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tal_2001zoom"This American Life ( linkext. Link ) ist eine einstündige, wöchentlich übertragene Hörfunksendung, die vom US-amerikanischen Chicago Public Radio produziert wird und weltweit als Podcast zu hören ist. Im Mittelpunkt der von Ira Glass moderierten Sendung stehen Reportagen, die sich immer einem spezifischen Thema widmen und teilweise durch Essays oder Kurzgeschichten ergänzt werden" (Quelle: secure linkext. Link )
This American Life is a weekly public radio show broadcast on more than 500 stations to about 2.2 million listeners. It is produced in collaboration with Chicago Public Media, delivered to stations by PRX The Public Radio Exchange, and has won all of the major broadcasting awards. It is also often the most popular podcast in the country, with another 2.4 million people downloading each episode. There's a theme to each episode of This American Life, and a variety of stories on that theme. Most of the stories are journalism, with an occasional comedy routine or essay.

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© 2001 Ira Glass / Chicago Public Media

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175 2001-01-05 Babysitting Stories of babysitters, and what goes on while mom and dad are away that mom and dad never find out about. Including the story of two teenagers who decide to invent children to babysit, as an excuse to get out of their own house. 00:57:57
176 2001-01-26 Two Nations, One President In the wake of the 2001 election debacle in Florida, the two political halves of this country seemed angrier at each other than they had in decades. This week we bring you tales of that widening rift. Democrats explain why they're having trouble getting over it, and Republicans explain why this is so infuriating. 00:59:06
177 2001-02-09 American Limbo Stories of people living completely outside the grid of American life. Americans in Paris. Chinese in America. West Virginians in treehouses. Mexican-Americans in Rochester. 00:59:06
178 2001-02-23 Superpowers We answer the following questions about superpowers: Can superheroes be real people? (No.) Can real people become superheroes? (Maybe.) And which is better: flight or invisibility? (Depends who you ask.) Chris ware's comic mentioned in the episode is here. 00:59:05
179 2001-05-16 Cicero The story in a way of a town that time forgot, or more accurately, a town that tried to forget the times. A special broadcast co-hosted by award-winning journalist Alex Kotlowitz, author of the books There Are No Children Here and The Other Side of the River. 00:59:06
180 2001-05-23 Return to Childhood Stories of people who try to revisit their childhoods. What they find. And what they do not find. 00:59:10
181 2001-04-06 The Friendly Man A special show, composed entirely of stories from just one This American Life contributor: Scott Carrier, whose strange and compelling stories sound like nothing else on the radio. 00:58:02
182 2001-04-13 Cringe Stories that make us cringe, and an investigation into just what, exactly, makes some stories capable of forcing this physical reaction out of us when other stories don't. We hear tales of personal humiliation, romance gone wrong, and people who profoundly misjudge how they're perceived by others. 00:59:04
183 2001-04-20 The Missing Parents Bureau Stories about the legacy of absent parents. We hear four cases from the files of the Missing Parents Bureau. 00:59:44
184 2001-05-11 Neighbors Stories of people trying to love their neighbors...and failing. 00:59:02
185 2001-05-25 Golden Calf Stories of people worshiping false idols...and if that's always a bad thing. 00:59:06
186 2001-06-08 Prom While the seniors danced at Prom Night 2001 in Hoisington, Kansas—a town of about 3,000—a tornado hit the town, destroying about a third of it. When they emerged from the dance, they discovered what had happened, and in the weeks that followed, they tried to explain to themselves why the tornado hit where it did. Plus other stories that happen on Prom Night. 00:59:00
187 2001-06-15 Father's Day '01 For Father's Day, stories of dads who are utterly human in scale. 00:59:05
188 2001-06-22 Kid Logic Stories of kids using perfectly logical arguments, and arriving at perfectly wrong conclusions. 00:59:00
189 2001-07-13 Hitler's Yacht Nearly this entire show is devoted to the story of the boat known as "Hitler's Yacht." It's a modern-day fable about what happens when the free market, the media, the World War II buffs, the Neo-Nazis, and the Jews all collide over a huge Nazi tourist trap. 00:59:07
190 2001-08-03 Living the Dream There's a deep impulse in American culture that says that you can make yourself into anyone. Today, three stories about people who tried to do just that. 00:59:06
191 2001-08-17 I Know What You Did This Summer Stories for the stultifying, torpor-inducing, hottest heat of summer. 00:59:07
192 2001-08-31 Meet the Pros The story of one man's journey from obscurity to international professional celebrity—aided only by his own hard work, a sneaker commercial, and mad handles. And other stories of amateurs hurtling themselves at the pros whose jobs they covet. 00:59:00
193 2001-09-14 Stories of Loss In the wake of the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, a collection of stories in which people try to make sense of loss. 00:59:08
194 2001-09-21 Before and After Stories in the wake of the events of September 11, 2001. 00:59:07
195 2001-09-28 War Stories In September 2001, we tried to sort out what the war in Afghanistan would be like, and what our lives would be like during this war. 00:59:01
196 2001-10-05 Rashomon In the movie Rashomon, one story is told from four different points of view. The story changes dramatically depending on who's telling it. This week, the events of September 11th, and how their meaning changes depending on who you talk to. 00:59:08
197 2001-10-26 Before It Had A Name There's the time when you know something is happening, but you're not sure exactly what. The illness before it's diagnosed. The era, before it's been given a title. And something changes when the name is given. Stories of that transformation...between what it is now, and what it was before it had a name. 00:59:07
198 2001-11-02 How to Win Friends and Influence People Stories of people climbing to be number one. How do they do it? What is the fundamental difference between us and them? 00:57:40
199 2001-11-16 House on Loon Lake Our entire show this week is one long story, sort of a real-life Hardy Boys mystery. More than most of our shows, this one lends itself to a Hollywood-style tagline. Perhaps: "You Might Break In...But You'll Never Forget." Or "Dead Letters Tell No Tales." 00:58:00
200 2001-11-30 Hearts and Minds Of all the wars to win, perhaps the propaganda war is the hardest. In this show, we bring you stories of propaganda wars past and present, by those who fought them and those who survived them. 00:59:00
201 2001-12-07 Them In a time of war, when we're all feeling a heightened sense of "us" and "them," we wanted to take up the problem of "them." Some people need a good "them." Other people tend to see all "thems" as more like us. And so we bring you three stories of people misperceiving the them-miness of them. 00:59:04
202 2001-12-21 Faith Stories of faith: losing it, talking about it, constructing it, and working within it. 00:59:21

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