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bbcff_2018zoomOriginal insights, playful perspectives and surprising stories from the World Service's 27 language sections. Every week with David Amanor. - Ein wöchentlicher Blick hinter die Kulissen der 27 Sprachdienste des Weltdienstes der BBC, moderiert von David Amanor.

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0105 05.01 Indian voices from the First World War The British Library holds several recordings of soldiers from South Asia who fought for the British during the First World War. One of them, Punjabi soldier Mall Singh, was taken prisoner by the Germans in 1915, and they used the latest technology to record his voice. Ishleen Kaur of BBC Hindi tells the story behind the recording. 07:55
0112 12.01 Reporting from the red carpet The Golden Globes and Oscars are synonymous with fashion and glamour. But for those who cover the ceremonies, they also mean long hours in high heels or tuxedos in a tiny space, trying to get good quotes and pictures from superstars. Beatriz Diez from BBC Mundo and Bahman Kalbasi from BBC Persian share secrets, tricks and anecdotes from the red carpet. 12:23
0119 19.01 The Pope in Chile Two Popes, two Chiles: through the eyes of a reporter who witnessed both papal visits. 09:38
0126 26.01 Hugh Masekela: Music and Friendship Legendary South African jazz trumpeter Hugh Masekela has died at the age of 78. One person who knew him well was Focus on Africa's Audrey Brown, who's also South African. 10:35
0202 02.02 Cape Town's Water Challenge Could you live on 50 litres of water a day? That's the challenge facing millions of people in Cape Town, on the brink of becoming the first major city to run out of water. BBC Africa contributor Mohammed Allie tells us how normal life has changed in his home town. 07:41
0209 09.02 Mapping Afghanistan BBC Afghan recently published the results of an ambitious project to assess the Taliban's influence across the country. Helmand Province in the south is the most affected area, and also home territory for BBC Afghan reporter Auliya Atrafi. 08:12
0216 16.02 Love at the BBC World Service In the week dedicated to love around the world, we hear what it's like to see each other on the Fifth Floor as well as at home. Kathy Harcombe from BBC Africa and Salim Kikeke of the Swahili service met and fell in love at the BBC. As did World Service Social Affairs correspondent Valeria Perasso and Alejandro Millan of BBC Mundo. 09:55
0223 23.02 New Names, Old Rivalries Renaming the block outside the Russian Embassy in Washington DC, and the streets outside the United Arab Emirates and US embassies in Turkey. Political point scoring with names, with Natalka Pisnia of BBC Russian and Aylin Yazan of BBC Turkish. 09:49
0302 02.03 Defiant Voices From Eastern Ghouta Eastern Ghouta has suffered intense bombardment as Syrian government forces attempt to oust rebel groups. But behind the name is a place with its own history and aspirations, and home to a defiant group of women blogging even as the shelling intensified. Lina Shaikhouni has been following their posts for BBC Monitoring. 09:46
0309 09.03 Poison and Spies in Sleepy Salisbury BBC Russian has been at the heart of this week's reporting on the mysterious poisoning of a former Russian spy in Salisbury. Olga Ivshina tells us that a complex investigation in a quiet English city is just as difficult in its own way as frontline reporting from eastern Ukraine. 08:01

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