 1:07:00
2015-04-20 198 Crass Commercial on HamRadioNow Contain your enthusiasm? You bet. You maybe have noticed that we at HamRadioNow are not big on the Rah-Rah booster-ism that's infected just about everything out there. And we're not fooling ourselve 10:58
2015-04-22 199 Standing Up for Standing Waves on HamRadioNow From the ARVN DVD vault - Bill Hays AE4QL's tabletop demonstration of what SWR is and how to deal with it. You might not understand EVERYTHING Bill's talking about, but you'll know a lot more about SWR than you do now. 1:45:15
2015-04-23 200 BS#3 (Media Edition) on HamRadioNow Yay, 200. Another millstone episode. I mean MILEstone episode. "BS" mean Bull Session, and it usually means at least two people. Newsline's Bill Pasternack WA6ITF was going to join me, but he's had a setback since returning from the hospital and wasn't up 1:08:56
2015-05-23 201 'Embedded' KICKSTARTER for the 2015 It's been a month, and this is the best we can do for 90 minutes. ...and then we discovered that we can't run a KICKSTARTER longer than 60 days, so the launch will 1:31:03
2015-05-27 202 DZ Kit (& other stuff) from Dayton on HamRadioNow DZ Kits brings back - and updates - the experience of Heathkit with a pretty high-end HF transceiver that you actually have to do some soldering to build yourself. They'll do the surface-mount stuff for you. And we'll look at some other stuff just to pad out the time. 44:08
2015-06-01 203 Dayton DX Forum Part 1 - VK9MT Mellish Reef on HamRadioNow The first of four presentations at the 2015 Dayton Hamvention DX Forum. Gene Spinelli K5GS presents a slide show on the 2014 DXPedition to Mellish Reef. 48:55
2015-06-02 204 Dayton DX Forum Part 2 - Don Miller W9WNV If you were a DXer in the 1960's, you knew all about Don. Or you thought you did. I became a ham in 1965, but my attention was elsewhere, so learning about this now, decades later, has been fascinating. Don wasn't the first DXpeditioner, but he expanded and refined the game. He helped demonstrate the need for clear rules and definitions, sometimes by breaking them. He spent time in prison (serious, disputed, but 33:13
2015-06-02 205 Dayton DX Forum Part 3 - K1N Navassa on HamRadioNow Get past Gary trying to work K1N on cw (quit laughing) and you'll get to the talk at the Hamvention®. Glenn Johnson W0GJ and Bob Allphin K4UEE, the two hams who put the DXpedition together, present a slide show and some video to show you how it happened. 40:19
2015-06-05 206 Navassa Fever (1972 DXpedition) from HamRadioNow Since the first one in 1954, there have been 16 DXpeditions to Navassa Island that counted for DXCC, and three that didn't.* Way back in 1928, a ham was stationed there as lighthouse keeper and operated for a time. Operation there was actually fairly routine, every few years, until the last one in 1993 left a 22 year gap before K1N this year. 37:16
2015-06-08 207/2 TAPR Forum at the 2015 Hamvention on HamRadioNow Part 2 of 2 of the TAPR Forum from the Hamvention. We also recorded the AMSAT/TAPR Banquet speakers at the Hamvention, and that'll be up on HamRadioNow soon.recorded1: 1:15:02
2015-06-07 207/1 TAPR Forum at the 2015 Hamvention on HamRadioNow Part 1 of 2 of the TAPR Forum from the Hamvention. 51:44
2015-06-10 208 What Field Day Is REALLY All About EMCOMM? Contest? Social Event? Our 'Click Bait' title leads us to say that PUBLICITY is the true core of Field Day. Here to make that case (or not) are Sean Kutzko KX9X, ARRL Media and PR Manager, and Katie Allen WY7YL, ARRL PR Committee Chair. 1:05:03
2015-06-16 209 BS #4 - Goodbye, Bill. WA6ITF, SK, on Audio podcast available by manually entering linkext. Link in your podcast app. Bill Pasternack WA6ITF passed away last week. He left behind a huge number of friends. I found six of them to join me in remembering, telling stories, celebrating his life, and, as Don Wilbanks AE5DW 1:59:04
2015-07-06 210 Intro to DMR on HamRadioNow HamRadioNow This is a forum from the 2015 Dayton Hamvention, introducing you to the DMR - Digital Mobile Radio (aka MotoTRBO) - a digital voice mode for VHF/UHF that is becoming more and more popular in Amateur Radio. The forum is presented by John Burningham W2XAB. John won't take you all the way through 1:07:59
2015-07-09 211 Adventures of a Hacker Turned Ham (Michael Ossmann AD0NR) on HamRadioNow This is the talk from the TAPR/AMSAT banquet on Friday at the 2015 Dayton Hamvention. Michael Ossmann, founder of Great Scott Gadgets and inventor of the HackRF experimental SDR board, tells his story of how he got interested in electronics (then lost interest in it to computers, then got interested in it again) and finally got his ham license. 1:41:08
2015-07-23 212 Lots of Random Stuff on HamRadioNow Gary looks at the ARRL Board Meeting; the Senate sponsor of the Amateur Radio Parity Act; Reddit's Ham Radio subReddit; a start-up car company CEO takes a swipe at Ham Radio; some ham music videos that have been lurking around a while; D-STAR on HF; the '100 Watts and a Wire' podcast; and the Munsters on Ham Radio. Lots of Random Stuff! 1:20:53
2015-07-30 213 Parity in the Senate on HamRadioNow You might recall the ARRL asking you to send a letter to your Congressman or woman asking them to support the Amateur Radio Parity Act. And you might further recall the ARRL asking you to actually send that letter to Headquarters so they can "hand deliver" it in Washington DC. 1:12:22
2015-08-06 214b Plan B... Patreon on HamRadioNow The KICKSTARTER for HamRadioNow producing video of this year's ARRL/TAPR DCC failed, having reached about 2/3 of the $10,000 goal when it reached the deadline last week. :-( 1:0116
2015-08-07 214 'Lift' for the Patreon Page HamRadioNow is 'brought to you by you,' and Patreon makes it easy to contribute a buck or two a month to keep us 'on the air.'10.36  
2015-08-13 215 Parity Rant on HamRadioNow A stemwinder by Gary centered on his rant about his local club's reaction to proposed action on the Amateur Radio Parity Act. Also a bit on UPSes, TarHeel Antennas, not going to Huntsville (a bit of a rant), D-STAR's 'emission mode' explained, Gary Wadke WW8N gets his tower (finally!), and a bit of advice for the guys at Linux in the Ham Shack. 1:07:47
2016-09-02 216 Techniques of the Best Operators Mitch Stern W1SJ's popular talk at the 2015 Dayton Hamvention® will help new hams learn some good habits, and old hams (who are willing to change their ways) break some bad ones. Yeah, right... 1:54:05
2015-09-08 217 HOAs Oppose Parity - ARRL Fights Back HOA's are waking up to the Amateur Radio Parity Act, encouraging their members/residents to fight it by, let's say 'stretching the truth' a bit about what the act would mean for them and us. 1:2248
2015-09-29 218 TAPR DCC 2015 Preview on HamRadioNow TAPR President Steve Bible N7HPR reviews the talks coming up at the DCC in a couple weeks, and Gary reveals that HamRadioNow will be shooting the video, even though the KICKSTARTER didn't meet its goal. 31:38
2015-10-05 219 Chicago (TAPR) or Bust Selfie-cam mode, staging the video equipment for the TAPR DCC in Chicago. 5:12
2015-10-11 220 FlexRadio Update from the 2015 DCC on FlexRadio's Stephen Hicks N5AC hits EIGHT important topics related to the Flex radios in this talk from the 2015 ARRL and TAPR Digital Communications Conference in Chicago. You'll learn some fairly advanced concepts about SDR... and he'll bust a myth that some hams have delighted in propagating. 44:28
2015-11-12   K1N Navassa DXpedition DVD Official Trailer In early 2015, a group of 15 intrepid DXers put Navassa Island on the air for the first time since 1993. In that time, Navassa rose to the top of the Most Needed list for DXers worldwide. In two weeks, the hams made over 140,000 contacts with 36,000 individual hams. 1:42
2015-11-25 221 Welcome to the DCC (etc) We're back! This is the Welcome session at the beginning of the day at the ARRL/TAPR DCC in Chicago in October, 2015. It's the leadoff to producing all the main sessions of the conference over the next few weeks. 45:06
2015-11-30 222 On the Road (Again) on HamRadioNow KN4AQ's road trip home from the TAPR DCC in Chicago. A little commentary, a little DX, and a lot of the Midwest countryside through the windshield. 1:54:55
2015-12-07   HRN Extra: RSS goes BOOM Did you know HamRadioNow is also an audio podcast? And you can subscribe and download the audio on most podcast apps on your phone or tablet? But there's a catch. If podcast apps are old news to you, you're used to searching for the name of the 'cast to enter it. We're not that far along... we're kind of an 3:46
2015-12-07 223 N8UR - Totally Awesome Switch (from the DCC on HamRadionow) Here's the first session from the 2015 ARRL & TAPR DCC, bright and early Friday morning. John Ackermann N8UR needed to be able to switch some stuff in his shack and lab, and he wanted it to be 'smart,' so he designed and built this microprocessor controlled multi-port switching system. Then he47:55  
2015-12-07 224 K7UDR - Bandwidth Requirements for DV (from the DCC on HamRadioNow) The Digital Voice bandwidth deal is Part One of Bryan Hoyer K7UDR's talk at the 2015 ARRL and TAPR DCC. He also gets back into the ARETF idea from last year, and makes a bold promise on delivery of the UDRx from NWDigital Radio (or he'll set himself on fire.... next March). 44:32
2015-12-08 225 K7VE - Network Interconnections (the DCC on HamRadioNow) NW Digital Radio's John Hays K7VE discusses network interconnections for Amateur Radio digital systems... among other things. From the 2015 ARRL & TAPR DCC. 47:06
2015-12-08 226 K6BP - Open Hardware Challenges (the DCC on HamRadioNow) First of two talks by Bruce Perens K6BP. Bruce also covers well more than his headline of problems with the Open Hardware model, something he promoted in the past but has found troublesome lately. And he sets a timetable for the "HT of the Future". 50:10
2015-12-22 227 Digital ATV Update, from the DCC on Ken Konechy W6HHC presents an update on Digital Amateur Television and the DATV Express, an exciter board to transmit DATV. From the 2015 ARRL and TAPR Digital Communications Conference in Chicago. 47:21
2015-12-22 228 HF Receiver Testing Issues/Advances, from the DCC on HamRadionow How good is your receiver... or the receiver in that radio you've been drooling over? Adam Farson AB4OJ is one of a small handful of hams who can tell you. Here he shows you how, and what's been changing as receivers have gotten better and better, and SDR has become something the testers have to properly 46:00
2015-12-26 229 Arduino CAT Controller for HPSDR (from the DCC on HamRadioNow) John Melton G0ORX needed a project to talk about at the DCC... so he whipped together this simple Arduino-based CAT controller for the HPSDR radios that normally use a PowerSDR interface on a computer, complete with knobs, buttons, and a little color display. And a little cheaper than Flex's 43:32
2015-12-28 230 Open Source Comm Framework (from the DCC on HamRadioNow) A last-minute fill-in talk for Friday at the 2015 DCC - James Body G6FPC is head of R&D for truphone, a company that aims to provide lower cost worldwide phone and data through whatever provider and spectrum they can. Including... ham radio? That's a maybe, but if you travel across borders, this might 44:26
2016-01-08 231 Parity Tuesday on HamRadioNow The Amateur Radio Parity Act heads for its first subcommittee hearing in the House on Tuesday, January 12, 2016. Gary reviews how that goes down (best he can tell), and looks at some video you probably haven't seen from a Senate Committee's vote on their version of the bill last year. 44:35
2016-01-12 232 DX - From Navassa to Palmyra (and Beyond) on HamRadioNow Yes, it's a long show! You'll get your money's worth. Mostly we're talking to DXpeditiion legend Bob Allphin K4UEE. It's an in-depth conversation about his history of top-10 DXpeditions and the videos he's made of them (most recently K1N 2:06:14
2016-01-23 233 MDSR (Mod/Demod Software Radio) From the 2015 ARRL-TAPR DCC. MDSR and the LIF and BiLIF interface boards grab the signal from your HF radio's IF, send it to your PC, digitize it, and bring it out to you with a computer interface. If that sounds like a Software Defined Radio, that's what it is. Alex Schwarz VE7DXW makes this presentation at the DCC. 39:31
2016-01-23 234 EchoSounding with SDR - from the DCC on HamRadioNow Tom McDermott N5EG put together a (relatively) simple system for measuring the ionosphere. No, you don't have to be NASA to do that... you just have to be Tom. 49:22
2016-01-23 235 SDR Server (from the DCC on HamRadioNow) Phil Theis K3TUF has a lot of radio stuff to control, so he built one. 40:49
2016-01-23 236 QRPi - WSPR on a Rasbperry Pi The Raspberry Pi is a TRANSMITTER now? It CAN be... this one operates on 20 meters in the WSPR mode. 41:43
2016-01-24 237 OpenWebRX (from the DCC on HamRadioNow) Share your own SDR receiver with everyone on the web. Andras Retzler HA7ILM shows you how in this talk from the 2015 ARRL & TAPR DCC 40:24
2016-01-31 238 'Front Panel' (for the HT of the Future), from the DCC on HamRadioNow Bruce Perens K6BP details the front panel idea for Katena, the "HT of the Future" that he and Chris Testa KD2BMH are working on - a VHF/UHF radio that will do most of not all the digital voice modes. Hint: there is no front panel. You'l use your smart phone or tablet. And then there's something in here about 57:58
2016-01-31 239 SatNOGS - DIY Networked Ground Stations, from the DCC on HamRadioNow SatNOGS is Satellite Networked Open Ground Stations. Dan White AD0CQ presented their story at the 2015 ARRL/TAPR DCC in Chicago. The basic idea is to have lots of geeks - hams and otherwise - build these simple ground stations for receiving data from LEOs (Low Earth Orbiting Satellites) like the CubeSATS, network them together, and create as continuous a system as possible for pulling 53:11
2016-02-01 240 60 Meters - Let's Go Dutch The World Radio Conference 2015 concluded with a little 15 kHz Amateur Radio allocation at 60 meters (the 5 channels we've been enjoying are not recognized internationally), but with a far lower power limit - 15 watts EIRP... more like 10 watts to a dipole - than our current 100 watts. 1:17:13
2016-02-02 241 Parity in Missouri IMPORTANT NOTE: The ARRL has not officially endorsed (or "sanctioned") the effort to enact a mirror Parity Act bill in Missouri (or anywhere else). In this program, my guest, Larry KEØKZ, and I will make several references to League support - it's one of the first questions I ask. And while Dan Henderson 1:11:00
2016-02-08 242 Ham Radio... Now What? N0AX at the DCC on HamRadioNow Ward Silver N0AX presented the talk at the 2015 ARRL/TAPR DCC Banquet on the Saturday night of the conference in Chicago. Now that all the 100-year celebrations are over, it's time to look forward to the next 100. Not so much a forecast as a challenge.... 1:13:27
2016-02-08 243/1 3D Modeling for Amateur Radio, from the DCC on HamRadioNow (The HamRadioNow introduction - and sales pitch - runs about 13½ minutes) This is PART ONE of the Sunday Seminar at the ARRL and TAPR DCC - the 'deep dive' into a single subject. At the 2015 conference, it's TAPR President Steve Bible N7HPR's look at 3D Modeling - software 1:46:38
2016-02-08 243/2 3D Modeling for Amateur Radio, from the DCC on HamRadioNow PART TWO of the 2015 ARRL/TAPR DCC Sunday Seminar.See PART ONE for details: secure linkext. Link 46:26
2016-02-08 243/3 3D Modeling for Amateur Radio, from the DCC on HamRadioNow PART THREE of the 2015 ARRL/TAPR DCC Sunday Seminar.See PART ONE for details: secure linkext. Link 1:045:28
2016-02-08 244 Parity in MO... Ummmmmm IMPORTANT NOTE: The ARRL has not officially endorsed (or "sanctioned") the effort to enact a mirror Parity Act bill in Missouri (or anywhere else). In HamRadioNow Episode 241, my guest, Larry KEØKZ, and I will made several references to League support - it's one of the first questions I asked. And while Dan Henderson N3ND, Chris Imlay W3KD and others in various League positions did provide assistance 47:23
2016-02-12 245 All Parity, All the Time On Thursday, February 11, the House Subcommittee on Communications and Technology voted to forward HR 1301, the Amateur Radio Parity Act, up to the full Energy and Commerce Committee "as written." But there's a catch. A homeowner's association had requested amendments, and had the ear of at least one subcommittee member. So while there wasn't time to negotiate the counter proposal, the bill 1:20:18
2016-03-04 246 I'm on Ham Talk Live! Neil Rapp WB9VPG invited Gary to be Guest #3 on his new podcast Ham Talk Live linkext. Link. Gary accidently recorded it for HamRadioNow... accidently. 49:31
2016-03-14 247 BS#5 from the Charlotte Hamfest Friday Fests, Lifetime Licenses, Parity, and tweaking 80 Meters. Dr. Jim Boehner N2ZZ and Jeff Parker WA1WXL join gary to kick around mostly these four topics. Gary's goal appears to be to make as many hams mad as possible, so watch the comments. 58:19
2016-03-20 248 Digital Voice Progress 2016 Last year (Episode 195) Roland W9HPX presented a comparison of VHF/UHF DV modes in a talk at the Charlotte Hamfest. This year the talk is more of a hardware show. 55:07
2016-03-23 249 Emcomm - Relationships and Expectations The full title: Emcomm - Relationships with and expectations of served agencies. Yep, a mouthful. This episode begins with a forum at the Charlotte Hamfest. Mike Patterson KG4PDA with the Salvation 1:46:32
2016-04-03 250 NTS... D (as in Digital) Is NTS, the National Traffic System, stuck hopelessly in the past, or is it leading the charge into the future? In this conversation with North Carolina Section Traffic Manager Dave Roy W4DNA, we find the answer is somewhere in the middle. Most traffic is still passed (laboriously) by voice or CW, but some... mostly in the middle of the system where messages transit from one region to another... flows quickly by HF digital 43:17
2016-04-24 251 85 Watts and a Wire on HamRadioNow Gary considers usurping the 100 Watts and a Wire show name because nobody on the show runs 100 watts and a wire anymore. But he tempers his hostile takeover because co-host Katie Allen WY7YL has taken a new job, and it look like she won't be able to participate in the show (but Katie, you didn't even say 1:12:45
2016-05-18 252 European Vacation THE MOVIE Part ONE on HamRadioNow CAUTION: No Ham Radio in this Episode! (and NOTE: This IS the video with 'better compression' - that'll only mean something to the Day 1 viewers). 53:20
2016-05-26 253 DAYTONa 500 (On the Road) on HamRadioNow On the Road to the 2016 Dayton Hamvention®! 1:14:38
2016-05-29 254 TAPR Forum at the 2016 Hamvention® on HamRadioNow Here's the complete TAPR Forum from the 2016 Hamvention. And here's a timing guide to each of the six presenters: 1:57:37
2016-05-30 255 APRS Forum at the 2016 Hamvention® on HamRadioNow Bob Bruninga WB4APR invented APRS. He's had plenty of help, but it's still his show. While most of us use it to show where we are on a map, there are so many more aspects to it that Bob can't fit them all into a single forum. So this is kind of a 'greatest hits,' including my personal favorite: APRS isn't a vehicle tracking system! 1:03:14
2016-06-03 256 SDR Forum at the 2016 Hamvention® on HamRadionow Scotty Cowling WA2DFI from HPSDR and TAPR; Jared Boone AF7SO from ShareBrained Technology and Great Scott Gadgets (HackRF); and Steve Hicks N5AC from FlexRadio Systems team up to make this engaging presentation from their points on the SDR 'spectrum.' As you'll see, the room was SRO (crowded 1:03:38
2016-06-22 257 2016 D-STAR Forum at Dayton on HamRadioNow D-STAR is now the Grand Old Man of Digital Voice in amateur radio, but it still fills the room with interested hams at the Dayton Hamvention®. John Davis WB4QDX moderates this year's forum. 1:46:26
2016-07-07 258 5 Watt Field Day (or... Field of Beams) on HamRadioNow The Field of Beams was in Orange County, North Carolina for a couple days toward the end of June - yes, Field Day - set up by hams from the Durham FM Association and the Orange County Radio Amateurs. You'll find their call sign, W4EZ in the #3 spot in the Top Ten box in 2015, and a few other top ten's in previous years. An impressive showing, especially considering their 9A 5 Watt battery class. 1:38:19
2016-07-14 259 PokéHAM GOta (or Parity, Amended) on Ham Radio Now PokéHAM GOta? A Ham Radio version of the little game that's sweeping the country? Sorry, no. That's just click bait to get you to check out this show about something far more important to Ham Radio, but maybe a little dry. We don't want to give it away, but nobody reads these descriptions 46:23
2016-07-21 260 DCC KICKSTARTER Promo Our pitch for funding to produce video of the 2016 ARRL & TAPR Digital Communications Conference  
secure linkext. Link. 7:09      
2016-07-22 261 Stranger Hams on Ham Radio Now Netflix just released a new, limited series titled 'Stranger Things' that has a little Ham Radio in it, and a little more CB. It's an 8-part science-fiction show featuring three middle-school geeky boys, a super-powered girl, and the usual collection of clueless and sometimes evil adults. 43:20
2016-07-26 262 Modes Now and for the Future (from Dayton on HamRadioNow) Bruce Perens K6BP and Chris Testa KD2BMH update their work on a multi-digital mode radio... what went wrong, and what happens next. 1:46:26
2016-07-29 263 Learn More about DV4 on Ham Radio Now Wireless Holding's DV4mobile promises to be a groundbreaking advance in Amateur Radio VHF/UHF digital voice. A single radio that will do all the common DV modes (D-STAR, DMR, P25, C4FM (Fusion) on 144, 222 and 440 MHz. But that's just the start. Company founder Uri Altvater AG0X/DH6SAB talks about this radio in depth, and gets to details that you haven't seen in any other articles or interviews 1:33:28
2016-08-15 264 Change is Hard (especially on HamRadioNow) You think we're talking about the Hamvention® move, right? Nope. We recorded this program the day before the move was announced, but a technical glitch kept us 1:56:45
2016-08-18 265 Holding Pattern A little filler between episodes. But heck, at 20 minutes, it's longer than some other podcast's regular shows, so I changed my mind and gave it a number. Also, a look at Ham Radio in the TV show "Limitless." Besides, gotta keep ahead of Ham Nation. 20:03
2016-08-22 266 KICKSTARTER Countdown The HamRadioNow KICKSTARTER for making video of the ARRL/TAPR DCC successfully ended Sunday night (August 21). Gary had just gotten the studio connected to Facebook LIVE, and used the countdown to the KICKSTARTER closing as an excuse for a live broadcast 19:30
2016-08-30 267 DMR Unboxed Stolen video from Facebook Live - unboxing a TYT MD-380 DMR HT, and a lot more rambling (because we don't do unboxings). I also talk about the BTech (BaoFeng) UV 5x3 tri-band HT, also in the review process 54:31

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