Amateurfunk von Kermadec


ZL8RzoomThere have been mammoth DXpeditions equipped with a good number of kilowatt stations and huge antennas making the news.
However, the recent Microlite Penguins DXpedition to Kermadec Island, ZL8R in the Pacific, which ended on October 17, will be remembered because it demonstrated the spirit of low-power DXing.
Total on-air operating was just over 7 days and the eight team members from Ireland, Switzerland, the USA, Australia and Singapore made over 40,000 contacts on all bands using only barefoot transceivers 100 watts each.
Antennas were all simple wire dipoles strung up in the surrounding pine trees. With the heights of the sites ranging from 120 to 150 feet, and situated on a cliff 300 feet above the beach, the operating location was absolutely perfect.

Download [838.1 KB]ZL8R, 12.11., 15m, SSB (Quelle: K7AGE) [MP3 , 838.1 KB]

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