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roi_e_arch1zoom272 Tonbänder - Die nach Schließung von ROI und Löschung aller Dateien geretteten Reste des Bandarchivs
Teil 1: Tonbänder 001-136, 1987-1989
Digitalisierung und Index: Murray Hall (001-136)
Archivnummern: ocgf/ROI/AP/roi_e_arch1_(Laufnummer)
© Dokumentationsarchiv Funk, Sammlung Radio Österreich International

mp3-Datei Datum Inhalt Bemerkungen Dauer
001 31.12.87 Weekly Commentary. A: Lendvai, Paul; SP: Koch, Carol; UFB-022425 04:53
002 01.01.88 Interview with Androsch, Hannes (director-general of the CA-BA bank). A: Lendvai, Paul; SP: Hartzell, Eugene; 06:43
003 06.01.88 Book: Die Leute von Langenegg; A: Ward, David. Interview with Weiss, Hans; Old photographs of landscape in Vorarlberg. 20:19
004 07.01.88 Austria’s Past is Present. A: Hall, Murray G.; SP: Hermges, David; SP: Koch, Carol; 10:37
005 07.01.88 American tourists in Austria.A: Joyce, Clyde; SP: Katz, Peter. 05:39
006 12.01.88 New Year’s reception for accredited diplomats in Vienna at the Hofburg. English summary of speech by Waldheim, Kurt. SP: Hartzell; Eugene; 04:15
007 14.01.88 Austria’s Past is Present; 1918-1938; SP: Hermges, David; SP: Portisch, Hugo; SP: AD, Ann; ORF Television series Österreich I; 10:05
008 15.01.88 Interview in German with CEO Pale from the Girozentrale. A: Lendvai,Paul; SP: Pale, Karl; SP: Hartzell, Eugene; Hartzell summarizes. SP: AD, Ann; 05:05
009 15.01.88 “From Orphans to a Prince”, Interview with Soviet editor; A: Hermges, David; SP: Dalianova, Natalia; SP: AD, Ann; begins and ends with Russian music. 13:50
010 16.01.88 Austria Center Vienna; Interpreters Conference; International Association of Conference Interpreters; A: PM, Pat; SP: Kurz, Ingrid; SP: Koch, Carol; 05:36
011 00.01.88 Women in Prison; A: Winbigler, John; SP: Blane, Elizabeth; 05:17
012 19.01.88 Nuclear scandal in West Germany; IAEA Vienna; reactor safety; Interview Klotz, Oswald; with John Jennekins; IAEA Division of Safeguards. A: PM, Pat; SP: Koch, Carol;; 05:48
013 20.01.88 DDSG. Interview with DDSG CEO Zolles, Helmut; A: Ward, David; 06:26
014 21.01.88 Austria’s Past in Present. Prelude to annexation of Austria in 1938; SP. Hermges, David; SP: Hall, Murray G.; SP: O’Grady, Paul; O’Sullivan, Michael; 10:22
015 22.01.88 RFA; Interview with DDSG CEO Helmut Zolles on featured summer cruises. A: Ward, David; SP: Blane, Elizabeth; SP: Zolles, Helmut. 12:24
016 23.01.88 RFA: OMV’s new image, A: AD, Ann; Interview Ann AD with Schaumayer, Maria, member of the board of OMV. 06:01
017 09.12.87 RFA: Human Rights Day 1987; Austria and human rights. A: PM, Pat; SP: Herndl, Kurt; 05:49
018 12.12.87 RFA; “Feindbilder”. HoA: Mortimer, Elizabeth; SP: Wagnleitner, Reinhold. Interview with Wagnleitner from the University of Salzburg on “Feindbilder” 06:32
019 15.12.87 RFA; Hans Blix on what should be done with scrapped nuclear warheads; IMF pact. Interview with Blix, Hans (IAEA chief); A: PM, Pat; 04:59
020 17.12.87 RFA; “A letter from New York.” A: Hift, Fred; SP: AD, Ann. 04:45
021 19.12.87 RFA; Exhibition; Künstlerhaus; Biedermeier. A: Blane, Elizabeth. 05:29
022 21.12.87 RFA. Saint Stephen’s Cathedral. A: JK, Joanna. SP: Koch, Carol. UFB-022425 04:37
023 22.12.87 RFA; Miss World. Ulla Weigerstorfer. SP: Weigerstorfer, Ulla; A: Ward, David; 02:28
024 23.12.87 RFA. Austria Center Vienna. Interview with Michael Auracher (administrator of the Austria Center Vienna. A: PM, Pat; SP: Koch, Carol; 05:11
025 23.12.87 RFA. Predictions; Austria in 2050. A: Ward, David; SP: Koch, Carol. 04:04
026 23.12.87 RFA. Pozuzo, Peru. Austrian village in Peru. A: JK, Joanna; SP: Koch, Carol. 05:26
027 24.12.87 RFA. Ernst Fuchs (painter, architect). School of Fantastic Realism. Interview. Fuchs Villa; Otto Wagner Villa in Vienna. A: Blane, Elizabeth. 24:57
028 04.11.87 RFA.”Letter from London.” A: Clark, Noel (former BBC Central European Correspondent based in Vienna during the 1970s, later head of Central European service for the BBC World Service. 09:30
029 05.11.87 RFA. League of the Friends of Jewry. A: Hermges, David; SP: Kienzl, Heinz (managing director of the Austrian National Bank). 04:35
030 11.11.87 RFA. Austria’s relations with its neighbours and Russia. Symposium. Feindbilder general. A: Mortimer, Elizabeth; Salzburg; 04:00
031 18.11.87 British Travel Agents in Innsbruck. A: Ward, David. Association of British Travel Agents. Lukas, Klaus (head of ANTO, Austrian national tourist office); Fritz, Werner (London branch of ANTO); Epstein, David (director general of the Association of British Travel Agents). 05:50
032 xx.11.87 Weekly Commentary. A: Lendvai, Paul. 04:55
033 11.11.87 Washington Post article on Kurt Waldheim; article by Lendvai, Paul; SP: Hartzell, Eugene. UFB-022425 05:01
034 20.11.87 Interview with Paul Grosz (Jewish Community in Vienna, in English). Grozs, Paul; Lendvai, Paul. 08:03
035 20.11.87 Tourism in Austria; A: Ward, David; Daynoss, Steven ( ); Lukas, Klaus (head of ANTO, Austrian national tourist office); Epstein, David (director general of the Association of British Travel Agents). 08:10
036 20.11.87 Tourism in Austria. Interview with Werner Fritz, London office oft he Austrian National Tourist Office. A. Ward, David; 02:20
037 21.11.87 Feature on Otto von Habsburg; 75th birthday. A: Hall, Murray G.; 06:13
038 23.11.87 Anniversary of 1938. Exhibition of Judaica belonging to Max Berger. Historical Museum of the City of Vienna. Interview with Max Berger, but no OT; A: AD, Ann; Berger, Max. 05:15
039 24.11.87 RFA. Endangered species (insects). A: PM, Pat; interview with Peter Fischer-Colbrie; Fischer-Colbrie, Peter; insect control in agriculture, bio-technology. Plant Protection Institute Vienna. 05:36
040 24.11.87 Interior Minister Karl Blecha interview with Die Presse on Austrian asylum regulations. Summary by Eugene Hartzell. Hartzell, Eugene. 03:52
041 25.11.87 Currency fluctuation and Austrian tourism. Prospects for 1998; Travel agents’ conference in Innsbruck. A: Ward, David: SP: Daynoos, Steven (promoter in Britain of Austria as holiday destination). Fritz, Werner (director of Austrian national tourist office, London).Lukas, Klaus (director of ANTO). 05:23
042 26.11.87 Tourist industry. Offers in 1988. A: David, Ward. SP: Lukas, Klaus (director of ANTO). Fritz, Werner (director of Austrian national tourist office, London).Daynoss. Steve (tourism promoter). 04:19
043 26.11.87 Pop Corner. Jose Feliciano. “The Sound of Vienna” with music and OT Feliciano. A: Joyce,Clyde. 07:11
044 29.11.88 RFA. 100 Years of Social Democracy in Austria. The Problem of Nationalism and the Social Democratic Movement. A: Hartzell, Eugene; A: Joyce, Clyde. Unfried, Bernhard; Association for the history of the labour movement. Zeman, Zvenyeg (research professor in European history at Oxford University). 14:43
045 01.12.88 Tourism in Austria 1988. A: PM, Pat; Interview with Klaus Lukas (director of ANTO). 05:57
046 03.12.88 Capitalism in Eastern Europe. A. Ward, David. Interview with Dr. Anton from the Girozentrale bank. 10:20
047 06.12.88 Former Czech dissident Jiri Hayek visits Austrian parliament. A: Joyce, Clyde. SP: Coudenhove-Kalergi, Barbara. Interview with Jiri Hayek. Hayek, Jiri. 05:00
048 08.12.88 The Modern String Quartet playing jazz. A: AD, Ann. Interview with musicians. 18:45
049 12.12.88 Vienna International Center. Commemoration of Nobel Peace Prize for U.N. peacekeepers. Interview with Kurt Bretschneider who served for Austria on the Golan Heights and on Cyprus. A. PM, Pat. Part II. 06:08
050 10.12.88 Commemoration of Nobel Peace Prize for U.N. peacekeepers. Interview with Kurt Bretschneider who served for Austria on the Golan Heights and on Cyprus. A. PM, Pat. Part I; Bretschneider, Kurt. 04:26
051 11.2.88 Austria’s Past is Present. Schuschnigg, Kurt; A: O’Sullivan, Michael; SP: Simon, Walter (emeritus professor of history at the University of Vienna); SP: Portisch, Hugo (journalist). 10:24
052 15.02.88 Preview of Social Rights conference. Interview with Florence Mittwoch (Beer Elan University in Israel). A: Ward, David; 05:18
053 18.02.88 Austria’s Past is Present. 1938. Interview with Max von Marquet and Stella Musulin. A: Michael O’Sullivan. Marquet, Max von.; Musulin, Stella. 10:20
054 24.02.88 RFA; “A letter from New York.” A: Hift, Fred; Dichter, Ernest. 06:01
055 26.02.88 Leukemia research and therapy. Interview with Dr. Dieter Lutz; A: Hermges, David. Lutz, Dieter (clinical expert) Hanusch-Krankenhaus Vienna. 09:25
056 01.03.88 Underground nuclear power. Interview with Maurice Rosen, director of the division of nuclear safety at the IAEA in Vienna. A: PM, Pat. 05:56
057 01.03.88 Schools contest. Year of Reflection 1998. Interview with Sandra Meloni and Martin Weinberger. A: Hall, Murray G. 05:20
058 03.03.88 Austria’s Past is Present. Episode 9. Treatment of Austrian Jews after March 1938. Interview with Prof. Walter Simon, prof. Emeritus. Interview with Dr. Peter Malina (Institut für Zeitgeschichte, University of Vienna (in German!) A: Hall, Murray G.; SP: O’Sullivan, Michael. 10:21
059 04.03.88 Tanz 88. Dancing. Interview with Gerhard Brunner (director of ballet at the Vienna State Opera) and Susanne Winkler, Carla Maxwell, Gary Masters, Nina Watt.. A: Joyce, Clyde 13:26
060 08.03.88 U.N. Women’s Day. A: PM, Pat. Interview with Angel, Bill (Branch for the Advancement of women at the Vienna International Center). 04:11
061 09.03.88 UNWRA. Refugees. Interview with commissioner-general of UNWRA. A: PM, Pat. 05:59
062 10.03.88 Austria’s Past is Present. Episode 10a. Fictitious news broadcast from Vienna in March, 1938. A: Hall, Murray G.; SP: O’Sullivan, Michael. 10:23
063 11.03.88 1938 to 1988. Vienna International School. Poetry. A: AD, Ann; A: Hartzell, Eugene. Davis, Malcolm; Polzinger, Herb. “History in Poetry”. 12:33
064 12.03.88 Interview with photographer Inge Morath. A: Joyce, Clyde. 07:45
065 12.03.88 Interview with Robert Jungk (peace activist, futurologist), A: Joyce, Clyde 04:27
066 16.03.88 Viennale. Federico Fellini. A: Joyce, Clyde; A: AD, Ann. SP: OT Fellini (in Italian). Interview with Helmut Dimko. 08:17
067 17.03.88 Austria’s Past is Present. Episode 10b. Imaginary wireless broadcast. A: Hall, Murray G.; SP: O’Sullivan, Michael. 10:24
068 18.03.88 Austrian Economy. Ökobilanz. Interview with the book author Fischer-Kowalsky, Marina. A: Ward, David. 15:27
069 00.03.88 Bernard Rudowsky. Vienna Academy of Applied Arts. Obituary. A: Joyce, Clyde. Architecture without architects. 02:54
070 19.03.88 W.H. Auden (British poet who lived in Austria). Interview with Michael O’Sullivan. A: Ward, David. Auden, W.H. 07:40
071 25.03.88 Focus on Elly Wright. Jazz music. A: Ward, David. 14:18
072 29.03.88 PLO Observers in Vienna. PLO. Daoud al Bakkarat (PLO Vienna bureau). A: PM, Pat. 04:49
073 30.03.88 European market. Bundeswirtschaftskammer (Federal Economic Chamber). A: Ward, David; Hercinksi, Werner (BWK); Lettmayer, Christian.. 05:43
074 04.04.88 Herbert von Karajan. Special Feature. A: Winbigler, John. Karajan, Herbert von.  
075 12.05.88 Festival of Vienna 1988. Interview with George Tabori. Tabori, George. A: Joyce, Clyde. Interview: Wolfgang Weiss (festival organizer). “Ein Lied geht um die Welt”. „Frauenkrieg Lustspiel“. Brasz, Thomas. Theater im Künstlerhaus. Interview Schneider, Marlene. 19:05
076 13.05.88 Reunion of generation born in 1938. Part one. A: Ward, David. “Young Austria”. Interview with Steiner, Herbert; Interview with Eisler, George (Painter); 17:01
077 14.05.88 Greeks in Austria. A: JK, Joanna. 05:21
078 18.05.88 Reunion of generation born in 1938. Part two. A: Ward, David. Young Austria in Great Britain. Wangermann, Ernst (Prof. of History, University of Salzburg), Gruber, Fred; Steiner, Herbert (DÖW). 06:43
079 21.05.88 Pigrum, Derek. (painter). Exhibition. Ward, David. SP: AD, Ann. 06:33
080 23.05.88 Jura Soyfer Special. Interview with Prof. Horst Jarka (editor of the works of Jura Soyfer. 18:56
081 24.12.88 Austria’s Past is Present. Focus on Dr. Albert Massiczek. A: Hall, Murray G. Hall. Interview with Massiczek. 09:56
082 27.11.87 Danube Festival Plans for 1988 in Lower Austria. A: Hermges, David. Interview with festival organizer Eugen Scherer. 13:02
083 28.11.87 Beth Chabad School in Vienna. A: Holland, John. Rabbi Jakob Biedermann (director of Beth Chabad School). 05:31
084 30.11.87 CSCE Vienna. Interview with Rudolf Torovsky (Austrian chief delegate to the OSCE Conference). A: PM, Pat 04:43
085 03.12.87 OMV shares. Interview with Oskar Grünwald, board director of the ÖIAG. A: Hermges, David. 05:14
086 03.12.87 Carinthia schools and Slovenes. A: Ward, David.  
087 05.12.87 Austria and the EC (EU). Interview with Hans Tuppy (science and research minister). A: Joyce, Clyde. 03:53
088 07.12.87 George Weidenfeld on exile. Interview. A: PM, Pat 05:26
089 07.12.87 VOEST man back to the Soviet Union. Interview with Hans-Peter Schicker (?). A: Ward, David. Voest-Alpine builds steel plant. 06:17
090 08.12.87 Vienna International School. Feature on social work project. Interviews with various students at the VIS. A: Ward, David; A: AD, Ann. old signation. 24:46
091 27.04.88 Ödön von Horváth Symposium in Vienna. Interview with Horst Jarka (professor of German at the University of Missoula, Montana). A: Ward, David. 06:45
092 27.04.88 Interview with Guido Schmidt-Chiari (General-Director of the Creditanstalt). A: Lendvai, Paul. Schmidt-Chiari, Guido. 08:07
093 RFA29.04.88 World Wildlife Fund. Lange Lacke, Burgenland. Interview with Winfried Walter (secretary general of the WWF). A: Hermges, David. 11:23
094 30.04.88 Tourism in Austria. Ödön von Horváth. Interview with Horst Jarka (Prof. of German at the University of Missoula, Montana). A: Ward, David. SP: Koch, Carol. 08:03
095 30.04.88 Salzburg stinks. A: Mortimer, Elizabeth. 05:27
096 06.05.88 Interview with Ferdinand Lacina (Austrian finance minister). A: Lendvai, Paul. 07:10
097 10.05.88 Chemical weapons. Interview with Dr. Gerhard Freilinger (plastic surgeon who treated victims of mustard gas.) A: PM, Pat. 05:20
098 07.04.88 Austria’s Past is Present. Interview with Gerald Stourzh (Prof. of History at the University of Vienna). A: Hall, Murray G. 09:38
099 08.04.88 Austrian News about W. de Clerk (OT, EC commissioner for external relations) on Austria joining European Union. 03:38
100 08.04.88 Book (“The Missing Years: Waldheim”) exonerating Kurt Waldheim, written by Robert E. Hertzstein; A: Hermges, David. 07:38
101 13.04.88 Austria and the EC. A: Ward, David. Interview with Peter Ludlow (director of the Center for European Policy Studies in Brussels). 07:02
102 14.04.88 UNWRA on Palestine refugees. Use of tear gas. Interview with John Hiddleston (director of health at UNWRA). Interview with Ben Ashbel (Israeli Embassy in Vienna) A: Ward, David; A: PM, Pat. 05:28
103 16.04.88 CSCE meeting in Vienna. Interview with Warren Zimmermann (U.S. chief negotiator), Viktor Shikalov (Soviet chief negotiator), Rudolf Torovsky (head of Austrian delegation to the CSCE). A: PM, Pat. 05:37
104 20.04.88 Austria’s links with the EC. Interview with Alois Mock Austrian vice-chancellor and foreign minister). A: Hermges, David. 07:03
105 20.04.88 Council of Europe and developing world. Mrs. Janay Sangerey (a Liberia-born black journalist). Interview. A: Ward, David. 05:55
106 22.04.88 Dr. Melanie Sully (historian visiting Austria) on Austria’s political system. Part one. A: Ward, David. 09:25
107 22.04.88 Dr. Melanie Sully (historian visiting Austria), on Austria’s political system. Part two. A: Ward, David. 04:39
108 23.04.88 Refugee situation/UNWRA. Interview with Ellen Riedel (Austrian interior ministry). Asylum seekers in Austria. A: AD, Ann. 06:49
109 26.04.88 Chernobyl nuclear accident; second anniversary. Interview with Yeygeni Wellikov (?) (Vice-President of the Soviet Academy of Sciences). IAEA. A: PM, Pat. 06:00
110 01.07.88 Schubertiade. Various works by Franz Schubert. Liederabend. Peter Schreyer. Interview with Bernard Levin (British music critic). Interview with Martin Turber (organizer oft he Schubertiade) and various guests from England. A: Ward, David. 17:21
111 02.07.88 The U-Bahn voice in Vienna. Wiener Verkehrsbetriebe. Franz Kaida. A: Bailey, Leigh. SP: Koch, Carol. 05:17
112 07.07.88 Bruno Kreisky Prize; A: Joyce, Clyde; Koch, Carol. Interview Benazir Bhutto (OT). 01:43
113 14.07.88 Franz Vranitzky (Austrian chancellor); Interview Vranitzky. Press conference after first six months of the coalition government. Vranitzky on economic situation in Austria. Should Austria join the European Community? A: Joyce, Clyde. 04:49
114 19.07.88 Philipp Glass. 1000 Airplanes. Lower Austria Danube Festival. Interview Philipp Glass; David Henry Wang, Jerry Serlan. A: Blane, Elizabeth. 07:43
115 22.07.88 Sigmund Freud. Conference in Vienna. New Studies and Documents. Interview: Dr. Harald Leupold-Löwenthal. A: Hall, Murray G. Freud Museum. Psychoanalysis. 09:10
116 23.07.88 Hidden guests, Soviet refugees in Vienna. A: Glickman, Mayer. 04:37
117 08.08.88 Austria and membership of the EC. Interview with Walter Magrutsch (Austrian ambassador to London). A: Ward, David. 05:09
118 10.08.88 Austrian export trade with the EC and Britain. Interview with Walter Magrutsch (Austrian ambassador to London). A: Ward, David. 04:04
119 15.08.88 Interview with Arthur Miller (American playwright) and Inge Morath (wife of Arthur Miller and photographer). Interview with Denison Rusinov. Miller discusses Nazi Austria, annexation of Austria in 1938. A: Joyce, Clyde. 18:56
120 18.08.88 20th anniversary of invasion of Czechoslovakia. August 1988. Charter 77. Interview with Erhard Busek and Hannes Swoboda. A. Ward, David.  
121 29.08.88 Austria*s Image of Austria. Austrian ambassador to Great Britain. Interview with Walter Magrutsch. A. Ward, David. 06:45
122 08.09.88 Eureka. Europe-wide scheme for technological cooperation. Interview with Hans Tuppy (Austrian science minister) 04:24
123 09.09.88 Interview with former U.S. ambassador to Austria, Robert Neumann. A: Joyce, Clyde. 12:01
124 10.09.88 Official visit to Soviet Union by Austrian foreign minister Alois Mock. Interview with Alois Mock. A: Ward, David. 07:29
125 15.09.88 Henry Grunwald (American ambassador to Vienna and former head of Time-Life). Interview. A: Joyce, Clyde. 08:04
126 16.09.88 Alois Mock (Austrian foreign minister) after his official visit to Moscow. Interview with Mock. A: Ward, David. 02:17
127 16.09.88 Alois Mock (Austrian foreign minister) after his official visit to Moscow. Interview with Mock. A: Ward, David. 09:47
128 30.09.88 Styrian Autumn avantgarde festival in Graz. Dachau Song. Herbert Zipper. Interview with Herbert Zipper about „Arbeit macht frei“. A: Joyce, Clyde. 12:49
129 10.10.88 Visit to Soviet Union by Austrian chancellor Franz Vranitzky. A: Ward, David. Ward telephone voicer 01:50
130 11.10.88 Visit to Soviet Union by Austrian chancellor Franz Vranitzky. A: Ward, David Ward telephone voicer. 01:55
131 00.00.88 Austria’s Past is Present. 1. Austrian book market in the inter-war years. A: Hall, Murray G.; 2. Economic situation in Austria 1918-30. A: O’Sullivan, Michael. 10:13
132 00.00.88 Austria’s Past is Present. Austrian émigrés to the United States. A: Hermges, David. Interviews conducted in New York by Fred Hift with a number of Austrians who were forced to emigrate to the U.S. Lichtblau, Heinz (now in oil business in the U.S.); Zernik, Klementine: Leitner, Franz (grew up in Soc.Dem. family, now member of the New York Senate); Grossberg, Mimi (poetess, editor). Features the music of Tauber, Richard. 09:45
133 00.00.88 International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights centre in Vienna. Human rights. Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe. “Basket 3 of the Helsinki Accords. Follow-up meeting of IHF in Vienna. A: Hermges, David. Interviews with Mininna, Hesta (asst.dir. of the IHF office in Vienna); Gerald Nagler (exec. Dir. Of IHF; delegation of human rights delegation to Moscow); Schwarzenberg, Karl (Chairman of the IHF); Jankovich, Peter (Socialist International foreign affairs bureau; former Austrian foreign ministers. 13:36
134 06.01.89 Feature on the poet Fritz Brainin. Native of Vienna who emigrated to the U.S.; A: JK, Joanna. Interview durch Brainin’s visit to Vienna. Translations of Brainin’s poems in English read by Eugene Hartzell. 10:01
135 06.01.89 Arnold Schönbergfestival in London. South Bank. A: Gordon, Murray. Various music by Schönberg. 09:01
136 00.00.89 100 Years Social Democracy. The movement’s links with Israel. A: Hall, Murray G. Presenter Eugene Hartzell. Interviews with historians, labour leaders, Shlomo Shafir (foreign affairs commentator in Tel Aviv), Shlomo Avineri (political scientist at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem); Lea Brakin intern. Secretary of the Agricultural Cooperative^and member of Histradrut, the labour federation; Zionism; Bruno Kreisky and Jewish descent; Austro-Marxism; 15:20

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