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Letter from America by Alistair Cooke


Über 900 Folgen des legendären wöchentlichen 15-Minuten-Programms, zum 90 Jahr-Jubiläum von der BBC öffentlich zugänglich gemacht: linkext. Link. Der Nachlass von Alistair Cooke befindet sich in der Boston University/Howard Gotlieb Archival Research Center linkext. Link

Archivnummern: AP/e_eng/lfa_1980-1989_(Datum)
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08.02.1980 lfa_19800208.mp3 The Canadian Caper in Tehran, 1979; America shows gratitude to Canada after it was revealed that the Canadian embassy in Tehran rescued six US diplomats during the seizure of the US embassy on 4th November 1979. 14:00
25.04.1980 lfa_19800425.mp3 Iranian hostage rescue attempt, 1980; How will President Carter's failed attempt to rescue the Americans being held hostage by Iran affect the forthcoming election? 14:00
04.07.1980 lfa_19800704.mp3 The Supreme Court; Alistair Cooke reflects on the wide-ranging functions of the US Supreme Court which has ultimate jurisdiction in America and takes its authority from the US Constitution. 14:00
08.08.1980 lfa_19800808.mp3 Covering the 1980 presidential campaign; Cooke looks back at his own coverage of previous Democratic nomination campaigns including Truman and Dewey in 1948; and the current battle between Jimmy Carter and Edward Kennedy. 14:00
15.08.1980 lfa_19800815.mp3 Jimmy Carter is nominated for re-election; Edward Kennedy makes the best speech of his career at the Democratic Party conference, after losing his challenge for the party's nomination to incumbent President Jimmy Carter. 14:00
07.11.1980 lfa_19801107.mp3 Ronald Reagan’s victory, 1980; As Ronald Reagan wins the 1980 US presidential election, Alistair Cooke reflects on the causes of Jimmy Carter's downfall. 14:00
12.12.1980 lfa_19801212.mp3 John Lennon’s assassination; The shooting of John Lennon on the 8th December 1980 sparks a debate over the need for national gun control law in America. 14:00
22.01.1981 lfa_19810122.mp3 President Reagan’s inauguration, 1981; As the new President Reagan's inauguration takes place, the Iran hostage crisis comes to an end with the release of 52 US hostages in Iran, after 444 days in captivity. 14:00
03.04.1981 lfa_19810304.mp3 Assassination attempt on Reagan; President Reagan survives an assassination attempt by John Hinckley on 30th March 1981, leading to a debate on the stricter control of handguns. 14:00
07.08.1981 lfa_19810807.mp3 Baseball strike, 1981; The 1981 Major League Baseball strike comes to an end, while a strike by air traffic controllers threatens to continue. 14:00
09.10.1981 lfa_19811009.mp3 Death of Anwar Sadat (1918-1981); President Sadat of Egypt is killed in a year in which assassination attempts have been made on political figures including Ronald Reagan, Pope John Paul II and Queen Elizabeth II. 14:00
01.01.1982 lfa_19820101.mp3 President Reagan and the Middle East; President Reagan's Middle Eastern concerns, the view of Poland as a Russian satellite nation, and an assessment of what news is vital to everyone but not important to some. 14:00
29.01.1982 lfa_19820129.mp3 Franklin D Roosevelt and the New Deal; The 100th anniversary of the birth of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the origin of the New Deal, and FDR's political turnaround on the size of the welfare state. 15:00
12.02.1982 lfa_19820212.mp3 President Truman and Dr Arthur Barsky; President Truman's morning walks around Washington, a recollection of the World's Fair in Brussels in 1958, and the death of pioneering plastic surgeon Doctor Arthur Barsky. 14:00
19.03.1982 lfa_19820319.mp3 St. Patrick's Day 1982; Saint Patrick's Day 1982, Mayor Ed Koch's ability to appeal to the various facets of New York society, and Ronald Reagan's clarification of his views on Northern Ireland. 14:00
09.04.1982 lfa_19820409.mp3 The invasion of the Falkland Islands; The Argentinian invasion of the Falkland Islands, the escalating nuclear arms race between America and Russia, and the re-emergence of the battleship as a weapon of war. 14:00
14.05.1982 lfa_19820514.mp3 The Falklands, the BBC and censorship, 1982; The continuation of the Falklands war, confusion over the BBC's status as a publicly owned corporation, and easing of the censorship on military reporting since the Vietnam War. 15:00
08.10.1982 lfa_19821008.mp3 National Football League strike 1982; The complex rules and tactics of American football, and how a pay dispute led to the 1982 strike by the players of the National Football League, as discussed by Alistair Cooke. 14:00
17.12.1982 lfa_19821217.mp3 The Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act of 1930; The Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act, which forced foreign automobile manufacturers to build their models for export to America in America, with American parts and labour. 15:00
04.03.1983 lfa_19830304.mp3 Financial crisis of 1933; The 50th anniversary of the financial crisis of 1933 that caused President Roosevelt to demand that all of the banks across the United States close their doors. 15:00
11.03.1983 lfa_19830311.mp3 Queen Elizabeth and Pope John Paul II; Press coverage of Queen Elizabeth's sightseeing tour of California is dwarfed by that of Pope John Paul II's visit to Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua. 15:00
10.06.1983 lfa_19830610.mp3 Margaret Thatcher's re-election and the 'special relationship', 1983; Margaret Thatcher's dedication to the 'special relationship' between Britain and America, and journalist James "Scotty" Reston's correct prediction on Thatcher's re-election. 14:00
22.07.1983 lfa_19830722.mp3 President Reagan's social programmes; A switch from Democrat to Republican in the southern states, the gender gap in the support of President Reagan, and the rise in government spending on social programs. 15:00
29.07.1983 lfa_19830729.mp3 Intervention in Central America; Public opposition to an increased military presence in El Salvador and Nicaragua, the manoeuvres of American troops in Honduras, and the US desire for peace at any price. 15:00
12.08.1983 lfa_19830812.mp3 The arrest of Dave Winfield; The difficulty in legislating against home video taping, the arrest of New York yankee Dave Winfield for killing a seagull, and the marital aspirations of American women in 1983. 15:00
09.09.1983 lfa_19830909.mp3 Korean Airlines flight 007; The shooting down of Korean Airlines flight 007 by the Russian military, the escalating Soviet presence in Scandinavia, and questions over the ability of Uri Andropov to command. 14:00
07.10.1983 lfa_19831007.mp3 Andrei Gromyko and the United Nations; The end of a boycott against Aeroflot after the shooting down of Korean flight 007, the absence of Andrei Gromyko at the UN, and the plan to install US missiles in West Germany. 14:00
21.10.1983 lfa_19831021.mp3 Barbara McClintock; A profile of Nobel Prize winning scientist Barbara McClintock, and her biological and biochemical research that lead to an advanced understanding of the behaviour of genes. 14:00
11.11.1983 lfa_19831111.mp3 Martin Luther King Day; Rosa Parks' refusal to recognise segregation, the Montgomery bus boycott of 1955, and the passing of a bill to recognise Martin Luther King Jr Day as a national holiday. 14:00
25.11.1983 lfa_19831125.mp3 The Day After; The Day After, a television movie depicting the effect of a nuclear attack on Kansas City, and the anticipation of and reaction to the first screening of it in November 1983. 14:00
23.12.1983 lfa_19831223.mp3 NORAID and the Harrods bombing; The American contributions to NORAID, a fund set up to fund arms and provide financial assistance to IRA members in jail, and the aftermath of the Harrods bombing. 15:00
01.01.1984 lfa_19840101.mp3 1984 and the nuclear threat; Opinion polls reveal the American public's fears over inflation, unemployment, the corporate and governmental use of new technology and an imminent nuclear war with the USSR. 14:00
24.02.1984 lfa_19840224.mp3 Americanisms; Alistair Cooke examines the Indian roots of some American vocabulary and the variations between some American words and their English usage. 15:00
30.03.1984 lfa_19840330.mp3 Holiday in San Francisco; Cooke visits San Francisco, where he spent his honeymoon during the Alcatraz mutiny of 1946, and the destination of a recent visit by French President Mitterrand. 14:00
29.06.1984 lfa_19840629.mp3 Jesse Jackson in Cuba; The Reverend Jesse Jackson meets Fidel Castro in Cuba and negotiates the release of 22 US prisoners from Cuban jails, much to the embarrassment of the Reagan administration. 14:00
20.07.1984 lfa_19840720.mp3 Reporting party conventions, The dramatic 1940 Republican Convention where outsider Wendell Wilkie beat the favourite, and the advantages to reporters of live television coverage of conventions. 15:00
31.08.1984 lfa_19840831.mp3 Alfred Knopf (1892-1984); The life of Alfred Knopf, publisher of, among others, Thomas Mann and Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and according to Cooke "simply the best publisher of the twentieth century". 15:00
05.10.1984 lfa_19841005.mp3 Gangsters in Chicago; Alistair Cooke looks at mafia involvement in alcohol during prohibition, cattle during World War II and in the heroin trade, as an international ring of gangsters is arrested. 14:00
12.10.1984 lfa_19841012.mp3 Old Man Reagan, 1984; 1984 Democratic presidential nominee Walter Mondale questions President Reagan's age suitability in a televised election debate. 14:00
02.11.1984 lfa_19841102.mp3 Bodyguards and personal security; In the aftermath of Indira Gandhi's assassination, Cooke looks at the increased personal security for public figures over the years and the role of bodyguards. 15:00
09.11.1984 lfa_19841109.mp3 George Gallup (1901-1984); The achievements of George Gallup, inventor of the Gallup poll, a method of measuring public opinion, and responsible for revolutionary change in the democratic process. 14:00
18.01.1985 lfa_19850118.mp3 The strong dollar and Lindsay Wellington; The falling value of the British pound in comparison to the US dollar, and the death of Lindsay Wellington, the former head of the BBC in North America. 14:00
02.08.1985 lfa_19850802.mp3 Francis Perkins and the US deficit; A profile of Francis Perkins, the first woman cabinet officer in America, and columnist William Safire's grim evaluation of President Reagan's plan for the mounting US deficit. 14:00
16.08.1985 lfa_19850816.mp3 General Douglas MacArthur and the Japanese surrender; The 40th anniversary of the surrender of the Japanese at the end of the Second World War, the devastating hurricane in Galveston, Texas, and a profile of General Douglas MacArthur. 15:00
30.08.1985 lfa_19850830.mp3 Kevin Curren and Flushing Meadows; The defeat of Kevin Curren by Boris Becker at the 1985 Wimbledon tennis tournament, and the controversy surrounding the new home of the US tennis championship at Flushing Meadows. 15:00
06.09.1985 lfa_19850906.mp3 Hurricane Elena, 1985; Hurricane Elena's path of destruction along the Florida coast, and the proposed raise in the legal drinking age from 18 or 19 to 21 in all but fifteen states. 14:00
20.09.1985 lfa_19850920.mp3 On the 40th anniversary of the United Nations; The 40th anniversary of the United Nations, the history of the organisation, and the security arrangements for the 1985 meeting of the Security Council in New York. 14:00
27.09.1985 lfa_19850927.mp3 1985 Mexico City Earthquake; The aftermath of the 1985 earthquake in Mexico, the Canadian concern over the sulphur emissions from power plants in the American Mid-West, and the threat of hurricane Gloria. 15:00
31.01.1986 lfa_19860131.mp3 Christa McAuliffe and the Challenger disaster, 1986; Alistair Cooke reflects on the life and death of Christa McAuliffe, the first civilian astronaut who was killed in the space shuttle Challenger disaster on 28th January 1986. 14:00
09.02.1986 lfa_19860209.mp3 The US budget; Which hand holds the US purse strings – is it the president's, or that of Congress? 14:00
13.04.1986 lfa_19860413.mp3 TV violence; When religion clashes with real-life fixtures, which wins? Does watching violent television or film lead to real acts of violence? 14:00
25.04.1986 lfa_19860425.mp3 US bombing of Libya, 1986; Alistair Cooke on the aftermath of the US air raid on Libya of 15th April 1986, and the demands of pianist Vladimir Horowitz during his first visit to the USSR. 14:00
23.05.1986 lfa_19860523.mp3 Chernobyl nuclear disaster, 1986; Alistair Cooke on the political aftermath of the Chernobyl nuclear accident, differences in its reporting, and what lessons Gorbachev and Reagan can learn from the disaster. 14:00
04.07.1986 lfa_19860704.mp3 Independence Day celebrations, 1986; Alistair Cooke looks at how Americans now celebrate Independence Day; and the current debates on immigration policy at the time of the 100th anniversary of the Statue of Liberty. 15:00
01.08.1986 lfa_19860801.mp3 Averell Harriman (1891-1986); A tribute to politician and diplomat Averell Harriman, former US Ambassador, Governor of New York and a leading official in the Roosevelt, Truman and Kennedy administrations 15:00
17.10.1986 lfa_19861017.mp3 Reykjavik Summit, October 1986; President Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev's disarmament summit in Reykjavik ends in failure after Reagan's refusal to abandon the Strategic Defence Initiative. 14:00
21.11.1986 lfa_19861121.mp3 The Iran-Contra scandal revealed, 1986; America reacts to revelations of a US arms for hostages deal with Iran. Arbitrageur Ivan Boesky admits insider trading on Wall Street and is fined $100 million. 14:00
06.03.1987 lfa_19870306.mp3 Reagan and the Iran-Contra scandal; Has President Reagan redeemed himself in the eyes of the public after taking responsibility for the arms for hostages deal made with Iran? 14:00
03.04.1987 lfa_19870403.mp3 Surveillance and espionage in the Cold War; The case of US marine Clayton Lonetree accused of espionage in Moscow reminds Cooke of how electronic surveillance was feared at the founding of the UN in 1945. 14:00
18.05.1987 lfa_19870518.mp3 The return of Richard Nixon, 1987; The re-emergence of Richard Nixon into public life after Watergate, and the dubious behaviour of some officials within the current Reagan administration. 14:00
18.06.1987 lfa_19870618.mp3 2000th Edition; Health scares, ozone damage and the Americans' fear of dying are reflected on by Alistair Cooke in the 2000th edition of the programme. 15:00
10.07.1987 lfa_19870710.mp3 Oliver North’s role in Iran-Contra, 1987; Colonel Oliver North gives evidence before the congressional select committee about his role in the sale of arms to Iran, the profits of which funded the Contras in Nicaragua. 14:00
04.09.1987 lfa_19870904.mp3 The meaning of Labor Day; Alistair Cooke looks at the origins of Labor Day established in 1894, the diminishing role of trades unions and a cultural change in employment incentives and benefits in the US. 15:00
18.09.1987 lfa_19870918.mp3 Robert Bork’s Supreme Court nomination; President Reagan's nomination of conservative Judge Robert Bork to the Supreme Court, the highest power in the US, has alarmed liberals and heartened far-right Republicans. 14:00
02.10.1987 lfa_19871002.mp3 Oliver North’s diminished popularity; Three months after admitting his role in the Iran-Contra affair, Alistair Cooke reflects on Colonel Oliver North's brief moment as a popular hero to a minority in the US. 15:00
23.10.1987 lfa_19871023.mp3 Black Monday 1987, Black Tuesday 1929; What caused the global stock market to crash on 19th October 1987, how are ordinary people affected, and how does it compare with the Wall Street Crash of October 1929? 14:00
13.11.1987 lfa_19871113.mp3 Black Monday; As the ripples still rebound following Black Monday, it's time for the British to take seriously the economic uncertainties, and for the US to agree cuts in the federal deficit. 14:00
20.11.1987 lfa_19871120.mp3 Iran-Contra reports; The reports from the investigating committee into the Iran-Contra scandal are finally to be made public, and the new breed of journalist spawned by Watergate. 14:00
27.11.1987 lfa_19871127.mp3 Thanksgiving 1987; Thanksgiving Day past and present, a summing-up of current political situation, and the riots of Cuban prisoners threatened with deportation back to Cuba, discussed. 14:00
04.12.1987 lfa_19871204.mp3 INF Treaty; A report on the Washington summit for the US and Soviet leaders to sign the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty treaty limiting medium-range nuclear armaments. 15:00
13.12.1987 lfa_19871213.mp3 Gorby mania; The INF treaty signing – not so much an historical event as a television event; 'Gorby' mania in the US and Europe. 14:00
23.12.1987 lfa_19871223.mp3 The Democrat Convention of 1924; Divisions within the Democrats both current and at Madison Square Garden in 1924, Anthony Kennedy's appointment to the Supreme Court; and Woody Allen's new son Satchel. 15:00
12.02.1988 lfa_19880212.mp3 Caucus system; What is the caucus system of nominating candidates for public office, and why does everyone believe the lowly Iowa caucus is so important? 15:00
04.03.1988 lfa_19880304.mp3 Black Monday remembered; On the anniversary of the day Roosevelt closed every bank in America, Alistair Cooke remembers Black Monday, the huge stock market crash of 19th October 1987. 15:00
11.03.1988 lfa_19880311.mp3 1988 presidential primaries; The 1988 presidential primaries are underway, the Democrats are ambivalent about their contenders, and California aims to curb developers in Orange County. 14:00
18.03.1988 lfa_19880318.mp3 California public health laws; Alistair Cooke is in California, where farmers and manufacturers are facing a drought and tougher rules on illegal immigrants and public health. 14:00
22.04.1988 lfa_19880422.mp3 Stanton Delaplane (1907-1988); A tribute to the travel writer and Pulitzer prize-winning columnist renowned for his scoop on the 'ding dong daddy of the D-car line' about a bigamist cable car conductor. 14:00
29.04.1988 lfa_19880429.mp3 George H W Bush nominated; Alistair looks at the background of George H W Bush, the new Republican presidential candidate, and who he might face in the upcoming presidential elections. 15:00
06.05.1988 lfa_19880506.mp3 Irving Berlin turns 100, 1988; As songwriter Irving Berlin turns 100 Alistair Cooke considers why his extraordinary life and unlikely longevity should make us wary of those claiming to have the secret of health. 15:00
13.05.1988 lfa_19880513.mp3 The forgotten William Le Queux; On hearing of the death of double agent Kim Philby (1912 -1988), Cooke reflects on the influence of forgotten Edwardian spy writer William Le Queux (1864-1927). 14:00
20.05.1988 lfa_19880520.mp3 Lame duck President Reagan, 1988; Considered a lame duck since his farewell State of the Union address in January 1988, Cooke muses on the real power of outgoing President Reagan. 14:00
17.06.1988 lfa_19880617.mp3 The Stand in the Schoolhouse Door of 1963; Cooke recalls the moment when the segregationist George Wallace, Governor of Alabama, attempted to prevent a black student enrolling at the University of Alabama in 1963. 15:00
08.07.1988 lfa_19880708.mp3 Iran Air Flight 655; An Iranian airliner carrying 290 civilians is shot down by US missiles over the Persian Gulf, killing all on board. 15:00
15.07.1988 lfa_19880715.mp3 Indict and remand; Alistair Cooke reflects on protection rackets in 1930s Manhattan, the meaning of indict and remand, and the purpose and history of the US Grand Jury. 14:00
22.07.1988 lfa_19880722.mp3 Democratic National Convention, 1988; Michael Dukakis is nominated as the Democrat presidential candidate, but divisions within the party are exposed at the 1988 Democratic convention. 15:00
29.07.1988 lfa_19880729.mp3 America's polluted waters; Alistair Cooke reports on the polluted state of America's waters, coastline and lakes, its effect on the wildlife and the reactions of the public. 15:00
05.08.1988 lfa_19880805.mp3 Day care and recreation; As the 1988 election looms closer, day care becomes a prime issue. Alistair Cooke reflects on the unexpected success of the newspaper USA Today, founded in 1982. 14:00
12.08.1988 lfa_19880812.mp3 Ed Koch, Mayor of New York; A look at the problems faced by New York's mayor Ed Koch, his weekly interrogation by the public on TV and his attempts to fight drug use and keep New York's beaches clean. 14:00
19.08.1988 lfa_19880819.mp3 President Reagan’s final Republican Convention; President Reagan gives his farewell address at the Republican convention in Kansas. A heat wave, drought and forest fires continue to cause problems across the US. 14:00
26.08.1988 lfa_19880826.mp3 Dan Quayle for vice president; Alistair Cooke reflects on why George H W Bush may have chosen Dan Quayle as vice-presidential candidate, and the constitutional powers of the vice president's role. 28:00
02.09.1988 lfa_19880902.mp3 Etiquette for presidential candidates and the heat wave of Summer 1988; Remembering when presidential candidates only spoke about policy, and when Adlai Stephenson broke the rule. And could the hot summer be the result of greenhouse gases? 14:00
16.09.1988 lfa_19880916.mp3 The Democratic outsider; Jimmy Carter's rise to prominence of in 1976, and Michael Dukakis' struggle to establish a new and attractive identity for himself ahead of the 1988 presidential election. 14:00
23.09.1988 lfa_19880923.mp3 Hurric; The impact of Hurricane Gilbert on Jamaica and Central America, and the 1938 hurricane that destroyed a large part of the forests of New England, as discussed by Alistair Cooke. 14:00
07.10.1988 lfa_19881007.mp3 1988 televised debates, and Thatcher in 1979; The polished nature of the Bush/Dukakis debates, the 'American-style' of Margaret Thatcher's public relations in 1979, and Jimmy Carter's negative review of the 1988 campaign. 14:00
21.10.1988 lfa_19881021.mp3 Baseball and politics in 1988; With the 1988 presidential race and World Series drawing to a close, Alistair Cooke looks at the baseball metaphors used by George H W Bush and Michael Dukakis in their campaigns. 14:00
28.10.1988 lfa_19881028.mp3 The Bess Myerson trial begins; The 1988 trial of Bess Myerson, the former Miss America and head of consumer affairs to New York City, accused of tax fraud and bribing a judge. 15:00
04.11.1988 lfa_19881104.mp3 George H W Bush vs Michael Dukakis; A review of George H W Bush and Michael Dukakis' presidential campaigns, key values and demographics, and predicted performances before the 1988 elections. 28:00
11.11.1988 lfa_19881111.mp3 The 1988 presidential election; An overview of the ballot paper in the 1988 presidential elections, George Bush's "inevitable" victory, and the issues that proved most important for voting Americans. 14:00
02.12.1988 lfa_19881202.mp3 Yasser Arafat's speech at the UN, 1988; Yasser Arafat's speech at the UN, the denial of his visa by US secretary of state George Schultz, and the view that Palestinians are moving towards reconciliation with Israel. 15:00
06.01.1989 lfa_19890106.mp3 George Bush, the 41st president; As a new political year begins, Alistair Cooke considers the official announcement in the House of Representatives of George H W Bush's presidency. 15:00
13.01.1989 lfa_19890113.mp3 The inauguration of George Bush, 1989; The campaign that won George Bush the presidency of the United States, and the Washington insiders he has chosen to form his cabinet. 15:00
20.01.1989 lfa_19890120.mp3 Bush's first week and 'African-Americans'; President Bush's failure to recall the date of the Pearl Harbour attack, and Reverend Jessie Jackson's attempt to instigate the use of the term 'African American'. 14:00
27.01.1989 lfa_19890127.mp3 Bush's stance on abortion; President Bush's stance on the issue of abortion, and the universal fondness shown towards outgoing president Ronald Reagan, as discussed by Alistair Cooke. 15:00
10.02.1989 lfa_19890210.mp3 Revenue enhancements and the Nixon files; President Bush's proclamation of "no new taxes", the difference between a tax and a revenue enhancement, and the release of President Richard Nixon's secret files. 14:00
17.02.1989 lfa_19890217.mp3 1989 Soviet-Chinese summit; The obsession with Gorbachev and the nonchalant attitude towards President Bush in the foreign press, and the 1989 Soviet-Chinese summit, as discussed by Alistair Cooke. 15:00
03.03.1989 lfa_19890303.mp3 John Tower and Colonel North; The Senate Committee's ruling that former Senator John Tower should not be allowed to join President Bush's cabinet, and the trial of Colonel Oliver North. 14:00
10.03.1989 lfa_19890310.mp3 The continuing case of John Tower; The continuing case of John Tower, the surprising support of Senator Strom Thurman, and the drinking habits of Winston Churchill. 15:00
17.03.1989 lfa_19890317.mp3 Food safety and standards; After two grapes imported from Chile are found to have been injected with cyanide, Alistair Cooke details the role of the EPA and FDA in maintaining food safety and standards. 14:00
24.03.1989 lfa_19890324.mp3 The New York City Board of Estimate; The nightlife in New York City before the Second World War, and the 1989 ruling that the city's Board of Estimate is unconstitutional, as explored by Alistair Cooke. 15:00
31.03.1989 lfa_19890331.mp3 A Portrait Of Washington, D.C.; The history of Washington D.C, the attractions and memorials popular with tourists, and the causes of the high murder and crime rates in the capital city. 14:00
07.04.1989 lfa_19890407.mp3 James Munroe's declaration of independence; The journalism of James "Scottie" Reston, and President Munroe's declaration that America should not be considered as a future target for colonisation by European nations. 14:00
14.04.1989 lfa_19890414.mp3 Atlanta and Augusta; A brief history of the city of Atlanta, the increase in internal flights within the United States and the beginnings of the Augusta National Golf Club. 15:00
21.04.1989 lfa_19890421.mp3 Happy birthday, Charlie Chaplin; The 100th anniversary of the birth of Charlie Chaplin, and a personal recollection of the comic actor delivered by Alistair Cooke. 14:00
28.04.1989 lfa_19890428.mp3 The Missouri abortion case; The continuing trial of Colonel Oliver North, the former marine who aided Nicaraguan contras, and Missouri court case to overturn the 1973 ruling on abortion. 14:00
12.05.1989 lfa_19890512.mp3 Colonel North's orders; The end of the Colonel Oliver North trial, the findings that he was not acting on his own, and the popular opinion that his orders came from the White House. 14:00
19.05.1989 lfa_19890519.mp3 The Soviet-Chinese relationship; The meeting of the Soviet and Chinese leaders at their 1989 summit, the relationship between the two countries and the threat their friendship poses to the West. 15:00
26.05.1989 lfa_19890526.mp3 Jim Wright and the Baltic rebellion; Gorbachev's offer to reduce Russian forces in Afghanistan, rebellions in Estonia and Lithuania, the student protests in Beijing, and the ethics hearing of Jim Wright. 14:00
02.06.1989 lfa_19890602.mp3 Claude Pepper; The life and achievements of Congressman Claude Pepper, who became a champion for the rights of the elderly, as discussed by Alistair Cooke. 14:00
09.06.1989 lfa_19890609.mp3 Tiananmen Square protests, 1989; Chinese military suppression of protests in Tiananmen Square, and the societal change brought about by student uprisings around the World. 14:00
16.06.1989 lfa_19890616.mp3 Liberty in China; President Nixon's 1972 visit to China, a complaint from a Chinese official about Letter from America, and the Chinese attitude towards liberty following Tiananmen Square. 15:00
23.06.1989 lfa_19890623.mp3 The desecration of the American flag; A ruling in Congress overturning the conviction of a Texan man for desecrating the American flag, the First Amendment and freedom of expression, and the customs of the flag. 14:00
30.06.1989 lfa_19890630.mp3 The New York water shortage; The conditions that led to the 1989 New York City water shortage and the power of Congress to perform "corrective action" to bypass judgements made in by courts. 15:00
14.07.1989 lfa_19890714.mp3 The 1812 earthquake in Tennessee; The effect of the 1812 earthquake in New Madrid, Tennessee on the Eastern seaboard, and the inevitability of "the Big One", the earthquake predicted to devastate California. 14:00
21.07.1989 lfa_19890721.mp3 1989 economic summit in Paris; Margaret Thatcher's comments on the two hundredth anniversary of the French revolution, and the role of President Bush at the 1989 economic summit in Paris. 14:00
28.07.1989 lfa_19890728.mp3 Chinese refugees at UC Berkley; The ruling that allows Chinese students at UC Berkley to stay in America as refugees, the Sacramento conference on race relations, and the conservative panic over immigration. 14:00
04.08.1989 lfa_19890804.mp3 Colonel William R Higgins; The capture and murder of Colonel William R Higgins by terrorists in Lebanon in August 1989, the response of President Bush and the danger of televising the grief of the family. 15:00
11.08.1989 lfa_19890811.mp3 James Baker in Mexico; Secretary James Baker's meeting with Mexican president Carlos Salinas de Gortari to discuss improvements to border control and Mexico's prestigious debt to the US. 14:00
18.08.1989 lfa_19890818.mp3 Colin Powell and "Mickey" Leland; A profile of Colin Powell, the Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staffs appointed in 1989, and George Thomas "Mickey" Leland, the Congressman who worked to eradicate World hunger. 14:00
25.08.1989 lfa_19890825.mp3 Protection of property by the Declaration of Independence; The possible inclusion of the phrase 'life, liberty and the protection of property' in the Declaration of Independence, and the outbreak of war in 1939. 14:00
01.09.1989 lfa_19890901.mp3 The US Open, Wimbledon and air conditioning; The United States Open Golf Championship, the Wimbledon tennis tournament and the joys of air conditioning are pondered on by Alistair Cooke while on holiday in his beach house. 15:00
08.09.1989 lfa_19890908.mp3 Narcotics, interdiction and Columbian drug lords; President Reagan's failure to implement the National Narcotics Border Interdiction System, and President Bush's plan to tackle to Columbian cocaine lords. 15:00
15.09.1989 lfa_19890915.mp3 The Wall Street crash and Crown Prince Humbert; The Wall Street crash, an attempt on the life of Italy's Crown prince Humbert, Joseph R. Grundy's appearance in front of the Senate and other news items from October 1929. 15:00
22.09.1989 lfa_19890922.mp3 The reunification of Germany and Mayor Edward Koch; An analysis of the potential perils of a unified Germany, a profile of Edward Koch, the Mayor of New York, and a recollection of the reign of Mayor Fiorello La Guardia. 14:00
29.09.1989 lfa_19890929.mp3 Bush's 1989 speech at the United Nations; President Bush's 1989 speech at the United Nations, the sleeping menace of nuclear weapons and the president's unusually high popularity in his early days in office. 14:00
06.10.1989 lfa_19891006.mp3 Emission controls in California; The adoption of emission controls in California, and Senator Jesse Helms' objection to the work of Robert Mapplethorpe being funded by the National Endowment for Art. 14:00
13.10.1989 lfa_19891013.mp3 The failed coup against Manuel Noriega; The failure of the coup against General Manuel Noriega of Panama, the involvement of the Bush administration in the attempted takeover and the possibility of American intervention. 15:00
27.10.1989 lfa_19891027.mp3 1989 earthquake in California; The devastation caused by the 1989 Californian earthquake, the effects on tourism in the region, and the strain a natural disaster places on the federal budget. 14:00
03.11.1989 lfa_19891103.mp3 Coverage of the 1989 earthquake and the domestic partnership bill; Television coverage of the 1989 Californian earthquake, the birth of the docudrama, and the bill allowing homosexuals to register as married couples in San Francisco. 14:00
10.11.1989 lfa_19891110.mp3 1989 local elections and the defeat of propostions S and P; The 1989 state and local elections, the defeat of Proposition S denying homosexuals to be recognised as domestic partners, and the vote against the abandonment of Candlestick Park. 15:00
17.11.1989 lfa_19891117.mp3 The opening of the Berlin Wall, 1989; The opening of the Berlin Wall, the origins of Democracy as the system of government in America, and Gorbachev's warning that Germany will not inevitably turn to capitalism. 15:00
24.11.1989 lfa_19891124.mp3 Hurricane Hugo, Galileo, and the cranberry scare of 1959; Hurricane Hugo and icy winds in the north, the effect of the Galileo spacecraft on the weather, and the great cranberry scare of 1959. 14:00
01.12.1989 lfa_19891201.mp3 Thomas Paine and the uprisings in Czechoslovakia and Hungary; A profile of American revolutionary Thomas Paine, the rebellions in Czechoslovakia and Hungary, and President Bush's reluctance to comment on the uprisings. 12:00
15.12.1989 lfa_19891215.mp3 Dan Quayle and the Soviet Union; Vice-President Dan Quayle's wariness of the Soviet Union, the aftermath of the earthquake in California and the rise of the shopping mall, as discussed by Alistair Cooke. 15:00
22.12.1989 lfa_19891222.mp3 American intervention in Panama; American intervention in Panama, the initial failure to capture General Manuel Noriega, and the Bush administration's attempt to find legal grounding for an invasion. 14:00
29.12.1989 lfa_19891229.mp3 1989 in review; A review of the events of 1989, including the revolutions in Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary and Romania, the invasion of Panama, and Soviet-Chinese summits. 14:00

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