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DokuFunk Lecture Room NEW Ham Radio 2016!

A selection of keynote speeches and papers

DokuFunk Lecture Room NEW Ham Radio 2016!zoomThe Friedrichshafen Ham Radio Lectures 2016!

  • Chesterfield Islands TX3X (25.06.2016) - Gene Spinelli, K5GS
  • VP8STI & VP8SGI (25.06.2016) - Jay Slough, K4ZLE
  • Recollections from Eleven of the DXCC Top 10 “most wanted” (1993 – 2015) (24.06.2016) - Bob Allphin, K4UEE
  • IOTA Nuku Hiva OC-27 (25.06.2016) - Ronald Stuy, PA3EWP
  • IOTA Meanguera del Golfo NA-060 & Isla del Tigre NA-190 (25.06.2016) - Daniel Gerth, DL5YWM
  • Development of Software Defined Radio (24.06.2016) - Klaus Lohmann, DK7XL - Gerald Youngblood, K5SDR
  • New Discoveries in the History of the ENIGMA (24.06.2016) - Tom Perera, W1TP
  • Unsolved Cryptograms from Criminals and Crime Victims (24.06.2016) - Klaus Schmeh
    Link: Ham Radio 2016 Lectures

    The Friedrichshafen Ham Radio Lectures 2015
  • New Discoveries in the History of the Enigma - Tom Perera, W1TP
  • Encrypted Books Mysteries That Fill Hundreds of Page - Klaus Schmeh
  • IOTA Kish Island AS-166 (2015) - Rockall DX group
  • Funkexperimente mit der Internationalen Raumstation (Radiocommunication-experiments with the International Space Station) - Lecture in German - Oliver Amend, DG6BCE
  • The 170 Year HISTORY of TELEGRAPH KEYS - Tom Perera, W1TP
  • 7QAA Republic of Malawi
  • IOTA Pelikan Key NA-247 (2015) - Dave Deane, EI9FBB
  • IOTA Tobi Island OC-296 (2015) - Mike McGirr, K9AJ
  • IOTA Kish Island AS-166 (2015) - Rockall DX group
  • Upcoming Expedition VKOEK Heard Island (March-April 2016) - Robert W. Schmieder, KK6EK
    Link: Ham Radio 2015 Lectures

    The Friedrichshafen Ham Radio Lectures 2014
    The Enigma and Other famous Cipher Machines - by Tom Perera, W1TP
    FT5ZM - Amsterdam Island DXpedition - Ralph Fedor, K0IR
    K9W - Wake Atoll 2013 Commemorative Expedition - Lou Dietrich, N2TU
    Link: Ham Radio 2014 Lectures

  • QSL Donation Policy

    QSL Donation PolicyzoomWe have always gratefully added donations to our QSL Collection but can no longer handle the year-on-year increases, due to the amount (and costs) of sorting and storage of cards. Therefore we must adapt our QSL Policy:
    - No restriction whatsoever for pre-war cards, cards 1945-1960, special collections (e.g. IOTA, Scouts, Prefixes, US counties, Ex-DXCC...), and OE, HB, DM/Y2
    - All other private or club station collections must be (sorry: must be) pre-sorted at least alphabetically by DXCC-entity, preferably by prefix, too.
    - We can no longer accept bulk collections of DXpeditions, and we do not collect SWL cards and log books.
    - Contributions to help covering the costs of filing the collection are welcome.
    (We still collect awards, all kinds of publications, trophies etc.)

    Welcome in the Documentary Archives!

    The story so far...


    It is true. Our full name is not that easy to remember: "Documentary Archive for the History of Radio Communication and Electronic Media". But it explains in one sentence exactly who we are, what we do, our aims and ambitions.
    We’re passionate about radio. We’re also passionate about ensuring that great radio stories are preserved for future generations. Thanks to global support, we’ve managed to create a unique place where radio history comes alive. It is an active collection, in constant use.
    We were founded more than twenty years ago as a non-profit Institute. We’re staffed by volunteers, many of whom have been professionals in the broadcast and communications industry. But because we know that many people have entrusted their personal heritage to us, we run the institute along professional lines (i.e. a Board of Governors oversees the collection policy and that donations to the work are properly administered.)
    Our headquarters are on the outskirts of Vienna, Austria. We’re proud of our Austrian heritage. But we also stress that our focus is global. We started out as the International QSL Collection Foundation. Since then the range of documentation we keep, catalogue and preserve has grown to cover a wide range of broadcast and amateur radio history. We thrive on active supported from individuals, amateur radio societies, broadcasters and broadcast listeners, archives, historians, publishers, enterprises etc. from on all continents. We encourage people to visit and use the archives, either in person, or virtually through the Internet. A board oversees our collections and archives, and keeps an eye on all projects.

    Our archives and collections
    We collect whatever relates to the history of radio (with the sole exception of “hardware”: we are not a radio museum!) With seven million objects filed, we are the world’s largest organization of its kind, and the only one with such a wealth of interdisciplinary collections:
    We have various sections, as follows:
    • The Documentary Unit is a unique and gigantic global data base of letters, public and private records, research files and similar archival material, supplemented by a photo collection and a library of books and magazines. This includes the Oskar Czeija Remembrance Funds, named after the founder of Austrian broadcasting, is devoted entirely to the history of radio in Austria.
    • The audio-visual archives consist of thousands of films, videos, private and broadcast tapes and discs – and downloads of the most perishable medium, the Internet. With daily updates of broadcast footage it it is always up-to-date
    • The collection of QSL cards, awards, and logbooks, covers the entire era from pioneer days to today. - The YASME-Colvins collection of almost a million cards is the largest individual amateur radio collection of all times.
    • We do not buy or sell but rely entirely on donations. Individuals have given us treasures unearthed at home, donated parts of their private collections, or, as we prefer, bequeathed material to us during their lifetime. We receive bequests, exchange items of which we have multiple exemplars with other archives etc. All projects and overheads are financed entirely by charitable donations. Whatever we keep is available to the public, and everybody is welcome, at any time, to contact us for an appointment.

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    The Friedrichshafen Ham Radio Lectures, 2013

    The Friedrichshafen Ham Radio Lectures, 2013zoomPresentations at Europe's #1 Hamvention. Powerpoint slides with synchronized audio:
    Keynote speech, Martti Laine, OH2BH: Changing Times in DX Hunt
    Veijo Kontas, OH6KN and Juho Juopperi, OH8GLV: Technology Innovations Helping DXers
    Tom Perera, W1TP: The ENIGMA and other Historic Cipher Machines. Introduction to the Enigma
    John Alexander, G7GCT: Small Cipher Machines
    Martin Steyer, DK7ZB: Development of Broadcasting in Germany 1923- 2013
    Chris Ducking, G3SVL: 100 Years of the RSGB and its International Partners
    Watch and listen: Ham Radio 2013 Lectures

    Call Book Project

    Thanks to a genereous grant of the YASME Foundation linkext. Link we have begun to digitize and make fully researchable period Amateur Radio Call Books. The first five issues have been addded to our Members Only section:
    Radio Press: Wireless Directory / Guia Radio May 1929 / CallBook September 1927 / CallBook Spring 1938 / Overview of Amateur Radio Call Signs Past and Present in JA

    A Guided Video Tour


    Jonathan Marks visited us in the old premises (Video in English):

    Part one:

    Part two:

    Our new premises YouTube Video in German (Watch it, anyway)

    And a farewell to where we had been before YouTube Video in German linkext. Link

    You need not speak or understand German to check out our German pages

    We have lots and lots to offer in our German section, much more than in our English section. And we invite you to take a look even if you do not speak German. We try to expand the English content, step by step. But to do so, we urgently need native speakers to volunteer in editing and/or translating our German content.

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    An overview


    Site NavigationzoomHome General information / Guided Tour / Who we are and what we do / Team, members and sponsors / Membership application (available soon) / Links to related sites (available soon) / Glossary (to follow later) / Reviews of interesting books and publications in English (just started) / Projects (available soon)
    Amateur Radio Rare DXCC entities / History of amateur radio / Prominent personalities / Research files
    Broadcast Research files / lists of publications, sound and video files available in the public section or for members only / Oskar Czeija-Gedächtnisfonds (History of Austrian Radio - German only)
    Virtual Museum Picture galleries / Virtual Art Museum / Rarissima and curiosities
    Archive Have and wanted lists / information about our data bases / lists of books, magazines, documents, reference sources of all kinds available in the public section or for members only
    Members All the material available for supporting members only Declaration of Support

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    NH8S - Swain's Island

    NH8S - Swain's Island

    5.-17. September, 2012. - Everything about the island and previous expeditions: Amateur Radio from Swain's Island

    PT0S -  St. Peter & Paul Rocks

    PT0S - St. Peter & Paul Rocks

    23.11.-09.12. 2012. - Everything about the island and previous expeditions: Amateur Radio from the St. Peter & St. Paul Rocks

    ZL9HR - Campbell

    ZL9HR - Campbell

    5.-19. September, 2012. - Everything about the island and previous expeditions: Amateur Radio from the New Zealand Subantarctic Islands, ex Auckland & Campbell

    Malpelo SA-007

    Malpelo SA-007

    On occasion of the recent HK0NA operation: A documentation of all Malpelo DXpeditions (Click the link)

    Rockall - EU-189

    Rockall - EU-189

    On occasion of the MM0RAI/P operation: A documentation on all Amateur Radio from Rockall projects - includig some hitherto unpublished documents from our files (Click the link)

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