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Dateiname Inhalt Dauer Andy Sennett: Jonathan Marks is visiting Andy Sennett at his home. They’re talking about the beginnings of Media Network. Later they begin to talk about Sennett’s first World Radio TV Handbook. 13:35
andy.wmv See above. 13:41 Jim Cutler: Jonathan Marks is visiting Cutler in his studio in New York. Later Cutler is talking about his two years at techTV and the future of radio. 07:55
cutler.wmv See above. 07:58 Diana Janssen: Jonathan Marks is visiting Janssen at her home. She talks about her beginning at Media Network and why she stayed all the time. 08:01
diana.wmv See above. 08:04 Jonathan Marks: Diana Janssen talks to Marks at her home. He talks about his beginning in Austria and the further years in Netherlands. 15:11
jonathan.wmv See above. 15:14 Mike Bird: Marks has met Bird at the Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne. In the video the’re talking about Bird’s passion for Radio in his early days. 10:13
mikebird.wmv See above. 10:16 A short movie with Mike Bird, which should be some kind of a promotion video or an obituary to Media Network.  
promo.wmv See above. 01:06 Victor Goonetilleke talks about his life in Shangri-La 17:36
victor.wmv See above. 17:39

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