Amateurfunk von Kermadec

ZL1ABZ, 1958/59

 zoomThe Kermadec Islands Fiasco
Mike Leonard, ZL1ABZ, was the first person to operate from the Kermadec Islands in 1958. There was one small problem, Mike was the New Zealand equivalent of a novice, and his operations were restricted to 80 meters. In addition he was running low power to a dipole. Prospects were rather dim to work Mike from the east coast of the US.

Enter Jock, ZL2GX, one of the world’s great DXers. Jock set up schedules to work ZK1ABZ cross band, ZL1ABZ on 80 meters and others on 20 meters. Jock would say listening for my friend W2AA on this frequency and stand by. W2AA would then call ZL1ABZ, give Mike a report and stand by. ZL2GX would come back on and you could hear the phone transmission of ZL1ABZ coming from a speaking in the ZL2GX shack. Virtually no one could actually hear ZL1ABZ on 80 meters but his QSL cards, via ZL2GX, began to proliferate.

Earl Lucas, W2JT, was one of the few people who could hear ZL1ABZ on 80 meters. He had a full half wave vertical on 80 meters, in addition, he also had commercial grade copper screening covering his entire 2 acre lot.

At some point the ARRL DXCC desk said "enough of this nonsense" and deleted credit for all cross-band ZL1ABZ contacts including the legitimate QSO made by W2JT.

About a year later, ZL1ABZ upgraded to a regular class license and became relatively easy to work on 20 meter phone.
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