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ssmgrzoomFor 24 years, Bob Thomann (HB9GX) and Bob Zanotti (HB9ASQ) shared a microphone and became an international broadcasting icon, winning awards for their popularity and the consistently large audience share of their show, The Swiss Shortwave Merry-Go-Round. What became known as The Swiss Shortwave Merry-Go Round was started by Bob Thomann in 1957. The heyday of the vintage MGR was the 1960’s, when Bob Thomann scripted and presented the program along with two assistants, Pamela and Heidi. This format lasted until it became a two-voice presentation in 1969, with David Simmons and Bob Thomann, and from spring 1970 with Bob Zanotti. The show remained in that form until the end on June 4th, 1994.We offer here the last known surviving off-the-air recordings of the classic 1960’s MGR and, in addition, some interviews done by Bob Thomann for special editions. - Bob Thomann died August 3, 2019, at the age of 90
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© Bob Thomann & Bob Zanotti
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hoover 1965 Interview with Herbert Hoover Jr., son of the former US president, and a former US Secretary of State. Mr. Hoover was speaking in his capacity as a radio ham and president of the then-newly created Region 2 section of the International Amateur Radio Union, IARU. 06:16
mgr01 xx.02.1966 MGR 30:28
mgr02 19.02.1966 MGR 27:59
mgr03 26.02.1966 MGR 26:02
mgr04 12.03.1966 MGR 27:27
mgr05 05.05.1966 MGR 28:44
mgr06 xx.05.1966 MGR IARU Ham Conference 30:56
4u1su 1966 MGR QSO Interview with 4U1SU, Swiss ham, Walter Baumgarten (HB9SI), who was speaking over ham radio from the Gaza Strip in his capacity as chief of mission there of the International Telecommunication Union, ITU 07:59
xmas82 xx.12.1982 MGR Christmas Special 25:47
scanner   MGR Scanner Special (late 80’s) 09:50
back xx.04.1989 MGR Bob Zanotti’s Back Trouble 19:08
elliott 1992 MGR Interview with Kim Andrew Elliott, DX Editor, VoA 16:19
saanen 1992 MGR Saanen 57:38
mgr07 04.12.1993 MGR 09:54
mgr08 05-06.1994 MGR One of the last shows (May-June ‘94) 37:49
lastmgr xx.06.1994 MGR Final edition 22:06
schwbg xx.03.1998 Schwarzenberg Transmitter closing 20:32
skype   The two Bobs try Skype - Skype is the name of a European software that is revolutionizing international communication. This voice-over-Internet program provides high-quality audio communication in a simple and easy to use form. In fact, it can be downloaded and operational in a mere 10 minutes. All that is required is a modern PC and broadband Internet connection, and a headset, or external microphone and speaker set. The best part is that the basic Skype program is reliable and absolutely free of charge between registered users. Skype, and a similar software for licensed radio hams called Echolink, are often cited as the cause for a decline in amateur radio. There is no doubt, however, that voice-over Internet technology is bringing ordinary people closer together and…without the need for special knowledge. Thomann and Bob Zanotti decided to put Skype through its paces. 13:49
ian   Skype interview with Canadian broadcaster and DX Editor Ian McFarland 29:57
flight   The two Bobs Saanen Flight - In addition to amateur radio and shortwave, Bob Thomann’s other passion was glider flying. And one of the highlights of the Two Bobs broadcast calendar was the annual summer glider camp Bob Thomann attended at Saanen, just around the corner from the world-famous resort of Gstaad in the Bernese Oberland. It was there that the Two Bobs met every year to record a special series of programs. In late spring 1987, Bob Thomann and Bob Zanotti took off from Bern Airport for a motor glider flight to Saanen, just to set the scene. 09:02
return 01.2004 The two Bobs Return. For 24 years, Bob Thomann (HB9GX) and Bob Zanotti (HB9ASQ) shared a microphone and became an international broadcasting icon, winning awards for their popularity and the consistently large audience share of their show, The Swiss Shortwave Merry-Go-Round. “The Two Bobs”, as they came to be known, were both radio hams, so they had firsthand knowledge and experience of the technical problems inherent in shortwave – also called High Frequency or “HF” – transmission. It’s logical, then, that their mainstay was providing off-the-cuff answers to listeners’ technical questions about radio and how to improve reception. But The Two Bobs were also philosophers, and had strong personal feelings about the major political and policy issues that faced HF broadcasting, and what they believed was the shortsightedness of curtailing shortwave services in the post Cold War era. The Two Bobs were sometimes even controversial, especially when it came to their outspokenness in getting shortwave listeners to pay more attention to “program content” – the term they coined to discourage the perception of HF broadcasting as merely a technical hobby. The Swiss Shortwave Merry-Go-Round ended in June 1994, despite heavy listener protest. Over the years, Bob Thomann and Bob Zanotti have remained good friends, and still get together, both on ham radio and in person to “chew the rag”, as hams say, and continue to discuss the medium they loved and promoted so much. The Two Bobs left their mark on international broadcasting and became a household word among millions of shortwave listeners around the world. After a 10-year absence, they’re back in this hour-long special. 56:47
hamsong 2006 The two Bobs, Lissa and Andrew - “Ham Songs” - Lissa and Andrew are a Danish-British couple living in Aahus, Denmark. They are professional musicians, and also operate several other businesses, including a translation service and pottery atelier. Andrew is also a radio ham: OZ1XJ. Back in 1994, Lissa and Andrew brought out a CD entitled “Seek You – The Ham Band”, which features a collection of songs about ham radio, and which was featured on the Two Bobs’ show.Most recently – in 2006 – Lissa and Andrew have released a musical video, in which they perform a new song, aimed at attracting newcomers to amateur radio.In a one-hour chat with The Two Bobs, Lissa and Andrew talk about – and perform – their music, and also wax somewhat critical and philosophical about ham radio. linkext. Link 41:06
swl06 03-04.03.2006 Kulpsville SWL Winterfest 2006. During the weekend of March 3-4, the 19th edition of the annual SWL (shortwave listener) Winterfest was held at its traditional venue of Kulpsville, Pennsylvania, about 30 minutes north of Philadelphia. Some 170 devotees of international broadcasting and long distance radio listening were in attendance, and were treated to a host of fascinating discussions, presentations and forums. Bob Zanotti was on hand for the 4th time, and has prepared this special report, which includes interviews with leading personalities in the SWL community, such as John Figliozzi and Richard Cuff, “Uncle” Skip Arey, Allan Loudel, Kim Elliott, David Goren, Allan Weiner, Sheldon Harvey and Michael Murray, and Gregg Majewski, who presented a critique of a brand new all-band receiver, the Eton E1. This is the only international radio coverage of this event. Enjoy! 58:28
swl07 08-10.03.2007 20th Kulpsville SWL Winterfest. Between March 8th and 10th, 2007, some 170 people gathered at Kulpsville, Pennsylvania near Philadelphia in the United States for an annual conclave of shortwave listeners or “SWLs”. This was a special event, because it was the 20th time the Winterfest has been held. To mark this special event, there was an especially large number of technical forums offered, and the Fest was extended by a full day. The organizers of what is described as the largest gathering of shortwave listeners in the world are two shortwave veterans: Richard Cuff and John Figliozzi. In a Skype conference call with The Two Bobs (Bob Thomann and Bob Zanotti), they were joined by former Radio Canada and Radio Japan broadcaster, Ian McFarland, who was also in attendance. 44:38
pcj01 18.12.2010 The two Bobs talk via Skype – remembering the good old times, and what happened since. (via pcj Internet Radio) 29:55
pcj02 12.08.2010 Bob Zanotti welcomes special guest Jeff White, a veteran of DX programmes (via pcj Internet Radio) 58:32
pcj03 05.07.2011 Bob Zanotti welcomes special guest, Canadian broadcaster and DX Editor Ian McFarland (via pcj Internet Radio) 30:29

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