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(01) 1910: Emma Lil(l)ian Todd, 1865-16.09.1937. Sie selbst betrieb keine Funkstation. Als Pionierin des Motorflugs war sie 1907 "adult leader" des Junior Aero Club of the United States. Als sich die Jungen mehr für den drahtlosen Rundfunk interessierten, wurde der Klub 1910 umbenannt in Junior Wireless Club , und Miss Todd blieb ihm als Ratgeberin und Ehrenpräsidentin treu. (Info: Bob, W5KNE) See: linkext. Link
(02) Mary Alice McConaughty, 8EZ. Wahrscheinlich die erste YL -1913, mit 13 Jahren, erste Telegraphistin in Ohio. Oder Hazel Smith, 6SM, ebenfalls mit Lizenz 1913. (Aus: "Popular Electricity")
(03) Catherine Mengelkoch, Rufzeichen unbekannt. “Operating" the station of the Minnesota Wireless Association"' (Electrical Experimenter, March 1916)
(04) 1920: Miss M. Adaire Garmhausen 3BCK, die erste "Young Lady"
(05) 1920: Wie es zu dieser Bezeichnung kam: "Meine liebe YL - wir mussten Ihretwegen diesen neuen Begriff prägen, denn Sie werden wohl zustimmen, dass OM nicht zutrifft und OL höchst unziemlich wäre..."
(06, 07) Lizenzurkunde Adaire Garmhausen, 16. November 1922 ÷RP
(08) 1920: Eunice Randall, W1MPP, mit 19 Jahren im Studio von 1XE (Photo mit Dank an Eunice Stolecki)
(09) 1939: So ging es weiter: Einschaltung im Mai-Heft der Zeitschrift "QST" der ARRL
(10) 1940: Gründung der "Young Ladies Radio League", YLRL

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Liste der YL-Stationen 1909-1939


* Geburtsdatum
Heirat/Verheiratet mit
Call/Name Bei Erstvergabe
← Name Mädchenname
→ Name Name nach Heirat
← Call Frühere(s) Rufzeichen
→ Call Spätere(s) Rufzeichen
CB (Jahr) Im Call Book gelistet
Radio YB (Jahr) Im Radio Yearbook gelistet
QSL QSL archiviert bei QSL-Galerie / QSL Gallery
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BIO Biographie bei Weibliche Funkamateure vor 1945 - Biografien



-*Year ?                  
USA 6AEM Mabel Winifred Frembling, Fresno CA; → Levy *1906-04-21, †1985-08-13 ⚭ Harold Morris Levy, not licensed First listed in CB20 (5 watts)          
USA 6BAZ Mrs Mary O. Houston †1924-03-1924 →6MI. First licensed YL operator in San Diego, one of the firs on the Pacific Coast. Died after a long illness. Siste = Mary Charitas, 9AXN          
USA ? Miss Emma Lillian Todd   An early aviation pioneer, she was associated, in 1907, with the Junior Aero Club of the United States. When the boys became more interested in wireless, the club name was changed, in 1910, to Junior Wireless Club. Miss Todd, their adult leader, continued to be their sponsor, adviser and Honorary President          
USA FN "Miss Glass",San José, CA   In the Wireless Blue Book of the Wireless Association of America          
USA OHK Olive Heartberg, New York, NY   In the Wireless Blue Book of the Wireless Association of America, published by Modern Electrics Publications, a firm owned by Hugo Gernsbeck - Most probably a typo for Mr. Oliver Heartberg          
USA ? Edith Maybella Case → Birchard, NY City *1870-05-04, †1971-08-24 "Mrs H. H. Birchard" is mentioned in the June 1911 issue of Modern Electrics. Based on the description of her station she was a wireless operator. Only one person in the census records matches "H. H. Birchard": Homer Hyatt Birchard and his wife Edith Maybella Case Birchard, who were living in the Bronx section of New York City. Homer worked on the railroad and was a signalman and telegraph operator. *CT, †IN        
UK IXI Mrs C. E. Ingram   Until 1922 the only YL on the DX-List BIO        
USA 6SM Hazel P. Smith, Fullerton, CA *ca 1899 "She is living with her mother and brother in her grandmother's home." *CA; CB 13 and 14 only        
USA 8EZ Dr. Mary Alice McConaughy, 6112 Navarre Place, Cincinnati, OH *1901-03-31, †1981-06-08 First licensed YL 1913 in OH.→(erraneously?) 8NH and 8ACU, Cambridge, OH 1913-10-01 Quarterly supplement        
Australia Mrs L. Pym, Rottnest Island   “Country member”. → 1923 6AW BIO        
Canada XDD Miss M. S. Colville, Bowman Village, ON   #1 Canada          
USA 1OG Gertrude E. Tarr, Rockport, MA → Reed,   OOTC member #0225 BIO        
USA 1NV Margaret Lavina Campbell, Rockport, MA→. Palmer *1892-06-10, †1963-05-08 ⚭Col. Robert Percival Palmer, U.S.A.F. not licensed          
USA MQ Edna Scott, New York, NY     BIO        
USA 1ASP Miss Helen Margaret Ferguson Byron Colson, Watertown *1876-02-18, †1969-12-25 School teacher at Watertown High School, also associated with 1MU, the Watertown High School's station CB 15 and 16 only        
USA 7BP Miss Bessie Parenti, Portland, OR *1897-10-23, †1915   *OR. CB 15        
USA 8NH Emma Candler *1897-03-17, †1947-05-31 → 8VH, 8ER, W8NH Sharing calls with ⚭ Charles A. Candler (*1884, †1944). "#6 in the USA, Licensed 15 January age 8 BIO        
USA SNW Cecil Powell *1891-†1948 → 1WX. "#4 in the USA", BIO        
USA ? Aline Catherine Mengelkoch → Gonella *1897-08-25, †1988-05-24. ⚭ Arthur Frederick Gonella. “Operating" the station of the Minnesota Wireless Association" *MO. (lectrical Experimenter March 16        
USA 8ACU Nellie Mae Waller Cambridge, OH *1898-12-25, †1973-12-21 → Westwood. ⚭ Charles C. Westwood (no call), → Kirk, ⚭ John Calvin Kirk (no call). “#2 in Ohio” Only in US Govt.CB 16        
USA 6SO Gladys Kathleen Parkin, San Rafael, CA *1901 †1990 License 1916, at 15 years 6BP ??? CB 19 Photo BIO        
USA 1RO Edith Eliot Rotch, Boston, MA *1874-†1969 → 1ZR (1924), W1ZR (1928) A1ZR (MARS) QSL, BIO        
USA F. B. Chambers              
USA 7FG Winifred Dow, Tacoma, WA ; → Williams *1902-07-15, †2000-10-21 →7CB BIO        
-*1918, 1919                  
No data                  
USA 1HW Betty M. Munroe, East Milton, MAs   → W1HW. ⚭ Henry T. Munroe, 1HW and W1HW. He held the call without any breaks from 1913 through 1966. She was not listed on a regular page, but on a page that listed calls by surname          
USA 1MPP Eunice R. Thompson †1982-08-23 →.1XE, 1CDP,          
USA 1DBE May Smith   →.1BAE (1923-), W1BDN. Sister: W1HPM BIO        
USA 1QO Miss Beatrice V. Heath, CT; →Calder *1904, †1959-05-16 Continued until ⚭ Willis G. Calder circa 1926. Brother: Waldo S. Heath, ←-1AFU and 1BS → W1QO (1928)          
USA 2AXB Gertrude McCollum, Long Branch, NJ *1922 ⚭ Harry John McCollum, 2CGG. Govt. CB 22        
USA 2HR Beatreas E. Carman, Freeport, NY *1894-12-13, †1967-05   1920 Govt. CB        
USA 2AMS Miss Sonia Soberg, Brooklyn, NY              
USA 3BCK Marian Adaire Garmhausen *1899-05-28, †2002-11-17 First YL          
USA 4DG Miss Mabel T.-Lewis → Hall, Fort Lauderdale, FL   ⚭ Daniel Clermons Hall 1923-06-08 CB 20 (?) Not listed in CB 20-23        
USA 6AEO Agnes May Kennedy, Fresno, CA → (01) Webster → (02) Brassart *1906-05-17 †1992-04-13 ⚭ Norman Douglas Webster, radio operator/engineer → 6ANP → W6ANP; → (02) (1974-04-13) Lee Roy Brassart, not licensed First listed in CB20 (age 13)        
USA 8ME Miss Rena Jane Frew, Beaver, PA *1905-08-14, †1996-06-30 Licensed at 14 years of age (1920 CB). Never married. She was a school teacher. The local radio operators called her "the little ladybug," because she was only four feet and ten inches tall of height. – In 1924-26 8ME was licensed to a man.          
Spain ? Consulelo Garay-Oñate (Guipúzcoa)   → EAR24 (1925) Sister: EAR2 (1924)          
USA 1CAA Helen Morse, Wakefield, MA → W1CAA. #9901 Lloyd Morse QSL 1938          
USA 1CDP Eunice Randall Thompson *1898-10-05 †1982-08-23 ← K4GBZ, → K4GBZ, W1MPP, Was 19 years old when she first came on the air as 'ES' She did not have a license.1XE, later WGI, was a broadcastging company BIO        
USA 2BVX Marguerite L. Powers, New York, NY     CB 21 only        
USA 9DET Elizabeth-Anne Bergman *1895-12-19, †1942-10-26 Medical doctor, Radio Instructor at Lane Technical High School, Chicago, IL. Never married. First appears in the 1921 CB. No record in 1924-1926 CB †Chicago, QSL        
USA 9DKO Miss Marguerite Marie Peterson, Davenport, IA 1904-1998 ⚭ 1926. Not active again CB 21        
USA 9DUS Agnes Mae Graham → Wisner, NE   1000 watt CB 21        
USA 9ZL Inez Burhop, Manitowoc, WI   Jointly operated by Harold J. Burhop, "HG", and his wife, "NZ". QSP Oct 21        
Australia 2GA Florence Violet Wallace †1982 →VK2GA, VK2FV, McKenzie test 1921? . Licensed 1925? BIO        
USA 3CDQ Elizabeth M. Zandonini *18981-12-11, †1989-05-16 →W3CDQ. Or licensed 23? QSL, BIO        
USA 8CHY Gertrude A. Schmidt   Became school eacher in 1925. Taught DomesticArts. Brother: John Wiliam Schmidt, also 8CHY (*1906-05-26, †1991-05-15) John W. took Commercial first grade radio operator’s license examination at the federal building in Buffalo, NY 1022-03-24.The exam was conducted by A.F. Parkhurst who was Assistant Radio Inspector, Department of Commerce. Served as a Radioman in the U.S. Navy and made his way up to Lieutenant. He served in WWII and Korea. QSL CB 22        
USA 9BRZ Miss Bertha Barr, Gibson City, IL →De Vore   ⚭ 1922-05-28 William Dewey DeVore, 9CBE, 9EG. Both in callbooks after the early 1920s – Brother: Dwight L. Barr, 9AOQ, CB 22        
Australia 6AW Constance Rosemary "Mary" Angelo →Mrs Matthew Lisle, Pym, Rottnest Island *1873, †1955, ⚭ 1914, “Receive only” Fremantle, Western Australia. Fathe: Col. Edward Fox Angelo. Mother: Mary Colqhoun Fraser. Her father was in the Indian Military. - School teacher on Rottnest Island until 1937, when she and her husband moved to Western Australia. Her husband died the next year. †India        
Australia 6BF Miss C. Stevens, Bunbury   “Receive only” BIO        
Canada 4AJ A. Bowen-Smith   /2nd Op QSL        
Canada 3QT Miss C. Cross, Bolton, Ont.              
France 8CL Mme Lebaudy (Martin-Le Roy)     BIO        
USA 3AEC Pauline Ann Raser, Trenton NJ   →W3HVO(1930-), W2QCC. ⚭ Edward G. Raser, 3CS, 3ZI, W3ZI QSL, BIO        
USA 6APL Miss Genevieve Emerson, Oakland, CA → Stohler *1909 →W6APL.,⚭ 1929, Rudolph Stohler, no call. No evidence of her renewing license after 1929 Photo        
USA 6CKM Mrs Genevieve L. Doig, San Diego, CA. *1900, †1993 ⚭ John Henry Doig, Jr., 6QA, → W6DCT, W6AE)          
USA 6WBC Dorothy Cornelia Saint Pierre, Pomona, CA *1907-03-23, †2004-04-02 Brother: Joseph St. Pierre, 6BML →W6BM Govt. CB 23-26        
USA 7UA Mrs Josephine Turner →Ralston, Albany OR *1887-04-14, †1957-12-31 ⚭ Rolla E. Ralston, not licensed          
USA 9BTP Miss Helen Clare Long, Champain, IL *1922   Govt. CB 22 only.        
USA 9UA Loretta Ensor, Olathe, KS *1904, †1991, → W0UA. Brother 9BSP →W9BSP. Brother: Marshall Hamilton Ensor, (*1899, †1970), licensed 1917. Sister also 9BSP? QSL , BIO        
USA 6BCF Urguha E. Le Fevre, Los Gatos, CA *1902-12-09, †1996-04-15 "Advises that her call is 6BCF and not John Fishback's as previously reported." Radio Magazine Jan 23.        
USA 8BI Miss Beatrice Bourne, Dayton, OH *ca. 1885, †1972-03-08 ⚭ George E. Bourne who shared the call letters 8CNL with Allen E. Apple, but later ("name change") was listed 8BI *England, Govt. CB June 23 only        
CAN 4BV Clara Socolofsky, Loreburn   2ndOp (ER) with Karl(KS) and Paul (BL) Socolofsky QSL        
USA 4LJ Allie Hege „A.H.”Winston,NC   Co-Op with Robert Byrum “R.B.” QSL        
Wales ? Miss Jessie Kenney, Cardiff   "First lady to qualify for the PMG's First Class Certificate since the severity of the test was increased in 1921” Wireless World Radio Review 1923-05-19        
New Zealand 4AA Brenda Bell   →Z4AA, ZL4AA. Operating with brother: Frank BIO        
USA 4FN Alberta Pearl McKellop → Dawn →Polimer →Gittertman, Laguna Niguel, CA *1912-10-12, †2001-02-14 AKA Movie Actress Marla Shelton. Father: Arthur A. McKellop, 4FN → W5BJH, W6LAR, l, *Eureka springs, AR, BIO        
USA 3BVA Miss Mildred A. Douthitt, 'MD', York, PA   Using same call as Fred M. Link 'FL' QSL        
USA 5AWQ Ruth Brown   → W5IZL, 2nd Op of ⚭ Rube Brown 5AWQ → W5HFS → W5IZL. Son: Ernie W5FYZ BIO, QSL 1941: Electra TX        
USA 9AXN Mary Charitas, Laurium MI   St. Hedwigs Church. Still serving the church at age 72. Sister: Mary O. Houston, 6BAZ →6MI          
USA 6BTE Alice Joy, Caolinga, CA     CB 24        
USA 7SI Harriet A. Ellsworth → Gilbert *1908-05-21, †1987-03-14 → 6BNV, W6HEG. ⚭ Gilbert 6AIC → W6GAT QST Oct 24, QSL, BIO        
USA 9AOU Maxine C. Whitney, Eagle Grove, IA   Brother: Jack R. Whitney, 9AOU. Operating hi station. Probably no callsign of her own QST March 24        
Morocco 8MAJO Mademoiselle J. R., Casablanca   Morocco #1 QSL        
Sweden SMTA Madeline Krueger              
USA 1AID Mildred Signe Lorentson, Providence, RI *1905, †1927-08-13            
Australia OA4CM V. McDowell, Brisbane   → VK4CM ⚭ Dr. V. McDowell, Brisbane CB June 28, Spring 39, YL?        
Brazil BZ7AB Odette Cecy Chavez   → PY8AB          
Costa Rica ? Dona Marina de Dall'Anese, Puntarenas   "Probably first YL in Costa Rica, operating a radio station in 1926" Guía Profesional de Costa Rica 26        
USA 3KO Miss A. Bertha Hilton, Parkesburg, PA *1893, †1983 → W3KO Never married. Telegraph officerfor Horace A. Beale, Jr.'s station 3ZO. Later manager of Western Union office at Dowington, PA          
USA U2BRB Miss Estelle Glaser *ca 1909 → W2BRB. Used the call letters U2BRB and W2BRB of her older brother: Edward Maurice Glaser (*1920, †1931). President, Radio Club of Erasmus Hall Academy NY Photo Radiowelt 01/1927        
USA 8CNO Eulalia M. Thomas, Delaware, OH *1890, †1982 → W8CNO. ⚭ Harry A. Thomas QSL, Earlier?        
USA 8RV Edna W. Wullen, Buffalo, NY   Operator at 8RV. licensed to Ernest H. Roy          
USA 2AHM Mary Morin, Schenectady, NY   "Mary Morin, YL; Jim Jackson, WJ" QSL 26        
Cuba NQ6EV Maria J. Alverez, Caibarien, Havanna   → CA6EV? CB 27,28        
Cuba NQ8KP Mrs. Babette Fernandez de Castro *ca.1898 ⚭ Juan Fernandez de Castro NQ8LO CB 27        
Cuba NQ2HP ChristinaW. Vde. de Crucet, Havanna     CB 27        
Italy EI1HD ?              
Italy EI1RD ?              
Philippines OP1CJ ?     1927-08-13        
Portugal EP1BE Piédade de Avillez, Lisbon   → CT1BE. #1 in Portugal, → QSL, BIO        
Spain EAR71 Francisca Brotad, Palma de Mallorca, Baleares   #1 in Spain          
Switzerland H9XF Madeleine Moret   → HB9F QSL, BIO        
UK 6YL Barbara Dunn   → G6YL, EG6YL. Halfbrother: J.Reg.Witty,“Reg“, G5WQ QSL, BIO        
USA 2BY Dorothy Elizebeth Chapman, Ridgewood, NJ →Saunders   → W2BY, NU2BY, W4UF, W4ZKD BIO, QSL        
USA W3AKB Frances Violet Rice → Darne *1901-07-02 †1921-12-21 ← 3AKB ¡⚭ Eppa Webster Darne 3BWT → W3BWT. She was an electronics engineer → WLQP QSL, BIO        
USA 6BXA Flora Jane Turner, San Francisco CA *1901-06-01 †1975-01-31 → W6BXA, W6BF, never married QSL, BIO        
USA 6EI Miss Edith Olive Haddock, Long Beach, CA → Farmer   → W6EI. ⚭ Jack Sawyer Farmer, 6BZL → W6BZL QST 02/27        
USA 8CNO Eulalia M. Zimmermann → Thomas *1890, †1982 → W8CNO "Eulalia was the first woman ham radio operator in OH owning her own station. She received her license in 1927 and held it until 1958“ CB 27, findgrave.com        
USA 9OW Mary I. Boeger → Hathaway *1907 †1987 ⚭ George Corliss Hathaway (unlicensed) CB 27        
USA W6CXG Thelma Grey → Rockwood → Bramley *ca. 1909 ← 7EAM, 6CXJ, →W6JW. I⚭ Edgar Lysle Rockwood, W6BBJ. II ⚭ Norman V. Bramley, ←W6CPI (CB 27); 6CXG Oakland, CA W6CXG (CB 28) → W6EMM, W6JW *WA, CB 28        
USA W6MA Bertha F. Linquist → Wallace *1898-09-25, †1971-04-18 ⚭ Donald Clare Wallace, W6AM *ND        
USA W9GJX Helen Hargreaves →Cloutier →Schmock *1909-03-17, †2002-09-21 ←W8GJX BIO        
1927 ?                  
USA 1OS IdaC. Elwell, Danbury, CT → Hoffmann *1903-12-28, †1981-08-10 → W1OS. ⚭ William Paul Hoffmann, W1AEQ (*1905, †1994) QSL 27        
USA 8ADU Della Blanche Driver, Delaware OH *1879-02-12 †1931-11-05 ← Smith→W8ADU ⚭ James B. Driver *1871 †1940) not a ham QSL        
USA W1AIG Mary Anne Hickey → Everest *1981-04-08, †1962-12-08 ⚭ Alfred Wallace Everest, W1ARE ← 1ARE CB 27        
Yugoslavia EJ7DX ?   ← EJ7DD Radiowelt 05/27        
Australia VK3HM Elizabeth Hutchings *1929-†1943 Daughter: Majorie Hutchings VK3HQ QSL, BIO        
France EF8YD Mlle. Danion   REF356. No official license          
Portugal EP1BP Violet F. Mumford, Lisbon   → CT1BP          
Poland SP3PYL Janina Burchardowa   → SP3YL (1930), SP1YL (QSL). ⚭ Marian Burchard SP3PB/ SP1AK QSL, BIO        
Poland, Romania SP3KYL Helena Malinowska → Bratescu *1905 → SP3RAI, CV5KYL (Romania) *USA, BIO        
USA 1AJJ Helen Elsie Cooke → Bailey, Pittsfield, MA *1909-06-07 †1995-02-09 → W1AJJ ⚭ (1930-05-30) Prentiss M. Bailey W1AZW ← 1AJJ Not licensed as W1AJJ after her marriage CB 29        
USA 1ARQ Mary V. O’Neil, Providence, RI     CB 29        
USA 1AZB Jennie M. Rittenhouse → Reynolds, Stonington, CT *1910-11-25,†1997-03-01 →W1AZB, ⚭Reynolds, Harold Kenneth (not licensed) 1AZB CB 27, W1AZB CB 28, 29        
USA 1KY Gladys G. Hannah, Cambridge, MA *ca.1897, †1940 →W1KY BIO, QSL, CB June 28, last listed Summer 1935        
USA 1BAE Mary L. Smith, Manchester, NH     CB 29        
USA W1BHG M. Elizabeth "Betty" Griffith, Skowhegan, ME   *ca 1904 CB 29, not in CB 32        
USA W5FD Beulah Coryell, Hitchcock, OK *1904, †1969   CB 29        
USA 3IB Dorothea M. Gwynn → Brown, Richmond, VA *1911-08-31 †1992-10-27 → W3IB, ⚭ Edward Allen Brown (1933-07-10) not a ham CB 29 no call afterwards        
USA 5AVE Elsie May Tucker, Perry, OK *1891-03-1821, †1974-09-26 →W5AVE. ⚭ Charles H. Tucker, W5AVE → W5APZ (*1889-10-05, †1978-03-15) CB 29        
USA 5AWB Gritta L. Turney, Mesilla Park NM → Isaacs, *1908-09-23, †1993-05-30 → W5AWB, TX. ⚭ William Howard Isaacs (ca 1930). No amateur activity after her marriage *NM, CB 29        
USA W6ARU Mrs Glenore K. Frates, Oakland, CA *ca 1905 ⚭ Joseph Walter Frates, W6CZR, *ca.1906 *CA, CB 29        
USA 6AXS Mona Agard, Oakland, CA → Weisner → Avery *1909-05-11, †2004-07-13 → W6AXS 1⚭ Clifford R. Weisner (no call), 2⚭ Frank R. Avery (no call) CB 29        
USA 6DEZ Jeanne Abney Gore, Salt Lake City,UT *1902-10-12, †NN → W6DEZ - ⚭ Lewis Davis Stearns, 6BTX → W6BTX → W6DEZ          
USA 6DKQ Louise M. Sherman, Los Angeles, CA   → W6DKQ → W6BTX CB 29        
USA W6DOY Harriet Louise Kat → Amborn, Canada *1909-10-11,†2005-03-12 → K6IT →N6HA&, #9901 Philip William Amborn 6AJG → 6PA → W6PA (*1910 †2005) Sister: Mary E. Kat, W6ECN, immigrated to the USA 1913 BIO        
USA W6ECN Mary E. Kat, Canada *ca 1912 Father: Philip William Amborn 6AJG → 6PA → W6PA (*1910 †2005) Mother: Harriet Louise Kat → Amborn CB 28, not in CB 1930        
USA 6DWY Lisle M. Williams, Del Monte CA     CB 29        
USA 6EGC Clair McLaughlin, Paso Robles, CA     CB 29        
USA 6BXA Flora J Turner, Pasadena, CA     CB June 28        
USA 8AQQ Evelyn Dick, OH→ Wadsworth *1909 †1996 ⚭ (1930-11-01) Howard L. Crumrine (*1908 †2006) 8BYT → W8NGJ. Not active after her marriage CB 29        
USA 8HZ Irene Hal l→Parmelee, Wadsworth, OH *c.1930 →W8HZ. ⚭Don Parmelee, W8DEG (1930) CB 29, In 1932 CB W8HZ is her husband's call        
1928 ?                  
USA NU6BKG Mrs Earle, Redwood City, CA   ⚭ W. M. H. Earle “A Ham since 1910” QSL        
Alaska K7AIU Elizabeth C. Forrest, Nyac, AK              
Alaska K7ANQ Lily Osterback, Wosnessenski Island → Alford *1909-02-10, †2008-04-24 Also W7ANQ QSL, BIO        
Belgium 4BL Mlle. H de Thier, Heusy-Verviers → Forest   → ON4BL CB 29        
France EF8PPP Simone Memeint   ← REF 539 unlis. ⚭ F8OM. 2nd Op from 1932          
Japan J2IX Chiyono „Suzy“ Sugita, Kanagawa → Suzuki *1933-10-14, †1991-05-20 → ← 1DN, J1JDN →J9FS, JH1WKS → Suzuki, unlis/lis QSL, BIO        
Netherlands ? Leny van Blokhuijzen   1st YL Netherland Lis:1929-10-29          
Poland SP3ER Agnes Kuck     BIO        
Poland SP3HB ?              
Poland SP3HR Maria Bogda = (artist’s name of) Janina Kopaczek ← Brodisz *1909-†1981 Actress. Brother: Tadeusz Kopaczek SP1LA, †CA, BIO        
Poland SP3IA ?              
Spain E-095 Isabel Huertas, Madrid   Receive only BIO        
USA 9CCN Ada Lois Northrop *1914-†1999 ← Gieskieng. →W0RNO. ⚭ Thomas E. Northrop. Not listed in CB where 9CCN = Paul Bjork, IL BIO        
USA W5BKG Ethel Henderson *1909 ⚭ Henderson, W5AQK CB 36, BIO        
USA W6AET Florence E. A. Terrell, CA → Jones   ⚭ Lloyd M. Jones, W6DOB, ← 6AWW. Son: Edward Monroe Jones, K6ETS BIO        
USA W6ALH Esther McClara, CA *1904-11-05 - †1980-05 → Shurley B. McClara, W6AKB (*1904-09-24 - †1971-12) BIO        
USA W7AHJ Mrs Esther F. Brunk, CA *1898-05-21 †1989-06-23 → W6LFV(?) W6ALH(?) ⚭ Clifford L. Brunk, W7AJX and W6QJJ (*1989-03-17 †1964-09-27) Data clash with W6ALH BIO        
1929 ?                  
Canada VE2CA Earle H. Turner, St. Lambert, QUE   ‘Mr & Mrs Earle H. Turner’ QSL        
Canada VE3VS Val Sharp, Ont.     CB 29        
USA W3AFZ Della F. Maskell, PA *ca 1901 ← 3AFZ-* CB 29        
USA W5AYZ Gertrude Mary Stokely, LA → Stramoski *1913-08-25 †2003-11-09 Not licensed as W5AYZ until 1931, before using her older brother's, Robert Guy Stokley, call CB 29        
USA W5LV (Mr.&Mrs)W.F.Fortune, AR     CB 29        
USA W6AHP Evelyn “Ec” Cheel, Pomona, CA →McRae   → W6EVA (1930), W9JP (1937). Ϟ Bill Williams QSL        
USA W6DLC/P Mrs Elizabeth Penrose, CA   ⚭ Ernest W. Penrose, W6DZY, W6BEQ (portable) CB 29        
USA W6ETA Miss Virginia R. Brewer, Gras Valley, CA → Burgman *1908-12-09, †2009 ⚭ Elmer H. Burgman, W6EB, W6CTO, W5AAX, W0SUL, W6TB ← 6CTO. From ca. 1940 they were listed only as Mr. & Mrs in CB‘s with his call only †aged 100, QSL        
USA W6GI Sophie K. Heintz, Palo Alto, CA *1897-10-10, †1990-05-18 → W6SH. ⚭Ralph M. Heintz, W6GK →W6RH CB 29        
USA W7AGT Anna L. Peckham, OR     CB 29        
USA W7AOW Miss Doloris Park, WA     CB 29        
USA W8BPT Mrs Lillian A. H. Hooper, Bloomingdale, MI   W8BPT (cancelled), W9HGC (never used). ⚭ Arthur C. Bates, W9FO, W8RY, W9ME, ← 8RY, who was the first editor of Radio Amateur Call Book Magazine CB 30        
USA W8CNO Eulalia M. Thomas, Delaware, OH   ← 8CNO CB 29        
USA W8CUL Vivien P. Baughn, OH     CB 29        
USA W8DFX Lynne L. Fredericks, OH     CB 29        
USA W8DWH Muriel J. Kelley, OH     CB 29>        
USA W9ADB Lilian Decou “L.D.”; Evelyn Claxton “E.C.”; Naomi Peters “N.P.”, Altamont, KS   Labette County Community High School station (QSL)        
USA W9BYW Marion O. Lund, IL     CB 29        
USA W9DBU Ruby Keith, NE     CB 29        
USA W9GAF Beatrice A. Reiss, WI     CB 29        
Alaska W7ANQ Lily Osterback, Wosnessenski Island → Alford *1909-02-10, †2008-04-24 Also K7ANQ QSL, BIO        
Australia VK3YL Mrs Austine Henry, Murrumbeena, VIC   ← Miss Marshall QSL, BIO        
Australia VK3UE Clarice Adams              
Australia VK4DH Dorothy Harris -> Fleming   AOCP Nov ’29. Lis 1930/02. Fleming not mentioned after 1934          
New Zealand ZL3AG Myrtle Earland   → ZL4GR. ⚭ ZL4AM BIO        
Canada VE3AYL Gwen Burnett, Toronto     QSL        
Canada VE5AF Hazel M. Stone, Vancouver, BC     QSL        
Italy I1BL Lolly Balbiani   First Italian YL (1930?)          
USA W4AXF Carrie Collins   ⚭ W4MS. Daughter: K4AGM BIO        
USA W2WP Alice LucyRebecca Picard, NY *16.5.1909 †2001   CB 97, QSL        
USSR RK-3055 Barbara Podzorsky, Leningrad   SWL since 1927→ EU3EW (1932-), U1BU (1936-). ⚭ W. M. Podzorsky QSL, BIO        
1930 ?                  
Canada VE3YL Lydia Corbet (Cobet?), Humberstone, ONT     QSL        
USA W1BXI Winifred R. Scholz, Miltfort, CT   ⚭ Emil F. Scholz, W1FJ          
USA W6APG Mary Love, CA → Gee     See W6EGH        
USA W6EGH Walter Alfred 'Wally' Gee *1902 †1974 ⚭ Mary Gee, W6APG - Well-known New Zealand operator (Radio Journal 1923) CB 30-31, 35, 40, 46, 47 only 'Wally A. Gee' listed, CB 49 Mary Gee. CB 51 No Gee listed. See W6EGH        
USA W6OK Miss Ruth J. Peiser, CA → Patrovich *1908-07-13 †1999-02-06 ⚭ (1970-12-29) Joseph J. Patrovich CB 30, 36, Photo (Radiowelt 09-30)        
USA W7BCB Norma Alice Jenner → Simmerer *1915 †1945 ⚭ (1937-11-24) E.R. Simmerer (not licensed) CB 31-32        
Australia Miss A. “Gypsy” Jones   unlis          
Czechosl. OK2YL Jarmila Hermanova, Telc   ← OK2AJ unlis QSL        
England G6SF Miss Beatrice Saltmarsh, Sandridge nr. St. Albans     CB 36, QSL        
France F8YL Mme. Schotte   ← REF1211 (not 1928!). ⚭ F8GB QSL, BIO        
New Zealand ZL2FR Thelma Souper, Wellington   ← ZL1CN, ZL2JO CB 31        
Spain EAR-S4 Juana Gilaber, Palma de Mallorca, Baleares   Prov.call. → EAR-251 (1932)          
Spain EAR-LU Montserrat de Morató, Barcelona   → Prov. Call EAR-265 (1932), EARCU (1934). ⚭ Juan Bautista Morato, EAR-LU          
Spain EAR-215 Inés Martín de Cordova, Valencia   → EA5AZ (1934). Sister: EA4AO CB        
USA W1FTJ Dorothy Wilkins → Carl Burtin Evans, W1FTJ (1938-06-23) *1908-10-21. †1980-02-222 Before she operated her brother Daniel's call W1BII QSL, BIO        
USA W5WZ Mae E. Amarantes, San Jose, CA   ⚭ W6FBW QSL, BIO        
USA W6EK Miss Flora Louise Card, Renton, VA → Rohling *1914-11-24, †1996 ⚭ Alois H. Rohling (†1988) *San Diego County,QSL        
USA W6GA Vivian Marie Thompson, Frederick, OK → Billingslea *1913-09-29 †1986-05-11 ⚭(1933-02-10) EDlmer O. Billingslea (unlicensed)          
USA W6DHV Mae E. Amarantes, San Jose, CA   ⚭ W6FBW QSL, BIO        
USA W6EGH NN     No other info        
USA W8DEG Eva G. Binsley     Gvt. CB 31        
USA W9ILH Carrie Jones *1909-02-17, †1976-05-23 ⚭ Maurice Dale Jones, W9ICN (*1909, †1982)          
1931 ?                  
Canada VE4AV Mrs E. B. How, SK.     QSL        
Canada VE1FD May A. Loomer, NS              
USA W5BBZ Martha Smith → Hunt, Houston, TX 1906-1987 ⚭ James W. Hunt, ← 5TG (1919), W5TG, W5CCU (*1903, †1993) CB 13, 36        
USSR ? A. W. Dewatkowa, Leningrad   Comm.op. at N10, → U2BC          
USSR ? Ludmilla Schrader, Leningrad   Using Club call EU3KAC          
Australia VK3HQ Marjorie Hutchings → Williamson †1988 Father: VK3HM QSL, BIO        
Canada VE4EI Mae Sparks, Nordegg, ALT   ⚭ Geo Sparks. Using the same Call QSL        
Denmark OZ7YL Dorothea C. Valbjoern   or 1933 BIO        
Hungary HA(F)1YL Lenke Tischer, Budapest   cf HA1YL (QSL), Fabian (QSL) (→ 1932?) BIO        
Spain EAR-251 Juana Gilaber, Palma de Mallorca, Baleares   → EAR-S4 (1931), EA6AL (1934)4 CB        
UK G2YL Nell Corry, Tadworth, Surrey     QSL, BIO, Photo        
USA W1AWJ Ruth H. Johnson, Brockton, Mass   ⚭ Eric S. Johnson, using same call CB 32        
USA W1DRU Ruth W. Heft, Stamford, CT   Listed in CB 31, not listed in CB 32        
USA W2BFM Marion Stern → Russ              
USA W2CJB Elizabeth Allen, NY *ca 1906 W2ZZO portable. ⚭ Theodore E. Allen (*ca 1898, Austria, not licensed) Born in Hungary, QSL 34 CB 36        
USA W2FUR(?) Marge Wandelt              
USA W2TU Rose Catron -> Reiffin   → W5TU QSL, BIO        
USA W3BCL Margaret C. Palmer, Mt. Tabor, NJ   ← W2AHK. ⚭ Robert N. Palmer, E.E. Both using same call QSL        
USA W3CUL Mae „Mary“ A. Dougherty → Burke *1911            
USA W6GEV Dr. Lois Clare Lary, CA *1892-06-27, †1974-02-14 Chiropractor. ⚭ Clyde Clifton Lary, W6GCS (*1880, †1967).          
USA W6GQZ Iva G. Kirtley ←Grubaugh, Stockton, CA †08.10.1983 ⚭ Victor O. Kirtley, W6ENH, W6GQZ († 1956) BIO        
USA W7COX Frances Viers, MT   ← W9SUN (CB 1941). ⚭.Orville W. Viers, W7AAT, W7UR, W9RLE BIO        
USA W7NH Nellie H. Hart, ID   ⚭ Hart, W7HE ← 7AVZ QSL, BIO        
USA W9JYO Thelma J. Zimmermann *1909-06-06, †2002-12-11 ⚭ Henry Zimmermann, W9EQO. Daughter: KN9BAO *IN, BIO        
Hungary HAF1YL Elizabeth Fabian, Kiskunhalas   ⚭ HAF3FP QSL 32        
USA W5BHK Sally Owen, Wharton -> Walker, TX   ⚭ Millard M Walker CB 37        
USA W5GY Eilean E. Gray, Duncan, OK   ⚭ David R. Gray QSL        
USA W5AKU Velma Louise "Bunny" Hukaby ,Brownswood ,TX ← Moore *1911-12-11, †1997-02-05 ← 5AKU. Call issued to ⚭ Verie Howard "Huck" Huckaby (†1979) QSL        
USA W9BM Winifred Wilhite Earnhart, Denver, Col. *1903, †1988 ⚭ Glen W. Earnhart, W5ZE ← 9WHV, W9CHV, W9FN, W7EUF, W9ZE (*1904, †1953), Poem published in QST 12/1926, p. 61. CB Spring 1933        
USA W2WP Alice Picard, NY              
China AC8HNB Mrs C. Honans, Tsingtao   ⚭ C. Honans, AC8HN CB Spring 33        
Czechoslovakia OK2YL Jarmila Hermanova              
Argentine LU7BAD Maria J. Goyenechea              
Australia VK4JH Ida Humphry              
Germany D4BUM Lucie Hohlfeld -> Bussmann   ← DE 1419 QSL        
UK G2XA B. Griffin, Heston   2nd Op of ⚭ Matthew Griffin QSL        
USA W8KYR Clara Reger, Buffalo, NY †1983 → W2RUF. Brother: John Eichman, W8AOM QSL, BIO        
USA W1HUH Sister Mary Emiliana     QSL, BIO        
USA W9DBD Leta Bush     BIO        
USA W2FHJ Viola A. Kapp *1902-03-01   CB97, QSL, BIO        
USA W2FKA Katherine "Kitty" M. LePine, NY *1903 09 11, †1989 04 01 → W4PPQ. Probably. ⚭ Albert LePine, W4PQR *New Jersey, †FL, QSL 36, BIO        
USA W1FRO Alice M. Fitzgerald, Watertown, MS   Pvt. Marine Corps Womens Reserve (Earlier?) QSL 33        
USA W1GSC Mary Sybil Wallace, ME → Cousins *1909, †1917-01-28 (age 108) ⚭ 1936 Charles Lawrence Cousins, no call. Not active afterwards CB 36, BIO        
USA W4CQL Elsie Reich → Hermanson *1910-09-18 → AR1YL undercover in Syria after war CB97, BIO        
USA W5DEW Mary G. Palmer, TX → Doseland, ND *1909-03-11, †2005-02-08 1st ⚭ W5BUZ, 2nd ⚭ ARRL President Goodwin L. Dosland, W0TSN, , †in Fargo CB97, BIO        
USA W5DHF Isabelle W. A. Skene, CA → Moody, Portland, OR *ca. 1888, †1935 Also W7AO. Electrocuted while operating her station. †Portland. QSL, BIO        
USA W5DQF Madie Elizabeth Eidson *1910-04-29 †2007-08-30 ⚭ Robert Merrill Eidson, W5AMK (*1906 †1996) CB 97, BIO        
USA W5DRA Yetive Teev' Etie → Mathias *08.08.1911, †1975 ⚭ Dick J. Matthias, W5BIW (*1909,†1980) †Harris County, TX. BIO        
USA W5DUR Elizabeth M.Groves, TX → Bruce *1911-07-29 ⚭ Bruce, W5NW BIO        
USA W6JMH Dorothy Hagerty, CA   ⚭ W6JMI BIO        
USA W9MSW Nell B. Hagen → Coll   → W0MSW BIO        
USA W9OEH Mildred Chase              
USA W9OIU Mildred McMaster   ⚭ Master W9LIV BIO        
USA W9OWQ E „Mamie“ C. Hamilton, MO   → W0OWQ BIO        
USA W9OUD Letha Allendorf → Dangerfield   →W0OUD. ⚭ W0DE BIO        
USA W3BAK Jean Hudson, Laurel, DE → Magri *1924-07.21, †1997 → W2TEF (after 1945). ⚭ Arthur Magri. 1933 operator's license at age 8, always using father's call: Edgar L. Hudson. Sister: Dorothy Hudson Ellliot, W3IRR. (*1914, †2014), Brother: Ronald, W3AXP QSL, BIO, photo        
1933 ?                  
Hungary HA3YL Adrienne Komporday   -> HAF3YL QSL        
USA W1EGL Myrtle H. Snow, Ludlow, MA     CB 36 QSL 33        
USA W5ARV Mrs Cora Lyle Shaw, Fort Worth, TX   ⚭ Will. A. Shaw, W9HGS or W.M. Shaw, W5BUA QSL 34        
USA W6BVN Ethel Harwell, AZ     QSL        
USA W6JDQ Catherine Martin   "She had built 200 radios" in: SW Craft 09/33        
Yugoslavia YU7YL Senta   Oo earlier? QSL        
China AC3DS Mrs Dorothy Louise Steen *1901-07-31, †1948-12-14 Also AC8DS. ⚭.Oscar G. Steen. *Ukiah, CA, †San Mateo County, CA        
Jamaica VP5PA Amy Nathalie Isaacs, Port Maria → Walsh *1913-02-08, †2005-09-06 2nd Op of her father: Charles Lopez. Isaacs (*1893, †1971). Also HH5PA. ⚭ Carl Zimmermann Walsh- *Jamaica, †Los Angeles, QSL        
Jamaica VP5PA Lillian Augusta Isaacs, Port Maria *1914-09-07 3nd Op of her father: Charles Lopez. Isaacs (*1893, †1971). Also HH5PA *Jamaica, QSL        
Norway LA4YL Erna Meltzer, Oslo              
Mexico X2AZ Teresa Gandarilla   → XE2AZ          
Portugal CT1YL Maria Clementina Moreira da Cruz     QSL        
Spain EA3CU Montserrat de Morató (Moraté ?) Barcelona.   ← EAR-LU (1931), EAR-265 (1932) , ⚭ Juan Bautista Moraté, EA3CU etc          
Spain EA5AZ Inés Martín de Córdova, Valencia   ← EAR-215. Sister: EA4AO CB        
Spain EA6AL Juana Gilaber, Palma de Mallorca   ← EAR-251 (1934), EAR-S4(1931 CB        
UK G2IA Ann G.Burns †1990 -> GM2IA (or 1935?) QSL, BIO        
New Zealand ZL4GBS Margaret Chapman   Or earlier?          
USA W6PEB Melba Mae Gorby, Altadena, CA → Beard *1907, †1987 → W9VPI, W2LZS, K7ANT. ⚭ William Beard, 1AES, W1AES, later W7QGR (*1907, †1989)- According to a 1934 newspaper, active 1934 CB 39        
USA W9GXM Ernestine "Ernie" A. Parker → McMasters *1908-10-02, †1987-12-22 ← W4KOH McMasters. ⚭ Philip A. McMasters, W4BCZ (*1909, †1989 *MO, †FL), Radio News 05/40        
USA W9RBP June Brown   ⚭ W9RTY BIO        
USA W7ENU Mary Davis → Bailey   → K7ENU. ⚭ Bailey, W7DIS BIO        
USA W8NAL Carmelia Cicedrello, OH   District Net Control Station Ohio YB 40        
1934 ?                  
Finland OH5YL Miss Marjatta Kirsi     CB36, QSL 34        
USA W7EIU Violet L. Bargabus, WA *1904-11-22 ⚭ Bargabus, W7AUH CB 97, BIO        
USA W1HOS Eleanor Dodd Bradshaw *1913-05-28   CB 97        
USA W1HRB Elizabeth L. Sullivan              
USA W1HWI Ona Eliza "Onie" Shorey, Enfield, ME → Imman → Jenkins *1916, †2003 ⚭ William E. Imman (no call) (1937-02-13), 2nd ⚭ Kenneth Jenkins (1947-08-17) QSL 34, CB 36        
USA W1IGN Doris K.G. Wood → Schwerdtfeger, West Mansfield, MA *ca 1900 †1990-02-22 ⚭ August R. Schwerdtfeger (not licensed) According to an article in the May 1937 issue of QST, she was scheduled to marry Lawrence A. Hopp USNR, N8ENP → W8ENP. No record of this marriage QSL 34, CB 36, CB 40 (Schwerdtfeger)        
USA W9IJD Alice Johnson   “Harry, HJ, and Alice (AJ) Johnson” CB 34        
USA W2FSA Marguerite L. Sloane              
USA W2FV Florine Freitag →Meves   ⚭ David Meves CB 36        
USA W2ZV Margaret H. Bornemann *ca 1904 → W5ZV. ⚭ Walter Ernst Bornemann, W5CQF (*1909, †1985) *LA        
USA W6IOA Louise E. Milner, CA              
USA W6FU Betty Shoemaker Hayes, CA              
USA W6GGG Helen Wilburn              
USA W7ECC Margaret Start, WA              
USA W9CMV Opal Sisk, KA *1906, †2002 → W0CMV          
USA W9PFO Marie J. Van Aller, MO   →W0PFO. --- Or: Esther N. Clift, *1910-09-14 (CB 97)          
Hawaii Terr. K6IUT Ethel Ihori -> Otsuka *1913-12-17, †2001-11-28   *Hawaii, †Hawaii        
Alaska K7HUT Verna Cecilia St. Louis, Kodiak → Kendrik *1910-01-09, †1974-03-23 → KL7AX, ⚭ Verne Kendrik, K7HAI, KL7AV, W7AW (*1885, †1981) QSL, BIO        
Austria OE-108 Emilie Provaznik   05/1935 SWL only          
Austria OE-143 Grete Zegl, Vienna   1st YL in OE,SWL only          
  ON4TAF Jeanne Baptiste   → ON4YL BIO , QSL 35        
Belgium ON4YL Jeanne Baptiste   → ON4TAF QSL        
Ecuador HC1AY Maria Elvira de Yoder              
Australia VK4YL Madeline MacKenzie → Pugh, Brisbane *1923 2nd Op VK4GK . ‘Fire Station Brisbane’ (QSL 36) QSL, BIO        
Australia VK7YL Joyce Isabel Crowder, Hobart → Batchler †2015-02-15   QSL, BIO        
Denmark OZ5YL Helga Svendsen     QSL, BIO        
Spain EA2BR Maria del Pilar Tellería, San Sebastian              
Spain EA7BT María Sierra Piñero, Jeréz de la Frontiera     CB        
Spain EA5AC Juana Saura, Cartagena, Murcia   Father: EA5AC          
Spain EA5AD Natalia Regoll, Torrente (Valencia)   .⚭ Regoli, EA5AD          
Spain EA7BZ Herminia Creixell Mateos, Granada   Ϟ Mateos, EA7BY          
Spain EA1-020 Pilar Rodríguez Pazos, Pontevedra   SWL only          
Spain EA3-003 María Boix, Barcelona   Receive only QSL        
USA W3IRR Dorothy Hudson → Eliot *1913, †2014 Sister: Jean. ⚭ Elliot (1933)          
USA W5FJW Judy Caraway              
USA W7AOF Isabelle W. (or:) A. Skene Moody, Portland, OR *ca. 1888, †1935 Also W5DHF. Electrocuted while operating her station QSL, BIO        
USA W7FTX Clarice L. Goodman, MT *1911-07-25 ⚭ Goodman, W7FGR BIO        
USA W7EXY Gretchen M. Walden, WA *1912-07-13   CB 97, BIO        
USA W9TSV Mrs Mary Roth, Chicago, IL.   .⚭ Alexander Roth. License 1935-03-01 Radio 08/35, p5        
USA W9UTO Mary Anne Knapp, KY → Kleier   → W4UTO. Son:W4UNH BIO        
1935 ?                  
Canada VE4HD Marg. Findlay, Brandon, MAN   .⚭. Russ Findlay QSL        
China XU8RR Marie Seely Roberts, Shanghai *1888, †1968 Or earlier. ⚭ Roy Pouderly Rogers (*1887, †198)1- They were US citizens QSL        
Spain EA7BT Maria Sierra Pinero   Or 36?          
Spain EA7BZ Herminia Creixell Mateos   Or 36?          
USA W9DXX Alice R. Bourke, Chicago, IL *1891, †1956   QSL, BIO        
USA W3AEG Anna K. Jackson, Baltimore, MD *ca. 1918 Father: George F. Jackson, W3AEG QSL        
USA W9LW Mrs Lucie W. Mida, IL -> Gueth   ⚭ W. Lee Mida. Parents: German-born August and Clara Gueth CB 36, QSL 35        
USSR UK3AH Perlowa, Wohnheim   Using club call UK3AH          
USSR UK3AQ ???   Using club call UK3AQ          
USSR UK3CU Mariam Bassina   ← UOP3-52M, U5BB. Using club call UK3CU          
USSR UK3CU Elena Lapinaja   Using club call UK3CU          
USSR UK3CU Soja Tschirkowaj   Using club call UK3CU          
USSR UK3CU Gusewa   → UA3AC. Using club call UK3CU. ⚭ Wladimir N. Gusew          

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Austria OE-145 Anny Gall, Vienna → Heitler,   ⚭ Erwin Heitler, OE1ER. SWL only  
Australia VK5YL Elizabeth ("Betty") Geisel → Wallace     QSL, BIO
Australia VK6YL Ruth Victoria (”Vicky”) Longley   Call later → Mrs. A. Cowles, Suviaco, →Gill Weaver  
Australia VK4LO V. E. Nolann   ⚭ Nolan, VK4JU QSL
France F3DK L. C. Coeuille     CB 37
UK G8LY Constance Hall *1911   QSL, BIO
USA W3MSU Ethel M.Smith → de Bardeleben †1997-02-05 →W7FWB, K4LMB, BIO
USA W9WWP Carol A. Keating → Witte   → W6WSV. ⚭ Witte, W6WSW BIO
USA W9NBX Enid Aldwell → Carter   → W6UXF (1945-). ⚭ Carter, W6ZD BIO
USA W2JLL Mary S. Mays, Linden, NJ     QSL 37-02
USA W2JZX Viola Grossman, Long Island, NY   <-W2NN. ⚭ W2JDG. Son: W2LJJ BIO
USA W3FXZ Mary C. Le Van      
USA W6MFP Agnes Langevin      
USA W6NZP Evelyn Scott      
USA W7FWR Mary Ann Tatro, Olympia, WS *1888-09-18, †1974-05 ⚭ Orpheus U. Tatro, W7FWD *ND, †WA
USA W8UTM Sylvia Ryder      
1936 ?          
Canada VE4FL Gertrude Burt, SK      
Canada VE1DC M. Louise Horne, Moncton, NB   ⚭ J. O. R. Horne QSL
USA W6ATP Miss Winifred St. John, CA *1911, †2010 ⚭ W6PCJ. Father: W6MGI, brothers: W6HXQ, W6ATO CB 36
USA W6LLU June Mercer      
USA W8CKH Gertrude E. Palecek, OH → Roddy *1908, †1980 ⚭ 1936 Vincent S. Roddy, W3RD, W8PI, W8DJV (†1999) CB 36, QSL
USA W9ACC Mary Gunther, Fort Dodge, IA   Sister: Elmer A. Gunther QSL
USA W9TSV Mrs. Mary Roth, IL     QSL
1936 or earlier          
Alaska K7CDY Pauline Virginia Chastain, Mitchell → Burkher *1905-05-25, †2005-08-27 → KL7LO. ⚭ 1924 Howard H. Burkher, K7ADG, KL7DQ (*1901, †1985) *IN, †AK
Alaska K7EZE Gertrude L. Williams     CB 36
Argentine LU2LE Kay Nielsen     CB 36
Argentine LU5HA Anibal E. Astraldi   YL? CB 36
Argentine LU7CD Anibal A. Ramos   YL? CB 36
Argentine LU7CG Candide J. Hours     CB 36
Argentine LU9DV Mariana V. Suescun      
Australia VK2GA Mrs. C. R. McKenzie     CB 36
Australia VK2GY N. L. Litchfield   Or 1939?  
Belgium ON4GV Valere D’Haese     CB 36
Brazil PY1BC Bertha E. Americano Freire     CB 36
Brazil PY1BF Maria A. SaBoucas     CB 36
Brazil PY1CL Maria Helena de Maya Monteiro     CB 36
Brazil PY1DX Zelia de Couto   YL? CB 37
Brazil PY1IF Lorena Martins     CB 36
Brazil PY1IK Alcy Melgaco Filgueiras     CB 36
Brazil PY2CL Wanda Golzi do Amaral     CB 36
Brazil PY2CY Ophelia de Mello Golzzi     CB 36
Brazil PY2DS Carmen Frascino     CB 36
Brazil PY2JE Carmen Maria Echenagusia     CB 36
Brazil PY3BE Ziulda da Silva Tavares     CB 36
Brazil PY3BH Sady Icha Hamilton   YL? CB 36
Canada VE1AYL Iris Chittick, Saint John, NB     CB39
Canada VE1YL Helen B. Hubley, NS     CB 36
Canada VE3ME Miss N. Dyson, ON     CB 36
Canada VE4HZ Mrs. E.Whitebread, MB     CB 36
Canada VE4QB Miss J.M. Sherer, SK     CB 36
Canada VE4WG Mrs.W.W. Hillman, AB     CB 36
Canada VE5AF Mrs. Hazel M.Donohue, BC     CB 36
Canada VE5NG Miss G.F Manning, BC     CB 36
Canada VE5YL Lois E. Dixon, BC     CB 36
Finland OH3NO Aane J. Vuorinen   YL? CB 36
Portugal F3BU Irenee Pouget   YL ? CB 36
Portugal F3HS Camille Soyer   YL ? CB 36
Portugal F8NF Camille Charvait   YL? CB 36
Hawaii K6ADZ Kathleen C. Moses     CB 36
Mexico XE1BU Alicia Domenzain   ← X1BU CB 36
Mexico XE2BA Marceline C. Guerra   ← X2BA CB 36
Mexico XE2PW Paquita Moya   ← X2BW, YL? CB 36
Neth.Indies PK1YL Miss A. H. Sigmond     CB 36
New Zealand ZL3BT Miss E. Herrick     CB 36
New Zealand ZL3DW Mrs. M. H. Blake     CB 36
New Zealand ZL3HW Miss M. Stringleman     CB 36
New Zealand ZL4BL Miss Nellie Kennedy     CB 36
New Zealand ZL4CN Peggy Cameron     CB 36
New Zealand ZL4FN Nancy Kirby     CB 36
New Zealand ZL4DT Kathleen Kirby     CB 36
Portugal CT1EQ P. Correia de Sousa Vaiha   YL? CB 36
Tunisia FT4AF Andrée Costa, Sfax   ← RF-2835  
USA W1BDN Miss May L. Smith, NH     CB 36
USA W1CAM/P Catharine Tilson, CT     CB 36
USA W1CUA Alice M. Leggat, MA     CB 36
USA W1CVD Marjorie L. Seaton, CT     CB 36
USA W1DER Ruth D. Hay, VT     CB 36
USA W1DJO Aime Brissette, RI     CB 36
USA W1DS Helen S. Chase, MA     CB 36
USA W1EBV Elsie H. Mittman, CT     CB 36
USA W1EUC Helen L. Lambert, MA     CB 36
USA W1GNW Ethelyn A. Foss, ME     CB 36
USA W1HET Agnes L. Buxton, NH     CB 36
USA W1HRE Wilmah M. Getchell, MA     CB 36
USA W1HRG Gladys W. Wood, MA     CB 36
USA W1ICV Anne R. Trecartin, ME     CB 36
USA W1IHM Eloise C. Selvidge, MA     CB 36
USA W1IJS Aime E. Thibault, MA     CB 36
USA W1IQT Gertude Erthelyn Tucker →. Brewster, NH *1905-03-16 †1997-08-070 ⚭ Elwood W. Brewster, W1CMM CB 36
USA W1ITL Francis O. Perkins, ME     CB 36
USA W1IXX Mardelle E. Griffin, ME     CB 36
USA W1JEB Sarah E. Rice, ME → Tracy     CB 36
USA W2CMP Margaret B.Stephens, NJ     CB 36
USA W2EYT Patsy Castaldo, NJ     CB 36
USA W2FBL Mabel Lohmann, JY     CB 36
USA W2FQD Lilian M. Gunther, NY   ⚭ Gunther, W2ALS CB 36
USA W2GIL Mrs.Arlene R. Short, NJ     CB 36
USA W2GLI Audre L. Sayles, NY     CB 36
USA W2HPI Dorothy T. Grimes, NY     CB 36
USA W2ICM Helen E. Lundblom, NJ     CB 36
USA W2INI Helen B. Newman, NY     CB 36
USA W2IOG Jewel D. Hobby, NY     CB 36
USA W2IXY Dorothy D. Hall, Springfield, NY → Jacobsen *1902, †1983 →W4IXY QSL, BIO
USA W2ML Beatrice F. Lotz, NY     CB 36
USA W2NI Norma Zukerman, NY     CB 36
USA W3AZT Christie Urback, PA     CB 36
USA W3VRD Marion E. Owens, VA     CB 36
USA W3DCH/P Allie R. Bell, VA     CB 36
USA W3DTQ Theresa R. Schafer, NJ     CB 36
USA W3ECF Getrude V. Schwenk, PA     CB 36
USA W3EDB Katherine Kirkbride, PA     CB 36
USA W3FBK Emily J. Nininger, VA     CB 36
USA W3FBN Vivien W. Britton, NJ     CB 36
USA W3FLS Mary B. English, MD     CB 36
USA W3UA Peggy Landis, York, PE   ⚭ Charlie Landis QSL
USA W4ABT Allie L. Hege, NC     CB 36
USA W4AGB Mrs.Elleree H. Atkinson, FL *1910, †1988 ⚭ Raymond L. Atkinson, W4NN (*1904, †1967) CB 36
USA W4APB Marion E. Durst, FL     CB 36
USA W4BGS Miss Emmie Ball, GA     CB 36
USA W4BQY Maxie D. Chappell, NC     CB 36
USA W4BVO Mildred Jones, NC     CB 36
USA W4BZK Lacy L. Dawkins, NC     CB 36
USA W4CDR Mrs. G. D. Campbell, TN     CB 36
USA W4CEF Mary H. Carter, SC     CB 36
USA W4CIL C. G. Smith, GA   Listed: Mr. & Mrs. Christopher G. Smith. CB 36
USA W4CIS Blance K. Duvall, GA     CB 36
USA W4CJG Marion Coley, AL     CB 36
USA W4CMW/P Carol T. Coffey, GA     CB 36
USA W4CQK Genevieve B. Atwood, FL     CB 36
USA W4DAI Evelyn Shepard Sanford Wade, GA *1907, †2004 ⚭ Wade, W4DHM CB 36, BIO
USA W4DBN Vera E. Bellinger, FL     CB 36
USA W4DBY Marie J. Jones, FL     CB 36
USA W4DGP Ruth M. Fishel, FL     CB 36
USA W4DOE Verenice M. Bailey, TN     CB 36
USA W4DOM Edith L. White, FL     CB 36
USA W4MR Alva Parham , NC   YL? CB 36, QSL
USA W4PB Marian H. Vater, FL   YL? CB 36
USA W4PBP Gale M. Smith, FL     CB 36
USA W4SZ Vernice C. Lawrence, FL     CB 36
USA W4ZZE Rhea Johnson, FL     CB 36
USA W5BKV Sally Walker, TX     CB 36
USA W5BZW Winnie D. Nelson, TX     CB 36
USA W5CDM Lena Kay, TX     CB 36
USA W5CGB Elza E. Mills, TX     CB 36
USA W5CHQ Mrs. Charlie Martin, TX     CB 36
USA W5CNV Fay C. Harderman, TX     CB 36
USA W5CRH Jean M. Sherwood, OK     CB 36
USA W5CXO Clara Peters, OK     CB 36
USA W5DAV/P Winifried B. Jackson,MS     CB 36
USA W5DBI Blann Holloway, MS     CB 36
USA W5DBN Marion J. Chelkowski,TX     CB 36
USA W5DWX Wilma E. Dougherty, TX     CB 36
USA W5EGS Millicent L.Hampshire, OK     CB 36
USA W5EKG Cleo M. McBride, TX     CB 36
USA W5ELZ Mildred M. Reese, TX     CB 36
USA W5EMR Marion C. Eggers, TX     CB 36
USA W5EOQ Dora L. Ball, TX     CB 36
USA W5EOR Mrs. Johnnie Alice Lindsey, TX → Winn *1913-01-28, †2013-08-21 ⚭ Dan L. Winn, W5EFU (*1911, †1998) CB36
USA W5EQZ Mary A. McDougall, TX     CB 36
USA W5ESJ Thelma Jean Barton, Sweetwater, TX   Listed as Mrs. ⚭ Robert H. Barton, not licensed, rancher on their Double Circle Ranch CB 36
USA W5EUG Lillian F. Hall, TX     CB 36
USA W5EWD Jewell W. Cole, MS     CB 36
USA W5SM Marion R. Worden, TX     CB 36
USA W6ARS Hazel L. Porta, CA     CB 36
USA W6AUY Frances V. Eddy, CA     CB 36
USA W6AYO Eleanor A. Wright, CA     CB 36
USA W6BHO Fay W. Harwood, CA     CB 36
USA W6BVN Ethel M. Harwell, AZ     CB 36
USA W6CNZ Charlotte Ahlin, CA     CB 36
USA W6DSE Celeste Apra, CA     CB 36
USA W6DTM Lynn E. Axford, CA     CB 36
USA W6ETX Mrs. Earle G. Ward, CA     CB 36
USA W6EUF Carma Drury, CA     CB 36
USA W6EYE Edith M. Maxwell, CA     CB 36
USA W6FJY Marion R. Hall, CA     CB 36
USA W6FTL Lynne K. Wood, CA     CB 36
USA W6GVP Marion A. Olson, CA     CB 36
USA W6GYF Vivian R. Beeler, CA     CB 36
USA W6GYR Dorothy M. West, CA     CB 36
USA W6GZH Olive Edgar, CA     CB 36
USA W6HCB Millicent C. Terry, CA     CB 36
USA W6HDP Mrs. Helen P. Kille, CA     CB 36
USA W6HO Harriet B. Newcomb, CA     CB 36
USA W6HOR Germain A. Junco, CA     CB 36
USA W6HPI Lucille M. Beranek ⚭Schonfeldt,CA     *Deadwood, SK. 2nd wife of William Addison Schonfeldt, 6TY, W6TY, W6DWX (*1866, †1943) 1st wife Fanny †1928 - CB 36
USA W6HQV Marion R. Warnock, CA     CB 36
USA W6HR Alva L. Walker, CA   YL? CB 36
USA W6HVP Nilie E. Nofrey, CA     CB 36
USA W6HWY/P Anna M. Hartley, CA     CB 36
USA W6HXT Gladys Stonesifer, CA     CB 36
USA W6IAN Dorothy D.H.Stevenson, CA     CB 36
USA W6ICU Marion F. Doss, CA     CB 36
USA W6IIY Thelma W. King, CA     CB 36
USA W6IJT Dorothy Beesley, CA     CB 36
USA W6IMT Helen Manchee, CA     CB 36
USA W6IPS Lynn J. Alexander, CA     CB 36
USA W6IRK Ruth M. Christian, CA     CB 36
USA W6ITL Helen Ferrier, CA     CB 36
USA W6IUY Hester F. Smith, AZ     CB 36
USA W6IVX Maude E. McNally, CA     CB 36
USA W6JBA Winifred M. Hopkins, CA     CB 36
USA W6JDQ Catherine J. Martin, CA     CB 36
USA W6JMN Mrs. E.L. Orr, CA     CB 36
USA W6JOJ Verna G. Gillespie, CA     CB 36
USA W6JWH Louise C. Noble, CA     CB 36
USA W6KDW Tracy B. Kilgore, CA     CB 36
USA W6KIV Marion W. Frampton, CA     CB 36
USA W6KTG Gladys L. O’Donnell, CA     CB 36
USA W6KUK Gail B. Knight, AZ     CB 36
USA W6LCN Lorraine M. VanEaton,CA     CB 36
USA W6LGL Sherill L.Zimmermann,CA     CB 36
USA W6LGT Olive Sainz, CA     CB 36
USA W6LRI Marhorie M. Davison, CA     CB 36
USA W6MDV Bernice W. Dill, UT     CB 36
USA W6MGP Elizabeth E. Margo, CA     CB 36
USA W6MGT Evelyn M. Edgecomb, CA     CB 36
USA W6MGU Virginia Davis, CA     CB 36
USA W6MJA Gail A. Wetrich, CA     CB 36
USA W6MLT Helen C. Hill, CA     CB 36
USA W6MPS Nellie A. Winter, CA     CB 36
USA W6MSQ Phyllis R. Yeaman, CA     CB 36
USA W7ABV Lynn L. Langdon, OR     CB 36
USA W7BBA Anne Bell, WA     CB 36
USA W7BZO Pauline S.McPherson, OR     CB 36
USA W7CVE Audrey E. Parker, MT     CB 36
USA W7CVM Lynn McKernon, WA     CB 36
USA W7CXQ Jaqueline E.Peterson,OR     CB 36
USA W7CYN Gail G. Davison, WY     CB 36
USA W7DAI Cloise H. Turner, WA     CB 36
USA W7DBC Alva E. Cook, OR   YL? CB 36
USA W7DHR Clare H. Hanawait, WA     CB 36
USA W7DIV Helge J. Erickson, WA   YL? CB 36
USA W7DSR Lynn J. Schuck, MT     CB 36
USA W7DUR Amelia E. Laslovich, MT     CB 36
USA W7DWF/P Ellouise F. Mowery -> Buchannan, WA *1912, †1982 ⚭ Joseph E. Buchannan. Brother: Albert E. Movery, W7BCS QST 01/34, CB 36
USA W7ECP Aley C. Anderson, WA   YL? CB 36
USA W7EEX Ruth E. Nielson, WA     CB 36
USA W7EJW Frances G. Perkins, WA     CB 36
USA W7ELU Irene H. Summers, WY     CB 36
USA W7EOZ Madeline V. Groh. WA     CB 36
USA W7EQK Claire E. Ritchie, OR     CB 36
USA W7FAQ Clara M. DeVries, MT     CB 36
USA W7FCS Sue M. Fleming, MT     CB 36
USA W7FDT Eloise Kuntz, WA     CB 36
USA W7FFX Eva Mae Coleman, WY     CB 36
USA W7FHA Barbara R. Sprague, MT     CB 36
USA W8AAG Alva W. Dean, OH   YL? CB 36
USA W8BSY Alva J. Freeman, NY   YL? CB 36
USA W8DEO Margaret L. Steneri, NY     CB 36
USA W8DGI Emlyn G. Williams, OH     CB 36
USA W8DIJ Sherla L. Stutz, OH     CB 36
USA W8DMO Nancy Chancellor, OH     CB 36
USA W8DNV Camille T. Prichard, PA     CB 36
USA W8DPM Gail Griner, OH     CB 36
USA W8DYH Mrs.Kenneth F.Conroy,MI     CB 36
USA W8FSX Fay F. Broks, NY     CB 36
USA W8GFO Marie M. Bedford, MI     CB 36
USA W8HOO Marion D. Romaine, MI     CB 36
USA W8HRI Mary P. Swain, OH     CB 36
USA W8HTQ Alma L. Seely, MI     CB 36
USA W8HYW Phyllis A. Colpitts, NY     CB 36
USA W8IAB Marion E. Curl, OH     CB 36
USA W8IVP Fay Koontz, PA     CB 36
USA W8MPP Lorraine Swann, WV     CB 36
USA W8MTH Jean Youngblood, MI     CB 36
USA W8MVN Dora B. Jones, NY     CB 36
USA W8MZL Alva A. Kirchner, MI   YL? CB 36
USA W8ODI Ruth F. Mains, OH → Beckwith   ⚭ Beckwith, WE8OGK CB 36
USA W8OKB Pearl S. Taylor, OH     CB 36
USA W8ROP Ruth E. Raub   1938 or before. Registered nurse YB 40
USA W9ALD Marion W. Taylor, KY     CB 36
USA W9BXE Marion H. Alewine, MN     CB 36
USA W9CTZ Loris N. Whitfield, KY     CB 36
USA W9CZB Fay C. Sweeny, IL     CB 36
USA W9DCP Billie L. Curtis, MO     CB 36
USA W9DXX Alice R. Bourke, IL     CB 36
USA W9FVK Lynn G. Rawlins, MO     CB 36
USA W9GOP DeLynn E. James, KA     CB 36
USA W9GZX Lynn M. McGee, KA     CB 36
USA W9HAC Estil Hubbard, KY     CB 36
USA W9HFB Lynn A. Breece, IN     CB 36
USA W9HLQ Murriel R. Purlee, IN     CB 36
USA W9HPN Mrs. S.G. Griffith, IL     CB 36
USA W9JEO Alma L. Buckles, KA     CB 36
USA W9JLR Miss Kathryne L. MacAllister, IA     CB 36
USA W9JOE Alva H. Davis, MO   YL? CB 36
USA W9JYF Ruth C. Nuzum, IA     CB 36
USA W9KDN Wilma Wisemiller, KS     CB 36
USA W9LCW Lois Crawford, IA     CB 36
USA W9LNP Lucylle Holbrook, Eola IL     YB 40
USA W9LWA Opal E. Lewis, WI     CB 36
USA W9MAE Miss Dorothy Deming, MN     CB 36
USA W9MGC Alice E. Ferber, WI     CB 36
USA W9MHP Allie M. Darwish, IN     CB 36
USA W9MKS Leslie E. Anderson, IL     CB 36
USA W9NEY Helen M. Clark, CO     CB 36
USA W9NFG Cleo A. Devins, KA     CB 36
USA W9NJI Coral R. Sargent, KA     CB 36
USA W9NTL Elza W. Armstrong, IA     CB 36
USA W9NUL Beryl L. McNally, IA     CB 36
USA W9OSJ Dorothy Dodds, MO     CB 36
USA W9OUD Letha E. Allendorf, MO     CB 36
USA W9OXH Lucille B. Truitt, IA     CB 36
USA W9CPU Violet L. Johnson, MI     CB 36
USA W9PYV Gail A. Wetrich, IA     CB 36
USA W9PZZ Beverly L. Smith, MO     CB 36
USA W9RYG Mabel E. Teppo, MI     CB 36
USA W9SCB Vera E. VanShaick, SD     CB 36
USA W9SLG Mrs. Josephine Conklin, IL     CB 36
USA W9SLJ Alva E. Todd, IN   YL? CB 36
USA W9RSH Ida M. Allendorf, MO     CB 36
USA W9SVC Clare A. Sherman, MO     CB 36
USA W9TDS Corrine H. Enos, CO     CB 36
USA W9THF Lynn W. Webb, NE     CB 36
USA W9TPD Margaret M. Baxter, IA     CB 36
USA W9TQT Alma M. Hakala, MI     CB 36
USA W9UEP Winifred H. Schrubbe,IA     CB 36
USA W9UOH Mary A.Clinkenbeard, MO ← Edwards *1908-07-06, †2000-01-14 → W0UOH, ⚭ Edward T. Clinkenbeard, W9UOG, W0UOG, KF0SL, AA0FU (*1908, †2005) CB 36
USA W9UPF Ella F. Wiechmann → Karlson     CB 36
USA W9UQQ Alice I. Anderson, IA     CB 36
USA W9URG Gertrude A.McDevitt, IA     CB 36
USA W9USF Margaret E. Glover, IL     CB 36
USA W9UUI Amyle P. Richards, KY     CB 36
USA W9VDI Sylvia E. Valkai, ND     CB 36
USA W9WW Rhea S. Johnson, IL     CB 36

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S. Africa ZS2AA Iris Hayes, Whittlesea †1999-05-31   QSL, BIO      
Alaska K7GLL Belulah B. Tolonen, Kennecott, AL *1901 †1974 →W6OPV, Phoenix, AZ QSL, CB 38, 46, Radio YB 03/38      
Australia VK6MH Lilian Hill, Wiluna            
Canada VE2NX Edith R. Varey, Montreal, QB     QSL      
Canada VE4HZ Evelyn Whitebread, St. Boniface, MAN     QSL      
Denmark OZ1YL Nancy K. Nielsen     QSL, BIO      
Denmark OZ2YL Edith Sauerberg     BIO      
Ecuador EC1GF Judy Leon   2nd Op?        
Italy I1MQ Ada Garibaldi-Richetti     BIO      
Puerto Rico K4EZR Alicia G.Rodriguez †1961 → KP4EZR, KP4CL QSL, BIO      
USA W1KRO Amy Medary            
USA W4EZJ Virginia Toothaker            
USA W2KUG Jennie Pauline Lothrop   → W5YSJ QSL, BIO      
USA W6PJF Rosemary Robin, CA *1916-11-08 ⚭ Robin, W6INP. Son: Neil, WA7NBF BIO      
USA W7GLK Dorothy Dickey            
USA W7OOK Nathalie Hunter            
USA W9VOV Fay Temby, Kewaunee, WIS   QSL 37      
USA W9ZWL Martha J. Shirley, Aberdeen, SD   → W0ZWL QSL 40      
1937 ?                
China XU9LC Miss L. C. Lee, station at Hankow     CB Winter 1937/38, Spring 41      
Germany D3GEI Ilse Wüst → Esser   ← DE 2743-I. → Esser QSL      
Philippines KA1BH Bertha Eleanor Harris → Reich   ⚭ (1923-12-08) in Manila Joseph Reich, not licensed QSL, CB 37      
Peru OA4AB Thelma Wilkes, Oroya   ← W9DZI. ⚭ Donald Wilkes QSL      
USA W9ZTJ Margaret “Marge” Dusie → Alongi, Du Quoin, IL *1911-08-26 †1961-01-12 ⚭ August F. "Buster" Alongi, W9WED (*1911 †2010) QSL      
USA W5DVL Lela Wilson, El Paso, TX   ⚭ James A. Wilson QSL      
USA W9USU Olive E. Fritz, IL   ⚭ Al Fritz. Using his call        
USA W2LMI Shirley Chapman, Brooklyn, NY   Coney Isl. QSL 39      
USA W9LLG Helen Payne, Eagle Butte, SD   ⚭ Jerome E. Payne, W9LMC QSL 38      
1937 or earlier                
Alaska K7FMM Lela R. Robertson   1935 Alaska, 1940 Rye, NY (Census record) No record in CB 41 CB 37      
Alaska K7FZL Anna M. Jenks     CB 37      
Alaska K7GAQ Alta M. Jacoby   CB 37      
Algeria FA3LX Desire Delaye   YL? CB 37      
Argentine LU1JA Victoria Foti     CB 37      
Argentine LU4EG Helena Peyrot de Berdell     CB 37      
Brazil PY1FA Margarita Henriqueta Marchesini     CB 37      
Brazil PY2ER Francisca de Mello Boucas     CB 37      
Brazil PY2HC Elizabeth Maria Cersosimo     CB 37      
Brazil PY3AS Ely Loureio de Sousa   YL? CB 37      
Brazil PY3BF Boaventura Ferreia da Silva   YL? CB 37      
Brazil PY4BD Angelina Galletti Praca     CB 37      
Brazil PY4BW Christina Araujo Azzevedo     CB 37      
Brazil PY5BE Carmen Equinaguzia Galvao do Rio Apa     CB 37      
Brazil PY5BG Apparecida G. Negrao, Cambara   YL? CB 37      
Brazil PY5BI Olindia Amazona Monteiro   YL? CB 37      
Brazil PY5BJ Nancy P. Holzmann     CB 37      
Canada VE2HI Miss Ethel L. Pick, Westmount, QC *1897, †1981   CB 37      
Cuba CM2AH Julia Imperatore     CB 37      
Cuba CM2JN Juana Luisa Novo     CB 37      
Cuba AM6AD Adelina F. de Castro     CB 37      
Czechosl. OK1SS Marie Svobodová     CB 37      
Ecuador HC1FG Judy Leon Cordovez   Second operator ⚭ Carlos Cordovez, HC1FG, (*1888, †1972), owner of radio station “El Prado” in Riobamba, Ecuador. “Miss Judy” was an announcer, etc. on the station QSL      
Germany DE3600YL/L Erna Bolik, Wittenberg     QSL      
Hawaii K6MZK Blanche H. Oliveira, Hilo *1903 †1991 → W6MZK - ⚭ Benjamin C. Oliveira, K6NHX (*1901 †1947) CB 37, QSL      
Hawaii K6NEK Virginia H.Van Denburgh     CB 37      
Hawaii K6OW Virginia R. Hill *ca 1905 ⚭ Otis Hill, K6AJA → W6AJA (*1899, †1962) . Was thought to be the first woman radio operator in Hawaii, hence K6OW ("Old Woman") CB 37      
Mexico XE1BO Beatriz Porragas     CB 37      
Mexico XE1LK Aurora de Franco   YL? CB 37      
Poland SP1CT Dr. Marja Pogonowska     CB 37      
Poland SP1KI Janina Uznanska     CB 37      
Portugal CT1OT Beatriz Pereira   YL? CB 37      
Romania YR5CG Constanza Gheorghiu     CB 37      
Romania YR5GG Getta Popovici     CB 37      
Uruguay CX1CE Carmen Varo de Suarez     CB 37      
USA W1HUY Hildur E. Ackermann, Brockton, Mass. *1907, †1988   QSL 37      
USA W1JEE Cecil G. Harrison, CN   YL? CB 37      
USA W1KTG Beatrice Holman, Belmont, MA   Licensed May 1937 QSL      
USA W1JWS Christie E. Seiarappa, MS     CB 37      
USA W1KDR Marjorie Ferris   ← W4DWC CB 37      
USA W3FWE Isabella A. Unger, NJ     CB 37      
USA W3FXZ Mary C. LeVan, Oreland, PA     CB 37 39      
USA W3FZM Marion F. Tehan, VA     CB 37      
USA W3GAB Ruth R. Mallis, PA     CB 37      
USA W3GGO Ann S. Butler, MD     CB 37      
USA W3GJW Angelina M. Colla, MD     CB 37      
USA W3QN Dorothea G. Brown, VA     CB 37      
USA W4DWQ Marion Carson, Adel GA   YL? QSL 37      
USA W4DYS Bernice A. Thompson, AL     CB 37      
USA W4EDK Ruby Z. Carlson, TN     CB 37      
USA W4ELF Gustava Velasaco, FL     CB 37      
USA W5FKK Ruth T. Williams, TX     CB 37      
USA W5FPA Nellie B. Lynn, TX     CB 37      
USA W5EYP Harrietta P. Cowan, TX     CB 37      
USA W5HBW Priscilla C. Bellew   ⚭ Bellew, W5FWD. Usually used his call CB 37      
USA W5FWS Nora Ochsner, Texon, TX *1909, †1997 ⚭ Lucian C. Ochsner, W5FNQ (*1904, †1974) CB 37 Radio YB 40      
USA W5GEK Marjorie L. Goodwin, LA     CB 37      
USA W5SX Marion H. Modisette, LA     CB 37      
USA W6MUH Helen B. Sanderson, AZ     CB 37      
USA W6MUI Thelma E. Sanderson, AZ     CB 37      
USA W6MUW Miss Geneva-Beth Ellis,NV     CB 37      
USA W6MVO Grace E. McCarthy, NV     CB 37      
USA W6MWO Helen R. Cook, CA †1950   CB37, CQYL p29      
USA W6MWU Dorothy L. Bannon, CA     CB 37      
USA W6NHB Marion D. Williams, CA     CB 37      
USA W6NHG Merle Smart, NV     CB 37      
USA W6NIC Evelyn H. Johnson, UT     CB 37      
USA W6NMV Marguerite L. Thomas, AZ     CB 37      
USA W6NMY Florence M.Scholtens, CA     CB 37      
USA W6NOQ Florence B. Oliver, AZ     CB 37      
USA W6NP Carroll R. Hauser, CA   YL? CB 37      
USA W6NYB Betty Miles, CA     CB 37      
USA W6OEJ Mabel L. Fewkes, CA     CB 37      
USA W6OGR Mary A. Fobes, CA     CB 37      
USA W6OJC Ruby Thompson, CA     CB 37      
USA W6OJT Merle R. Mills, CA     CB 37      
USA W6OMO Marion E. Cornelius, CA     CB 37      
USA W7FLC Maxine L. Goin, OR   YL? CB 37      
USA W7FWH Lily M. Sandbakken, MT     CB 37      
USA W7FYP Miss Imogene Perkins, MT     CB 37      
USA W8JDJ Mary Baker, Shadyside, OH   ⚭ Fred Baker CB37, Radio YB 40      
USA W8OSY Leona A. Watkins, NY   YL? CB 37      
USA W8OWP Fay R. Ecker, NY     CB 37      
USA W8OZQ Lilian M. Nollenberger, OH     CB 37      
USA W8PGX Mary U. Light, MI     CB 37      
USA W8PSZ Lorraine B. LaDue, MI     CB 37      
USA W8PTL Romaine M. Carson, MI   YL? CB 37      
USA W8QEV Hazel F. Robinson, PA     CB 37      
USA W8QGT Katherine L. Wood, NY     CB 37      
USA W8QHN Virginia M. Smith, OH     CB 37      
USA W8QM Swaney Peterson, MI   YL? CB 37      
USA W8QMG Marion J. Wallace, MI     CB 37      
USA W9VQF Gail Boggs, IL     CB 37      
USA W9VRI Ruth Herron, NE     CB 37      
USA W9VRT Marion R. Neary, NE     CB 37      
USA W9VSV Lorraine King, KS   → King, W9VAT CB 37      
USA W9VUZ Marion M. Emeott, MN     CB 37      
USA W9WVX Helen Brown. MS     CB 37      
USA W9YHK Betty J. Sams, KY     CB 37      
USA W9YMM Florence Brammer, MO     CB 37      
USA W9YMD Thelma R. Thomas, SD     CB 37      
USA W9YRK Amy Amsden, SD     CB 37      
USA W9YSS Joan B. Alexander, KS   YL? CB 37      
Alaska K7HEN Miss Lucille R. Wright, Tetlin, Alaska *ca 1893 A registered nurse working for the Government Nursing Service *Minnesota, CB until 41      
Canada VE6MP Maude Phillips   →VE4APA        
Chile CE1AH Ida Fish, Chuqicamata   ⚭ L. E. Fish, CE1AH Chile Radio Index 03/38      
Denmark OZ3YL Margarete Jürgensen     BIO      
Denmark OZ9YL Gudrun M. Rasmussen     BIO      
UK G3GH Catharine H. Myler   Or earlier? QSL, BIO      
Tunisie ? Mlle Costa            
Romania YR35 Ileana Dobrovici   SWL only QSL      
S. Africa ZS1DBEngla Burger, De Aar     ‘Ex SARSIC’ QSL      
S. Africa ZS6GH Diana Green *1916-04-22, †1997-07-27 ←Tuck (QSL 51). ⚭ Reg E. Green, ZS6J (†1993-06-26) QSL, BIO      
Sweden SM7MF Marianne Ullmann   ⚭ Ullmann, SM7MU QSL, BIO      
USA W7HDS Lizette Wolf            
USA W9EXM Emily Schuette            
USA W1MDV Louise Bruya            
USA W2MIY Dorothy Wickenhiser   → K2DYO, WJSH        
USA W5ZA Eunice P. Falconi *1897-10-12, †1982-03 ← Presley, ⚭ Louis Falconi, W5ZZA BIO      
USA W5CDM Mrs. Lena E. Kay, Beaumont, TX †2002 (age 92) ← 4ACC, W4ACC → W5HNI. ⚭ Arthur P. Kay, W5APX, Radio & TV Magazine, 12/38      
USA W6GDA Miss B. J. Palumbo, Sacramento, CA   Brother: Joseph Andrew Palumbo, W6ESZ CB Spring 38      
USA W6GPE Miss Irene H. Rolle *1914-05-24, †2003-04-14 -> Lawrence. ⚭ Married Neil F. Lawrence. Not active after marriage *Oregon CB Spring 38, not listed in CB 41      
USA W6PVV Ethel Sanderson            
USA W6QOG Helene Leonard            
USA K6TCW Helen Firth   → W6TCW BIO      
USA W7GPO Mary Edith Roden *1906, †1955 ⚭ Joseph E. Roden, W7MQ (*1906, †1984)        
USA W7GQK Marguerite Willcut   Licensed 01-38. ⚭ Willcut, W7GKJ Radio YB 40      
USA W7GXI Marjorie Frazier            
USA W7KCU Martha McVay *1898-08-12   CB 97      
USA W8SJF Gladys C. Beljan, Wapakoneta, OH → Nichols *1902-12-18J ⚭ Nichols QSL      
USA W8SKZ Ramona Eberhardt            
USA W8SPU Helen V. Smith     QSL      
USA W8TUQ Miss Irene D. Gedney → Grabb *1912-04-12, †1944-12 ← W8DOD sec.op *Ravena, Albany County, † Buffalo, New York. BIO      
USA W9LRT Julia E. Morgan, Bourbon, IN     QSL      
USA W9JWJ Joanna Locke Barnes Fergusson, MO → Brawley *1921-04-19 → W0JWJ. New calls received from government list. Father: Paul Francis Barnes, Mother: Ernie Craig Locke Radio & TV Magazine 12/38, CB 97      
Alaska KL7CY Flo Hart   → KL7CY/W7?, W9CHB, KH6OI        
Australia VK6JC Miss Jess C. Chinnery, Welshpool     QSL, BIO      
Australia VK3NS Mavis, E. Stafford → Coutts   →VK3KS BIO      
Chile CE1AM ?          
Cuba CO5EO Olga R. de López Miranda, Matanzas   ← CO2EO. ⚭ Eduardo López Miranda (1st op) QSL      
France ? Mlle Bertrande Vidal          
Haiti HH2EA ?          
Hungary HSWL1312/1-YL Agnes Horvath     QSL      
Hawaii KH6AJD Alice May Drury   →W0GOJ        
Romania YR5DX Mia Silvia Zamfirescu          
Romania YR5OW Elisabeta Ehrlich          
Romania YR5YL Maria Schmidt          
St. Lucia VP2LC Marie L. Devaux   Or earlier ? QSL      
Sweden SM3IL Greta Petterson, Herbosandd     QSL      
USA W1LJZ Marion F. Field, Newport, VT   Or earlier ? QSL      
USA W1MCW Lou Littlefield   → K4HEF        
USA W2LUE Ann Hallinan, Hawthorne, NJ   ⚭ Jim Hallinan QSL      
USA W2NAZ Lenore Kingston, CT   → W6NAZ, W9CHD. ⚭ Kingston W2MSC QSL BIO      
USA W3UUG Miriam Blackburn   → W8UUG        
USA W4GER Mary Morrison → Allen *1911-10-08 Allen CB 97      
USA W5HWK Jessie Harton            
USA W5IKC Louwonia B. Lacy *1910-1-27, †1992-07-16          
USA W5JKM Beatrice S. Bernice → May *1919-08-30 ⚭ Leroy Watson May jr., W5HN → W5AJG (*1906 †1996). Son: Mike Leroy May, W5WHG CB 97      
USA W6QLM Dorothy Williams            
USA W6QMW Betty S. Chow, Los Angeles, Cal.   Brothers: Thomas Sue Chow, W6MVK; George Chow, W6OFD        
USA W6RJV Octa Elvira Masey → Williams *1904 †1984 ⚭ Roy B. Williams (unlicensed)        
USA W7HHH Beatrice N. "Bea" Austin *1882, †1982 ⚭ Carl H. Austin, W7GNJ (†1962) CQ YL, p 90, CB 39      
USA W7QJH Wilma Sowle *1916-12-16 → W6QJH CB 97      
USA W8TAY Anita C. Bien   → W4JCR        
USA W8TPZ Marie Corcoran            
USA W8UDA Dorothy A. Eagle *1919-09-12   CB97, BIO      
USA W9ZTU Mildred Helland → Marglin   ⚭ (01) Elmer O. Helland, W9ZTU;⚭ (02) Jim G. Marglin, W9THS. Never licensed. Used Helland's call and still after her marriage with Marglin. YLRL officer CQ-YL p. 90      
USA W0JMI Clara Fehr   → W9JMI. WWII: Operator at KWLM        
USA W15 F 6 Anne Eder, Willmar. MN   ⚭ Carl Eder. Both SWL, using same call QSL      

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Jahr/Year ?


Alaska K7HVW Eldora G. Cobb *1906-12-15, †1976-06-04 ⚭ Clyde A. Cobb, K7EMS,KL7FX (*1908, †1968) *Canada
Alaska K7JCE Andrea Isabel Wheat, Bethel → Awe *1897-06-15, †1985-11-03 ←KL7BY. ⚭ Charles J. Awe, Sr. (no call). Son: Charles J. Awe, Jr., KL7CHX. They were involved in gold mining in Alaska CB 41
Colombia HK3CG Miss Alice Gomez Cruz, Bogota   2nd Op of ⚭ Alberto Gomez Cruz QSL
Czechosl. OK1YL Jarmila Hermanová    
Czechosl. OK2FE Marie Karasová    
Czechosl. OK2RZ Marie Semelová    
England G2HBN Miss C. Marshall   Sister: G3JT CB 50
Germany D4BSG Käthe Jacobs   ← DE 1282 G  
Germany D4BDH Else Müller    
Germany D4KAK Erika Cupelle   ← DE2271/K ⚭ Gustav Cupelle  
Germany D4ZFK Ottilie Riechers   ← DE2344 K  
Germany DE3660/M Emy-Mila Klotsche †1944   CQ 2-3/44
Austria, Germany D3JSS Olga Lippert, Vienna   → DE7170/S. SWL only. ⚭ Erich Lippert  
New Zealand ZL3HC Renee McCurdy   →ZL1UB  
Switzerland HB9RBK Louise Kreis     Photo
USA W1AAV Mildred Helena Wolfel → Doe *1906-10-19, †1983-11-11 → 1AAV, K1KBQ. ⚭ Charles Stephen Doe, 1AD, 1CKR, W1AD (*1898, †1981)  
USA W1GIX Marie Gauthier, Windsor, CN   ⚭ Herb Gauthier. Both using same call QSL blanc
USA W1KON Alice G. Monson → Morrison (?)   ← W1MJE (?) ⚭ Raymond B. Morrison, W1KON, both using same call (QSL 39) Listed as Alice G. Monson, W1MJE, in CB 40 Details to be confirmed
USA W3GLZ Lois Hazleon → Martin, Pennsville, NJ *ca1906 †1939-08-17 ⚭ Wallace Clark 'Wally' Martin, W3GLZ (*1907 †1988) QSL 39
USA W8BTS Josephine B. Rohas → Webb   Not W8AUU as indicated in an old QST magazine. Operated from before 1930 for many years from the station of W8AUU, owned by the Klingel brothers of Buffalo, New York. Brother: W8EKM. Used his call for several years. In a 1934 callbook her call is W8BTS, listed as J. B. Rohas CB 34, BIO
USA W4GFO Helen Pratt, Kingsport, TN →Davy *1908, †1999-10-14 QSL 39, BIO
USA W5ETX Donna Watson, El Paso, TX → Bowington *1902-07-16, †1951-05-29 ⚭ Haskell M. Watson, 5DT, 5BX, 8XAY, SJ5BX, W5DCO, W5NT (*1902, †1944) Remarried Bowington *MO, †El Paso, TX , QSL
USA W6LMA Charline Jessie Armond, CA → Busch   ⚭ Busch. W6JDC. Father: W6LX (*1918, †1983) CB 36-83
USA W6QPT Dorothea M. Stoops -> Taylor * 1907-03-12, †1940-02-02   QST 1940
USA W7FXE Lucile Allingham, OR   ⚭ William Alingham, W7KY. Daughter: W7HER CB 37
USA W9PXE Mary St. Vrain MO   ← 8BRU. ⚭ Barney St. Vrain. Both use same call QSL
USA W9QBA Elsie D. Billeaux, Sterling, ILL *c1914, †1991-02-02 ⚭ George M. Billeaux, W9VOQ  
USA W9ZUY (Li’l Eva) Catherine Yarbrough, Wichita, KS   ⚭ Yarbrough, W9YYW QSL 39
USSR UOP-6-1a Nataly Freichko, Batumi (Georgia)   → UA1AY (1945). Mother: Nataly Freichko, UOP-6-2a QSL 47
USSR UOP-6-2a Nataly Freichko, Batumi (Georgia)   Daughter: Nataly Freichko, UOP-6-1a  

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Jahr/Year 1940-1945

1940-1945 ?


Hawaii K6ROJ Eleanor "Ella" Christnsen, Kukuihaele T.H. *1911, †1998-11-13 ⚭ Paul O. Christensen, K6OQM (*1910, †?) QSL 40
Alaska K7GDL Eloda Burton → Kimm *1906, †1990 ⚭ (1927-03-07) Chester C. Kimm, K7FBE → W7FBE, WA  
USA W1FOF L. Eloise Cook McLean *2007-06-19   CB97
USA W1GQT Lida M. King, Holyhoke, MA * ca.1907 †2004-10-05 ⚭ (1929-11-05) James W. King, W1EVZ, owner of a radio server company  
USA W1IUV Bertha Wilman, Skowhegan, MN   ⚭ Herbert Wilman, both using same call QSL 41
USA W1LBO Lucy Chamberlin, Malden, VA → O'Regan *1902-04-06 †NN ⚭ George O'Regan (not licensed) CB40,41
USA W1MJC Miss Jeanne A. Poli, NewHaven, CT → Keich *1916-01-17, †2005-02-20 ⚭ 1942-07-18 George Keich, W1LTL. Actress, radio personality, pilot. QSL 40
USA W1MJE Alice Morrison   Teaching code in WWII  
USA W1MRC Ethel Frazer, Bridgeport, CT     QSL 40
USA W1MVX Ruth Estey   Red Cross during WWII  
USA W1MWI Eleanor Blake    
USA W1MUP Mary B. Eddy, Pleasant Valley CT      
USA W1MXH Marion L. Kissick *1913-01-31, †1998-01-31 ⚭ Dr. Robert Kissick, W1MPV (*1896, †1950) QSL 40
USA W1NHN Norma C. Schall, Dedham, MA → Olsen *1921, †1986 ⚭ Harold I. Olsen, W1NUF. 1943 she was a Radioman 3rd Class U.S. Navy at Treasuer Island, CA QSL 40
USA W1NJJ Eunice Loyzim   ⚭ Stephen Loyzim, W1BEQ. Air raid works in WWII.  
USA W1NPZ Charlotte Paine   AEC, WERS, working at MIT  
USA W2LBK Bess Olenik    
USA W2MIY Dorothy J. Knapp, Albany, NY     QSL 40
USA W2MJS Emma Heckman    
USA W2MWW Francis B. Woolfe *1903-02-22, †1992-02-05 ⚭ Webster Woolfe. Signal Corps, Ft. Monmouths NJ  
USA W2NGO Carolyn McKee    
USA W2OLB Amelia Lobsenz †1992 Licensed 1941  
USA W2UGY Bernice Agnes Hanrahan *1919, †1996 ← Cygnes, → W8UGH ⚭ Leo R. Hanrahan, W2LWQ (*1918, †2010)  
USA W3MDJ Marie E. Graber *1899-04-03?   CB97
USA W3VU Terry Korn   Theresa Korn, K7JGU (or namesake?) BIO
USA W5GAF Mary Walker Reynolds   Other hobbys: tennis and flying Radio YB 40
USA W4GUZ Dean L. Charles *1918, †1993 ⚭ Eugene Charles, W4EZF (*1908, †1986 ). Father: Charles E. Lovely  
USA W5GKH Kathryn Porter   Holds a Telephone First class ticket, too Radio YB 40
USA W5GXT Theresa Adna Pessoney *1914-09-07, †2004-02-05   *,† Palestine, TX. BIO
USA W7GSR Frances Morgan   ⚭ Morgan, W7GNY. They obtained their license together Radio YB 40
USA W7GUQ Elizabeth M. Fine *1911-03-16   CB97
USA W7HER Marjory Allingham   Mother: Lucile, W7FXE. Father: William, W7KY. Obtained her license when she was 13 but could copy 10 wpm aged 5.  
USA W7IBH Hazel Cook    
USA W8OZO Lilian M. Nollenberger     Radio YB 40
USA W8RSF Mary E. Jewett     Radio YB 40
USA W8SBB Mary Bamberg    
USA W8UBC Marge Sovocool, Cortland, NY     QSL 40
USA W8UGY Bernice Agnes Hanrahan *1919 †1996 ← Cygnes, → W2UGH ⚭ Leo R. Hanrahan, W2LWQ (*1918, †2010)  
USA W8VDN Mrs. Helen A. Holloway, OH   ⚭ Rollind O. Holloway, W8QUL. Daughter: Mrs. Elaine F. Skeldon, W7IEP. Sons: Jack Holloway, W8RYX, Norman Holloway, W8QWR. Son-in-law: James Howard Skeldon, W7HCG.  
USA W8WFQ Dorothy J. Wilmer, Cleveland, OH → Laditka *1915, †2000 ⚭ ca. 1946 Nicholas G. Laditka, W8LVA (*1915, †1977)  
USA W9BJU Mrs. Mabel V. Kelley, Woodland, NE     Radio YB 40
USA W9EEU Katherine Blair   Radio YB 40
USA W9EFW Easther L. Davis, Fort Wayne, IN     QSL 41
USA W9EFW Easther L. Davis, Fort Wayne, IN     QSL 4
1USA W9IKS Edna G. Newman → Cummings, Wilmette, IL     CB 41
USA W9GOJ Alice May Stewart, St. Louis, MO     QSL 40
USA W9JHO Mildred F. Brickey, Armington, IL   ⚭ William D. "Don" Brickey, W9AMP  
USA W9JTX Louise Beringer    
USA W9KEX Mrs. Helen S. Hahn, FL *1905-10-07 (Radio News 01/40
USA W9NLW Jean Burkhead    
USA W9PCV Mrs. Henrietta W. Moore   Obtained her ticket while working at the Chicago World Fair Station W9USA Radio YB 40
USA W9RTH Adah Mildred Barrett, Indianapolis → Elliott *1906-04-25, †2005-12-10 #&9901 Richard R. Elliott, W9YCU (*1907, †1955) Employed by Indiana Telephone Corp. for 27 years QSL 41
USA W9TLJ Elvera Dressler *1911-07-17   CB 97
USA W9UBM Lela Mae Walker → Rockefeller   ⚭ Wallace V. Rockefeller, W9TIP. They met through amateur radio Radio YB 40
USA W9ZQZ Miss Olivia T. Rolli, Anselmo, NE *1910-10-15, †1998-12-05 Owns a cattle ranch in Nebraska. School teacher. Never married Radio YB 40

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