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mn_1987zoomVon Media Network, dem legendären von Jonathan Marks gestalteten Medienmagazin, liegen zahlreiche Sendungen von 7. August 1980 (DX Juke Box) bis 26. Oktober 2000 (letzte Ausgabe) als Digitalisate und Manuskripte vor. - Aus urheberrechtlichen Gründen nur für Direktvorführungen am Hörplatz im Dokumentationsarchiv. - Zahlreiche Folgen gingen verloren. Wir ersuchen dringend um Hilfe bei der Rekonstruktion. - Die von Andy Sennitt fortgeführte Version als wöchentlicher Newsletter befindet sich ab 15. März 2007 im Archiv (nicht indiziert): dok_bul_medianetwork - Media Network Videos: mn

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870108 Riyadh & Scanners: News. Solar specialist Mike Bird reviews 1986 from a radio reception point of view. French transmitter manufacturer Thomson is to build 16 high power transmitters in the Iraqi desert. Satellite radio with Jonathan Stott, BBC. Radio Truth, Radio West. Willem Bos - special device for scanner enthusiasts. 31:26
870122 Denmark broadcasts Spycatcher. Chad radio being jammed. Vastenhoud on WARC planning. Mission Impossible? Superchannel. Bratislava targets Austria to compete with Blue Danube Radio (Wolf Harranth). fehlt
870129 Books 31:28
870205 WARC 31:24
870212 Radio Vanuatu, Telex Decoding, WARC 1987 conference in Geneva. Jim Vastenhoud - technical decisions. Single Sideband. Willem Bos - decoders to receive and decode “telex over radio”. New book about Radio Wave Propagation written by antenna specialist Fred Judd. 31:03
870305 WCSN-Interview on plans for Christian Science Monitor. Under Fire theme. Somoza – Sandinistas, La Voz de Sandino. Radio 15th of September. Bob Horvitz - reports on leading contra radio station. Edgar Chamorro. The WARC 1987. Report on SW broadcasting. Jim Vastenhoud on Committee 5. HF-125 from Lowe. John Thorpe interview. fair dynamic range. Cushen with Azad Kashmir radio. Propagation from mike bird. 31:10
870320 Ireland Calling on Shortwave: RTE 31:58
870402 Vintage Radio with Gerald Wells Part 2. Bakelite. Philips V7U radio. Work on AM stereo developed by Jan Geluk. Ken Mason Junior - US scene. Gerald Wells discusses the onion tube used in early televisions. Review of the Woody Allen film "Radio Days". 29:23
870424 HAM Radio special. US announces tarifs on Japanese equipment. Fred Osterman explains this has not affected ham radio equipment yet. Dutch PTT hosts ITU Ham Radio conference for Europe and Africa in Noordwijk. Rosella Strom explains about the Eurolicense. Malcolm Appelbee Packet Radio. Amateur radio in Liberia. 30:08
870430 Queens Day 1987: national holiday to celebrate the Queen's Birthday. VOA Europe goes stereo and will carry commercials. MAC mode. AWR Guam signs on. Feature on Audience research - Tom Fikkert, Radio Netherlands and Graham Mytton, Head of the International Broadcasting Audience Research department at BBC World Service. John Campbell reports on books. 29:53
870522 Orson Welles opening. WRTH editorial offices move to Amsterdam. Radio Bardai, chad. Jupiter as a HF beacon with Dave Rosenthal. SSB Feeds contest for Madagascar. Sideband Song SSB from Gary Bougois. Veron QSL bureau report from Arnhem. 1 million cards processed a year. Ham Radio SW Beacon project on 28 MHz. 31:13
870529 Charles Z. Wick on Russian jamming stops for VOA Russian broadcasts. La Voz Popular in Guatemala. Radio Denmark SW Service ID. Radio for Peace International starts in Costa Rica. DLF on FM into Netherlands via Kleve. Interview with Michiel van Praag. Interview with Hugh Waters in Singapore about shortwave receiver prices there. 32:33
870612 London Train: news from BBC's Peter Udell. Spain will build a relay station in Costa Rica. Andy Sennitt - Cable-Sat exhibition in Brighton - disappointed. UK - extend its marine broadcasting offences act. Britain has published a Green Paper on Broadcasting. Roger Tidy reports on the views of the community radio lobby. Carl Josephs reports on the data signals being sent over 200 kHz longwave to switch domestic electricity meters between a high and low tariff. 30:51
870619 Zimbabwe changes it media to kick out colonial interests. Political Pirates in London with Roger Tidy. Radio Enoch. Propagation feature with Dave Rosenthal. Electronic Communications Privacy Act - scanners have to modify their receivers. Bob Horvitz explains from Washington DC. Richard Ginbey, NW Provincial State of Cameroon, Radio Baminda. Africa Number One new schedule. Harry Helms on SW broadcasts review. Mike Bird prop review. 31:31
870702 Iranian Clandestines: news of a two-in-one RS-10 and RS-11 amateur radio satellite launched by the Russians. Pat Gowan reports. Radio Moscow - summer programme for tourists to the capital. Radio Danubius in Budapest. Poland objects to a new Israeli relay station for VOA. Wim van Amstel - Radio broadcast radiation, danger to humans. Clandestine broadcasting to Iran using transmitters in Iraq. Anne Blair Gould reviews the Guide to Broadcasting Stations by Philip Darrington. Arthur Cushen's DX report. 31:19
870710 Crash of the Virgin Balloon, rescue of Richard Branson on shortwave. Piece by Mike Bullen on the Voice of Tamil Eelam. Results of a direction finding survey on the stations targeting Cuba. Professor John Campbell discusses Indonesia and Irish stations. Gary Newman's single called Radio Heart is discussed by Lou Josephs. Wolf Harranth reviews a shortwave log program called Swiss Log. Test of a double notch filter to get rid of whistles and RTTY signals. Clandestine stations in Africa. Propagation from Mike Bird. 30:13
870723 The James Bond Gadget Analysis: media accuracy of the gadgets in the James Bond Film, the Living Daylights. Danish Radio broadcasts extracts from the book Spycatcher by Peter Wright. WHRI is testing to Europe, but not announcing the frequencies they are transmitting on. Ship Sarah - transmitting from ship off the US coast. Wim van Amstel explains the radio regulations. Dorothy Weirs has a story about a clandestine station in San Salvador. 30:59
870730 Radio New York International broadcasts from a radio ship anchored in international waters off Jones Beach, Long Island New York in 1987 and 1988. Launch of Music Television into Europe, MTV 31:37
870806 Bells from Breda: Joop Zuidam, music producer, series about carillons, the set of bells in church towers, new version of the interval signal played at the start of each broadcast from Radio Netherlands on shortwave. BBC is to start transmitting from Hong Kong on shortwave. Pirate radio sovereign has been broadcasting again. Pirate radio scene on FM in Paris. Arthur Cushen has a bumper crop of tuning suggestions from his listening post in the Pacific. 31:07
870813 Offshore Radio Remembered 30:31
870817 Nederhorst Revisited: Nederhorst den Berg, centre for the Netherlands Radio Control Service, government department responsible for monitoring the airwaves 30:37
870821 Clandestine feature with John Campbell talking about Asia, as well as Lord Haw Haw. (Tape ruined) fehlt
870826 Nicaragua & New Radios in Berlin: strange move by President Reagan to use clandestine Radio Liberation broadcasting from El Salvador. VOA Spanish in Nicaragua. Radio France Internationale. Mark Deutsch at BBC World Service explains their expansion plans for satellite coverage of Europe. Superchannel service. Radio Lebanon. Berlin Audio and Video Fair. Sony SR6768. EuroMac. Wolf Harranth reports on an Italian station broadcasting to Slovenia. 31:40
870904 The US Emergency Broadcast System: Benn Kobb elaborates and Frank Lucia explains how President Truman gave the go-ahead for the development of the CONELRAD system. Gary Burgeois. Changes to the domestic shortwave service in Australia. Andy Sennitt - Nigeria has discontinued some of its shortwave services and the location of Radio Sovereign. Bob Tomalski - DAT digital recorders. 31:14
870910 Launch of Cable One. Funkausstellung in Berlin. Dave Rosenthal on solar eclipses. Richard Ginbey. DAT recorders. John Campbell reports on novelty clandestine stations like Radio Duck. Mike Bird - propagation conditions. 31:22
870925 Test transmissions from Radio For Peace International in Costa Rica. Experiments with AM stereo. Don Rhodes in Australia reports that Deutsche Welle is going to start testing the new 22 metre shortwave band. Special shortwave broadcast from Syria during the Mediterraean Games. First edition of Passport to World Band Radio reviewed with Harry Kliphuis. Christian Zettl from Austria is travelling in Central America and has been investigating some strange political clandestine radio stations in Guatemala, including one with a connection to a recording by Nat King Cole. 32:04
870927 Mali Relays Beijing & Batteries: strong signals from Radio Beijing beamed to North America from a new relay station in Africa - new project in Mali. Ariane launches TVSat1. D2MAC TV. Ralf Carlson of KUSW. Ross Revenge antenna has collapsed. Lucas Reinders. Richard Dearborn - rock station KYOI on Saipan. Victor Goonetilleke - tuning suggestions. 31:08
871002 Europe No 1, commercial network in France. Citizen's Radio. Atlantic 252, Radio Tara. Radio Nacional Venezuela. Paris KISS-FM. Radio Finland. 31:27
871006 Superconductors & Lightning: Dave Rosenthal explains Electrometeors and why lightning can make shortwave radios suddenly insensitive. Sony ICF2001D. Review of RFB40L shortwave portable from Panasonic. Report on superconductor research displayed at Telecom 87 in Geneva by AT&T. 31:46
871015 Paul Ballster reports power cuts to both BBC domestic and commercial networks. Listeners Letters. Andy Sennitt. Ginger da Silva. 31:31
871022 Time Signals and Listeners Letters: changes to the Time Signal Station VNG in Lyndhurst Australia. feature - how do international broadcasters like VOA, Radio Australia, Radio Netherlands and BBC World Service handle the hundreds of thousands of letters that each was receiving. 31:32
871023 Mike Bird. Time signal station Australian Navy. Dr Graham Harvey. Listeners Letters. fehlt
871030 ITU Telecom 87 at the PalExpo in Geneva: enormous technology showcases, mainly aimed at government officials. Musical box. 31:07
871204 Broadcast from Bangkok: Interview with Richard Jackson. 60 years celebration of Thai King's Birthday. NBT runs two services, including HSK-9, Radio Thailand's external service. VOA - special service, Voice of Free Asia. Clandestine stations from Communist Party of Thailand via Beijing. 30:07

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