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Media Network 1997

mn_1997zoomVon Media Network, dem legendären von Jonathan Marks gestalteten Medienmagazin, liegen zahlreiche Sendungen von 7. August 1980 (DX Juke Box) bis 26. Oktober 2000 (letzte Ausgabe) als Digitalisate und Manuskripte vor. - Aus urheberrechtlichen Gründen nur für Direktvorführungen am Hörplatz im Dokumentationsarchiv. - Zahlreiche Folgen gingen verloren. Wir ersuchen dringend um Hilfe bei der Rekonstruktion. - Die von Andy Sennitt fortgeführte Version als wöchentlicher Newsletter befindet sich ab 15. März 2007 im Archiv (nicht indiziert): dok_bul_medianetwork - Media Network Videos: mn

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970102 Fiji: "island" edition. A station in Anguilla was testing. Talk to Barry Ferber, Australian radio consultant who went in to Radio Fiji to shake things up. Jim Cutler's impossible radio contest. Martin Roos opens Talk Radio on 1395 kHz from Holland. VOA Europe now becomes VOA Express. 29:26 x
970109 Interview at the start of Radio Kudirat, Nigerian clandestine radio station which operated via the World Radio Network in London. Interview with the boss of Talk Radio. Why Danish Radio has stopped broadcasting in English. 29:55 x
970116 Radio Ham Revisited: old and new versions of the Radio Ham sketch made famous by British comedian Tony Hancock. New program called EuroDx from Jan Nieuwenhuis. Annual Media Quiz context with Jim Cutler. Lou Josephs has been looking at push content technology. Philips was putting a lot of money into Web TV. 29:50 x
970123 SW Receivers Past and Present. Radio Australia to close? Radio Atlantis Contest. Mike Bird's Propagation Report from Melbourne fehlt x
970130 Receiver News fehlt x
970206 Delta Radio fehlt x
970213 FSN. Contest Results. DAB update. Clandestine stations. Real Video fehlt x
970220 Receiver & Booklist Web. Radio Australia update again. Update on Antarctica. Alaska feature. Andy Sennitt. Mike Bird's Propagation Report from Melbourne fehlt x
970226 Radio Euzkadi Special. Mike Bird's Propagation Report from Melbourne fehlt x
970306 HAARP. Radio Australia update again. Update on Antarctica. Alaska feature. Andy Sennitt. Mike Bird's Propagation Report from Melbourne fehlt x
970313 Phone Calls. Review Grundig Yacht Boy 207/217. DAB update. World Radio Network fehlt x
970320 WWW Shop List update. Open Day 1997. Norfolk Island. Intrax. Kuperus fehlt x
970327 Conet Spy Number Project: mystery of the spy number stations, 4 CD project to catalogue them, talk with the producer of the CD. How radio was seen in the dim distant past. Jim Cutler threw in a surprise T-shirt competition. 29:53 x
970403 Receiver Market Changes: changes to the receiver market in the 400-700 US dollar price range. Gilfer Shortwave and 47th Street Photo have both gone out of business. Rick Lansing in Colorado has a problem with a time signal station in Caracas, Venezuela. Major changes to broadcasts from Radio Tirana, Albania. Voice of Mongolia has started using e-mail. Voice of Hope has started broadcasting from Tbilisi. Tim Hendel has comments about local radio in the US and the possible threat from satellite radio. BBC World Service. Victor Goonetilleke has news about TWR broadcasting in English. Radio For Peace International in Costa Rica is making it into South Asia. The first tests from the HAARP facilty have been heard in Europe. Trevor Brook, Radio Fax broadcasting from Ireland, fight for private shortwave licences in the UK. Andy Sennitt is trying to solve a Tanzanian mystery. Lou Josephs reports on improvements to broadcasters’ websites. 29:53 x
970403_man_2 Africa & the New Media. Mike Bird fehlt x
970410 TV nitwits. Letters review. New Internet Browsers. VNG in trouble. Latin American conference. Mike Bird's Propagation Report from Melbourne fehlt x
970417 Latin America Profile. NAB. New Internet Browsers. VNG in trouble. Christian Science Monitor. Mike Bird's Propagation Report from Melbourne fehlt x
970424 Worldspace. NAB. Mike Bird's Propagation Report from Melbourne fehlt x
970501 Show from Cable & Satellite London. Radio New York International Book. Victor Goonetillek. Mike Bird's Propagation Report from Melbourne fehlt x
970508 New satellite station for South Asia on May 19th. Digital radio update…Las Vegas success. NPR profile on web. Arthur Cushen DX News. Propagation web info. Mike Bird's Propagation Report from Melbourne fehlt x
970515 Mike Bird's Propagation Report from Melbourne. Nethold fehlt x
970522 Mike Bird's Propagation Report from Melbourne. Nethold. Review Sony ICF-SW12. Stocks and Funds Gone fehlt x
970529 Mike Bird's Propagation Report from Melbourne. Andy Sennitt. Promos for Open Day and Letters. Stocks and Funds Gone. Baygen Radio fehlt x
970605 Dutch news. Open Day. Kim on digital. Robert Cooper on digital. Victor update fehlt x
970619 Dutch news. Robert Cooper on digital. Victor update fehlt x
970626 Hong Kong Follow-Up & Radio London: Hong Kong, transfer of power from Britain to China. Rory Higgins, stations manager of BFBS Hong Kong. Dutch Radio entrepreneur tried to re-create the feeling of Radio London. Broadcasting from a ship, event organiser Ray Anderson of East Anglian Productions, short injection of nostalgia. 29:52 x
970703 The Warm Glow of Wireless: Wim Stuiver, a radio enthusiast who built a private museum inside a farmhouse near the Dutch town of Diever, story of the early days of radio. 30:05 x
970710 Summer Safari Silicon Valley Part 1: Netscape. Google had yet to be launched. Show from San Francisco. Spencer Reiss, Wired Magazine in the SFO offices, future of media, how things are converging. Cupertino. Audiohighway. Nathan Shulholf explained what was really an early iPod. AudioWhizz. Andy Sennitt and Mike Bird add contributions including what ever happened to the Investment Channel. 30:15 x
970717 Silicon Valley Summer Safari 2: show from Palo Alto. Philips Multimedia Center on Sand Hill Road, consumer test facility. Head of Grundig USA in Redwood City, future of shortwave radio, great business selling portable radios through Sharper Image, airline catalogues and camping magazines. 29:50 x
970724 Atlanta: Visit to CNN. Media News (Cushen & Andy). Mike Bird fehlt x
970731 News show. Media News (Cushen & Andy). Stocks and Frauds. Hans Knot preview. Radio Prague in trouble. Letters analysis. Radio Netherlands in North America. Mike Bird fehlt x
970807 Guam & Sri Lankan Clandestines: Korean Airlines Boeing 747 which smashed into a jungle covered hill on Guam. Glenn Scheyhing, assistant news director at KTWR in Guam. Receiver news, test results of the BayGen Freeplay radio. Tests by BBC Afghan Education Drama (AED) Project in Afghanistan, Cranfield Disaster Preparedness Centre (DPC) in Eritrea. Victor Goonetilleke discusses a non-governmental Tamil language station based in London. Station called IBC from the studios of the World Radio Network in South London. 30:02 x
970814 Thirty Years of Offshore Radio: one of the most important stages in the development of European Radio, “30 years in 30 minutes”. Paul Kaye made the very last announcement on Radio London. East Anglian Productions obtained a so-called Restricted Service Licence, which allowed them to operate the station for one month on mediumwave. 29:49 x
970821 Offshore Radio Follow-up: World Radio Network London, Radio Netherlands analogue audio subcarrier update and changes to the RNW website. Dutch offshore radio specialist Hans Knot. Talk to Paul Rusling about his various projects in the Isle of Man and the Baltic States. 30:04 x
970828 Tudor Lomas Training in Jordan and Lebanon: interview with Tudor Lomas who used to work for the BBC Radio 4 Today programme in the early nineties, before heading out to start a training centre called Jemstone based in Jordan. 30:00 x
970904 Berlin Reportage fehlt x
970911 Berlin Reportage II. Cushen fehlt x
970918 IBC. Book Review LA DXING fehlt x
970925 Arthur Cushen Tribute: one of New Zealand's most famous shortwave listeners, having made his hobby of radio listening into a career from the 1960's onwards. He reported regularly for magazines and radio stations, including Radio Netherlands DX Juke Box and Media Network. This programme is a celebration of Arthur's contribution to a very important time in international broadcasting. 30:15 x
971002 Pete Myers Remembers Radio 1: Myers presented evening talk programmes on Radio 1 when it launched in October 1967. 29:58 x
971009 By the mid-nineties, the Internet was starting to interest many people in the communications business. Trips to Silicon Valley to figure out what was going on and the role played by Stanford University. On-location safari, talking to Netscape and various audio companies working on early mp3 players. Neil G Scott, Archimedes project. 30:00 x
971016 Review P-2000. The Big Survey. Frequency Changes for the winter, plus schedule updates. Book Review BFBS. Ireland. Mike Bird Propagation fehlt x
971023 News Review. Kids Radio. The Big Survey. Frequency Changes fehlt x
971030 Multicultural Week. Andy’s Announcement. SW-2 test? Preview Latin America. Mike Bird fehlt x
971106 Chile & Bruce Girard: Media Network's first visit to Chile, in connection with a radio festival that Radio Netherlands organized with several hundred partner stations in Santiago. Bruce Girard, AMARC, the community radio organisation. 30:15 x
971113 News Review. Newsworld. Drake SW-2. Ireland. Brian Clark fehlt x
971120 Comdex, series of computer exhibitions in the US which suddenly collapsed into a black hole. Techcrunch Disrupt. 30:28 x
971127 Longwave Profile & ELWA Liberia: longwave broadcasting. Profile of the Christian broadcaster ELWA in Monrovia, Liberia. 30:36 x
971204 Audio player. Shorty SW Receiver. Victor Goonetilleke. Argentina. Mike fehlt x
971211 East Europe Special fehlt x
971218 Latin America: featured a new station in Buenos Aires. Mix of documentary features with informed reports, signals between "DC and daylight". 30:27 x
971225 Christmas Special: extended pre-recorded Christmas and New Year’s Day programmes because there were no current affairs magazines like Newsline aired on those days. Feature about offshore radio. Voices of Jim Cutler, Lou Josephs, Vasily Strelinikov, Andy Sennitt, Bryan Clarke, Esther van Pluym, Willemien Groot, Ray Anderson et al, Victor Goonetilleke, Katherine Farnon and Mike Bird. 46:13 fehlt
ga1_9702 Radio Netherlands - A Golden Anniversary - Part 1 of 8: Series on the history of Radio Netherlands, the Dutch International Service. Part of the 50th anniversary celebrations of Radio Netherlands in March 1997. Presented by Pete Myers, written together with translator and researcher Luc Lucas. Audio compilation of what was achieved in the first 50 years of the Dutch external radio broadcaster. Voices and sound fragments from Guillermo Marconi, PCJ-tune "Happy Station" and Eddy Startz, Radio Oranje , Radio Herrijzend Nederland, Lou de Jong, Henk van den Broek, (the station's first Director General), hr. Van Dulken, (the first Head of the English department), Joop Acda (Director General in 1980's), Bert Steinkamp (Programme Director), Lodewijk Bouwens (Director from 1994) and Jonathan Marks (Director of Programmes 1992-2003). 29:40 fehlt
ga2_9703 Radio Netherlands - A Golden Anniversary - Part 2 of 8: Period 1947-1950. Fragments from Eleanor Roosevelt during her trip to the Netherlands, George Marshall who came up with the famous plan to help European post-war economies, Winston Churchill on European cooperation. Interview that George Sluizer made with Leonard Berstein. Queen Juliana ascends to the throne. The thorny question of Indonesian independence. 29:41 fehlt
ga3_97xx Radio Netherlands - A Golden Anniversary - Part 3 of 8: Radio Netherlands coverage of the 1950's. Devastating floods that hit Holland in 1953, uprising in Hungary in 1956. 30:17 fehlt
ga4_9706 Radio Netherlands - A Golden Anniversary - Part 4 of 8: The station in the 1960's. Opening of the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, visit of David Ben Goerion to the Netherlands. Radio Netherlands moves from old studios in the Bothalaan to a purpose built studio complex in the North of Hilversum. Reporter van der Steen does an interview with the architects. European Common Market, the Berlin wall, the assassination of President Kennedy. 29:58 fehlt
ga5_9707 Radio Netherlands - A Golden Anniversary - Part 5 of 8: The station in the 1960's. Plans to put a man on the moon before the decade was out, the Erasmus Prize went to Charlie Chaplin. Extracts from the last Happy Station with Eddy Startz and the popular His and Hers Show with Dody and Jerry Cowan. Bed-In for Peace campaign that John Lennon and Yoko Ono launched from their bedroom in the Amsterdam Hilton Hotel in March 1969. 29:44 fehlt
ga6_971001 Radio Netherlands - A Golden Anniversary - Part 6 of 8: Radio Netherlands got a shock awakening in the seventies from its cocoon of request shows and Holland promotion. Decade of the attacks on Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics in 1972, resignation of President Richard Nixon. The age of the common man had passed to become the age of the common crook. The US pulled out of Saigon. A Dutch correspondent was one of the last to leave Vietnam. Was Dr Spock the architect of the permissive society? ABBA wins the Eurovision Contest in 1974. After some internal opposition, Radio Netherlands added news and introduced current affairs coverage with Afroscene. Tom Meyer took over Eddy Startz at the helm of the Happy Station interviewing the Dutch band Shocking Blue. Roger Broadbent says farewell to Fritz Greveling, the fourth DX editor of DX Juke Box. 29:55 fehlt
ga7_9710 Radio Netherlands - A Golden Anniversary - Part 7 of 8: The 1980's and what it meant to the English language department in particular. Many women producers arrived, breaking through what had been a mainly male dominated radio station. Names such as Veronica Wilson, Dorothy Weirs, Dune Porter, Ginger da Silva, Martha Hawley, Marijke van der Meer and Anne Blair Gould. News to Africa and Asia was regionalised. Coronation in the Netherlands, speech by US President Reagan about the evil empire. The massive delta-works were completed, making Zeeland less vulnerable to flooding from the North Sea. Taboos were broken in Rembrandt Express, fall of the Berlin Wall. 29:52 fehlt
ga8_971203 Radio Netherlands - A Golden Anniversary - Part 8 of 8: Present decade, what might happen at the start of the new Millennium. 30:22 fehlt

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